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Saturday, May 24, 2003

Facts are Funny Things......

Erin Armstrong of Smith Parker (a Law Firm that seems to do Public Relations work) forwards a message on behalf of Tom Johnson on the Minneapolis Issues list:

[Mpls] I-35W Access Project
Erin Armstrong
Fri May 23 11:42:02 2003

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To get the straight facts about the I-35W Access Project please go to the
Phillips Partnership website:

Tom Johnson
Transportation Consultant
Phone: (612) 344-1400
Fax: (612) 344-1550

This gives very little information. You can get much more information and resources at the Stride Website. Check out the listing of newspaper articles on the subject.

Spokesman-Recorder Isaac Peterson wins National Association of Black Journalists Emerging Journalist award

The award cites Peterson's I 35W Access Project series: Is the 35W Access Project Another Rondo?.

Carolyn Wheeler, Communications
(301) 445-7100, x110
FAX:(301) 445-7101

May 1, 2003

NABJ Board Recognizes Special Journalists:
Three of Special Honors Recipients in Black Press

WASHINGTON, D.C. | Three men of different backgrounds and different eras will be honored for their work in the Black press at the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) 28th Annual Convention and Career Fair in Dallas, August 6-10, 2003.

At its meeting April 11-13 in Dallas, the NABJ Board of Directors selected George Curry as Journalist of the Year, Frank E. Bolden as the second recipient of the Legacy Award and late Gregory Freeman was selected as NABJ’s Lifetime Achievement honoree.

Isaac Peterson was selected as the first winner of the Emerging Journalist Award. Geoff Nyarota was named the Percy Qoboza award recipient and Yvonne Lewis Harris received the Community Service honor.

"All of our recipients have notably contributed to the enrichment and enhancement of the Black community through their professional works and personal deeds. They represent the best of the talent in the industry. NABJ looks forward to honoring them at the Dallas convention for their achievements,” said Mira Lowe, NABJ Special Honors committee chair.

Curry, editor-in-chief of the National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA) News Service, has transformed the organization into a sharp, aggressive reporting ambassador of issues reflecting the African-American community. His weekly national affairs column is syndicated by the NNPA to more than 200 African-American newspapers, with a combined readership of 15 million. Curry was formerly the editor-in-chief of Emerge magazine.

Bolden, 90, joined the Pittsburgh Courier in 1933 as a reporter and was one of the first two African Americans to be accredited as a war correspondent during World War II. After the war, he was cited by the War Department for “Distinguished Reporting During World War II.”

Freeman, a former NABJ board member, was a columnist for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Freeman’s service to the community reached farther than his words that graced the newspaper. He mentored students at the St. Louis Minority Journalism Workshops. He co-created Bridges Across Racial Polarization in 1993, a volunteer program designed to build better communication and understanding across racial lines in the St. Louis Community. Freeman received numerous civic and journalism awards, including Media Person of the Year by the Press Club in 2001.

From the nomination letter submitted by the Greater St. Louis Association of Black Journalists and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch: “He was much more than a columnist. Through his work, Greg tried to motivate St. Louisans to take on the tough issues that some of us world rather not think about.”

Peterson, a reporter at the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder, wrote a series on the Minneapolis NAACP secrecy and complaints about its conduct and practices. He also penned another series on the expansion of I-35 W route and its community impact.

Louis-Harris, an anchor/reporter at KTUL-TV in Tulsa, Oklahoma, founded the My Kidz Foundation in 2002, a reading and mentoring program for elementary school children. Its mission is to get media personalities across the country to commit one year of volunteer service to troubled or underserved public schools. The program was born from a challenge she made to students during a graduation speech. She dared them to read 15 books over the summer and write book reports for each one. She promised them a trip to Six Flags over Texas. Two kids took her up on it and she kept her promise.

