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Saturday, February 15, 2003

Senator Coleman supports condoms being part of the picture with HIV prevention. Abstinence should be part of the picture, but condoms also need to be. He said this at today's meeting with a group of AIDS Service Providers in Minnesota.

More comments from Minnesota house sources about Otto vs Dean........

I see there's a lot of discussion about the district 52b race and campaign literature. It's hardly homophobic or antigay. I'd just say it's a really fucking stupid piece. I'm not sure what the point of the dress is. The jerk in charge of these mailings at the House DFL is a real moron.

Regarding spending, the DFL is yapping about how Otto was outspent. That's bullshit. Maybe Otto didn't spend as much herself, but the House DFL Caucus invested upwards of $60,000 in this race, according to one report. The House DFL mailed out 8 four-page, four-color pieces on behalf of Otto--FOUR of them on the day before the election! (I know because we got them all) These cost
about 50 cents a piece to produce and mail. Do the math--that's $4 per household from the House DFL Caucus on mailings alone.

Then there's the little issue of the unfair campaign practice complaint regarding Otto's mis-identification of where Dean's kids go to school (she said private--they're in public schools). The DFL said they got their information from a "credible" source. Hah! That's about as credible as the reasons we were given for being "laid off."

Don't get me wrong - I'm thrilled that the Bachmann juggernaut has been slowed. And I relish the voters finally getting a close look at her agenda. But where the fuck were they in November?

EY: Today while at a meeting of AIDS service providers and Senator Coleman, I heard that Bachman had insisted on running the Dean race -- and the house caucus stayed out of it. Well the results are pretty clear....... Shawn Towles page says that house caucus people had to go through Bachmann to get through to Matt Dean, they didn't get his direct cell number.

From C&B Players Page:

This election did show signs of tensions from different Republican factions and is being spun as a loss for State Sen. Michele Bachmann (R-52, Stillwater). It is our understanding her conservative camp positioned itself between the Republican House Caucus and candidate Dean. They went so far as to deny the candidate’s cell phone number to the House Caucus staff member working in that district on the race; the staff member needed to go through an intermediary to speak with Dean.

Friday, February 14, 2003

Anti-gay Tactics used by the DFL? You decide.

I have no problem with the second page of this piece. I don't understand why it used the ballerina image. Is this kind of like the late Mel
Carnahan participating in Minstrel Shows?

Thursday, February 13, 2003

Seems like Stephen Bennett has been scrubbing his warnings about sexual abuse and financial "soaking dry" in ex-gay ministries from his site.

Official Position - "Ex-Gay" Groups

The need and time has arisen to address the issue of our ministry's official position on "Ex-Gay" Groups.

There are many wonderful, godly ex-gay Christian ministries around the country whose main purpose is to help the homosexual man or woman "come out" of their unwanted homosexual lifestyle and behavior. This can be done through biblical counseling and coming to an understanding of why a person has chosen the homosexual path. In most all cases, the homosexual lifestyle and behavior is an outward expression of deeper, underlying root causes, which when dealt with biblically, can lead a person away from their sinful behavior and into a healthy, heterosexual lifestyle. Exodus International is the most well known "ex-gay" organization - an "umbrella" referral ministry, which has many Christian "ex-gay" Exodus approved ministries listed on their website.

We encourage anyone looking to become part of an "ex-gay" group to do so with care and to obtain referrals about the group. If you choose the counseling route, especially if the counselor themselves has come out of the homosexual lifestyle, make sure their spouse is present whenever counseling (a married couple is preferred and recommended). For everyone's integrity involved, we believe "couple" counseling is the best. Tragically, there have been numerous reported first hand incidents to our ministry from around the country of sexual abuse which has occurred between so called 'Christian Counselors' and the
one being counseled during one-on-one sessions, as well as 'Christian leaders' of ex-gay groups. There also are many 'counselors' in this field who unfortunately are in it for 'the money.' Many people have been 'soaked dry' trying to deal with this issue. Please, be wise, and beware. Obtain references - again, there are many excellent biblical counselors out there who truly have your goals and ideals in mind.

If you choose to join in a "group" setting of people looking to come out of homosexuality, do so with caution and seriously pray about this decision. Many people who are weak and struggling, all coming together in a group setting, can possibly cause each other temptation and may lead you to "fall" with another man or woman, struggling with the same issue. If you are struggling with homosexuality, it is best not to share your sexual struggles with others who are struggling, nor is it encouraged for you to listen to their struggles. Problems have arisen because of this. There may be many others in the group, who may not be as committed or devout to seeking change as you are - and if they "fall", they may bring you down with them as well. Joining a group setting should ONLY be done with much prayer, counseling with your pastor, and with high referrals and recommendations about the group you are seeking to join. Again, there are many excellent groups out there - be sure to research your options fully.

