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Saturday, March 08, 2003

I sent this to the following folks:
Duke Powell, R Burnsville, Jim Rhodes, R St Louis Park, Lynne Osterman, R New Hope, Senator Linda Higgins, D Minneapolis, Rep. Keith Ellison, D Minneapolis, Joe Mullery, D Minneapolis, Rep. Steve Smith, R, Rep. Arlon Lindner, R Corcoran, Senator Scott Dibble, D Minneapolis.,,,,,,,,,

Duke, Lynne, Gambling is so immoral - and the Gays and Lesbians Against Immoral Lifestyles (GLAIL) is very opposed to state promoted gambling lifestyles. I would refer you to the MFC's backgrounder about Gambling on In fact a good example of wrecked lives from our own neck of the woods is former city council member and county commissioner, Sandra Hillary.

To Tom Prichard - GLAIL would be most happy to work with the MFC on gambling issues. We would also be glad to work with you on the issue of adultery. After all adultery is in the 10 commandments. I know that the MFC has alot on it's plate - what with house file 341, and vigilant efforts to keep the sodomy law on the books. However, GLAIL would like to challenge the MFC to look at both these issues. It's an area where we might agree.

Eva Young

Friday, March 07, 2003

Good Blog on City Issues........ City Pages GR Anderson's take on news and politics.......

Wednesday, March 05, 2003

More on Horsley (by B Alan Ross posted on us_queers)

Neal Horsley:

"Throughout the United States of America, the vast majority of this generation of Christian pastors and teachers has decided not to make it a first priority to tell people about the wrath of God; they have decided that was “not part of the show.”


"So we ignored the wrath of God and the Churches grew to bursting.

"That is all well and good as long as the existing Christian consensus conforms to the instructions God extended in Holy Scripture. But when Christian congregations begin, as is the habit today, to teach people that God tolerates people who engage in adultery and fornication and homosexuality and that it is all right with God to collaborate with those who make a living butchering God’s children, then no Christian should be surprised that we would begin to be forced to see flaming crosses as
predominant symbols in stories about our children being burned to death."

Horsley starts out by getting visitors' attention with the recent 96 deaths in the club fire in Rhode Island, showing a picture of one side of the stage where the beginning fire looks like a cross. He loves that of course.

Then he leads you to the true message he offers these days: Buffalo is a symbol! Get "The Buffalo Warning" VHS tape free.

Since no abortion doctors have been shot and "very few" clinics bombed since Dr. Slepian was killed by James Kopp (they idolize him in this video) in Buffalo in 1998, Horsley's calling that a "moratorium" and clearly calls for it to end: "If you do your duty there is still time for salvation."

A trailer for the video is provided (and revealing):

Real Media 56K or 300k:

Windows player 56K or 300k:

P.S.: Don't forget that the guy who bombed two "abortion clinics" and killed several people also bombed a lesbian bar. He's still on the FBI's Most Wanted list.

James Nimmo on Horsley:

The plain truth is that these Horsleys are terrorists of the homegrown tomato kind, 100% Made in USA! Many of us have been lead to believe that this country is the pinacle of the sky-god's benevolence and that whatever you think has been delivered by the sky-god should be yours and noonelse's. Somehow, some of us managed to develop our own minds and put this sandbox education aside and think for ourselves. The Horsleys and other terrorists failed to learn that with the rights of citizenship there come responsiblities that should balance one's desires with concurent respect for the privacy and rights of others. This is what the Bu$hes of the world have failed to learn as well: not everything or everyone has a price--a person's integrity and character are beyond price when those traits are allowed to develop in a healthy direction for the benefit of that person and his/her environment.

We have too many examples of the tawdry and the maudlin personalities that result when minds are thwarted and warped by the supersitition of religion and myth.

Jim Nimmo

Neal Horsley (the guy who runs the Nurenburg Files website) whines:

Subj: PayPal Seizes Contents of My Online Bank AccountÂ
Date: 3/4/2003 7:15:47 AM Central Standard Time
To:Â some recipient
Sent from the Internet (Details)

Paypal, Inc. on Feb 18, 2002, seized the PayPal bank account of me, Neal Horsley, publisher of The Christian Gallery News Service and the founder of The Creator's Rights Party. According to PayPal Account Representatives, the account was impounded and the funds in that account are not to be made available for at least 180 days (six months) from the date they were seized because I ran, "an ultra violent anti-abortion web site that advocated the murder of abortion doctors." The following links take you to an excerpt of that conversation with the PayPal Customer Service Representative.

