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Friday, April 11, 2003

Judy Lindsay Responds and her email contradicts what she told me over the phone.....

Recipients: Senate Judiciary Committee, MN Politics Discuss, Log Cabin Republicans of Minnesota

At 10:15 AM 4/10/2003 +0100, Mike and Judy Lindsay wrote:

Please try to be more accurate with your statements that you email to people
about what I said and where my information comes from. My information did not
come from the Culture and Family Institute. Nor, did I say I got it from a
website. As I stated in my last email:

The article I was referring to was entitled "Same Sex Sexual Behavior and Psychiatric Disorders". It was written by Theo G. M. Sandfort, et. al. and published in the Archives of General Psychiatry (Journal of the American Medical Association), Vol. 58, No. 1, January 2001. I am sure that, in order for it to be published in this distinguished venue, must
have passed a strenuous peer review.

Thank you for pointing out my failure to identify the source of my testimony. I hope this answers your question.


Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2003
To: Mike and Judy Lindsay
From: Eva Young
Subject: Re: Pubmed search on JAMA article cited at Human Rights hearing
Cc: The Lindsays ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Linda Marquardt ,,


You said in a phone conversation with me (not in your email), that you read the information on a website, and the website referred to the JAMA study as a source. I remember that phone conversation well, and was taking notes, though I did not tape record the discussion (I would have asked your permission if I was going to tape). You also did say you passed out copies of this study to the Senators. You did not tell me you got your information from the Culture and Family Institute Website - you just said "website". You also said you had not read the entire article, you just read the portions quoted on the website. The reason I am guessing you may have used the Culture and Family Institute, is Michele Bachmann made similar statements on the floor of the Senate regarding gays and mental health issues, and she specifically cited the Culture and Family Institute's website. You also mentioned that you had given the Senator's copies of material from the "website" that talked about gays and bipolar disorder.

You see, what I want to do is compare the material from the website with the study in the Archives of Psychiatry. Was it similar, or did the website take parts of the study out of context. I also want to do a citation search to see what subsequent research has said about this study.

I understand from a parent in the Rosemont/Apple Valley School district that your testimony was also inaccurate about what goes on in that school district. I believe the Judiciary Committee will be getting some separate correspondance on that point. Stay Tuned!

Eva Young

Thursday, April 10, 2003

What the Leviticus Crowd is up to Nationally

via Alan Ross from us_queers.

Courageous Christians United (CCU)

San Diego Christians United: Original Chapter
P.O. Box 2176
El Cajon CA 92021
Phone: 619-444-6166
Fax: 619-444-5998
Steve Klein emails:
West Hills Christian Fellowship church's "Defending the Faith" class with
Steve Klein 9:30 a.m. Sundays

West Hills Christian Fellowship church
389 North Magnolia Ave
El Cajon CA
Phone: (619) 444-1800 -- Fax: (619) 444-5150

"This silence is ironic considering that sexual deviants, who comprise a tiny percentage of the general population, are among the most vocal and aggressive special-interest groups working to impose their fascist vision of unfettered sexual license on the majority of decent, moral citizens," said CCU executive director Steve Klein [about the National Day of Silence].

These are mainly high school students he's talking about.

The following is quoted (for educational purposes) from CCU's website, where Klein advises how to turn a Day of Silence into Ditch Day "by holding back your property, your children, from the homofascists using the public schools to search for, locate and molest your children or recruit them to that death style...."


Following that is the article called Groups Seek To Gag Gay Day Of Silence, which sent me researching CCU, and finally a few upcoming CCU events indicative of the kind of organized and inflammatory thuggery we are up against. These people are NOT polite, and should be watched as one would a nearby venomous snake.

B. Allan Ross


National Ditch Day in the U.S.A. !!!
.....Save our Kids....

.....National Ditch Day....U.S.A......

