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Saturday, March 15, 2003

Michael Savage Under Fire on MSNBC

from the Steven Bennett newsletter..... Bennett is the new exgay posterboy of the Worldnet Daily crowd.....

Michael Savage, a brash, highly opinionated, syndicated radio personality and best selling author of "The Savage Nation" is under attack by 'gay' activists.

Savage, outspoken against 'gay' activism, has a new weekend television program on MSNBC. While Bennett not may agree with all of Savage's remarks and views, Bennett is showing his support for the talk show host in the 'nasty' campaign being waged against him.

'Gay' activists are trying to pressure MSNBC to "can" the Savage show and are contacting the network's advertisers to boycott the program. So far, Proctor & Gamble and Kraft Foods have caved in and given their "pro-gay" support by refusing to advertise.

Stephen Bennett has been in contact with Savage's producer and has offered to share his story and the real truth about homosexuality and militant 'gay' activism in America. We'll keep you updated of a possible radio/television interview with Stephen by Michael Savage. Further information on the activist's plan for "Silencing Savage" can be found at

EY: Savage has lots of baggage. Interesting that the Bennett and the C&F nutcases are both supporting this bigot - who is bigoted not just against gays, but also against hispanics (he rants about how they "breed like rabbits") and third world countries ("turd world nations").......

contact info re: school of Thomas McLaughlin, 14

Address: 1320 School Drive, Jacksonville, AR 72076

Telephone: (501) 982-1587

Fax: (501) 241-2139

School's Reign Of Terror Over 14 Yr Old Gay Student
by Newscenter Staff

March 14, 2003
12:02 a.m. ET/+5GMT/-3PT

(Jacksonville, Arkansas) An Arkansas teen outed by his high school to his parents, forced by a principal to read Bible passages condemning homosexuality, and ordered not to discuss his sexuality on school property is threatening to take the local school board to court.

“My school forced me out of the closet when I should have been allowed to come out to my family on my own terms and when I thought it was the right time. And now the school has been trying to shove me back into it ever since,” said 14 year old Thomas McLaughlin.

“I’m through with being silenced, and I don’t want this happening to other gay kids at my school.”

The American Civil Liberties Union is representing the teen. In a letter to officials at Jacksonville Junior High School ACLU has demanded that the school stop violating the student's rights and remove all unconstitutional disciplinary actions taken against him from his record by March 21 or face legal action.

McLaughlin’s troubles with the school began last year, when a school official called McLaughlin’s mother to tell her that her son was gay.

McLaughlin, who at that point had only come out to a handful of close friends at school, wasn’t ready to tell his parents yet.

Fortunately for McLaughlin, his parents were accepting and understanding.

“Students should not be punished for being honest about their sexual orientation,” said Leslie Cooper, staff attorney with the ACLU’s Lesbian and Gay Rights Project. “It’s shameful how Jacksonville Junior High School has trampled on Thomas McLaughlin’s constitutional rights to intimidate and silence him from being honest about who he is. If this were civics class, the school would be failing.”

On one occasion a teacher called a conference with McLaughlin’s parents and the principal because she objected to his being open about being gay. The meeting was the first time his parents found out he was gay.

On another occasion, a different teacher ordered McLaughlin not to discuss his sexual orientation, saying that she found it “sickening,” and later called his mother to complain about his homosexuality.

When the student disagreed with yet another teacher for calling him “abnormal” and “unnatural” he was ordered to read aloud from the Bible passages that some Christians believe condemns homosexuality.

He was then suspended for two days for telling other students about being made to read the Bible in school. The principal and assistant principal also told McLaughlin that if he told any of his friends why he was suspended, they would recommend that he be expelled.

In January he was disciplined for talking between classes with a female friend about a boy they both considered “cute.” He was disciplined; his friend was not.

“Thomas McLaughlin’s school has completely overstepped the boundaries of the law in the way it has treated him,” said Rita Sklar, Executive Director of the ACLU of Arkansas.

“School officials have no place trying to convert a student’s religious beliefs to their own, and they certainly have no place using religion as a way to punish students.”

This is pretty horrendus. It is also rather surreal.


From the TC Metro Elist by Ann Treacy
Happy warm and sunny weekend!

There's an article in the Strib today about money going to transportation. I'll excerpt just a short bit below as it is a fairly long article. I try to be open minded about the roads - because although I drive fewer than 100 miles a week I know I am in the minority. I get frustrated because I think that technology and telework strategies could be embraced for far fewer dollars and therefore should be worth at least a consideration.

What I find amazing here is that Pawlenty says "You can't just stand still while you are down with a crisis." He doesn't seem to realize that the statement is just as true figuratively as it is literally. Doesn't he think we'll be metaphorically standing still when he cuts education, cultural programs, social programs, economic&? Am I missing something? I understand a need to cut budgets - I don't understand boosting only transportation and implying that it will help us move forward. Thanks! Ann

Pawlenty pledges $1 billion more for transit, roads

Laurie Blake, Star Tribune

Published March 15, 2003 TRAN15
Recalling that Abraham Lincoln pursued the transcontinental railroad during the Civil War, Gov. Tim Pawlenty announced Friday that he, too, will push ahead at a critical time, providing at least a $1 billion more for transportation over five years despite the state's deficit.

"We need to move forward," said the governor, for whom roads were a campaign promise. "You can't just stand still while you are down with a crisis." He said the money would remove persistent bottlenecks in the metro area and speed improvements to highways linking the Twin Cities and outstate Minnesota. Some projects could be done as many as nine years ahead of schedule, though he couldn't say how many or which ones.

The plan is one of several key policy directions Pawlenty has set since taking office. The amount falls short of his campaign promise of $2 billion; he lowered it in the face of the $4.2 billion deficit. But in the midst of many other cuts, transportation stands out as a spending priority&.

EY: My problem with this proposal is that Pawlenty is still talking about cutting road maintenance to pay for road construction. That's not a good idea. It is sad when Minnesota Citizens need to trudge on down to the capitol to tell their legislators that it is important to plow the state highways.

I hear the city is cutting public works to avoid cuts in police and fire -- part of what will be cut in public works is signal maintenance. I run into signals not working all the time in this city -- and this is something that slows down traffic considerably.

Friday, March 14, 2003

Lloydletta get's mentioned in Oklahoma - though not by name.