Nyarota, the former editor at The Daily News of Zimbabwe, the troubled nation’s only independent newspaper, and current Nieman Fellow at Harvard University, is a courageous Zimbabwean voice and popular African journalist who was driven from his job and then his country by the government of President Robert Mugabe. The newspaper was established in 1999 and quickly became an influential voice there. The Mugabe government responded to the effectiveness of the paper’s reporting and commentary by making repeated attempts to silence it. On December 31, 2002, shortly after Geoff was dismissed as editor of The Daily News, the police raided his home in Harare hoping to arrest him. He was able to slip across the boarder to South Africa, where he had been in hiding until rescued by the Nieman Foundation. Nyarota received the 2001 International Press Freedom Award from the Committee to Protect Journalists. He has also received the Knight International Press Fellowship Award from the Center for International Journalists and was one of the first recipients of the Percy Qoboza award in 1989.

NABJ is a 3,000-member organization of African-American journalists that advocates for diversity in newsrooms and in news content. The organization seeks to improve the coverage of Black communities by increasing the number of Blacks in newsroom management and by monitoring the treatment of Black journalists.


Friday, May 23, 2003

Pro 35W Access Group gets Free Advertising from Southwest Journal

The Southwest Journal "report" on this got no quotes from STRIDE - the grassroots group opposed to the 35W Access Project. Southwest Journal has been irritated with Stride for the fair use of one of their copyrighted photos. Scott Russell had previously done a more in depth report on the project.

Meanwhile, I am still banned from posting on the Minneapolis Issues list - the list run by "E-Democracy" about this boondoggle.

Open Letter to Worldnet Daily

Dear WorldNetDaily:

You recently published an article that suggested that Log Cabin Republicans is involved with groups that advocate violence.

Since much of this article focused on myself, Eva Young, and an e-group that both myself and Allyson Smith (the author of the Culture and Family Institute, source for your article) participate in, Us_Queers, I wished to respond. The US Queers Egroup can be found at:

I encourage your readers to check out this group for themselves. There are a variety of perspectives on that group. My participation in that group, and my work with Log Cabin Republicans are separate things.

First of all, WorldNetDaily never contacted me for comment on this article. I am on many Web forums and e-groups. This doesn't mean I agree with others on the forums. Before this, I remember debating with Allan Ross on the Queerpolitics list, and I thought he was totally looney left. On the Queerpolitics list, I condemned the sentiments expressed on the Web page quoted in the WorldNetDaily article. I was especially critical of the use of former President Ronald Reagan's name on this page. Former President Reagan was never a gay hater. In 1978, Reagan publicly opposed Proposition 6 which would have banned gay teachers in the California Schools.

I just disagreed that the UsQueers site should be forced to be taken down. I've always been strongly in favor of freedom of speech, and have always disliked hate-speech codes and that sort of thing. I also have always been a vocal opponent of hate-crimes legislation. If you review the contents of my Weblog, this should be obvious.

Look at other stuff in the Culture and Family Institute piece. They mention that I work for the University of Minnesota, and the University of Minnesota Press published Judith Levine's book. Well, I don't work for the University of Minnesota Press and don't have anything to do with anything politically the university does, and don't have editorial control over what the University of Minnesota Press publishes or doesn't publish. It is a non-sequitor to say the university hired me and the University Press published Judith Levine's book - the two don't have anything to do with each other. I am employed by the University of Minnesota, but my political activities are independent of that. The piece mentions that Log Cabin Republicans should "fire" me. I am a local President of Log Cabin Republicans of Minnesota, but this is a volunteer and not a paid position. I was elected to this position by LCR Minnesota Members at an annual membership meeting. It is up to the members of LCR Minnesota to choose the leadership for LCR Minnesota.

Also look at the end of the Allyson Smith piece on the C&F website:

"Take action"

"Pray for Eva Young, Bruce Allan Ross, Rusty Morris, Patrick Guerrierro, and everyone associated with and Log Cabin Republicans to be delivered from homosexuality. Do what you can to inform Republican Party officials about Log Cabin Republicans' radical 'gay' activist affiliations."

The piece then gives the e-mails and phone numbers of the president of the U.S., the Republican National Committee and Log Cabin Republicans.