We would encourage you to stay away from groups which claim that you can never be completed "healed" or "set free" from your homosexual thoughts, desires or actions. These groups teach what is know as the "Little h theory" - that one's homosexuality will NEVER go away, just become a little "h" in their life, controllable, easier to deal with. God DOES offer complete change, and this IS His will, desire and purpose for your life. COMPLETE CHANGE IS COMPLETELY POSSIBLE!

In conclusion, we feel the best possible scenario recommended by our ministry for the person looking for help with 'coming out' of homosexuality, should be found within their local bible believing, preaching church. Biblical counseling should be done with either the Pastor and his wife, or a loving, solid husband and wife team within the church. The problem of course lies with many churches not knowing how to 'deal' with this issue in a biblical, loving, compassionate way. Talk with your pastor about the issue and see if he could help. If your pastor feels he is not properly equipped in this area, together seek a biblical counselor or group, that maybe he or another committed couple would be willing to join you in, to keep you accountable - and to learn about the issues themselves.

Stephen Bennett Ministries is NOT against Christian Counselors or 'ex-gay' groups by any means - we just encourage you to approach this area with extreme caution, prayer, wisdom, referrals, references, and accountability. Unfortunately, there are 'wolves in sheep's clothing'… your complete change and happiness is what WE at Stephen Bennett Ministries desire to see happen in YOUR life!

Anti-Gay Groups on the National Level: (Please write me to add to the list).

Family Research Council
They camoflage their anti-gay focus with the section being called "sexuality and culture". The Minnesota Family Council, more overtly anti-gay is an affiliate. It is unclear from the FRC site whether they have filed a friend of the court brief in favor of keeping the Sodomy Law to the Supreme Court. The FRC has been curiously mum about the whitehouse getting rid of the anti-gay Jerry Thacker and Pat Ware from the Presidents Advisory Council on AIDS.

Concerned Women for America

This organization supports the sodomy law. They regularly rant about the "homosexual agenda," but like to distinguish themselves from Democrat Fred Phelps. Their "homosexuality department" is called the Culture and Family Institute -- which took gay-bashers Robert Knight and Peter LaBarbara, when these two left the FRC because the organization wasn't anti-gay enough for them. The Culture and Family Institute does whine and criticise Bush and Ari Fleisher specifically for getting rid of Jerry Thacker.

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

I forwarded a description of my interview with Prichard to a friend, who replied:

The constitution doesn't say you can't discriminate based on religion,
its says the government can't establish a religion (ie Church of
England) that has been interpreted as separation of church and state ...
says nothing about discrimination.

Now the constitution has been amended as I recall to prevent certain
discrimination based on race. I think Prichard is making this stuff up.

Then Pawlenty has made comments about the law protecting "cross
dressers" or "someone who shows up (at school) one day dressed as a man
and the next day dressed as a woman" ... now I read the statute and I
don't see anywhere in there where it says anything about fashion

EY: No, Prichard making stuff up? Say it isn't so. Jason Lewis is making the same stuff up.

From MN Politics Discuss on the Otto Election:
Thankyou Tom Prichard and the Minnesota Family Council for helping to Elect a Liberal Democrat to a Republican Seat

Yes this is very interesting news. The Republican candidate Matt Dean won the GOP primary over a socially moderate Mayor of Stillwater. Meanwhile, the difference between this special election and the one that Duke Powell won (Congratulations to Duke by the way), is that the press coverage was on Lindner's idiotic and bigoted bill to repeal the human rights as it applies to gays, and then to rewrite history to say that gays and lesbians were not victims of the holocaust - when clearly they were.

Clear message to the legislature -- balance the budget, don't get into anti-gay nuttiness and quit talking about cross dressers. The other message -- the more Prichard gets on the front page and says the anti-gay bill has a good chance in the Republican House, and has no chance in the Democratic Senate. Well gee, what a gift to the Democrats. Thanks Tom Prichard and the Minnesota Family Council for helping Matt Dean to lose this election decisively.

Eva Young
Log Cabin Republicans of Minnesota

Anti Gay Organizations in Minnesota

Minnesota Family Council:
Executive Director is Tom Prichard. Karl Bremer talks anal and oral sex with Prichard about the MFC's position on the sodomy law.

Maple River Education Coalition:
Do a search on "gay" and "homosexual" and you will find more documents relating to their obsession. They focus on K-12 education. Their Executive Director is Julie Quist, wife of the infamous Alan Quist, who ran for Governor against sitting Governor Arne Carlson, and won the GOP endorsement and lost in the GOP primary. Alan Quist was quoted saying that women are "genetically predisposed" to be subservient to their husbands. The Quists are the source of the derisive terms "Quistanistas", "Quisties", or "Quistians" to refer to what Mary Matalin calls the "Leviticus Crowd."