Dear Editor:
It would seem that my Gayly letter of February 15, made more widely available by a Minnesota Log Cabin blog page, has stung the gay pride of a few Republicans. The replies printed in the March 1 Gayly disputed my opinions but ignored the truth of the 2000 GOP Party Platform that clearly states animosity towards gay/lesbians. If the Republican homophobes are a minority as the responders tried to indicate, why was this hateful language passed as the official viewpoint of the GOP? Why doesn’t the alleged moderate Republican majority pass ENDA or a significant hate crimes bill and thereby fog the image of the Democratic Party as the sole party of inclusion? Why is self-described lesbian Mary Cheney, daughter of the vice-president, unable to utter even the most faint, innocuous whimper for gay/lesbian civil rights? Where is the Republican equivalent of Barney Frank, a very out-and-active Democrat from Massachusetts? Why was there no call from the so-called gay-friendly Republican majority for Trent Lott to resign when he referred to homosexuality as a disease comparable to alcoholism and kleptomania as they did concerning his thinly veiled racist remarks?
Jay Parmley, Democratic State Party Chair, was right on the mark in his interview with Victor Gorin in the March 1 Gayly when he said that the Republican Party uses gay/lesbian acceptance by the Democratic Party as a wedge issue to scare off differing opinions. The Democratic Party has inclusive planks in its platform that welcome diversity and shun discrimination. Dave Noble, new executive director of National Stonewall Democrats, reinforces my opinion that the greatest progress for gay/lesbian equality is being made at the state and local levels of government where there is a Democratic majority and not in the GOP-controlled Congress.
Is “GOP” an acronym for Gays-Out-Party?
James Nimmo

EY: Actually Lloydletta is my personal blog, and I am President of Log Cabin Republicans of Minnesota, but the opinions expressed here are mine, not that of LCR/MN.


Still More Unpleasantness at the Minneapolis Issues Club

Peter writes: Because I deleted my e-mail from yesterday I may stand to be corrected, but isn't this the same Scott who complained about STRIDE ridiculing and demonizing proponents of the Access Project? Do I detect a double standard here? Those of us who are very, very left (or right) of center, politically speaking, are often reminded to be on our best behavior when disagreeing with others in the forum. But evidently, those on the center can say whatever they please about anyone who disagrees
with them. Personally, I don't mind all the personal barbs. It's all a part of politics. But I do mind double standards. BTW, Scott, despite being opposed to the Access Project myself, I'm a 47 year-old homeowner and have worked steadily for thirty years now. But I'm not married and don't have kids. Does this mean your opinion counts more than mine while mine counts more than Travis's? Should we adjust our elections so that people like you with more acceptable demographics can have their vote
count more-? -----------Peter Schmitz CARAG

Race Baiting Comments on the Minneapolis Issues list

Scott Persons:
Great! An Urban Studies student who knows more than we do to tell us about how infrastructure improvements and outside capital being invested in our communities is a "bad" thing. Can I take a guess here, Travis is early to mid-20's, white, male, very, very left of center politically speaking, has yet to hold a day job or have a family where he might have to compromise some of his lofty ideals...nothing personal but I'm wagering I'm at least 90% right on most of these, welcome to the conversation!

the lawyers are coming next !

Minneapolis Issues List Queen
who is this ruggedly handsome man? and what is he doing here?

Original Message -----

From: Janis Hall <>


Sent: Thursday, March 13, 2003 2:39 PM

Subject: Photo on STRIDE's website

The photo of Tom Johnson (altered to make the subject look like a devil) that appears on your STRIDE website originally ran in an issue of the Southwest Journal. The photo is copyrighted and we are requesting that you remove the photo from your website.

In the future, please ask our permission before publishing one of our copyrighted images.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

Janis Hall


EY: Meanwhile, the List Queen continues to keep tight control over those decorum warnings.

New and old members -

If you feel your character has suffered a drive-by shooting in another member's post, please DO NOT respond in kind on the list.

The right thing to do is contact me. I will discipline the alleged offender.

The goal is to take the personal junk OFF the list as soon as possible. I need victims to take the high road so the list can focus on issues, not personalities.

David Brauer
List Queen

Thursday, March 13, 2003

More 35W Access/Excess Project Debate:

Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2003 09:28:18 -0800 (PST) on the Minneapolis Issues Forum......

Scott Persons wrote:

Apparently, David doesn't think I've clocked enough ass time on this project to be informed about (snip)I think I've paid my dues.

David writes:

Actually, I know you're informed about the project itself, what I was asking was what you base your opinion of STRIDE on, which was undoubtably influenced by comments made by the project organizers at Access Project meetings - as well as the website, as you noted.

Scott Persons writes:
The community time spent on evaluating and commenting on this project is astronomical and the project is better for it.

David writes:

This is probably true, but the "sunk cost" of time and money (over $2 million) on any project does not
necessarily make it a desirable project - that's a common pitfall in both private business and
government. If the project isn't right, and I don't believe an expanded freeway is, then anything you do to it from there is just lipstick on a pig.

Scott writes:
There has been no alternate proposal that is even near viable or funded and if MNDOT decides to do something without community input you haven't even seen excess David.

David writes:
I've heard this theme frequently - "the project isn't the best, but if MNDoT were doing it on their own, it would be scary". I don't respond well to scare tactics.

Scott Persons:
I haven't attended any of their (STRIDE)events because I felt their web materials were abusive and inappropriate.

David writes:
Abusive and inappropriate? The altered Tom Johnson & RT Rybak photos that were added recently might qualify, but other than that I think there is a lot of
good material on the site.

Scott Persons:

I'd also like to point out the other benefits to Lyndale and the region, a new, dedicated pedestrian bridge at 34th street, new bridges at 35th and 36th street with wider sidewalks and bike lanes, (snip) a transit station at 35W in Lake that is a real destination point for transit users, actual mitigation for neighbors next to 35W

David writes:

Many of these things are desirable, I agree - but people shouldn't need to take an expanded freeway with flyover ramps, etc to get the items we actually value.

Scott writes:
(the project promises)added jobs for our neighborhood residents at Wells Fargo and Abbott Hospital and whoever develops the Sears site

David writes:

Ah, the promise of jobs for the neighborhood - always a selling point; too bad it doesn't generally pan out that way. Phillips neighborhood has some of the highest unemployment on the south side, and even without the access project, there are more jobs in the Phillips neighborhood than residents - problem is those jobs are available to suburbanites too - if the jobs at Wells Fargo were to be filled by local residents, why would expanded freeway access be an issue?

Scott writes:
This isn't Target or Block E,

David writes:
No, it isn't; at a price tag approaching $200 million, it's over three times as expensive as Target, and about six times as expensive as Block E.

