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Saturday, February 22, 2003

Minneapolis strategizes about LGA cuts

from Rochelle Olson's story in the Star Tribune

The overall strategy is to remind people that Minneapolis is a net giver to the state economy but that it needs some special help because of higher levels of poverty and the extra money needed to pay for statewide assets, such as the debt it incurred to expand its Convention Center, which city leaders say benefits the state.

"We want to have a strong Minneapolis to share with Minnesota. If you hurt Minneapolis, you hurt Minnesota," City Council Member Scott Benson said.

State Sen. Scott Dibble, also a Minneapolis DFLer, said few people at the Legislature buy that argument.

Benson responded with facts: Only 8 percent of the state's population lives in Minneapolis, but the city provides 12 percent of state sales tax and 15 percent of corporate tax collections.

EY: True. I also heard that city council members are saying privately that Mayor RT (MT) Rybak is rather an embarrassment to Minneapolis at the legislature -- especially as compared to St Paul's Randy Kelly.

Hennepin County paying the freight for other counties
from Checks and Balances

The Largest County Response to LGA cuts

Our interest in what Hennepin County’s response to the budget situation led to a conversation with Hennepin County Board Chair Mike Opat. As the most populous county they are the catch point for many social services in the metropolitan area. We spoke with him and here is what we learned.
Opat’s priorities are:

  • Hennepin County Medical Center
  • Community Corrections
  • The AMFIP program

During our discussion Opat talked about the board’s movement to an accurate reflection of the cost his county bears for other areas of the state.
Hennepin County is seeking support for legislation to ensure costs born by his county appropriately follow the origin of the resident. The respective county pays for the costs incurred by a person from another jurisdiction receiving services in Hennepin County.
There different areas this can affect. He spoke of the significant costs in GAMC created by single adults with residences outside Hennepin County, child support collections for nonresident persons and probate issues. There are significant costs associated with each of these items and if the residential county were to pay for the services Hennepin County could better weather the budget storm. Opat stated, "Clearly we have to look to new sources of revenue, one would be collecting reimbursement for services we provide for people who live in other counties." We asked if the county would require enabling language and he said he has had conversations with Rep. Ron Abrams (R-43B, Minnetonka) about such legislation. He continued, "I’ve heard from the House that they want local control and personal responsibility. Its time for other counties and jurisdictions to pay for their freight and not look to Hennepin County to bail them out."

EY: Good points for the legislature to look at. I also think the City of Minneapolis should be looking at ways to work together and avoid duplication with Hennepin County. The city needs to focus on police/fire and public works. The county needs to do social services.

The last thing the county needs to be doing is figuring out ways to subsidize stadiums.

Friday, February 21, 2003

The FRC bears false witness

Here again, only an unambiguous emphasis on abstinence, such as that promoted in Uganda, has been shown to be effective in reducing the rate of new infections. The notion that the AIDS scourge can be stopped by handing out condoms within a culture of promiscuity not only is misleading, but fatal.

This is such drivel -- the Uganda program also had an emphasis on condoms -- they had condom billboards -- my father is a retired Professor in Political Science - focusing on African Studies -- he mentioned the condom billboards in Uganda in a recent conversation we had.

I thought that the 10 commandments prohibited "bearing false witness". Perhaps the theocrats could spend some time reviewing the 10 commandments. Don't recall a "don't wear condoms" in there. Yes, these folks lie about gay people. They lie about sex education programs.

More bleating.....

All this is the product of the so-called "safe sex" emphasis on condom use. Clearly, this has been an abject failure. In fact, abstinence until marriage and faithfulness within marriage is the only 100 percent effective method for preventing AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Not true - a person can get HIV by other means -- not just through sex - through blood transfusions also, through needle sharing - and the spouse of an infected individual is at risk if the couple is sexually active.

Thursday, February 20, 2003

Junk Racism meets Junk Lawsuit - by Chuck Muth

Well, two years ago, in preparation for a flight from Las Vegas, 22-year-old flight attendant Jennifer Cundiff announced over the intercom: “Eenie, meenie, miney, moe; pick a seat we gotta go.”