This pretty much sums up the Culture and Family Institute agenda: to try to get gay people who are perfectly comfortable with their sexuality to change to being straight. I still do not understand why it is the Culture and Family Institute's business to decide who I fall in love with. It seems to me an issue that is my business and between me and a partner . It is also my business if I chose to remain single, or whether to get romantically involved with a woman.

As far as Gary Morella goes, I wrote him and the Penn State spokesman to ask if Morella spoke for Penn State or for himself. I also wanted to know whether the things he was saying were related to his research at Penn, or just speaking for himself as an individual. The Penn State spokesman told me Morella didn't speak for Penn State.

And let's see guess who was the source of most of this: Kirk Zimpfer of Muncie Indiana - a guy who believes sodomy ought to be punished by the death penalty, and also a guy who posted really crude sexual messages to other gay men on both the UsQueers list (the one I was criticized for participating in) and Sodomlist. If you want to see some of those messages for yourself, simply go to Sodomlist messages and search on "homosareperverse" which is Kirk Zimpfer's pen name on that list.

Kirk claims credit for this article on the e-group rushroom by posting the CWFA story with this title line: "You're famous Eva and I'm the one that started it all."

He also claims credit for the article on sodomlist:

"Well, well, well, Sodom List's fearless leader makes national news."

"I'm taking full credit for this one, Eva. I sent out several e-mails to conservative groups and to Allyson Smith noting your involvement with UsQueers. Let's just hope that the LCR has enough common sense to remove a radical like yourself."

A number of Republican Party of Minnesota district chairs participated in the Southwest Minnesota Politics list run by Ben Thompson. Ben Thompson's been convicted of molesting two teen-age girls. Ben Thompson also had a leadership role in one of Rep. Mark Kennedy's (R Minnesota) campaigns? Does that mean the Republican Party of Minnesota or Rep. Mark Kennedy support that criminal act? Of course it doesn't. This is the logic that the C&F folks are trying to use against me and against Log Cabin Republicans.

Eva Young
Log Cabin Republicans of Minnesota

Thursday, May 22, 2003

&C from the New Republic hits the nail on the head regarding Santorum.....

The real problem posed by the comments is for the Republican Party. After all, if you think of the national electorate as consisting of more or less equal parts social liberals, social conservatives, and people who have some socially conservative impulses but are basically tolerant and turned off by bigotry, then Santorum's comments have just cost the party that important middle third of the country's voters. Now normally, as was the case with Trent Lott's bigoted comments, you'd try to get some of that moderate third back by having the offending party apologize and, if that doesn't work, resign. The problem in this case is that, unlike overt racism, which has no constituency in either party (though covert racist appeals still have something of a home in the Republican Party), overt homophobia has a big, powerful constituency in the Republican Party. That means that trying to get that moderate third back by forcing Santorum to apologize will only do more harm than good, by alienating your conservative base.

For that matter, you don't even have to force an apology to arouse the base's ire. Conservatives are already upset that prominent Republicans like Bill Frist and George W. Bush aren't defending Santorum vigorously enough. As Family Research Council president Ken Connor put it in a recent e-mail to his supporters, "It is clear that many top GOP leaders cannot bring themselves to offer a spirited defense of marriage for fear of being accused of bigotry by Democrats and their allies among homosexual activists."

The result is that Republicans now find themselves paralyzed as moderates recoil in horror and conservatives attack them from the right. But, hey, at least Rick Santorum will probably get reelected?

follow the theocrats or else!! by Preston Ward of US Queers

"Weyrich concluded with this blunt warning: that Racicot 'was told that if the party is perceived to be changing its position on the homosexual agenda or indeed actually changes its position, there is no way we can deliver our people for Bush and the Republicans in 2004.'"

Here I see the Radical Right once again using the term "Homosexual Agenda". Apparently I was never informed of this "agenda" that we supposedly have. Can anyone tell me what is in this "agenda"? Can anyone tell me when the meeting occurred in which this "agenda" was passed? Was anyone in here at the meeting when it was voted on and passed?