Scott Persons
Lyndale Neighborhood
Ward 10
PAC member representing Lyndale (which unanimously approved the project in January)

PS. A belated thanks to Wells Fargo for their
expansion at their campus, 800 jobs that STRIDE could never provide!

Log Cabin Republicans of Minnesota Positions on issues before the legislature this session.

Stanek introduced:
H. F. 0007, A bill for an act relating to public safety; providing that a public safety officer death benefit is paid to the officer's estate if there is no eligible spouse or dependent; amending Minnesota Statutes 2002, section 299A.44, subdivision 1.

Comments: Provided a gay person with a partner has a will, this could help with those cases. This also helps alleviate the discrepancy between how single and married police officers and firefighters are treated.

LCR/MN supports this bill.

HF 341/SF 545 – This is the bill to overturn the human rights act as it applies to gays.

LCR/MN opposes this bill.

HF 330/SF 277 – Ratifying the labor contracts without the negotiated Domestic Partner Benefits.

LCR/MN opposes this bill. Rep. Lynne Osterman (R, New Hope) has agreed to bring an amendment to this on the floor - to ratify the contracts as negotiated. This will force the house members to take a vote on this.

HF 580 Abstinence only - Condoms Don't Work sex education

LCR/MN opposes this bill.

This information courtesy of

A bill that would have added sexual orientation to Oklahoma's Hate
Crimes statute - SB701 - was brought to the floor of the state Senate
for a vote again on Wednesday, but despite a valiant effort on the
part of GLBT activists and supporters, the bill failed to pass by
only 1 vote. A vote had been taken on Monday which failed to get the
25 votes needed for passage. After a concerted lobbying effort,
supporters felt they had at least the required 25 votes and persuaded
the Senate leadership to bring the bill back to the floor, but when
the actual vote was taken, apparently one of the Senators had changed
their mind and they were still one vote short, leaving the bill
effectively dead for this session. Supporters vow, however, to try
again next year.

Thanks for all of your efforts on behalf of gay/lesbian equality in
Oklahoma. This is the closest vote ever made on such a bill in this
state. With a year in front of us and the progress that will be
made, undoubtedly, here and across the country in other areas of
minority equality, I think 2004 will be ours to cheer.

James Nimmo, moderator

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Marc Racicot speaks to HRC

Three leaders in the political world addressed the Human Rights Campaign board of directors, board of governors, Foundation board and steering committees at a March 7 luncheon on issues of importance to the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community. The first, Republican National Committee Chairman Marc Racicot, discussed Republican Party’s priorities and then answered questions from the audience. Showing his openness to working with the GLBT community, Racicot's comments addressed the importance of outreach and explained his own fair-minded decision as governor of Montana to sign an executive order including sexual orientation in the state's non-discrimination policy. Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., then discussed his presidential campaign and the issues he will highlight in the coming months. High on his list was working for the passage of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act and hate crimes legislation. Closing the luncheon, Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., thanked HRC for all the help and support she received during her 2002 re-election bid. Landrieu said she wouldn't have been re-elected without HRC's help and re-committed to working hard for the GLBT community.

EY: Republican Party Chair, Ron Eibensteiner won't return my calls or emails.


The Culture and Family Institute supports Mike Savage

C&F Institutes Action Alert on Savage......

EY: I need to call them to ask them if they also support Savage's comments about "Turd World Nations"

Golden Gerbil Award candidate

The Culture and Family Institute -- for putting up this webpage:

QUOTE: The Results of Sodomy 2/27/2003
A physician describes one of the many complications
Editor’s note: In light of the current Lawrence v. Texas case, in which the
U.S. Supreme Court will decide whether Texas (or any state) has the right
to prohibit homosexual sodomy, we convey the following.
Warning: uncomfortable subject matter.
Gay men who practice anoreceptive intercourse [being the receiving "bottom"
during anal sodomy] may develop an acute fissure from direct injury ...
Most often men who have had anal intercourse have already stretched their
sphincter (I'm sure you can figure out how) and spasm is rarely present.
The fissure usually will heal if the surgeon removes the scar tissue and
closes the tear with a few stitches. Keep this in mind if a surgeon tells
you a sphincterotomy is necessary. In this instance, you might be placing
yourself at a higher risk for incontinence because your sphincter is
already loose. You can always go back for a sphincterotomy if your fissure
doesn't heal after simple closure.
—Dr. Stephen E. Goldstone, homosexual activist and "gay health" advisor,
writing in his book, The Ins and Outs of Gay Sex: A Medical Handbook for
Men (Dell: New York, 1999), p. 40, as quoted in the Lambda Report on
Homosexuality, Fall-Winter 1999. Goldstone runs a "gay health" website.

Put Homosexuals On Reservations

(Superior, Wisconsin) A letter published in the University of Wisconsin-Superior student newspaper calls for America to put gays and lesbians "on their own reservations".

"I am against the idea of gay and lesbian people throwing fits because they are harassed," Espersen wrote. "I do not feel that the gay/lesbian people should be running around advertising that they are queer."

She ended her letter writing "I say put them back into the damn closets they came from. Lock the door!"

The publication of the letter has sent fear through the hearts of gays on the campus and prompted the Queer and Allied Student Union to hold a public forum tonight on homophobia.

"In some ways, it's been helpful to have a letter like this appear because there's been quite an outpouring of students wanting to discuss it and act on it," said Dianna Hunter the women and gender issues coordinator at the university. Hunter is also adviser to the LGBT group.

"I believe it violates our discrimination and harassment policy," Hunter said of the letter.

UWS Chancellor Julius E. Erlenbach disagreed. While finding the contents of the letter "repugnant" and not in keeping with UWS's values of respect, civility and inclusion, he said "there is no violation of institutional policy."

"But we clearly have an issue here where we have a member of the university community that is espousing a view that's in direct conflict with our institutional values," he said.

Balancing freedom of speech with UWS's values can be a difficult task, Erlenbach said.

EY: I agree with Erlenbach. I strongly believe it was rediculous that the US Queers site got shut down - that's a chilling precident. I don't like hate speech codes -- and the UW system has had problems with hate speech codes.

Holocaust Denier Now Claims Gays Responsible For WWII
(St. Paul, Minnesota) Minnesota state Rep. Arlon Lindner continues to defend his position that gays and lesbians were never persecuted during the Holocaust.