What do I have to do? Nothing....That's the beauty...You don't have to call, you don't have to harangue....You don't have to do a darn thing...just keep your kid out of school.....Go party with the family....Turn it into Family Day of Fun !!!!!

Wednesday, April 9th....An annual event, a day that has come to live in infamy as the sodomites try to take our kids from you and me...

National Ditch Day...U.S.A....The Sodomite, Homofascists are using the Public Schools turning them into State Sponsored Propaganda Academies to propagate their agenda of Homosexuality....It's YOUR kids who will suffer....but now you can strike back.....where they'll listen to you.....Lost ADA: Income !!!!

Save our Kids....go to the following news release (next news item after this) to see if your son or daughter's high school participates in this day of'll find a complete list of participating schools.....pass it on to your friends....

Use your inalienable rights, Due Process...You can petition your government for a redress of grievances by holding back your property, your children, from the homofascists using the public schools to search for, locate and molest your children or recruit them to that death style....

It's your legal right and biblical duty to protect your kids. It's fun too....Do a family outing on April 9th !!!!! Your kids will love you for it!!!!! It's safe, sane and will protect your kids while hitting the school administrators in the only place they understand....or care.....their income...!!!!!

Protect your children...Please pass this along to everyone you know....
Please pass along the news release that follows.....

National Ditch day, U.S.A.

God bless. Semper Fidelis. Steve Klein


Groups Seek To Gag Gay Day Of Silence
by Mark Worrall Newscenter
San Francisco Bureau

April 8, 2003
12:01 a.m. ET/+5GMT/-3PT

(San Francisco, California) Conservative groups across the country are urging parents to demand schools cancel this year's Day of Silence, scheduled to take place Wednesday.

The national Day of Silence is organized by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network. Students, faculty and staff take a vow of silence to protest the discrimination and harassment that can silence lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students in schools.

Opponents call it a stunt and conservative Christian groups from the Family Research Council to Courageous Christians United have begun a massive campaign to get local events cancelled.

"This silence is ironic considering that sexual deviants, who comprise a tiny percentage of the general population, are among the most vocal and aggressive special-interest groups working to impose their fascist vision of unfettered sexual license on the majority of decent, moral citizens," said CCU executive director Steve Klein.

In the Sacramento, California area members of another group, Eagle Forum, have been handing out fliers complaining about the event. The leaflets proclaim "Real Americans Do Not Push Homosexuality on Children!"

"What does sexuality have to do with academics in our schools?" asked Georgiana Pierce, director of Eagle Forum. "Schools offer reading, writing, and mathematics. It's not for sexual issues."

Comment from arcadian84 at aol:
She left out creation science. And mandated prayer. And all the other dipshit educational adventures they are promoting.

As yet there are no indications schools are bending to the pressure to cancel Day of Silence Events.

For the second year in a row, U.S. Congressman Eliot Engel (D-NY) has introduced a resolution (H.CON.RES.86) calling on Congress to recognize the efforts of students in organizing the Day of Silence. Also for the second year, California Governor Gray Davis will officially recognize the Day of Silence with a proclamation.

The Massachusetts State Senate, Mayor Eddie Perez of Hartford, CT, and the City Council of Madison, WI, have joined Engel and Davis in issuing proclamations supporting the goals of the day.

The Day of Silence was started by students in 1996 and was observed in 2002 by more than 150,000 students in nearly 2,000 schools who registered with GLSEN.

A full list and additional information can be found at

The Rake Catches Up with Lindner Constituents

The Stanchion and its ornamental fiberglass cow sit at the intersection of County Roads 10 and 50. The morning crowd on a weekday is a mix of retired locals in seed caps and somewhat younger guys who have just finished with the morning’s snow removal. They work for a lawn service company with contracts in the new developments that are now paving over the few remaining farms in Hennepin County.

Some of the crowd warmed to the topic of Arlon Lindner with racial jokes. A few seemed embarrassed by this, but one guy with a big white beard and a long thin ponytail couldn’t be stopped. He loves Lindner, and it turns out, he’s pretty unhappy about African Americans.