It seems strange to me that as much as I keep on top of the news that I never heard anything about this agenda until after the Religious Right started fighting us on it.

Not too long ago I wrote to the Family Research Council or one of those Het Supremacist groups playing as though I was a concerned heterosexual parent who was very worried about this "Homosexual Agenda" and what kind of danger it posed to my 9 and 12 year olds in grade school. They replied something about gays wanting the right to get married and that we wanted to "change the meaning of right and wrong".

Didn't really seem like any type of "agenda" I'd ever seen or heard of before....

But you'd think that if an entire section of society wanted to re-write the definition of the words "right" and "wrong" for everyone else in America that I'd at least have heard something in the news about this and the "agenda" we were trying to impose upon everyone else.

So can anyone here help me out on what this "agenda" is all about that we're trying to impose on others? Maybe some of the Christohet Supremacists who are monitoring this group can enlighten me...

CWA Continues Hissy Fit Against US Queers - Official Response by Rusty Morris

CWF continues hissy against US_QUEERS-Official Response

That's ASS "Allyson" not "derriere" you pinched face, uptight , dingleberry. (southern slang dear, look it BUT..seriously.

Here we have the sex police vamp of virginity, once again trying to INTIMIDATE Eva into "doing what Allyson wants" (have you ever heard of "control" issues Allyson? Perhaps you should make an appointment with a counselor in your area and take a little breather on a couch for a few sessions, try to work out some of that egomania)....We also find our "Lady of the Chastity Belt" trying to pursue legal means to destroy someone else's personal life. (Typical, these "Army of God" types like Allyson care nothing about the harm they do). As well as the usual...calling us "Allan's Followers"...despite the fact that Allan had nothing whatsoever with the inception, creation or function of this Forum, which took the name of a defunct website. We also see "Our Favorite Nazi" again trying to do what they venomously accuse of us of trying to do..."Silence the opposition"...there's really only one problem with that, it reveals your weakness if you cannot find reason to do so.

Their "reason" is clear...we are a threat, not a physical threat like HER groups, CCU, Army of God, God Hates Fags, Prisoners Of Christ CWA...and SIMILAR sites. But a threat to their mission, they cannot answer or respond to ANY of the points anyone here has made, or does make, concerning their agenda and mission. SO they instead have to use language attacks, insults, and even go so far as try to once again FORCE participants to shut up or destroy the forum or its members. It DOESN'T work Allyson, because even if you dismiss my"language and grammar"...(which by the way, I am a SOUTHERN man, I speak with southern slang and with a southern dialect...a rich and proud heritage and AMERICAN bloodsucking dog tick, chicken coop weasel, slithering craw daddy boo-nanny!) still cannot answer any of the points brought up where your "demonization tactics", "nazi like agenda", "fascist homophobic rhetoric", or attempts to destroy the fabric of this free and secular country...devolving it into an American Taliban is concerned CAN you?

You and your "kill the gynecologists", and your "Gods' Warriors" support sites and "all queers should die" websites...NONE of which you have ever said a damn word about...there's no campaign to shut them down, no fundraising news letters to distance yourself from them!...ya know why "Oh Lady of the Bottom Feeders"..."Queen of the Christo-hets" is because you know they work from one angle, while you work from another...with the same end result goal. Something you will not threaten.

So print all the filth you want to, twist, lie,deceive, and demonize, AS IS YOUR ONLY HOPE and ABILITY...It still means only one thing, to everyone except your brainwashed followers...and that is...YOU CANNOT ANSWER OR RESPOND IN ANY OTHER WAY...because the points made are the TRUTH and therefore a threat beyond compare to your agenda.

We know, Everybody knows.

Rusty Morris

More Discussion from Rushroom on The Evil Lesbian in the Nooz

Kirk Zimpfer - homoareperverse:
What right do you have to complain about anything, Eva? You favor the tactics used against Santorum.

EY: that's the beauty of this country - freedom of speech. remember the 1st amendment Kirk?

Besides, Allyson's article correctly points out that you do have ties to US Queers and they are a radical and violent group.