Nazis never persecuted gays, legislator claims

A Minnesota state legislator has outraged gays, religious leaders and Holocaust survivors by claiming gays were never exterminated or sent to concentration camps by the Nazis.

"It's rewriting of history," said Republican state Representative Arlon Lindner.

"I was a child during World War II, and I've read a lot about World War II," he said. "It's just been recently that anyone's come out with this idea that homosexuals were persecuted to this extent. There's been a lot of rewriting of history."

P&G Apologizes For Savage Ads
(New York City) Proctor & Gamble has apologized for an ad which ran on the premier of Savage Nation, the controversial MSNBC talk show hosted by Michael Savage.

Conservative Jews Examine Position On Gays
(New York City) The governing body of Conservative Judaism has begun a new study to determine the faith's position on homosexuality.

View the Monday Circus on the Minneapolis House Floor

From the Minneapolis Issues list

List members -

I've heard that STRIDE,, the group that formed to oppose Peter McLaughlin's excessive "Access Project" for bigger freeways, promoting instead more sensible options has won the endorsement of the Green Party of Minnesota.

This is great! Keep it up STRIDE; does anyone have more details and/or speculation about what this may mean for McLaughlin's freeway expansion?

Tom Welling

Were Council Members Johnson and Ostrow threatened by idiots in the legislator

Minneapolis Tim Bonham writes (on the Minneapolis Issues forum):
Finally, another specific Minneapolis connection: both Barb Johnson & Paul Ostrow voted against the Mpls Council resolution requiring city contractors to provide the same benefits to GLBT employees as they give to straight employees. They have said they did this because of specific & direct threats from the Republican leadership at the Legislature: that the legislature would 'decimate' state monies coming back to Minneapolis if the council passed this (as if they weren't planning on doing that anyway). They actually did worse than decimate (kill 1 out of 10), they held back 22% of the money from Minneapolis.

CM Paul Ostrow responds:
Tim Bonham writes that Barb Johnson and I voted against the Council resolution requiring city contractors to provide the same benefits to GLBT employees as they give to straight employees because of specific and direct threats from Republcan leadership at the Legislature. This is incorrect. I voted against this resolution because I believe it is inappropriate for the City of Minneapolis to require its contractors to provide benefits we ourselves cannot provide. I continue to believe strongly in domestic partner benefits. It is an injustice that hardworking men and women, including three of my colleagues, are not eligible for these benefits.

Paul Ostrow, Council Member

EY: Barb Johnson said the same thing to me. Natalie Johnson Lee is more muddled on the whole situation.

Subject: [Mpls] Boycott Minnesota?

To call the Governor's Office, call 651-296-3391

List-Id: Minneapolis Issues Forum
Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2003 07:36:55 -0600

Some on this list have mentioned a possible boycott of Minnesota. Lavender Magazine writer Michael Krause is ahead of the game on this one and is calling for GLBT folks to boycott the article:

Even though the article doesn't mention Minneapolis specifically, clearly a majority of those impacted by Lindner's stupid, ignoranus remarks live and work in Minneapolis....

I for one have yet another reason to shop online and will do more of this to keep my taxes out of Minnesota coffers.

Eduardo Parra

EY: I will continue to shop at Amazon bookstore, but will discontinue buying books at places like Borders and Barnes and Noble - and instead will move yet more of my book and cd shopping to Amazon com.

Eva Young

Nick Coleman goes to Lindner's Alma Mater

In the past three years, Arlon Lindner has offended Jews, Buddhists, blacks, gays and I forget who else, although I don't believe I have heard him blistering Lutherans for their wimpy religion or blaming their fixation on lutefisk for the breakdown of society. Yet.

He was at it again the other day, castigating homosexuals and digging himself in deeper by the minute as he tried to explain that the Nazis really were sort of decent to homosexuals and that he just wants to keep America from becoming another Africa.

At this point, his friends might want to buy him a gold watch, give him a party and send him off into the sunset, because he's made more enemies than the Taliban. First, however, I thought I'd drive out to Corcoran, Minn., to take a tour of Lindner Land and try to figure out where he's coming from. On the way, I stopped at the Central Baptist Theological Seminary in Plymouth to see what the school, where Lindner got his master's degree in divinity, teaches about homosexuality.

"Young men should be helped to eliminate limp wrist gestures by doing pushups on their fists," advises "Becoming an Effective Christian Counselor," a book in the seminary bookstore. "They need to get a good short haircut and get rid of any feminine jewelry."

Aside from fitness and fashion tips, the book, published by Bob Jones University in 1996, is unflinching in its condemnation of homosexuality, which it defines as a "mental problem" that is "condemned by God." The book adds that, "The homosexual promotes devilish moral consequences (and) becomes increasingly corrupt as he reaches out to new contacts and new means to satisfy his perverted appetite."

Farewell to Minnesota Nice and that good old Lutheran sense of live and let live.

"God created men for women and women for men in the context of marriage," a polite young seminarian named Nathan Hitz, who was working in the bookstore, explained to me. If that's the case, Nathan, I said, where does that leave homosexuals?

"Outside of the plan of God," he said, nodding his head. "Scripture definitely teaches that it is wrong to be homosexual," he added, reading from a pocket Bible to prove it.

Nathan rightfully pointed out that he doesn't speak for the seminary. (Telephone calls to the seminary's president, the Rev. Doug McLachlan, were not returned Tuesday.) But the anti-homosexual pronouncements that have Lindner in hot water aren't unusual in conservative religious circles, where studies hinting at a biological cause of homosexuality are rejected and biblical condemnations are taken, well, as Gospel.

More at


Originally posted on Minneapolis Issues....................

----- Original Message -----
From: "WizardMarks"
Subject: Re: [Mpls] A Suggestion on Budget cuts, for City Council Members
WM: There is a good side to the boards having honoraria or stipends: People who have to take off work or hire baby sitters so that they can attend can participate. It helped Charlotte Anderson, who sat on the library board for several years, be able to get compensation for time lost at work. Had I been elected last election (losing has turned out to be a blessing), that little bit of money would have allowed me to serve.

The question is not why do they pay that sum, or that the sum is excessive, it usually ain't, but who is getting that fee and does that person have a positive or negative effect on getting anything accomplished.

MN: So, what is the going rate for a library board member, $600 a month? add in catered meals at the meetings costing thousands of dollars per year.
Free indoor parking (at the old library, I don't know if they have the same arrangement at CLM.) And who knows what else the taxpayers are spending for them and how many other boards, commissions, etc. are out there spending our money for luxuries and conveniences?
Hell, that "little bit of money" that would have allowed you to serve is half a months wages for some library employees.
S'cuse me while I go get another piece of cake.