Racist? Yes, racist. At least according to two black sisters onboard the flight who claim in a lawsuit against Southwest Airlines that the verse was directed specifically at them and that it was actually a reference to an older version of the rhyme which used the “N-word” in place of “tiger.”

This type of nonsense trivializes real issues of racism and discrimination.

Oh Gee

H. F. 0516, A bill for an act relating to health; permitting a pharmacist to refuse to dispense certain drugs; proposing coding for
new law in Minnesota Statutes, chapter 151.

probably birth control pills for those who are unmarried? Emergency Contraception? HIV Drugs?

They sure took long enough.....

FRC Amicus Brief Filed in Sodomy Case

This week FRC and Focus on the Family filed an amicus brief with the U.S. Supreme Court in the Texas sodomy law case. In 1986, the court upheld Georgia's anti-sodomy law (Bowers v. Hardwick). But we suspect that some justices now want to review that ruling and perhaps create a constitutional
right to sodomy. This would clear the way for the judicial establishment of same-sex marriage. The Court should uphold the Texas statute banning sodomy. Go to to read our amicus brief in its entirety.

EY: Interestingly enough, I can't find this on the FRC site.


"Female Japanese macaques [monkeys] engage in sexual behavior not necessarily to reproduce but for sexual gratification--because it feels good," says primatologist and University of Montreal doctoral student Paul Vasey. And many of them often prefer females over males.

"A lot of people feel that homosexuality occurs because there isn't any opposite-sex alternative," Vasey said. "What I've found with the Japanese macaques is that when two females are together, and if a male comes and solicits one of the females, at that moment she has a choice: She can either go with the male or remain with her female partner. I found that over 90 percent of the time, she remains in the same-sex partnership.

"When you say something like, 'Homosexuality isn't natural,' then you're using animals as your reference point. Clearly my research contributes towards showing that that statement is false. ... Since the Medieval age, people have been using animals as metaphors for what is natural and how humans should behave. ...
If we're going to make statements like, 'Homosexuality is unnatural,' then let's actually examine what's going on in nature."

Everyone that can attend the PRAC (Property Rights Action Council) meeting should try to make it - it should be quite entertaining - and an opportunity to confront Peter McLaughlin about the Excess Project. Robert Lilligren should be given kudos to standing up to McLaughlin, the DOT, Wells Fargo and Abbot - and looking out for the needs of the residents of the area. I found out yesterday that Lilligren was on their agenda at their request, and when Peter found out - he called and asked to be added! This will no doubt be a bit of a hissing match.

People in the audience have a chance to speak/ask questions, and it will be broadcast on the community access cable for the next month - Peter has a bad temper, if upset- he might put on a show!

Inquiring minds want to know:

*Is there an example of another business district that is thriving with direct freeway access? It seems to me that areas furthest from freeways do the best - this is true with Uptown, NorthEast, East Lake, etc. The example that comes to mind where there is direct access is West Broadway, and with all due respect to the folks up there - it hasn't helped!

*What is the impetus for this project; how many other hospitals have direct freeway access (aren't they underestimating the intelligence of their patients to say they have a hard time finding it?), what about talk of backroom deals, etc. If Wells Fargo is hiring people from the neighborhood, then why is freeway access so important to them?

*Why do some politicians feel that freeway projects in this time of tight funding should be funded in lieu of schools & universities?

*Why was the expansion slipped in, even though SSB warned against it from the beginning - why hasn't there been appropriate discussion about expansion?

*Isn't this incrementalization of the previous I35W expansion project?

*Given the amount of grafitti under and on the Lake St bridges, won't huge retaining walls that will replace greenspace be attractive for grafitti?

*Why is a law firm handling the project? Why not an engineering firm?

*Why does a coordinator with marketing background "believe" such a poorly structured questionaire reflects the attitudes of the residents? Professional market research folks that I showed it to laughed out loud!