This just in - First Republican Fallout from the Lindner bill to get rid of the human rights act as it applies to gays. Republicans were winning special elections before this, and this time they lost.
Stillwater voters choose DFLer Otto to fill Holsten's House seat With all precincts reporting, Otto received 54 percent of the vote, Republican Matt Dean had 43 percent, Independent Anthony Frolik and Green Kathleen Vadnais each received about 1 percent.
The results still need to be certified by the state canvassing board.

Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Other Blogs pick up on the Lindner Bill:


Talked with Tom Prichard, ED of the Minnesota Family Council

I asked him how the MFC felt about Pawlenty coming out against repealing the Human Rights Act as it applies to gays.

Prichard's spin was Pawlenty isn't totally against the bill -- he's concerned about particular aspects of the law -- and the MFC intends to raise the issues publically.

I asked what MFCs concerns were with the law. Prichard said "special rights". I asked why is it special rights for gays, and not special rights for discrimination on the basis of religion? And he said well religion is in the constitution. Well then I asked, then why does it need to be in statute if it's covered under the constitution? He said, well that would make it harder for people to sue for religious discrimination.

Then he said, well why not get rid of race in there -- and I said, why not -- and he said race is immutable. And I said, well religion is not......


Also called MREDCOPAC to get their comment -- the secretary gave the message to Julie Quist, and then called back to say that Quist has no comment.

If you want to have some fun, the MFC phone number
(612) 789-8811 (not sure of extention) - but there's a directory. He calls journalists right back.....

Maple River Education Coalition PAC


Monday, February 10, 2003

Textbook Politics "That's Not Fair! - A Teacher's Guide to Activism with Young Children
"Teachers do activism projects with young children based on:
- Environmentalism, acceptance of homosexuality, affirmative action, feminism, homelessness, violence prevention, anti- military themes...
- a teacher reading books to the children in order to "bring up big issues, issues that provoke debate, discussion, and often, activism project."

EY: More eee gads, those gays in the schools -- from the Maple River Education Coalition...

On the Texas Textbook Wars - from the Wall St Journal as quoted on the Mr. Ed. site:

Isn't this just the price we pay for democracy? For the most part, the objections and debate that have come from the process have been eminently reasonable. Most of the parents and voters aren't trying to force an agenda down anybody's throat. And if teachers and administrators had stuck to providing an education rather than political indoctrination, the public would undoubtedly have been glad to let them go about their business. But nothing about public involvement is reasonable as far as the Texas school board's Democratic members are concerned. "Groups of extremists are organized in an attempt to censor our textbooks by removing material that is unacceptable to them," Mary Helen Berlanga, a voice of the liberal faction, bawled recently. Having gotten used to exercising power over what is fed to impressionable minds, Ms. Berenga and allies are loath to give it up.
State law, as amended since 1995, allows the board to reject books only on the basis of factual errors. That's not exactly a slippery slope to growing little creationists and slavery apologists, as some are now suggesting. The standards specify only that textbooks "strive to present all points of view and refrain from advocacy" and "avoid incorporating material from . . . special interest sources."
Sure, Texas has a few kooks. One group objected to a line drawing of a breast in a health textbook. Another complained about a picture of woman striding out with a briefcase, ready to drive her stilettos

Textbook Politics "Teachers do activism projects with young children based on:

- Environmentalism, acceptance of homosexuality, affirmative action, feminism, homelessness, violence prevention, anti- military themes...
- a teacher reading books to the children in order to "bring up big issues, issues that provoke debate, discussion, and often, activism project."

More evidence of the anti-gay obsession of Maple River Education Coaltion PAC.

Urge Senators to Oppose ESEA Reauthorization Hate Crimes: S. 2 continues to fund projects that claim to prevent so-called "hate crimes" by promoting homosexuality while disparaging the religious beliefs of students and parents.

Gender Equity: Gender equity programs funded in S. 2 are based on inaccurate and biased research. There programs force teachers to divert attention from individual achievement and to search for discrimination or problems that often do not actually exist.