EY: Oh yeah, and I used to be part of the Bobenyart live egroup....... So what?

Homosareperverse: Will you do the right thing and resign your post to save the LCR further embarrassment?

EY: I don't think LCR is particularly embarrassed.


It's a little different now that one of the LCR state honchos has associated herself with a violent, radical homosexual group that even disgusts most homosexuals.

The Republicans would be foolish to continue such an associate with a group so radical that it allows its leaders to support and associate with US Queers.

But, maybe, I and others will step up efforts to put pressure on the Republicans....

EY to LCR friend in California.....
the source for all this - Kirk.... Remember him?

From: An LCR member from Orange County, CA....
News Flash to Kirk: "Conservatives" for years have demanded that the GOP disassociate itself from LCR. Some do, some don't.

You tried to end Santorum's career as a leader of the Republican party by using his free speech and opinion against him...But,
live by the sword, die by the sword...what goes around, comes around. Now, you're the one that must go. If the LCR doesn't fire you, then it's time conservatives demand the Republican party disassociate with a group that allows radical leaders that associate themselves with violent groups.
Do the right thing and quit....

Log Cabin Republicans Leader Still on `us_Queers' Forum 5/7/2003
By Allyson Smith
Eva Young and Friends Blast CWA with Expletives
A state leader of the "gay" activist group Log Cabin Republicans still has not disassociated herself from the "us_Queers" online
discussion forum associated with activists who created a similarly named website advocating the murder of pro-family leaders, Culture and Family Report has learned.

Meanwhile, the homosexual activist who founded the now defunct "usQueers" website appears to be violating his probation
terms following his assault on a Baptist church. As Culture & Family Report and then reported last week,
Eva Young, president of Log Cabin Republicans of Minnesota, is a co-moderator of "us queers," a discussion group associated with the website whose owner, Bruce Allan Ross, served jail time last year for attempting to kidnap a Southern Baptist minister in June 2001 in San Diego. The website calling for the "horrible death" of pro-family leaders like Dr. James Dobson and Beverly LaHaye was ordered taken down by the judge who sentenced Ross to jail.

The Culture and Family Report article on Young's association with the notorious group outraged several us_queers members last weekend. They posted vile, obscene messages directed at this writer and Concerned
Women for America.

LCR silent

The national office of Log Cabin Republicans has not yet responded to this writer's inquiries nor taken any public action against Young. Young has continued to post to us_queers since the story broke last week, and has not formally disassociated herself from the group.

In media interviews, national Log Cabin Executive Director Patrick Guerrierro has called on both the homosexual and pro-family sides to ramp down their rhetoric. But Young, in one of her e-mails posted to the "usQueers" discussion group, used highly crude sex slang terms to ridicule Culture & Family Report and our story last week reporting her ties to Ross and his followers.

EY: Yes, I did use the terms "Cunts and Fuckers" to refer to them - and well that is a fair shot to take at me.

Before the story broke late last week, young posted this writer's interview questions to the "us_queers" group. The list of questions prompted another forum member, Rusty Morris, to post a message titled "CWA, Intimidation, and a vapid vacuous nazi named Allyson Smith." The following paragraphs from Morris' message have been edited for spelling and grammar, but not for content:

Here we have the usual, a vapid scank representative of one of the most rhetorical propagandist-demonizing-fascist slime on this planet. As usual, trying to intimidate the `uppity queer'… [insert various other minority slang at random]… and you have the hallmark of all supremacists and business as usual. So we have this vapid (as in bitch) `lady,' this vacuous (as in air-
headed, scatterbrained, dumb [as a] chia pet) `woman'… AKA female nazi who thinks that she can intimidate anyone who will stand up and expose her lies and those of her supremacist cohorts AKA `culture' and `family' org. and Concerned `women' of America, and the fascist pigs who they reel into their web of attempted genocide on our people.

In an interview with Culture & Family Report, Young said she doesn't always agree with Morris but called him an "interesting guy." She said she posts on "us_Queers and other online forums independent of her work for Log Cabin Republicans.