Mike Nelson
Down In Central, Kvetching

List Queen of Minneapolis issues continues to stomp on the Lindner thread without promoting other E Democracy lists

Folks, I'm not kidding - and nothing I've read since my first request to end the Lindner thread has changed my mind.

This isn't Minneapolis-specific - an overwhelming number of points in this debate do not apply specifically or uniquely to Minneapolis.

Warnings to follow for those who run through the stop sign.

David Brauer
List manager

Lindner ...Crime: Bad "issue" salesman

This is an example of bigotry and intolerance from the left. He would make a good talk show host -- he is over the top. That is perfect for that genre. The Republicans have shot themselves in the foot over this issue.

Subject: MPD: Re: Lindner ...Crime: Bad "issue" salesman.

Lindner = rethuglican!

Now you all have a another small glimpse into why I use the term!

Now you see what you all are saying when you say: "I'm a republican! A party is not a smorgasbord of
miscellaneous ideas. It's a ideology. Most of you, I don't believe, understand what the history of this
party really is or what your really supporting, which is why I let you all off so easy.

Now are you all naïve enough to believe that this is not the underpinnings of the GOP and the people who
support it?

Lindner made a mistake and it's NOT in what he said, it's was HOW he said it. It made for bad press and the r's have to keep a pleasant face while they do their dirty deeds. This means that the ideology was not "sold" properly to the public. Lindner was not
ideologically incorrect, he was just telling the truth, and that's something the GOP can't stand and will not tolerate. The Nazis made that exact mistake and the rethuglicans learned from it. As time went on, the nazis started to get it and employ different means later on. Todays' gop learned from the nazis and they do know how to "sell" their issues. Their covert rather than overt and that's what makes them so damm dangerous. The D's really don't know how to deal with it which explains their silence.
If Lindner's bill was "sold" first, I would guarantee that it would have passed unmolested. Lindner's mistake was he's a bad salesman and that all.


Gun carrying is "sold" as a self-defense issue. It's really not anything of the sort. It's a opportunity to take an end run around the concept of the charge of 1st degree murder. [you have one gun to shoot with, and one gun to plant...think about it, folks]
Incidentally, it's exactly how their "selling" the war with Iraq. Additionally, have any of you seen how the re-thugs are going to "sell" the dissolution of the concept of overtime, the forty hour workweek, and the elimination of the minimum wage????
It's all coming to a political theatre near you folks!!! ...check your local listings.

Every once in a while, we do get a glimpse into their world as we did here. We should be very knowledgeable about the history of these thugs, but we aren't and it certainly shows in this forum.

R. Hanson.
St. Paul.

EY: This sounds just like Jason Lewis or Mike Savage - except from the left. Actually, I think this guy would do a good talk show - he is in your face.

Response to the Robertson story

Just wondering, if they are "social terrorists" for doing this then aren't we the same for doing it to fight Savage, Dr. Laura and
whatever other causes we have been asked to do phone/e-mail warfare in lately? Please understand I am in no way defending Pat Robertson and that gang but the tactics they use are not much different than ours. If the issue is they shouldn't do it because they are "christian", well we know already the answer to that, their belief system has nothing to do with Christ.
Which reminds me, I don't know if I've told this story here before. About 5 years ago maybe I had to do security at an small
event Robertson part of at Grand Central Station. It hadn't been publicized outside of fundie circles and I was tempted to make a few
calls to let some of our side know he was there. But being on security I figured that would stick me in the middle of his real
security - knuckle draggers!! and possibly angry queers, not a good place to be :) Anyway, I had to hang around him and he really is
just a wrinkly old man wearing more makeup than a drag queen so he looks tan and healthy! My job was to put my 330 lbs between him and the old ladies that just wanted to shake his hand. Amazing how such a little man can have such power over people! Scary.

EY: I have no problem with people calling advertisers or president's of companies -- but I do think calling on followers to jam phone lines, etc are calling for harrassment and stalking - not first amendment rights.

I hope Direct TV sues Robertson over this one.

Robertson promotes harrassment of Direct TV

Originally posted on US Queers by Preston Ward

Tonight on The 700 Club Pat Robertson was whining and bitching about DirecTV. Apparently DirecTV is going to remove The Family Channel from the channels they carry. He went on and on and on about how he wants all his 700 Club viewers to call the President & COO of DirecTV and complain about them doing this. He put out her personal office phone number and told people to start calling and complaining. He implored his viewers to keep calling and "jam their phone lines" and that he wanted them to have "thousands of phone calls going in" to DirecTV and to literally harass the President of DirecTV until they relent and agree not to drop the Family Channel.

And this man is supposed to be a "Christian"??? Imploring thousands of people to repeatedly call and harass someone until they give in and agree to their demands?

I know from personal experience how these "Christians" operate. My uncle got on James Dobson's hitlist for hiring a speaker who told an audience of university presidents and professors that gay people should have more rights. Apparently there was a fundie Christian in the audience who ran back and reported this to Dobson. So James Dobson got on his radio show and did what Robertson wants his viewers tonight to do to the president of DirecTV. These so-called "Christians" have no idea the pain and suffering they cause people when they go on one of their self-righteous and pious crusades to harass people and companies until they finally have to give in to their demands. This is anything BUT a "Christian" way to behave. And the only thing they accomplish is making themselves look like social terrorists. With my uncle, they harassed him to the point where he had to hire additional people just to deal with the calls and letters they got from the Dobson people. He finally decided to retire rather than having to put up with these true morons (in every sense of the word) that call themselves "Christians" and their form of terrorism - demanding people do things THEIR way -- according to the way they particularly happen to interpret the Bible -- or be harassed so much to the point they can no longer do business.

I would like to ask all of you reading this to please call the president of DirecTV and let her know you are IN FAVOR of them removing The Family Channel from their lineup and if you like you can even tell her it's because of how The Family Channel promotes and breeds hatred of gay people (it's owned by Pat Robertson) or simply that you disagree with how Pat Robertson uses bullying tactics against people to do things his way.

Roxanne Austin, President and COO of DirecTV:

If you call tonight you'll get her voice mail (hopefully the fundie Christians haven't filled it up yet) so it won't take but a minute of your time to express your opinion. If the xtians have filled up her mailbox already try again tomorrow.