*Why does the destruction of affordable homes not matter to McLaughlin? This displaces low income and minority folks who do not want to move!

*If the suburbanization of Lake St succeeds, it will displace minority business owners who have taken substantial financial risk to open and operate their businesses on Lake St; this is almost like stealing from them, in my opinion!

*Has a cost/benefit analysis been done? Will the $200 million investment pay off in any way? If the answer is Wells Fargo's $150 million investment in their campus - does that mean we match all private investment on better than a dollar for dollar basis? Does that mean Wells Fargo will "give back" to the community through funding for community activities and hiring local residents? What exactly does the neighborhood get back from Wells Fargo for our pound of flesh?

*Why not simplify the project? Add an exit ramp from 35W to Lake St coming from the North. Leave everything else as it is. This would lower the costs significantly.

Raucous Caucus recognizes Lloydletta's Nooz and Comments

Stop Impositors! I'm the List Queen here!

David Brauer List Manager for Minneapolis Issues - and Skyway News/SW Journal editor barks more orders at the surfs.

Keith writes:

> Keith Says; I enjoyed this recollection of the U of M (Mpls), =
> the gent. His opinions and observations are germane. Please Karen =
> not pencil him out arbitrarily! I would like to hear more.

While I appreciate the help list managing from Karen and Keith, student memories are not Minneapolis Issues. Neither is general war talk. An =
EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT at the U of M is allowable under list rules, because it is = in Minneapolis. But using the U as a jumping-off point for general, non-city-specific opinions is not.

Hey, did anyone notice the Governor proposed cutting Minneapolis's state =
aid by more than a fifth yesterday?

If you like another list member's stories, contact them directly. If you need a list manager's ruling, contact me. Otherwise, let's keep list =
traffic to Minneapolis-specific issues.

David Brauer
List manager

Gay, lesbian state workers on verge of losing partner benefits
Associated Press ^ | Feb. 18, 2003 | Brian Bakst

Minnesota legislators took steps Monday toward revoking insurance coverage for partners of gay and lesbian state workers, which some
say would be a first-of-its-kind reversal of benefits by a public employer.

House and Senate committees approved bills to nullify the same-sex domestic-partner benefits extended in union contracts negotiated in
2001. Union leaders are supporting the concession, grudgingly, to prevent pay cuts for 44,500 employees that would occur if the
Legislature doesn't ratify the contracts.

``We're simply bowing to the political realities,'' said Russell Stanton, a lobbyist for a union representing state college professors.

EY: No, they are selling out gays - what "friends" these folks are. They are also undermining their own negotiating authority.

Ten states and more than 150 local governments offer such benefits, according to the Washington, D.C.-based Human Rights Campaign. Minnesota's move would be ``groundbreaking, in a reprehensible way,'' said the campaign's David Smith.

``I'm not aware of any government entity taking away domestic-partner benefits from the work force,'' he said.

Over the objections of Republican legislators two years ago, then-Gov. Jesse Ventura included the health coverage and bereavement leave
in most state union contracts for this year and last.

The pacts have been in force pending the required legislative consent, which hasn't occurred. If they are rejected or no action is
taken before May 19, wages and benefits for all workers would revert to previous levels. Negotiations on new two-year contracts are about
to begin.

The bills would end the domestic-partner insurance coverage effective June 30 and preserve everything else until new deals are reached.
Normally, contracts are voted on in full.

``I understand the passion. I understand the emotion to that issue,'' said House Speaker Steve Sviggum, R-Kenyon, who opposes the offering on moral grounds. ``We will not accept that part of the contract. But we need to ratify the rest of it.''

To underscore the urgency, Sviggum and the Democratic Senate leader, John Hottinger of St. Peter, agreed to put their own heft behind the
bill as the chief sponsors. Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty wants the benefits removed.

One difference must be worked out. Hottinger's bill continues sick and bereavement leave, while Sviggum's ends that too.

