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Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Anti-Gay Court nominee Pryor has his day in Court - or in the Judiciary Committee.....

As reported here earlier, Log Cabin Republicans have opposed the Pryor Nomination to the court of appeals. Log Cabin Republicans Executive Director Patrick Gueriero states: "An analysis of Mr. Pryor's work finds compelling evidence that he would be a jurist incapable of fair-minded review of matters of concern to gay and lesbian Americans."

The Anti-Gay Family Research Council is trying to say that the opposition to Pryor is a Democratic thing:

Senate Dems Exercise 'Pryor' Restraint

The Constitution explicitly prohibits religious tests for public office. Yet Senate Democrats are perilously close to barring practicing Christians from holding federal judgeships. In effect, the Democrats are telling judicial nominees to check their faith at the door. Bush nominees Charles Pickering, Carolyn Kuhl, and Leon Holmes have been attacked because they take their faith seriously. Tomorrow, the Judiciary Committee is scheduled to hold a hearing on the nomination of Alabama Attorney General William Pryor to the 11th Circuit Court. The same lynch mob that has gone after other superbly qualified Bush judges is poised to filibuster yet another confirmation and deny yet another nominee the simple fairness of an up-or-down vote. What's the beef with Mr. Pryor? He is a Catholic who holds pro-life, pro-family views and this offends some Democrats. Mr. Pryor's personal faith and opinions, however, have not prevented him from enforcing the law fairly and without bias, as even Democrats in Alabama testify.

EY: The question is whether any of the democrats in Alabama who are saying Pryor is fair are Gay Democrats. The original Bowers V Hardwick decision (written by JFK appointee, Byron White) quotes anti-gay passages from the bible - specifically, the Leviticus passages in support of the decision. The issue isn't a judge's faith. The issue is whether they will try to impose their personal religious beliefs on this country with their court decisions.

But this is not enough for the wrecking crew in the Senate. Another rap against Mr. Pryor is that as Alabama AG he filed a brief in the Texas anti-sodomy law case. But, as an editorial in today's Wall Street Journal pointed out, Mr. Pryor's defense of marriage law is neither unusual nor extreme. Most telling is Mr. Pryor's point that it should be left to the people of Texas and Alabama, not unelected judges, to decide whether to keep statutes favoring the protection of marriage. This is precisely the sort of judicial restraint we should expect in federal judges. Given the attacks that already have been launched by the extremist interest groups allied with the Senate Democrats, it appears likely that Bill Pryor is in for some rough handling. FRC will be at tomorrow's hearing. Stay tuned.

EY: The Concerned Women for America are also urging their crazed followers to push for this nomination.