House Minority Leader Matt Entenza, DFL-St. Paul, said that it was "inconceivable that a man who would say these things could be the chair of the House tourism committee."

One longtime capitol observer said that it was "inconceivable that a man who would do these things to his own staff could be House Minority Leader. It's Entenza's hypocrisy that I detest as much as anything. To sit here and watch that pious asshole thump his chest about Lindner and morals or Pawlenty and "friends-and-family" hiring makes me wanna puke."

Tuesday, March 11, 2003

From the banned thread

This is just to say as a staunch conservative Republican, that Lindner's
unfortunate remarks not only do not reflect my views, they do not reflect the
view of the GOP Caucus in particular and Minnesota Republicans in general.
. . .
Paul Kuettel
Well, you ought to tell the rest of your party then, since these hate-filled and bigoted views are enshrined in the Republican Party Platform!!! And used by your republican candidates during elections:
- Pawlenty spent much of the campaign talking about how he wished he could "take back" his vote in favor of equal rights for GLBT people.
- Norm Coleman put out a campaign piece boasting of his anti-GLBT actions, even mentioning that he had refused to sign the standard boilerplate "Pride Week" proclamation when St. Paul Mayor.
- the Republican party launched last-minute attacks against many outstate DFL legislators for voting for equal rights for everyone, and saying they 'voted more like Minneapolis liberals' than a legislator for our district'.

Finally, another specific Minneapolis connection: both Barb Johnson & Paul Ostrow voted against the Mpls Council resolution requiring city contractors to provide the same benefits to GLBT employees as they give to straight employees. They have said they did this because of specific & direct threats from the Republican leadership at the Legislature: that the legislature would 'decimate' state monies coming back to Minneapolis if the council passed this (as if they weren't planning on doing that anyway). They actually did worse than decimate (kill 1 out of 10), they held back 22% of the money from Minneapolis.

So if Paul Kuettel thinks crackpot Lindner does not represent the views of "Minnesota Republicans in general", then he should ask the rest of the Republican party leaders to stop echoing his views!

Tim Bonham (Minneapolis DFL activist)

Lindner Threat irritates the Minneapolis Issues List Queen

As some posters have mentioned, this thread was borderline
Minneapolis-specific at the outset, but it isn't now.

Let's move on. Thanks.

David Brauer
List manager

So I sent a complaint about Brauer to the E Democracy Board.

I am complaining because David Brauer should be promoting E Democracy's MN Politics Discuss for this one. He does not. List Managers for E Democracy should be willing to help group members post on the appropriate lists.

Ofcourse if I was allowed to post on Minneapolis Issues, I would send this information.

When is E Democracy's next board meeting. I would like to present this complaint either via a conference call or at the next face to face meeting.

Eva Young

More on Lindner

from a friend of mine.....

why isn't more being made of the fact that lindner holds a "masters of divinity" degree? what church does he profess to represent? it's from central baptist theological seminary in minneapolis (an impeccable bastion of higher learning if i ever heard one). maybe someone should be interviewing them about how lindner's beliefs fit with theirs. or if they don't, where they think poor arlon went wrong...

EY: Good point. I think this will be the subject of my next Lavender Magazine column.

More on Lindner's Egglaying.....

Linder's comments and actions on a number of issues starting with his refusal to attend the legislature during the visit by the dalai lama:

His offensive and ill informed remarks and legislation directed at our gay and lesbian citizens,

and now his unbelievably disgusting, beyond the pale remarks yesterday - should have you, your republican leadership and the citizens of Corcoran demanding his removal from a leadership position in the house and from the house in general, unfortunately they are being laughed off and swept under the rug much in the same way as Trent Lott's comments were a few months ago.

Suggesting that we should ignore the buffoon is nearly as offensive as his string of repugnant comments.

Yesterday was a shameful day for Linder, Sviggum and Republican House Members unwilling to stand up and tell this racist hateful man to go back to Texas.

>> rotting, stinking red herring under our noses...

An old north woods saying goes "The fish rots from the head down...."

- Andrew Korf in NorthEast Minneapolis

From Minneapolis Issues by David Strand, Chair of MN Lavender Greens

I think there is one way that this might have some local impact. It seems to me that with as controversial of a target as Lindner as the chair of Economic Development and Tourism committee in the House, it is only a matter of time until someone decides to boycott Minnesota tourism. Which community is going to be the first to call a boycott of Minnesota tourism -a multimillion dollar industry right here in River City?

Take a look at the article from the Strib today and try to figure out if it'll be a coalition of aggrieved groups or any one of the several that have been so offended as to get such a ball rolling.

And we certainly don't need a drop off in convention center business to add to the unemployment rate or to add to the amount the city has to contribute to the convention center.

Not to mention all the related spending and jobs in downtown and around the metro including that big Mall
in Bloomington.

Odd that I have supported, honored, and encouraged organizations to which I've belonged to support successful boycotts of other tourist and convention destinations be they cities or states but when it's here in my back yard I'm not finding myself liking the
idea much at all.

The fact that the many of the people whose jobs would be affected by such a boycott are among our community's most vulnerable causes me to hope that such a thing will not come to pass but I know that there is a buzz out there in the rest of the country
about "our" Mr. Lindner.

Hopefully, wiser heads will prevail and convince Mr. Lindner to step down from the committee or at least step down as chair of this particular committee. As is commonly said, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure".

David Strand
Loring Park

As reported earlier in this BLOG, Michael Krause wrote about this idea in Lavender Magazine, though he specifically said that Minneapolis shouldn't be included in this -- since the city is gay supportive. Ofcourse, I can't make this point on Minneapolis since I'm still serving my sentence - being banned from that list because I quoted a CJ Column about County Commissioner Peter McLaughlin. Write David Brauer at Southwest Journal, if you want to see me back on the Minneapolis Issues list.

Eva Young

Monday, March 10, 2003

Queue Press coverage of the Stupidity going on at the legislature

“Fair” is a place with food on a stick

It’s enough to make you move to South Dakota. On Feb. 6, Minnesota Rep. Arlon Linder (R-Corcoran) introduced HF 341, a bill that would remove sexual orientation as a protected class in the 1993 Minnesota Human Rights Amendment and other statutory provisions. If passed, it would mean you could legally be fired, thrown out of your apartment or denied state aid because of your sexual orientation.

(Of course, it cuts both ways. Straight people could now legally be thrown out of Boom!, denied access to an Ani concert and be forced to stop saying they just love Brian Kinney.)

“I know a lady who was fired from her job because she disagreed with homosexual activities in her school,” Lindner said.