“I’ve worked hard my whole life to support myself. Why should I have to pay for a bunch of niggers who don’t want to work?” What part of Lindner’s legislative agenda remedies this problem he didn’t say. But he wanted me to know he’s not a racist, offering this proof: “Go out in the parking lot and look at my truck. I’ve got one white mud flap and one black one.”

Francis Pomeroy, a World War II vet who says he votes both DFL and GOP, hopes Lindner will do something about illegal immigrants.

“These citizens [sic] that come over have more rights than you and I and they’ve only been here ninety days,” said Pomeroy. “There was a picture in the paper the other day of an illegal alien protesting. What have they got to protest about?”

Others at the bar seemed a bit more acquainted with the current crap-storm involving Lindner, and they seem to think he’s on the right track, too. Doug Theis, a former truck driver, is no fan of gay rights.

“I don’t want to see AIDS become an epidemic like it is over there in Africa. Those diseases are coming from people living, let’s just say, a tasteless lifestyle,” said Theis gravely.

Vernon Peterson, a stocky Korean War veteran, got his coffee refilled and echoed this view. “There’s no racism in it. He tells it like it is,” said Peterson. “If we want to turn into the greatest AIDS nation in the world, we can compete with Africa. It’s a proven fact that Africa is rampant with AIDS and HIV and all that stuff. And that’s all he said. If we want to be equal with them, keep it up.”

EY: This article hits the nail on the head. It seems to be the article other reporters are wishing they wrote.

Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Long Live Mark Twain......

"The so-called Christian nations are the most enlightened and progressive . . . but in spite of their religion, not because of it. The Church has opposed every innovation and discovery from the day of Galileo down to or own time, when the use of anesthetics in childbirth was regarded as a sin because it avoided the Biblical curse pronounced against Eve."
From Mark Twain, a Biography

EY: Mark Twain is sorely missed - and his insight is so current - even though he wrote these words more than a century ago.

Libraries fight onerous provisions of the Patriot Act

Nationwide, libraries have taken steps to protect customers' information while complying with the Patriot Act. Seminars on how to do so have helped spread the word. (4/7/03)

via Rusty Morris, US_Queers Egroup

Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Firsthand Report of the FreakShow at the Capitol Monday Night

Anderson, Lindner's attorney, had his secretary (and wife of 22 years) sit
at the testimony table. She stated that she was preparing the letter and
typed all of the names. She then went to a "red book" and got the
addresses. She implied that she got the -Black from that red book and that
since the B was capitalized, she thought it was a name. She then tearfully
stated that she was working under stress because she had just returned from
out of town, dealing with her mother's cancer surgery, etc. Okay, so fair
enough. Sounded like an honest mistake until the folks on the other side
went scurrying off to get their copies of the "red book"--apparently a
listing of all members of the legislature and their contact info. Turns
out the -Black thing isn't in that red book. Anderson was forced to admit,
to the collective gasp of the standing room only audience, that he had
created a list of complainants with their personal characteristics
indicated. In all the other cases, he separated the name from the personal
characteristics with commas. In Walker's case, he used a dash. He then
had to own that he was responsible for the gaffe, not the sniffling wife.

A couple more tempting tidbits: Lindner admitted that in preparing for his
presentation on the bill (the thing that got him in trouble in the first
place), he read The Pink Swastika, a right-wing, Holocaust revisionist
tome. Also, during his defense, he equated prochoice people with
Nazis. Here we go again! When it comes to attacking progressive folks,
this guy is an equal opportunity offender.

For a brief overview of the rest of the hearing, I refer you to the Strib

Michelle Gross
Bryn Mawr

EY: What a piece of work that attorney is - reminds of how Sikorsky - who also did the same thing with blaming his wife to try to get out of trouble.