Real Audio: or

I have never advocated the murder or the killing of "abortion doctors." The evidence proving that statement is available in the words written and published by me over the last fifteen years and can be validated by anyone taking the time to read those words. proves that I have written three full length non-fiction books and hundreds of non-fiction articles and never has a sentence been written that advocated the killing of abortion doctors. In short, PayPal seized the bank account and froze the funds on the basis of a false accusation.

Common sense would understand that any person who advocated the murder of abortion doctors would be liable for arrest and prosecution for any number of felony warrants. Obviously the PayPal employees who ordered the seizure of my bank account knew the accusations were false because there was no mention that I was under indictment or under arrest for the things PayPal was accusing me of.

But PayPal did not have to rely on common sense. PayPal can freeze any account and make that money unavailable for 180 days anytime and for any reason.  As PayPal officials smugly stated, "…the PayPal User Agreement states that PayPal, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to close an account at any time for any reason."

To amplify this policy, I asked the PayPal customer service representative whether PayPal could seize a customer's bank account simply because a customer was "anti-abortion."Â The customer service representative said, "PayPal can hold a customer's funds for 180 days for any reason whatsoever."

How do you avoid PayPal seizing (PayPal calls the action "limiting") your online bank account for 180 days? PayPal's Web site provides this answer: "You can help avoid limited account access by adhering to the User Agreement and only using your PayPal account to engage in lawful activity."

Clearly this answer implies that if a user engages in "lawful activity" they have every reason to expect their account will not be seized and their funds impounded for six months. As my case proves, PayPal will impound an account if the activity is lawful but "anti-abortion."

In this incident, as in the situation where I was fired from my job because Planned Parenthood representatives threatened to cost the company millions of dollars in sales, I am being financially pilloried as a cautionary tale designed to deter others from becoming abortion abolitionists. Even though I have been indicted for no crime, false accusations against me are designed to make it impossible for me to do business, find employment or the other things that are required to make a living in the United States of America. Don't be an abortion abolitionist like Neal Horsley, PayPal is saying, or you might wake up and find that all your money has been frozen--frozen like an Arab terrorist gets his money frozen--and you won't have access to it for 180 days, if ever.

As many of you know, we are in the process of putting out the first issue of a new magazine called "The Abortion Abolitionist." Anyone who does not understand how disconcerting it would be to have funds frozen at the very moment those funds were needed to launch a national magazine has never done business or tried to complete an important project. The PayPal attack could not have come at a worst time.

Examine this story closely and you will see how Christians in the United States of America are being conditioned to collaborate with people determined to butcher God's children. They might have their bank accounts seized if they don't.

Why do I persist in the face of such dangerous actions taken against me? I know many people will scoff at my answer but the fact is I was told to see such actions against me as things I should rejoice about: Luke 6:22 (KJV) 22Blessed are ye, when men shall hate you, and when they shall separate you from their company, and shall reproach you, and cast out your name as evil, for the Son of man's sake. 23Rejoice ye in that day, and leap for joy: for, behold, your reward is great in heaven: for in the like manner did their fathers unto the prophets.

I confess I am having a very difficult time rejoicing about these things that are happening to me. But I persist because in spite of every fear that my flesh, the world, and the devil conjures up, I know that God knows I've made all these enemies simply because I am telling the hard truth about what it means to live in a nation that has legalized the slaughter of the least of God's children, the ones that the Lord Jesus Christ identified with.

"As you did it unto the least of these, you did it unto me," he said. Today, like yesterday, and the day before, and like tomorrow, too, we the people will rip the Lord Jesus Christ apart here in the United States of America, all with the blessings of the federal government and with the collaboration of every one of us not presently incarcerated for resisting such unspeakable evil. May God grant me the grace to keep speaking that truth as long as life remains in my flesh.

Obviously I need your help.


Neal Horsley
PO Box 1081
Carrollton, Ga 30112

Sent: Wednesday, March 05, 2003 11:40 AM

Hi Neal,

What's the matter with such a non-violent "peace-lover" as yourself when you catch the inevitable fallout from your attacks on the U.S.A.?

I remember reading your Creator's Rights Party garbage online, that the best way of attack for mobs who agree with your crap is to steal a nuclear weapon, hold the government hostage by threatening to blow it up, until such an armed "state" is created and secedes, to reflect the Horsley doctrine of complete subjugation to "your" government's religious beliefs.