To what, exactly, is Lindner referring? He won’t elaborate, leaving the rest of us to marvel wistfully at the state of schools today. “Homosexual activities” sounds far more promising than what most of us were exposed to in school, but in the algebraic proof of anyone’s sexuality, it’s likely to be canceled out by “creepy theocratic activities” like saying “One nation, under God” that are forced down students’ throats today.

Gay Press on Minnesota State Politics

Lavender Magazine


Look Whatcha Brung to the Dance, Gubner
From the Editorial Board

Most would agree Governor Tim Pawlenty seems a charming, affable, and bright politician, even if they don't necessarily agree with his views on particular issues. Indeed, after four years of Jesse Ventura's (at times) tempestuous candor, Pawlenty's polished temperance may come as a relief to many Minnesota voters.

No gruff-talking, flak-jacketed action figure need apply at the political trinket desk. Pawlenty is the sort of political pro who knows how to keep his napkin folded in public.

Perhaps this marks the distinction between the former and current administrations. But there's a hitch.

Sure, Ventura could be ham-fisted in his pronouncements. All the same, when the shock effect wore off, hearing a politician saying in public what he privately thought was refreshing. With Ventura, there were few gaps.

By comparison, what Pawlenty says and what he actually thinks--well, the crack lines already are beginning to show, and none more pronounced than Pawlenty's equivocal, if not contradictory, record on protecting GLBT civil rights.


Hateful House 341

Response to Lindner, Pawlenty and Sodomy - Oh My!

Boycott Minnesota by Michael Krause

Boycott Minnesota
By Michael Krause

Occasionally, the irrational exuberance spawned by a large lottery jackpot will overcome the rational side of my mind, and I purchase a lottery ticket to be part of the millionaire mania for a few days. It's a long shot, but no more so than competing in a heterosexist reality TV show for a millionaire bachelor.

However, those lottery purchases are over for me, as are a number of other things that result in the payment of "discretionary taxes" to the state of Minnesota.

The Legislature was not even in session yet, and Republicans in control of state government already were talking about rolling back the domestic-partner benefits won by state employees in their most recent round of contract negotiations. House Speaker Steve Sviggum is leading the charge on that issue.

Then, Representative Arlon Lindner introduced a bill to repeal GLBT Minnesotans's civil rights-protections against discrimination in housing, employment, and public accommodations that have been in place since the historic "It's Time Minnesota" campaign in 1993.

Lindner, you might recall, made a name for himself by claiming to be a devout Christian while making anti-Semitic comments, and by ridiculing the Dalai Lama, spiritual leader of one of the world's oldest religions, when he came to Minnesota last year. Somehow, Lindner manages to get reelected in his Republican-leaning district in suburban Hennepin County.

The last time I checked, the state of Minnesota never has been reluctant to accept my gay tax dollars, or my gay license or permit fees. In other words, when they ask me to accept my responsibilities as a taxpaying citizen of the state, Republicans don't discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation. It is just when the benefits of state government are being allocated that they want us to step to the back of the bus.

It's enough to make our community mad as hell, but I have decided that there is a way to fight back. We can "boycott" Minnesota state government without changing our place of residence. We can withhold the discretionary taxes we pay to support a state government that seems determined to discriminate against us.

So, perhaps we need to check our instincts to be good citizens and foment some financial chaos as a form of political dissent. It is no substitute for reviving marches in the street, or a revolution at the ballot box, but it can have just as much effect.

Discretionary taxes are those taxes we pay for certain goods and services purchased by certain means we choose. After all, we are the demographic group that supposedly has a lot of discretionary income, so let's use it as a political weapon to fight back against discrimination.

For example, you pay a lot in state sales taxes when you eat out in a restaurant, but no taxes on most of the food you buy in the supermarket and cook at home. Perhaps we should start a campaign of "dinner parties for equal rights" in our homes rather than going out to eat. And when we do go out to eat, let's patronize those establishments that welcome our business, such as the ones advertising in GLBT publications like Lavender.

You also can avoid the state tax man by shifting more of your shopping to catalogs or on-line shopping sites. This doesn't apply to shoes and clothing, which are not taxed (yet) in Minnesota, but it does encompass lots of other stuff.

Again, when you do go shopping, patronize a gay-owned or gay-friendly establishment. Spend your money in cities such as Minneapolis that are on record for supporting domestic-partner benefits and protecting your civil rights, and that may pay a political price for such support at the hands of state government.

Those lottery tickets are a direct pipeline of tax dollars to the state. I think a GLBT boycott of the Minnesota Lottery would be a great way to send a message to state lawmakers.

If your gambling addiction is not tamed so easily, try pull tabs at establishments where the proceeds go to a GLBT organization. Or visit an Indian gaming establishment that is exempt from most state taxes.

Spring is coming, and thoughts of vacation are soon to follow. If friends from around the country are planning to come and visit you in Minnesota, go and visit them instead. Unless you are spending your time at a gay-owned or gay-friendly resort in Minnesota, take a vacation outside the borders of the state.

Be sure to gas up before coming back across the border, and send a postcard to Speaker Sviggum's office telling him how nice a time you're having somewhere other than Minnesota.

The cost to the state of Minnesota to honor the provision in state employee contracts for domestic-partner benefits is estimated at about $250,000--not enough to cover the state's budget crisis for even a single day.

If 250,000 GLBT Minnesotans withheld a dollar a day in discretionary taxes for just one year, we would send a $91 million message to Minnesota Republicans that we will not tolerate taxation without fair representation.

Ask your gay-supportive straight allies to join us as well. Don't tread on us!

Boycotts are not funny. They hurt businesses and the people who earn there living by them.

With a shaky state economy unlikely to get better anytime soon, businesses that get some of their customers from the GLBT community will suffer. Patronize the ones that want your business and will stand by you in the fight for equality so they survive the current economic downturn.

Some victims of this economic battle will be innocent noncombatants, the collateral damage of the fight that Republicans in the Minnesota Legislature have picked with the GLBT community. But this is war--one we did not declare, and one we do not want--even though we are the target of it.

Letter from a Fan of Lloyletta's Nooz and Comments

Good stuff on Lloydletta!



Thanks also for your efforts to stop the Access Project.

Can you believe Lindner? I think the folk's at RaucousCaucus are
planning a Tourist Brochure DESIGNED BY Lindner! Your input welcome of
course! Check out the new stuff today...