Department of Administration employee Mark Iezek is among the 85 state workers to access the benefit. Iezek said while he understands
why the union is giving in, he is angry that he will lose coverage for his partner of 13 years.

``By taking it away, the state will be saying it values some employees more than others,'' Iezek said.

The whole thing is Profiles in Cowardice -- the Unions and our "friends" the Democrats.

Klansman given bail in threats case; feds appeal

Wednesday, February 19, 2003

By Dennis B. Roddy, Post-Gazette Staff Writer

A U.S. District Court magistrate this morning granted bail to a Ku Klux Klan leader accused of making bombs and planning to attack an abortion clinic, a decision the government immediately appealed.

Magistrate Ervin Swearingen granted a $40,000 unsecured bond to David Wayne Hull, Imperial Wizard of the Washington County-based White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.

But Hull remained in custody today while federal prosecutor Margaret Picking planned an appeal. Swearingen stayed his bail order for 24 hours to allow her to proceed.

Neither prosecutors nor defense attorney Khadija Diggs could say whether the appeal would go forward today and before what judge.

Swearingen said that while he has "great concern" about Hull's earlier threats, "I do believe there are conditions that can be imposed which would, hopefully, eliminate any dangers."

As Hull wept at the defense table, Swearingen ordered him to avoid any contact with possible witnesses, to not possess any firearms and to observe a curfew.

As he was taken back to jail, Hull praised his lawyer, who is African-American. "She's a great attorney," he told reporters.
This person should be locked up and throw away the key......

On the budget:

I read that Kurt Zellars - GOP candidate for a special election for Stanek's seat says that he supports the wage freeze for public employees -- but wishes to exempt law enforcement from that. That is dumb. If public employees are getting wage freezes, all of us need to feel the pain. I find it rather ironic that Jason Lewis goes after Education Minnesota all the time -- but doesn't go after the police unions.

I think contract parking costs should be raised for state and university employees. Abusive use of contracting by state agencies needs to be looked at (especially DOT). However the law (hf 384) that was introduced about contracting seemed to go overboard. It makes sense to contract when it's the type of job that you don't have internal expertise, and it's the type of thing you aren't going to do all the time, so it makes no sense to develop expertise in it. I have some real issues with contracting out the whole driver's liscence system though -- where will that data be housed? I would not want the data to be housed in buildings or computers not owned by the state.

From my half hour discussion with Speaker Sviggum, I found that on some issues, I am probably more fiscally conservative than he is -- he is certainly much more moderate than the average GOP delegate at caucuses. He told me that I seemed to have Ron Abrams philosophy about taxes -- that after I told him I opposed things like the "Hope Scholarship" - which is a tax credit - that I preferred having financial aid for college done directly and not through the tax code -- and I mentioned I disagreed with per child tax credits -- for much the same reason.

Responses to my comments about Profiles in Cowardice

Why not ask SCOTT??
Lyn Crosby

Good question. We have a Log Cabin (Republican) Lesbian who refuses to hold
her lying Speaker's feet to the fire as she assails Scott Dibble - a
freshman senator for failing to read her mind.

Andy Driscoll
Saint Paul

Huh? I'm going by what's on the record. I called to ask what happened at the Senate Government Operations committee where this bill was heard. They said it was a voice vote. As I understand it any Senator on the committee would have the opportunity to call for a roll call vote. Voice votes are nice and convenient for Senators to hide behind. I'm not assailing Dibble for failing to read my mind -- I'm commenting on things that are in the public record.

Also, how specifically did the Speaker lie to me? He is clearly opposed to DP benefits - he told me he was willing to look at the sick and bereavement leave issue -- and he told me he agreed the issue wasn't about money. No, he did not tell me to my face that I was going to hell for being gay. We actually did not discuss religious/moral issues.

Dibble put out his newsletter going after the Speaker about domestic partner benefits. I just think its interesting how Hottinger is given a pass while the Speaker is being called intolerant. In my opinion, Dibble does nothing good for the gay community that he is claiming to represent by being an apologist for the Democrats -- and attacking the Republicans - when they are both doing the same thing.