I've also read on your website the story about Mr. and Mrs. Joe America throwing nails and tacks on the freeway, justifying any deaths caused by your usual circular logic methods, murderous techniques also perpetrated by the other group you have hosted information from/to/about on your website: the so-called "Army of God." Another sick group of killers and mayhem-lovers, who claim to be "pro-life" but are really pro-religious-dictatorship.

Can't handle playing with the big boys like the other terrorists, then you ought to get the hell out of Dodge.

Two Spirit Laughing

Cathy Renna from GLAAD opines about why to take action on that bigot Savage:

She made a reasonable case until she mentioned that GLAAD was also concerned about MSNBC's firing of Phil Donahue and hiring of Dick Armey. I don't understand why Armey should be a problem. I wouldn't object to Bob Barr getting a show either. I don't agree with Armey and Barr on a number of issues (though I agree with them on privacy issues). Barr lost a recent election.

Eva Young

Take action on helping to Deep Six Mike "Bigot" Savage's show

Cutting Snowplowing to pay for new road construction? Has Transportation Commissioner Carol Molnau lost her mind?

In today's Star Tribune, Molnau proposes that the state cut snow plowing the state highway system to pay for new road construction.

To free money to build new roads, Lt. Gov. Carol Molnau is proposing cuts that could leave highways with snowier surfaces, faded markings and fewer
rest areas. The proposals, presented to the House Transportation Finance Committee on Tuesday, would save $84 million over the next few years. They provide the first look at how Molnau, who also heads the Minnesota Department of Transportation, plans to reorganize it to put more emphasis on road

EY: Snowplowing state highways is important for pretty obvious reasons. I hope people write their legislators to send this idiotic plan right back down
the pike.

Here's the list of committee members to email:

Chair: William Kuisle (R) 296-4378
Vice Chair: Torrey Westrom (R) 296-4929
Lead-DFL: Bernie Lieder (DFL) 296-5091
Peter Adolphson (R) 296-3964
Bruce Anderson (R) 296-5063
Michael Beard (R) 296-8872
Chris DeLaForest (R) 296-4231
Ron Erhardt (R) 296-4363
Mary Liz Holberg (R) 296-6926
Doug Magnus (R) 296-5505
Peter Nelson (R) 296-5377
Connie Ruth (R) 296-5368
Andrew Westerberg (R) 296-4226
Alice Hausman (DFL) 296-3824
Frank Hornstein (DFL) 296-9281
Al Juhnke (DFL) 296-6206
Dan Larson (DFL) 296-7158
Michael Nelson (DFL) 296-3751
Aaron Peterson (DFL) 296-4228
Paul Thissen (DFL) 296-5375
ex-officio Jim Knoblach (R) 296-6316

And an easy list for pasting into a group email:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Terrell Brown opines on LGA

I’ve been thinking about the LGA thing. I can understand that if the Governor refuses to increase tax revenue he’s got to reduce spending
and some of that reduction is going to come from local government aids.

His "it’s never more than 10%" or "anyone should be able to cut 10%" is downright misleading. Take for instance the Minneapolis Convention Center. It’s included in the City of Minneapolis budget. There’s nothing we can do about it. The Convention Center was built at a cost of something on the order of a billion dollars; it was paid for by the City because among other reasons the state didn’t want to include it in ITS bonding limit.

So what does the state do? It creates a bunch of taxes that only apply to Minneapolis or parts of Minneapolis that provide the taxes to pay
off the bonds to build the thing. Our half-cent city sales tax and the maze of downtown lodging, eating, drinking and entertainment taxes go
to pay for the Convention Center. And it’s all included in the city budget. The Convention Center budget for 2003 is nearly 65 million
dollars. Based on that the Governor wants to cut $6 million from the city. Makes sense? I don’t think so.

Then we have some things called "enterprise funds". The enterprise funds are largely where the city is in the business of providing services to people who don’t live here. Take parking. The parking fund includes about 60 million in revenue from, guess what, people paying to park. The Gov wants to take away another 6 million because we provide parking to the folks driving in from Chanhassen, etc. instead of maybe taking a bus (where the revenue is in someone else’s budget so we aren’t getting directly cut on that one).

Oh, we have some other enterprise funds. One of them is water. We sell water to Bloomington, Columbia Heights, Hilltop, Golden Valley, Crystal and Edina. The Governor wants to cut our funding because we’re helping those cities out.