Sunday, April 06, 2003

Minnesota AIDS Project Legislative Roundup

Sex Ed Debates Shaping Up for House and Senate Floor Battles
Senate Adopts Comprehensive Sex Ed Language
Floor Battle Expected Over Minors' Consent
House Committee Approves Money to Fight HIV Overseas
MN Christian Chronicle Article Focuses on MN Family Council's Efforts to Target MAP
House Education Committee Member's Modesty Remarks Focus of Minnesota Women's Press Story

The Wiz promotes Racial Profiling in the legislature

OK list, since EYoung has brought this up for the tenth time, and since she didn't understand it then, nor now, and even though I think I'm stating the obvious to the oblivious, when questions come to the legislature which specifically affect GLBT persons, I would prefer, as a constituent and supporter of NevaWalker, that she defer to Karen Clark and Scott Dibble. When the question before the legislature specifically affects African Americans, I would prefer that NevaWalker or Mr. Elliason take the lead. For all the mythology that surrounds African Americans, GLBT people, any persons of color, and human sexuality, there is such a load of crap that the lead speaker should always be the one who knows his/her own truth as a person of color or a sexual minority and can cut through the pettifogging to a point of clarity before codifying something fuzzy into law.

WizardMarks, Central

Clark and Dibble Comment on Domestic Partner Benefits

And it's all about blaming the republicans. This was a press release from February.

Yet another moronic comment from Texas

At 09:31 AM 04/05/2003 -0600, John R. Selig wrote:
Thanks, Eva, so much for your support of George Bush for President.
Your moron has accomplished the impossible. In just 18 months he has taken worldwide support for the US after 9/11 and turned it into hatred and suspicion (we are seen by more people as a threat to world peace and stability than Saddam. He has destroyed our economy (isn't it great that 40% of his proposed tax cut this year was going to benefit the
wealthiest .2% of our population... good old trickle down economics). He is against the repeal of the Texas Sodomy law. His ideal justice is Antonin Scalia. Log Cabin Republicans remind me of Jews for Hitler.

John R. Selig
Dallas, TX

EY: This was in response to an email to lgbt-politics contrasting OutFront Minnesota and Log Cabin Republicans position on the legislature passing a bill on the contracts with domestic partner benefits stripped out.

I guess Lindner isn't the only moron from Texas.......

Comments from Lindner's Home Base about LCR's commentary on OutFront's position supporting the union contracts with domestic partner benefits stripped out.

From: Geoff Staples
Subject: re[2]: [lgbt-politics] Fwd: Outfront Minnesota Supports
Contracts without Domestic Parner Benefits
To: Eva Young , "John R. Selig"
cc: ,


You are in serious need of psychiatric help. Once you learn to like yourself and accept your homosexuality, you will realize that it is not to your benefit to support people who want to make you a criminal, think you should not have a family, and that you shouldn't be allowed to be a foster parent or adopt children because you're a child molesting pervert.

I'll pray for you and your Log Cabin buddies. Maybe someday you'll receive God's grace, learn to love yourself, and tell the homo-hating Republicans to pound sand.

As a gay man, I love my gay and lesbian brothers and sisters. I love you because you were made in God's image. I sincerely hope you wake up soon.


Rep Ray Cox blogs about his phosphorous ban bill

I'm doing all I can for my phosphorus ban bill, but so far have not been successful in scheduling a hearing on the bill. Rep. Tom Hackbarth, Chairman of the Environmental and Natural Resource policy committee, does not like the bill and is not scheduling a hearing for it. The companion Senate bill has gone through their committee process and was sent to the Senate floor last week. As you might guess, I am very frustrated with this action. I think the bill is a good, solid bill that helps clean up Minnesota's lakes, streams and rivers. It should have a hearing. If the House doesn't support the bill, I can accept that. But to refuse to hear an important bill like this is wrong. The bill is still alive since the Senate moved it along, so I will keep working in this. If you read this and want to support my efforts, please contact Rep. Tom Hackbarth, Chairman of the Environment and Natural Resource policy works well:

The DFL Party Chair on Lindner

House GOP stands by bigotry of Rep. Lindner
DFL Chair Mike Erlandson insists, “Minnesotans are justifiably outraged and deeply disturbed by Representative Arlon Lindner’s racist, homophobic and bigoted views. This is not the first time Representative Lindner has expressed such disturbing values before the House of Representatives. House Speaker Sviggum should not just dismiss Representative Lindner’s comments. National Republicans reluctantly learned a lesson with Trent Lott. If Speaker Sviggum does not want Representative Lindner’s values to stand as those of the Republican Party of Minnesota, then he needs to remove him as committee chair and denounce his bigotry.”

EY: For once I agree. The speaker should remove Lindner from his committee chair. It is the responsibility of his constituents to vote him out.

Lindner Featured in DFL Newsletter


The ethics controversy surrounding Republican state Rep. Arlon Lindner and the handling of ethics committee hearings continues to swirl around House Republicans. The case against Lindner grew when House DFLers this week asked the committee chair, Sondra Erickson, to remove herself from the ethics hearing because of her record of treating minorities disrespectfully.

Lindner made comments on the House floor questioning whether gays and lesbians were persecuted in the Nazi Holocaust. He also suggested that his anti-Human Rights bill to strip gays and lesbians of protections from discrimination would combat AIDS and keep the United States from becoming "another African continent."

DFL Reps. Keith Ellison, Ron Latz and Neva Walker also questioned Erickson's conduct during recent Ethics Committee meetings noting that Republican legislators and Lindner's ultra-conservative attorney, James Anderson of Marshall, have used legal tricks to hide important documents from DFL members of the panel. The DFLers pointed out that Anderson sent a letter to only Republican committee members, including Erickson but not to the two DFL members. Rep. Latz noted that Erickson has been disrespectful toward the Mille Lacs Indian Reservation in her district: "We're dealing with issues of prejudices and discrimination, and unfortunately she Erickson a history of those problems."

Oddly, Republican House Speaker Steve Sviggum and Republican House Leader Erik Paulsen have remained virtually silent throughout this bigotry fiasco and have stood behind Lindner and his attorney, tacitly endorsing their tactics and refusing to remove Lindner as a committee chair.

And Lindner's Attorney, Anderson, came under fire this week after Rep. Walker, who is black, received a letter from him that was addressed to her as "Walker-Black." Rep. Walker said Anderson had not apologized to her for the letter as he had claimed in news reports. In interviews with the media, Texas native Arlon Lindner admitted that he hasn't directly apologized to Rep. Walker. Read more

Is Paycheck Protection a GLBT Issue?

The Gay Agenda, published in Lavender Magazine, March 21, 2003

Along with 1600 or so others, I went down to the State Capitol to lobby and educate the legislature about how the laws they pass affect the GLBT community. The passionate speeches by the Democrats in the Rotunda were all rather surreal, since they were going after a piece of legislation that will quite clearly not pass either the house or the senate, and has been threatened with a veto by Republican Governor, Tim Pawlenty. According to my good friend, Rep. Duke Powell, newly elected in Burnsville, calls from the Leviticus crowd were asking him to oppose any bills that include Domestic Partner benefits in the State contract, while calls from Gay Rights supporters were calling about house file 341, the bill that would repeal the human rights act as it applies to the GLBT community. This begs the question - why was speech after speech referring to an effort that was clearly not going anywhere, when the real story was how AFSCME and the DFL sold the GLBT community down the river on Domestic Partner benefits. As Powell commented "It would have put the house Republican caucus in a pickle" if the Senate Democrats had passed the bill they passed last year ratifying the contracts as negotiated. Instead, the Senate Democrats, under heavy pressure from AFSCME Council 6, introduced a bill to ratify the contracts without the negotiated domestic partner benefit.