I made my position and Log Cabin Republicans position on DP benefits very clear -- we support ratification of the contract as negotiated. The Speaker wasn't going to go for that -- I talked to him about the sick and bereavement leave benefits -- and he said he'd look into that.

Wednesday, February 19, 2003

On the Marshall Law - Police don't talk to reporters rule in Minneapolis

from a posting by Jay Clark on Minneapolis Issues - I went to a Windom Park meeting last night regarding the recent shooting of a convenience store employee. A beat cop was freely talking with the community and answering questions, even with a channel four camera lurking about.

Based on the comments by reporters and the police, and based on the Windom Park meeting last night, I'd say that my concerns that the police could clam up in community meetings with the media present can go into remission.

A media person also said that the best and perhaps only way to get the police to cooperate with reporters is to have the mayor order the
police not to talk to reporters.

Profiles in Cowardice
From Scott Dibble's e-newsletter

7. Intolerance and Discrimination
HF330 by House Speaker Steve
Sviggum strips healthcare benefits from the domestic partners of state
employees. It even goes so far as to prohibit taking earned time off to
provide care in times of illness or attend a partner's funeral. We are
committed to doing everything in our power to help kill these
mean-spirited attacks on the dignity of all Minnesotans.

EY: Meanwhile I've been trying to find out how committee members in the Senate voted on Senator Hottinger's identical bill to line item veto the state union contracts. The committee voted to amend and pass this bill onto finance -- and they did this on a voice vote. How convenient.

Dibble is on that committee. How come he didn't call for a roll call vote and vote against this turkey?

Should be an interesting show....
Just got off the phone with Eve White, ED of PRAC. Robert Lilligren, Don
Samuels and Peter McLaughlin will be on the show. Part of the discussion
will be about the 35W Access/Excess Project. The meeting is at: 25th Av
and 25th St (Eagles Club) - near Stardust Lanes.

Should be an exciting meeting.

Tuesday, February 18, 2003

From the PAC open houses of November:

Minneapolis: STRIDE got a copy of the open house transcripts - interestingly (you wouldn't know it from how the project keeps being spun), most comments are against the project.

A tally of all comments for all three open houses runs this way:

for the project: 33

neutral: 23

against the project: 46

And what will our fearless leaders do with this information? probably nothing, since they get all their facts from Smith Parker and are too busy thinking of loppet races funded by Abbott Hospital.

Where Lindner gets his "fisting in the schools" story.....

Basically, a parent in Massachusettes went to a GLSEN sponsored conference - and taped the proceedings. A kid asked what "fisting" was and was answered - and the educators added some editorial comments about how it was an "expression of love".....

This story keeps on coming up as an anecdote. Tom Swift used this story when he used to criticise the Out for Equity program in the Saint Paul Public Schools in a post on the St Paul Issues forum. Openly Gay School Board member Al Oertwig responded:

Has this type of thing ever happened at a Minnesota school? I have never heard of such a case.

Ironically ofcourse, the type of abstinence only - condoms don't work sex education that Lindner probably supports probably does quite a bit more to encouraging "barebacking" - because after all if "condoms don't work" - why would anyone want to use them?

If you want to hear Lindner waxing eloquent on fisting and barebacking go to:

Anyway, the Mass Health Department fired the people involved -- and Governor Cellucci kept the gay youth programs going -- and didn't kowtow to the bigots who wanted to use this incident to totally get rid of these programs. Later on, Cellucci was appointed by Bush to be ambassidor to Canada -- and the fundies tried to stop this nomination -- because of -- you guessed it - fistgate. What was really funny is that Free Republic generated tons of email to Rush Limbaugh, going after him about not pushing this particular story. This from Rush Limbaugh's program at that time:

Rush: I couldn’t even figure out who Cellucci was last night, much less what the Cellucci nomination was. So I went and read the thread, and okay Cellucci is Paul Cellucci, the former governor of Massachusetts. And then I learned he’s been nominated as ambassador to Canada – a real top drawer appointment and issue. And then I see that there are some accompanying notes that there’s some issue associated with fisting…
Jim: Yeah
Rush: …a common homosexual practice that is tied to Cellucci. And these notes from the FReepers are accusing me…...and these FReepers are accusing me of not talking about it because somebody’s told me not to. And I don’t know how many times I’ve addressed this. Nobody tells me what to or what not to talk about. I just had a tough time dealing with frank ignorance on top of being spammed so I wrote the guy back and I said, I admitted to him I had no idea what this was about, that Cellucci is not on my radar screen, I’ve got other things occupying my mind like the tax cut, like the economy, like circumcision law suits cropping up all over the place. The military funding, the budget, there’s all kinds of stuff that I really do think is far, far more important than whomever is appointed the ambassador to Canada.

Just a warning -- you might not want your kids to go and check out this thread -- it's pretty graphic. I always find it so ironic that I find more really explicit discussions about sexual fantasies on sites frequented by the Leviticus Crowd -- Free Republic is a good example.

I assume this is what Lindner is referring to during the Linder/Dibble Show.....

The Free Republic discussions on "Fistgate". This event happened in Massachusettes, not Minnesota.

More bigotry and intolerance from the Left

James Nimmo goes on a rant about Gay Republicans......

With the upcoming Democratic and Republican Party precinct meetings on my mind, I have to wonder why any self-respecting gay voter (perhaps that’s my error) is registered as a Republican. I find gay Republicans as realistic as I find a voter of Jewish descent wanting to praise Hitler, or an African-American wanting to join the KKK. Yes, it’s logical for an individual or a group of people that are linked by a shared characteristic or goal such as fiscal and social policy to want to promote one party over another. However, I should think this group would be able to understand that they are aiding and abetting their oppressors as if they were house slaves turning in the field slaves so that they may curry favor with the white masters. I think the parallel is on track—the GOP doesn’t think of gays/lesbians as human! Trent Lott and others of his GOP club still swoon for the good ‘ole days of the 1940’s when minorities knew their place in the hierarchy of America.

EY: Well Trent Lott is no longer majority leader. LCR has historically been one of Lott's most ardent critics from within the Republican Party. I find it ironic that Gay Republicans are accused of aiding and abetting oppressors, when gay democrats get a complete pass when they enable Clinton's anti-gay DOMA and DADT policies. There also is ofcourse the irony of Clinton being a defender of marriage.

Nimmo continues:
Why are gay/lesbian Republicans so concerned with fiscal responsibility to the exclusion of their primary civil rights? One has to have equal rights to be accepted as equal in the broad political arena and for one’s opinion to be heard. As Martin Luther King said in 1962, “It may be true that the law cannot make a man love me, but it can keep him from lynching me, and I think that’s pretty important.” So, does that reference to violence apply to gays/lesbians too? How much more property need be vandalized? How many more anonymous beatings have to occur? How many more Shepards and Gaithers have to die needlessly before gays/lesbians realize that the GOP is not the friend of any minority, either sexual or racial? The leadership of the GOP is enthralled with the power brought them by singing the hymn tunes of the fundie choir directors. The GOP is worshiping at the altar of suborned votes and true blood-money.

EY: I assume Nimmo is referring to hate crimes legislation. First of all, LCR Nationally is on record in support of Hate Crimes legislation. I personally oppose this legislation. All of the things James mentions are crimes, and need to be prosecuted as crimes. The real problem is some prosecutors take crimes against gays less seriously than they take crimes against heterosexual victims. That problem will not change with hate crimes legislation. That will change as more prosecutors get to know gays as friends and family members.

So the Republicans are promoting minorities? For six years the only Republican black person in the U.S. House was J.C. Watts of Oklahoma, now self-removed from office due to frustration with the glass ceiling he had evidently reached.

Huh? Watts was pretty high up there - he was in Republican leadership.