Spread the word....The City of Minneapolis is prepared to kiss $500,000
of Federal grant money goodbye. The money is approved for the bike
commuter trail extension to Downtown. I suspect that the last minute
opposition is orchestrated by the stadium people who are negotiating for
air rights over the tracks (and the trail right of way).

Don Pflaum of the BAC makes a clear argument that a change in the plans
would delay and likely kill the plan to use federal money to build bike
access from the
commuter trail to Downtown. It's very clear to me, anyways.

Dean (Aint-No-Green) Zimmermann needs to explain why he wants to kill a
major, Federally-funded sustainable transportation project and why is he not
opposed to a stadium cantilevered over the Cedar Lake Trail?

I think all this back-room deal-making in the end will leave us without
the federal money to connect the bike commuter trail OR a stadium (or a
library) When are our clueless leaders going to face the reality that we
don't have money for the stadium?

And where is our environmental Mayor on this?



Don Pflaum presents the BAC's argument for bike access to downtown:


>Also From Don Pflaum at the Minneapolis BAC,

If and when the new stadium is built at this site, it will need to
accomodate the future Cedar Lake Trail. Because of the tight lot, the
stadium will most likely have to cantilever over 3rd Avenue and/or the
BNSF RR corridor. This would also mean that the stadium would need to
cantilever over the Cedar Lake Trail.


This from the Strib:

Sid Hartman: Area behind arena could house baseball
Published March 9, 2003

Word is the Kansas City-based architecture firm of HOK Sport/Venue/Event

has concluded that with the use of railroad aerial rights the site in
back of Target Center is big enough for a baseball stadium seating
42,000 fans.
In fact, those plans are done or should be done very soon.

EY: Stadium crap again - in this budget environment - aaargh!

Sunday, March 09, 2003

Read the article, then call your state senator to comment.

Eva Young

Star Minneapolis cop to lead state Public Safety
By: . .
Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder
Originally posted 3/5/2003
from the article:

However, [Gregory] Gray does not think Stanek’s connection to the Minneapolis Police
Department will help the city’s crisis in police-community relations. “It
would have been nice to have someone in the Department of Public Safety
that could help to bridge some of those gaps between police and the
community,” he said.

Before leaving his legislative post to take his new job, Stanek passed a
bill earlier this year that required driver’s licenses to openly reflect
the visa status of foreigners.

Representative Keith Ellison, who sat on Stanek’s Judiciary
Policy/Financing Committee, said he supported a less conspicuous, encoded
license proposal that would have allowed law enforcement access to some
visa information, but not the general public.

Ellison called Stanek’s proposal “ugly” and said it was an example of
Minnesota putting its “weakest and most selfish foot forward.”

With major cuts underway for schools, libraries and social services,
Ellison said Stanek, and the police interests he represents, will become
even more important to maintaining order in the state. “Stanek is their
muscle, and he’s the one willing to direct police to control the more
vulnerable members of our society,” he said. “He’s even more dangerous than
what they have had in the past because he is articulate and he can be smooth.”

Ellison said he was concerned that Stanek’s rise represents a shift in
government into a literal “police state,” where police both write and
enforce laws.

“I wonder what his leadership will do to this state,” said Ellison. “People
have to realize that, in a democracy, civilian power is always supposed to
trump police power.”

Abdel Shakur welcomes reader responses to

Star Minneapolis cop to lead state Public Safety
By: . .
Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder
Originally posted 3/5/2003

But should communities of color feel safer with this man at the helm?

By Abdel Shakur
Staff Writer

Incoming Public Safety Commissioner
Richard Stanek has quite the personnel record after 17 years with the Minneapolis Police Department. His two-inch-thick file is filled with over 40 letters of commendation, awards, and specialized

Judging from his file, you would think that Captain Stanek has never done anything wrong. However, anyone
familiar with police brutality in the Minneapolis police department will tell you different. Records detailing
Stanek’s history of brutal and racist behavior may have been erased from Minneapolis City Hall, but fortunately
the courts and the Black community have a long memory.

Shawn Lewis, Field Neighborhood

Naughty Hets...glad to see that ban on fags is keeping the perverts out

Air Force finds over 50 sexual assault cases at its academy Orlando Sentinel
"'The entire support and legal system at the academy appears to have failed,' [CO senator] Allard said." (3/7/03)

Radio Rat Poison
The dark side of Disney: nasty, vicious hate radio in one of the nation's most tolerant, progressive markets.
By Daniel Zoll, September 20, 2000

THE MAGIC WORD for the Walt Disney Company is synergy: The Lion King, produced by Disney's Touchstone Pictures, gets promoted on Radio Disney, airs on Disney's ABC-TV, and gets spun off as a Broadway show (produced by Disney), a theme park attraction (at Disney World), and a line of Disney toys.
So as long as Mickey Mouse and Co. are cross-promoting, why not give San Francisco's own Michael Savage – a host on Disney-owned "Hot Talk" KSFO-AM – his own Disneyland ride? They could call the ride "It's a White World After All." Or kids could take aim at immigrants trying to cross the U.S.-Mexico border at the "Savage Nation Shooting Gallery." The Disney Store chain might sell Savage's commentaries on "turd-world" immigration, or why women shouldn't vote, or the gay rights movement, which he calls the "Pink Swastika."

I know what you mean... you never know what Michael's going to rant about next... dropping nuclear bombs on Iraq, denying women the vote, comparing Hispanics to rabbits... it is like watching a train wreck. Horrifying, but strangely compelling listening.

Thomas Leavitt

From : Melissa Wrobel
To :
Subject : I totally agree!!!
Date : Wed, 12 Jun 2002 15:54:04 -0700 (PDT)
I was so relieved to see other people feel the same as I do when it comes to this hate monger (Ha, I almost called him a man!). I live in Indiana, and only recently came across this monstrosity of a radio program driving home from work one night. I tune in now out of basic morbid curiosity of what the idiot will spew out of his mouth next, and to know what the enemy is up to. I wouldn't call myself a liberal, wouldn't align myself with any sort of political position. All I am is a working mom who thinks Disney should be ashamed of themselves for supporting this person, who with every breath makes me wonder if the first amendment is that good of an idea. Again, thanks for showing me that there are lots of people who disagree with what this jerk says. I will spread the word of your site to those like myself.

Melissa Wrobel

From the Savage Stupidity site:


Subject: ahhhhhhhhh haaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaa HAAAAA HAAAAAAA
Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2002 16:07:45 EDT


ALL CAPS... what more do I need to say?

More on Michael Savage..................