Morris went on to demonize Gary Morella, a Pennsylvania State University research mathematician who two weeks ago penned a defense of Sen. Rick Santorum for Culture and Family Report:

…Morella (like all of them) try to make themselves SEEM less like lunatics by associating their names with bylines and signatures which SEEMINGLY lend credibility to their extremist demonizing lies and rhetoric. So (as we saw from P.U.) we had every right to find out whether they approved of their name being touted on a hate site, to lend credibility to provable LIES attributed by the christo-het Gary Morella who then used his affiliation with P.U. to make himself seem like more than just another nazi pig loser with delusions of supremacy.

Continuing his rant, Morris called this writer "Hitler-like" and a five-letter expletive beginning with the letter "B." He ended by saying:

Take your vapid (derriere) to Saudi Arabia! Or better yet, get all your little christo-het Nazis together and buy a South Pacific island somewhere and set up your own private Taliban…because THY TIME HAS PAST, and neither her nor any of the others will EVER put us or anyone else back in the closet or under their feet! So shape up or ship out ALLYSON…because this is the United States of America, MY country, you can share it or you can head for the hills. Because you people will never turn this country into an American Taliban. Not without a lot more blood than I think even YOU have the (testicles) for.

Ross plans to reinstate "usQueers" site

Although Ross was forced by court order to remove his original website, which called for "a horrible death by any means soon" for "well-known het (heterosexual) supremacists," he still maintains a "placeholder" domain on the Internet, where he states: "The website will be coming back, hopefully in May if not before. Come visit with us on Rusty's Yahoo e-mail discussion group "us_queers." Ross also lists his personal e-mail address on the site.

Monday morning, May 5, this writer visited San Diego Superior Court to examine Bruce Allan Ross' criminal file. Ross' record reveals that he is currently appealing a December 3, 2001, court order to "not log on to, visit, or participate in any way [with] the website `' or any website of that nature."
In the appeal filed March 4, 2002, Ross contests "improper conditions of probation, i.e., anger management classes and prohibition against initiating computer websites." A subsequent filing by Ross' court-appointed attorney Amanda F. Doerrer states "one of the potential appellate issues in this case looks at the Constitutionality of the restrictions upon appellant's freedom of speech via the Internet which were imposed as a condition of probation."

In separate telephone conversations with Ross' probation officer and a San Diego District Attorney spokesman on May 5, both confirmed that Ross' current participation in the us_queers discussion group appears to violate his probation terms.

"The Court order remains while the appeals case is being adjudicated," said deputy DA Mike Groch of the computer crimes division. Copies of Ross' recent us_queers posts, including his response to Mrs. Recicar, have been sent to his probation officer. C&F Report will report more on usQueers webmaster B. Allan Ross' troubled past next week.

Comment from a new member of USQueers

Step down, you want Mr. Santorum to step down for stating his views. He is far less "radical" than you sick sodomities are. It is time for the Republican party to cut ties to the LCR in general. Gays do not represent family value but birth the anger of almighty God, repent, and be converted that your sins may be blotted out. You will not take our children, our government, or our nation. You will go back in the closet and repent from whence you came!

EY: Make me go back into the closet. What a freak!

B Allan Ross's response to Culture and Family Institute Hit Piece

B Allan Ross writes:

Thanks for keeping us updated on their latest nonsense, assyrianh. I was waiting for this shoe to drop. I'm fine, still breaking no probation conditions, contrary to A. Smith's typically shoddy reporting. So, you and me "in bed together," Eva? They should have read our earlier "love notes" on queerpolitics.

You're the only modern Republican I've found worth talking to, gay or not, and that's only become easier over a long time, through your consistent, straight-forward, uphill insistence on recognition and respect as a member of LCR, even if all it achieved was for me to simply choose to remain silent sometimes. I don't scream anymore when I see your name :) and I read ("listen") to what you have to say.