There are no openly gay Republicans in the House and the only openly gay Republican senator, Kolbe from Arizona, was publicly snubbed at the 2000 GOP Convention and he has not been in any figurative or literal gay parade for equal rights. Mary Cheney, the self-identified lesbian daughter of the appointed vice-president, has not uttered a single word in public for three years.

Kolbe is in the house, not the Senate. Yes, he was snubbed by the idiots in Texas. However Bush didn't even go to the Republican Convention in Texas -- and part of the reason was he was embarrassed to be seen with the people in that party. As far as Mary Cheney goes, she has been public -- she joined the Republican Unity Coalition. However, there is no requirement for kids of politicians to be public on GLBT issues.

What does it take for gay/lesbian Republicans to wake up and see the enemy in the mirror? They are their own enemy assisting in the legal suppression, if not destruction, of the political gay movement at the Federal level where Washington is withholding the full acknowledgment of equality to which all U.S. citizens are entitled. I think there is small, incremental progress being made nationally at the state, local, and corporate levels of society, but as long as some gay people allow themselves to be excluded from the social contract by their own apathy and internal homophobia, all of us will continue to be stymied by the hetero Christian Taliban that has been so successful to this day.

I don't understand the reason for attacking Gay Republicans. Gay Republicans are trying to make changes within the party. The only way to lessen the theocratic influence is to have others loudly contradicting them.

Sviggum on HF 341 (Lindner's Bigoted Bill) and DP Benefits

I met with Speaker Sviggum this morning. He said he opposed 341, and that it wasn't going to go anywhere -- and he believed that discrimination should not be allowed for housing and employment. He also said that Lindner claims that gay sex is being taught in the schools, but that he has not seen any examples of that, so doesn't believe it is a problem. I also talked with Sviggum about the Domestic Partner Benefits -- and the sick and bereavement leave issue. Sviggum agreed that money wasn't the issue with DP benefits. After I told him that the sick and bereavement leave issue hits many gay people in a very personal way -- because most of us have heard stories from friends of ours about having one partner die, and the family members keeping the surviving partner from attending the funeral.

Eva Young, President, Log Cabin Republicans of Minnesota

Monday, February 17, 2003

Saw the Lindner and Dibble debate on Almanac yesterday. Lindner rather predictably waxed poetic on "fisting" and "barebacking" on the show - surprised he didn't rant about gerbils. Dibble kept on pointing out that the law Lindner was talking about didn't say anything about gay sex - but that didn't stop Lindner from obsessing about the topic. Lindner claimed that fisting and barebacking is taught in the schools. He didn't provide any evidence. Perhaps he was talking about an incident in Massachusettes that the fundies obsess about. Ofcourse Lindner also favors abstinence only until marriage - condoms don't work sex education - well if condoms don't work, why would people use them.

Meanwhile, the Minnesota Daily covers the Rainbow Families day at the capitol. There's a nice picture of the kids giving Steve Swiggum valentines. Kudos to Rep. Jim Rhodes (R) who is quoted saying: “I do not support that crazy bill,” he said. “… We’re all human beings and we’re all God’s children and you all pay taxes.”

Etenza and Insider Trading

Check this out:

Lois Quam is House DFL Minority Leader Matt Entenza's wife. She's CEO of a billion-dollar unit of United Health Group. Insider trades for a total of over $8 million in the past two years.

And Entenza had the nerve to call a press conference to announce that he was donating his extra $12,400 in minority speaker's pay to charity!

Wonder how soon Mike Hatch will be investigating executive perks at United Health???

Sunday, February 16, 2003

Poor Freepers

Why can't we pull similar numbers?
Posted on 02/15/2003 3:09 PM PST by pickemuphere

ARG. I can't stand to watch the television anymore. While the actual numbers will be disputed ad infinitum, there's obviously big, high-profile turn out in NYC.

Why don't we conservatives organize something along these lines? Freepers do a great job of representing the cause, but we need large numbers of people, across the country, world etc.

Why is it that the libs/socialists can pull this off, but we can't? I'm ready to break my TV at this point!