Maybe its time to start collecting some money from some of the free loaders. How about a fee for non-Minneapolis residents to park in Minneapolis. Certainly if they got to a Minneapolis parking space, they used our streets, had our police protection, etc. An annual fee of $100 per car for 100,000 cars raises a cool $10 million. I suspect we have more than 100,000 visiting automobiles so we could probably
raise a bit more.

Then Minneapolis has a couple of parks that are used by non-residents. It costs me, what 15 bucks for an annual parking sticker (we’ll ignore
that I probably got to the park by foot). Let’s charge non-residents a bit more.

One time we had a Central Library. We ripped it down, or at least are working on doing that. Now the brain trust in the Mayor’s office seems to think we can’t afford a new one. They wait until we’ve ripped the old one down to come to that conclusion. They must have the same strange stuff in their water that they’re drinking over at the Capitol.

Terrell Brown
Loring Park
terrell at terrellbrown dot org

EY: I've wondered myself about the idea of having non-residents pay a higher rate for parking passes in city parks than residents.

To the Editor of the Southwest Journal,

Regarding Scott Russell's article "Readying for big 2005 reconstruction, Lake Street Advisory Group


The article describes how the Smith Parker law firm received a sweetheart , no-bid contract "not to exceed $300,000 with a top hourly rate of $60 an hour,
(Jim Grube) said. The SRF contract is not to exceed $1.1million, with a top hourly rate of $70 an hour. The contracts have multipliers to cover overhead
costs, such as employee benefits, rent and utilities, Grube said. Firms multiply the hourly rate by a number
between 2.3 and 2.8, depending on an audit of business costs. In addition, firms add 5 to 15 percent for

In these tough fiscal times, getting that kind of money out of the taxpayer to pave over neighborhood objections to resurfacing a road just might be
described as "highway robbery". Whether or not their contract fits the description of "Crime in the Suites", neighborhoods along Lake Street should be
very concerned that Smith Parker's plans for Lake Street may encourage serious crime in the streets .

The Access Project will destroy homes and businesses on either side of the freeway along the North side of Lake Street and replace them with "green spaces".

It's very unlikely that these small parks will be able to compete with other parks as a destination for picnickers and frisbee-throwers. More likely, these
parks will become litter-strewn illicit drug and prostitution bazaars.

The very condition that proponents of Access Project cite as favorable to a "Regional Retail Destination"- easy auto access for suburbanites is also a condition that would turn these parks on Lake Street into a convenient illicit drug and prostitution drive-thru
for suburbanites.

At a time when there is talk of laying off police officers we shouldn't be creating a situation that will require constant surveillance and enforcement.

Ken Avidor

Tuesday, March 04, 2003

More comments about my MPD post regarding AFSCME selling out Gay workers.....

To which Jim (an actual Republican) responds:

Aaron and Dennis are perfectly correct. Of course our elected Republican
representatives fought against insurance coverage for non-related
"partners"; and for reasons that include...yes, a moral judgement!

That's why we elected them! Most Republican's are pleased with (most of)
their work and we will elect them again if we can. And IMO, it appears as if
a large and growing segment of Minnesota agrees with us.

So there it is, nothin' up our sleeves, just the facts.

I'm sure AFSCME would get berievment leave,medical coverage and generous
pensions for everyone's pet rock if they could. No way they would ever sell
out anyone but the taxpayers.

To say that Eva Young's political positions are an enigma to this Republican
is an understatement (but then I have plenty to learn and am always ready to
listen). And of course she is completely within her rights to claim any
political allegiance she wishes and to make her opinions on any subject
known; but IMO, which I have formulated through discussions with fellow
Republican's on a daily basis, her opinion on this issue doesn't line up
with most of her Republican compatriots (myself included).

But I don't agree with the Republican platform 100% (or even 90%) either so
I'm sure that there are plenty of areas that Eva and I may agree.

Then Bob Sebo of Winona responds:

Well, Eva...that 'nonsense argument' that I have tried to make myself, just
reared its head again here. The REAL republican can't figure out what
you're doing in the GOP any more than the rest of us can.

I understand that you are a fiscal conservative, and I have no doubt you're
supportive of Republican ideals overall...
but I guess I'm of the opinion that conservative lesbians and gays are
enabling a homophobic social agenda in the republican party with a free pass
because 'we agree about so much else.'

Listen to the REAL republican who admits what the rest have argued. You can
work with them, but they are not interested in working with you.

Bob Sebo

To which "actual republican" Thompson responds and claims that Sebo came up with the "real republican" language..................