You're completely, entirely, always and forever, immutably _wrong_, but I listen. I'm still debating with myself over the need and
possible format for a statement of some kind, there are so many lies in those strange, gossipy stories. I don't believe that LCR will achieve its "educational" goals. The fact that each of the sleazy organizations and third-rate publications currently buzzing around like mosquitoes are Republican doesn't help one tiny bit. I still believe it is a very foolish and self-destructive move for any Queer to vote for any Republican as long as the Taliban-ish RC (Religious Correctness) enforcers are pulling the strings in this Republican regime. Many warned what would happen if GWB was elected. It has all come true so far, and they're just getting started. I have always specifically had permission from the judge to post to any email lists I choose. It's in the court records in several places. Funny the "reporter" missed that. I'm glad the judge, not the D.A., does the sentencing. There are many things for me to address regarding the current episode of vs. them, especially now that they've created public fiction about Eva. They are so obvious and heavy-handed, coordinated yet so juvenile. They're desperate to find ways
to put more pressure on the Republican leaders to be more anti-Queer in public, to speak out in favor of the latest supremacist
blatherings of the latest Republican big shot who spoke the truth and hurt his party, and, believe it or not (fake surprise!), to attempt to get the Republican Party to kick out the Log Cabin Republicans entirely, simply because they are not heterosexual. Just for the record, I'll say it clearly and plainly, not for the last time. At no time, ever, has there been any sort of "connection" between Eva Young and Most Republicans, Queer or het, couldn't even make it past the name of the website, if they happened upon it. GLBTI Republicans _never_ would refer to themselves as being Queer. There are a lot of other people who this applies to also, but RC Republicans are the topic. The reporter(s) freely joined the us_queers email list owned by Rusty in order to dig up some sort of trashy information about the members of the list (just to create another fresh anti-gay flap for the Republicans?). Anyone else, including Eva Young, is also free to join the list, post to it, browse through old messages, and even, if they have the experience and temperament, may volunteer to help keep the many christohet supremacist list attackers at bay by being a moderator. Now that all you supremacists in Queer's clothing have subscribed to the us_queers
Yahoo! email list, would it be accurate to say that you are "connected" with also? That you support Silence equals assent. Thank you for your support. B. Allan Ross


Wednesday, May 21, 2003

The Culture and Family Institute continues to bleat about US Queers

Despite such extremism, new LCR President Patrick Guerriero has pledged to ramp down the inflammatory rhetoric, even as a member of his organization is reported to have connections to the militant creators of an “usQueers” website—taken down by court order—that celebrated the murder of pro-family leaders such as CWA founder Bevery LaHaye. The man behind the “usQueers” site, B. Allan Ross, is now free after being sentenced to a year in jail after storming a Baptist Church in San Diego and threatening a pastor there.

Eva Young, the Log Cabins' representative in Minnesota, co-moderates an Internet discussion group that includes Ross. Young has praised the website, although she said in an interview that she disagrees with calling for the "horrible death" of pro-family leaders.

LCR has to date taken no action against Young.

EY: I don't anticipate they will.

For Immediate Release: May 21, 2003
From: The National Transgender Advocacy Coalition (NTAC)
Contacts: Media Director, Robyn Walters, Seattle, Washington
NTAC Chair, Vanessa Edwards Foster; Houston, Texas
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 832-483-9901


For the second time, Senator John Warner (R – VA), chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee has delayed consideration of the promotion of an Army general who commanded a base where one soldier beat a fellow soldier to death. The decision drew praise from the National Transgender Advocacy Coalition (NTAC), which also requested that the general's promotion be pulled from further consideration.

Maj. Gen. Robert T. Clark, up for consideration to receive his third star, was commander of Fort Campbell, KY, in 1999, when Pfc. Barry Winchell, 21, was bludgeoned to death in his barracks at the base. In March, President Bush re-nominated Gen. Clark for promotion. Possibly feeling pressure from calls for an open hearing, the Senate Armed Services Committee delayed further consideration of the general's promotion late last week.