Since House Minority Leader Matt Etenza spoke quite heatedly about the need for gays to be treated fairly. I called his spokesman Tom Smalec to follow up. Was minority leader Etenza supportive of Speaker Sviggum's bill on the contracts? Smalec told me that last year, Etenza had voted to ratify the contract with domestic partner benefits intact. I told Smalec, my question was not about last year, but about this year. I re-phrased the question. Would Etenza vote for a contract that stripped out the negotiated domestic partner benefits? Smalec said that he would have to have Etenza call me back. Etenza's assistant called me back later and gave the same answers Smalec did, but was unable to tell me definitively how Etenza planned on voting Speaker Sviggum's bill to ratify the contracts.

All of this begs the question - are GLBT AFSCME council 6 members getting their moneys worth by the union that is negotiating in their behalf? Both the Senate and House bill to ratify the contracts with Domestic Partner benefits stripped out, is clearly not about money (Speaker Sviggum acknowledged as much to me), it is about anti-gay bigotry, plain and simple. The AFSCME Council 6 website encourages people to call their representatives and senators to tell them to vote for this bill (HF 330/SF 293). This type of thing on their website seems to be political activity, rather than collective bargaining. So why are GLBT union members forced to subsidize, through the payment of union dues, the promotion of anti-gay legislation?

Interestingly enough the Republican Party of Minnesota Platform includes this statement: Supporting the right of employees to organize, to join a union or other association, and to not have dues used to support political candidates; and requiring unions to receive written permission from their members before collecting funds for political purposes.

While this is currently the way the law works, union members do have some recourse if they are aggressive. You can contact the union business representative, and ask for a form to request that you no longer get assessed for the portion dues that go to political activities. People can also encourage GLBT organizations such as Stonewall Democrats, Log Cabin Republicans, Human Rights Campaign, and OutFront Minnesota to take a position in support of paycheck protection legislation.

The Dibble and Lindner Show

Did you see the Lindner and Dibble debate on Almanac? Lindner rather predictably waxed poetic on "fisting" and "barebacking" on the show. I am surprised he didn't rant about gerbils. Dibble kept on pointing out that the law Lindner was talking about didn't say anything about gay sex - but that didn't stop Lindner from obsessing about the topic. Dibble failed to specifically rebut Lindner's points or even push Lindner to provide specific examples in Minnesota of what he was talking about. Lindner claimed that fisting and barebacking is taught in the schools. He didn't provide any evidence. Perhaps he was talking about an incident in Massachusetts that the fundies obsess about. Naturally Lindner also favors abstinence only until marriage - condoms don't work sex education - well if condoms don't work, why would people use them?

The Minnesota Daily covers the Rainbow Families day at the capitol on Valentine's Day. There's a nice picture of the kids giving Steve Swiggum valentines. Kudos to Rep. Jim Rhodes (R) who is quoted saying: "I do not support that crazy bill," he said. "… We're all human beings and we're all God's children and you all pay taxes."

Anti-gay Tactics used by the House DFL Caucus? You decide.

Check out these scans of a piece, paid for by the DFL House caucus in the
recent Otto vs Dean race.

The piece has a picture of a man's hairy legs topped by a frilly pink tutu. The caption is "toeing the party line." I have no problem with the second page of this piece.

I don't understand why it used the ballerina image.

I called Matt Etenza's office to get comments and talked with Tom Smalec, who said that the piece was "not intended to be anti-gay." When I asked if Etenza would consider appologising to the GLBT community for any misunderstandings caused by the use of that image, Etenza's staff said they would have to ask Etenza directly. Etenza's office is particularly interested in hearing if GLBT Democrats were offended by the piece. Contact Matt Etenza to let him know your opinion at

Eva Young is President of Log Cabin Republicans of Minnesota. She takes comments and political dish at: 612-588-2044 or