I should not have to point out to her (or any other reader of this discussion) that those were Bob Sebo’s words, which were obviously meant to spice up a bland opinion to his level of acceptable heat.

So I guess my question is, what is a "real" or "actual" republican? Does that mean conservatives only? Or are moderates also considered "real republicans"...... The thread continues on MN Politics Discuss


More from Richard Osborne

Remember Richard Osborne? He was the guy who said it might be a good idea to throw Gay Republicans off the Washington Avenue Bridge......

He's got a letter to the editor in the 2/27/03 Minnesota Daily.

Prosecute rapists, not cruisers

Given the University’s current need to significantly pare its budget, it would do well to aim its fiscal knives at the University Police Department. If the department can repeatedly send both uniformed and plainclothes officers into men’s restrooms to respond to complaints of “victims” whose only “injuries” are bruises to their neo-Puritan moral and/or aesthetic sensibilities, then it is seriously overstaffed.

I am equally appalled that those who purport to advocate for the interests of gay men would adopt, as their sole strategy, efforts to advise restroom cruisers to just stop engaging in this “unsafe” behavior. Operating a motor vehicle and participating in contact sports are also inherently risky activities — would these “advocates” counsel gay men to refrain from driving or playing soccer?

Rather than browbeating gay men into stopping a pleasurable activity that harms no one’s person or property, the University homosexual community should be engaging in efforts to eliminate the primary source of real risk to cruisers: the considerable emotional and financial trauma that results from arrest and prosecution for a victimless crime.

The only legitimately gay-supportive response to this ongoing problem is to pressure the University Police to refuse to respond to any complaint of sexually-related restroom activity that does not involve physical contact with an unwilling participant. University queers should also enlist the general homosexual community in a campaign that expends the same energy and zeal to repeal outmoded “indecent conduct” statutes and ordinances as the community displayed in fighting the state’s sodomy law.

Finally, if there is truly a fear of potential “backlash” assaults on cruisers by homophobes (a phenomenon that is extraordinarily rare in restroom settings), then the preferred solution is a redoubling of anti-homophobia and anti-erotophobia education efforts — and vigorously punishing the assailants when such hate crimes do occur. Prosecute bashers and rapists, not cruisers.

Richard Osborne

In response a University Police Department person writes:

Cruisers should stop complaining

This letter is in response to Richard Osborne’s Thursday letter, “Prosecute rapists, not cruisers.” How can an “activity that harms no one’s person or property” be an unacceptable behavior in society? Because it causes emotional harm. Examples: bomb threats, harassment, stalking, exposing one’s genitals to a stranger and engaging in sexual acts in public places. These are some things that are illegal because, even though no physical trauma occurs, there is still trauma that occurs.

Osborne is obviously aware of this type of harm because he identifies “emotional trauma” (caused by police intervention) as a “primary source of real risk to cruisers.” Apparently he feels people who unwillingly witness these public sex acts and call the police are not entitled to feel emotionally traumatized by it.

The gay civil rights movement has made major gains in recent decades, but overcoming “erotophobia” on a society-wide level has not been among them. I cannot imagine how this could be a legal right.

In an era when the nation has swung toward the right, and bills are now being introduced in legislatures nationwide intended to repeal legal protections that have been won on behalf of gay, bisexual, lesbian and transgender communities in the recent past (including removal of the words “sexual orientation” from Minnesota Hate Crimes statutes), it would be beneficial for the small segment of the gay male community that engages in public sexual activity to stop it. Or at least stop complaining publicly about active enforcement of laws against cruising so that those who are truly advocating GLBT civil rights can honestly claim we are not seeking “special rights.”

Russell Booth

EY: I agree with Russell...

Monday, March 03, 2003

Column: Focus On Homophobia

The Daily Camera, March 2, 2003
1048 Pearl Street, Boulder, CO, 80306
(Fax: 303-442-1508 ) (E-Mail: )
( ),1713,BDC_2490_17