Forcing Diversity in the Classroom

Within the first chapter of the book, parents say anti-military, anti-gun and anti-big business themes are promoted. Additionally, an entire chapter, say parents, is devoted to anti-capitalism. And, the parents note, the book endorses United Nations policies, gay and bisexual agendas, group rights and victimization.
Big Lake parents have shown concern about what their children are exposed to during other classes, as well.
For instance, Big Lake parent Mary Stultz contacted her 9th grade son's Life Skills teacher when she learned a public health nurse would be giving a condom-showing presentation on contraception.
At first, the teacher welcomed her to attend the class.
"The speaker (also) welcomed me in. She didn't have a problem, in fact she likes to have parents in, that way she gets feedback and knows she's teaching things that are age-appropriate and not overstepping her bounds," Stultz said.
But the morning of the presentation, Big Lake High School Principal Darrel Easterly banned her from the school, via the teacher, citing data privacy laws.
Stultz was stunned.
"I was in total shock and spent the morning talking to a lawyer," remembered Stultz. "He said if they had a policy in their school that was one thing, but they couldn't be claiming data privacy to prohibit visitors."

Political indoctrination and filtering of students

from the Maple River Education Coalition site.

Minneapolis: Our GLBT Representative on the Mediation Panel

Meet your GLBT community representative

If you’ve been following the story about the Minneapolis police/citizens mediation committee review/board thing, you’ve probably already checked out of this story and have moved on to this month’s Joan Comics. And no one here blames you.

This mediation debacle been a mind-numbing thing to watch. In an effort to improve relationships between Minneapolis police, public officials and citizens, federal mediators have offered to work with a representative committee of Minneapolis citizens. Straightforward enough. The problem has been nailing down a committee of representatives. Lots of people want to be on it, and no one seems to have the authority to approve a final group.

One committee, formed at the end of a poorly publicized meeting in November, decided it alone could claim legitimacy. The members managed to keep their names secret—not a good quality in someone claiming to be your legitimate representative in mediation—for over a month. Jan. 16 the Strib reported the roster of committee members and which group they claim to represent, if any. One person each claims to represent the Somali, American Indian, Asian, Latino, and black communities. They even have an evangelist. Among the members, the Strib said, is “Julia Rupert representing issues of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community.”

Who is Julia Rupert? What’s her story? more

EY: hmmmmm..... Kudos to Queue Press for getting this story.


AFSCME Council 6 and MAPE Kowtowing to Bigots

I sent the following to Pete Benner and Mike Morrell of AFCSME Council 6.

This is regarding this article in the Pioneer Press.

To let Pete Benner (Director) and Mike Morrell (Assistant Director) and the AFSCME field organizer know what you think, write them at:,,

Eva Young

Hi Pete and Mike:

I used to me a member of Council 6, local 2727 - was vice president. A few years ago, when AFCME tried to organize professional and technical workers at the University of Minnesota, I voted in favor of the union at that time. Most did not and the effort failed. Never again. I'm sick of being paid less than married co-workers because I don't get dependent benefits. I would rather have increased salary, and no dependent benefits for anyone - or a way to make it equal. Years ago, when I worked for the state, I could not put my biological sister on the benefits. Dropping domestic partner benefits isn't about saving the state money, it is about caving into anti-gay bigotry.

It seems that what you are doing is setting a precident for the legislature to line item veto your negotiated contracts. Down the road, that is going to be trouble.

from the Pioneer Press:

Leaders of Minnesota's two largest public employee unions said Thursday they were not willingly giving up the same-sex benefits. But they said they welcomed the legislative leaders' decision to ratify the contracts and keep employees from taking pay cuts.
"We're not going to agree to it, and we're not going to support it, but we're not going to be out there kicking the hell out of them," said Mike Morrell, assistant director of Council 6 of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees union.
Jim Monroe, executive director of the Minnesota Association of Professional Employees, said his members recognized the Republican majority in the House would not ratify the contracts if the same-sex benefits remained in them.
"We still disagree with pulling something out of a negotiated contract, but the votes are there to do it so we'll be in line," Monroe said.

Sunday, February 09, 2003

On Rush LimbaughFrom:

Uh-Oh, It's Friday. I guess I have to do this segment once again ... "The Wit and Wisdom of Rush Limbaugh." Dr. Rush Limbaugh, friend of Fox News, NBC and Howie Kurtz, said:
"If we are going to start rewarding no skills and stupid people--I'm serious, let the unskilled jobs, let the kinds of jobs that take absolutely no knowledge whatsoever to do--let stupid and unskilled Mexicans do that work." Radio show, re: NAFT, Fall 93.

"An immigration agent chased him for the last 10 miles." Why a Mexican won the New York Marathon, USA Weekend, 1/26/92.
I just can't imagine why the GOP has such strained race relations when this is the GOP's superstar.

I've listened to Rush Limbaugh, and don't really like him all that much. I get tired of his constant references to NOW as the NAGs, and Feminists as Feminazis. It seems like instead of addressing the issues feminists raise, he has to call them names.

And I'm not even a big fan of NOW. I get tired of the main feminist issue being abortion.

Jason Lewis to his credit doesn't tend to use the term feminazi. He criticises Feminist groups alot, but without the name calling.