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Sunday, May 25, 2003

Comparing and Contrasting the Leviticus Crowd and Al Queda..... You decide

from Sodomlist

Sodomlist is comparing/contrasting Bob Enyart and his 100 day plan, and Kirk Zimpfer's modest proposal with Osama Bin Laden. Are Bob and Kirk comparable to Bin Laden. Here are some points - you decide. Ken Connor of the Family Research Council comments about how the Leviticus crowd might sit out the 2004 election.... I forwarded these to sodomlist, and this is how the thread started:

Ken Connor's Bleatings from the FRC:
While Mr. Ponnuru might find this idea fantastic, Karl Rove still laments that four million evangelicals failed to vote in 2000. Since
church attendance was the single best indicator of voting behavior, the stay-at-home evangelicals cost Mr. Bush the popular vote and very nearly the election. If these evangelical voters were not highly motivated by eight years of the smarmy Clinton presidency, and were not eager to "run to the polls" and put the whole sorry Clinton era behind them, then it is dangerous to dismiss the possibility they might stay home again on Election Day 2004 if their core issue is treated in a cavalier fashion.

Rusty Morris:

What he is "right" about is one thing....that being.
If their "core" issue is to hurt, attack, and discriminate against gay people...they need to do alot more than "stay home"...they need to seek mental health guidance as to their obsessions and desire to "have a group of people to bash".


Kirk Z, Homosareperverse
Yeah, everyone else needs to seek mental guidance, but the lunatic from Florida that expresses death wishes toward almost everyone he disagrees with is totally sane.

Allan Ross needs mental help and he should be getting it in prison.


Rusty Morris:
Whine Whine you hope osama bin laden dies?...think he should be sniffing daisey roots?

If so, are you issueing a death threat...LOL

Wishing you dead does not equal a "death threat"... ya moron

Oh, and i do , with gleeful abandon.

Get over it.


Kirk Zimpfer, homosareperverse:
Bin Laden is murderer, moron, and a direct threat to millions of people. Of course, someone like you can't tell the difference between Bob Enyart and mass murderer...

Rusty Morris:
LOL..of course want to kill queers for your religion, bin laden wants to kill non-islamics for his religion...If you had you way,
you would be a DIRECT THREAT to millions of people....NAH no difference at all...AT moron.


Eva Young

I'd say there is a difference. As far as I know, Kirk hasn't got a network of terrorist cells that is actually carrying out violence. Bin Laden did.

Kirk doesn't want to personally kill gays, but he does want the Government to execute gays - as they do in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and several other countries.



That's not right, either. I want the same type of laws that existed in this nation and for the majority of the past 500 years of Western
Civilization. Homosexuals were only executed when they committed a crime.

So, I oppose retroactive laws that punish someone for an act when the law wasn't in effective. At least, get it right.