Clay Evans
Focus on the Family, God love 'em. The Colorado Springs-based fundamentalist group is forever casting about for the next proximate cause
of the downfall of Christendom on earth. Tediously often, their accusing finger points at gay and lesbian people.
James Dobson's group recently has been huffing and puffing against Big Brothers-Big Sisters, a longstanding non-profit group that pairs adult mentors with children living in single-parent homes.
Last summer Big Brothers-Big Sisters adopted a non-discrimination policy barring local chapters from denying mentors based on such factors as race, religion or - gulp - sexual orientation. And Focus-types know what that means: A rootin', tootin', molestin' and recruitin' rodeo, with big, bad "homa-sek-shools" dragging kids off into hedonism.
Of course, they're wrong. Gay and lesbian people are not particularly prone to child-molesting. In fact, straight men are overwhelmingly more likely to molest both boys and girls. In the July 1994 issue of peer-reviewed Pediatrics magazine, three researchers published a study finding that of 269 cases of child molestation evaluated at Denver's Children's Hospital over a one-year period, only two of the perpetrators could be identified as gay or lesbian. That translated to a rate about 100 times less than that for heterosexual perpetrators. Besides, Big Brothers-Big Sisters asks parents' permission before pairing a child with a gay or lesbian mentor.
But if you still think "straight" mentors are "safe," here's a cautionary story.
I was a Boy Scout here in Boulder in the 1970s. Our troop ruled. We were very active, taking at least one campout a month, whatever the season. Our leader was a lanky, brainy guy named Floyd David Slusher. We called him Dave.
Dave was a CU student with a 3.7 grade-point average in chemical engineering. He taught religious classes at his church, sang in the choir, and dated women. Troop dads slept in the tent with him all the time. Dave was also a Big Brother to one of the guys in the troop - "Chris," the shy son of a single mom.
Yet Dave also was an inveterate child molester, with a yen for pre-pubescent scouts. Tragically, his "little brother" Chris was one of his victims.
As it turned out, I was the first boy to blow the whistle on Dave after he'd tried to entice me and another boy into becoming his "special friends." For reasons best known to them, the fathers who led Troop 75 declined to take action. I quit.
A year later, Dave was nailed. He pleaded guilty to sexual assault on a child and was sentenced under Colorado's Sex Offender Act to treatment for "one day to life." He was released a few years later, but promptly reoffended. He was convicted again and remains incarcerated to this day.
Hmm. So heterosexual Big Brothers and Big Sisters, if they are pedophiles, are perfectly capable of molesting their charges (I hear the group is now much more careful in vetting mentors than it was in the lax '70s). And I submit that open acknowledgment of one's homosexuality is in fact a beacon of honesty and integrity, even a kind of insurance against untoward behavior.
Launching a "boycott" against Big Brothers-Big Sisters probably plays well in fund-raising letters. But Focus on the Family should focus on facts, not hysteria.
. Contact Clay Evans at (303) 473-1352 or

EY: Yeah, good ol' focus group on the family...... It seems like FOTF just like the TVC, don't really care about doing things that would effectively reduce child molestation -- too easy just to blame it all on the gays.


Pioneer Press | 02/26/2003 | Pawlenty praises Kelly, pans Rybak

During a five-city tour Tuesday to market his cost-cutting proposals, Pawlenty repeatedly praised Kelly for being part of the budget solution and ripped Rybak for contributing to the problem.
"Mayor Kelly is not whining or complaining," he told about 50 local officials and political supporters at his first stop that the Rochester airport. "He's trying to solve the problem.
"He may not agree with all my proposals, but his attitude is, 'We're all in this together. We've got a mess. Let's try to fix it.' "
On the other hand, he said, Rybak is hiring lobbyists and worrying about public relations strategies to "try to avoid the problem. You can't avoid it. The problems are there. They're rolling downhill at us.
"It's time to switch gears from complaining to problem-solving."

EY: That's always been the reservation I've had about Rybak -- is that basically he is a PR flak -- and PR flaks aren't what is needed in executive positions in Government. Scott Benson is much better at advocating for Minneapolis at the capitol -- and he makes the points that need to be made -- and that is that Minneapolis has 8% of the population but 12% of the jobs - employing many of those in the bedroom communities who use city roads and city amenities -- but don't want to help pay for city services.

The MFC bears false witness - AGAIN.....

Ann Degroot and Jodie Snow of OutFront Minnesota provided some accurate stats of prevalence of Domestic Violence in the gay community (as opposed to the MFC fantasies). From an email by Jodie Snow:

The NCAVP (2000 LGBT Domestic Violence Report) says that a prevalence ranging from 20%-35% of LGBT relationships experience abuse depending on
the definition of domestic violence used. The rates are comparable to heterosexual violence. This is available online at

Jolie Snow
Domestic Violence Program Coordinator
OutFront Minnesota
310 East 38th Street
Suite #204
Minneapolis, MN 55409
Phone - 612.822.0127 ext. 101
Fax - 612-822-8786
email -