"We're pleased that the Senate Armed Services Committee has reconsidered voting on Maj. Gen. Clark's promotion," said NTAC chair, Vanessa Edwards Foster, "but we'd much prefer seeing the promotion withdrawn altogether." Foster added that, "Gen. Clark has been widely maligned and with good reason."

Clark had been subject of much controversy for his apathy toward the homophobic harassment that Barry Winchell faced in the weeks leading to his death. Winchell fell in love with a pre-operative transsexual, Calpernia Addams, who performed at the Connection - one of Nashville's famed nightclubs known for its drag performances just an hour down the road from the army base. After a night of drinking, Pvt. Calvin Glover beat Winchell to death as Pvt. Justin Fisher egged Glover on.

On May 12 Patricia and Wally Kutteles, the parents of Barry Winchell, finally met with Maj. Gen. Clark; the man whom they say allowed a "tyrannical, homophobic atmosphere" to fester at the base where their son was stationed. The Servicemembers' Legal Defense Network (SLDN) reported that Clark never offered an apology to Winchell's parents during the meeting.

The Kutteleses contend that during Clark's command at Fort Campbell he failed to address anti-gay harassment. In a recent interview on CNN, Mrs. Kutteles added that Clark offered "no teaching on 'Don't Ask Don't Tell' until ordered by the Pentagon."

The Kutteleses alleged that Clark also initiated an investigation into Winchell's sexual orientation, against military policy, while ignoring threats to Winchell's safety.

"I wonder if General Clark has ever publicly addressed the major problems occurring on his watch," asked Calpernia Addams, Winchell's girlfriend at the time: "How and why so much underage drinking was going on at Fort Campbell; why his officers were unschooled in the 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policy; why violations of this policy were permitted; why complaints of harassment went unheeded?"

"It really is a shocking list of failures that would be individually problematic," Addams added, "and I don't recall a good explanation from anyone, much less the man in charge."

Clark was also criticized for his treatment of Winchell's loved ones as well as his lack of communication.

"He didn't apologize for the way Barry's things were sent back," Mr. Kutteles said in an interview with SLDN. "They didn't send any dress uniforms, only fatigues [and] one boot¦. The inside of the box looked like someone emptied their trash."

"We called down there but no one responded," Mr. Kutteles added. "Why wouldn't you want to meet us as a sign of courtesy?" Kutteles asked Clark. "He didn't answer."

"I asked him, "Why did you wait four years to meet with us?" said Mrs. Kutteles during the CNN interview. "He said, ‘Well, you could've called me.’"

Addams stated flatly that, "[Neither] General Clark, nor anyone from the military, has ever acknowledged me in any way."

The Kutteleses said that Clark told them that he would likely retire if he does not receive the promotion, and added that he knew the meeting was necessary for his confirmation. Mrs. Kutteles felt, "this meeting was clearly more important to Maj. Gen. Clark than to us."

"Clearly with all of the missteps and problems under his command, offering a promotion to Gen. Clark distinctly sends the wrong message," added Foster of NTAC. "Regardless of whether he is contrite about it now, why reward a poor track record?"

"These failures [at Fort Campbell] allowed the murder of Barry Winchell to take place," said Addams, now living in California. "In the end, nothing anyone does makes up for a lost life."

- 30 -

Founded in 1999, NTAC - the National Transgender Advocacy Coalition - is a §501(c)(4) civil rights organization working to establish and maintain the right of all transgendered, intersexed, and gender-variant people to live and work without fear of violence or discrimination.

Robert Knight, from the Culture and Family Institute - the folks who have done 3 hit pieces on yours truly - comments on Horowitz's article. Notably the C&F piece does NOT link directly to the Horowitz article, but rather just to FrontPage - so it is difficult for the reader to decide for herself.

From the article:

Just because HRC says it's an "organization for human rights" doesn't mean it is. HRC's goal is to gain special legal status for men or women who have oral or anal sex with each other.

EY: Interesting...... What about heterosexuals who have oral and anal sex with each other? Around 90% of the sexually active population engages in oral sex at times, and around 30% of heterosexuals engage in anal sex. I'd be interested to know what the Culture and Family Institute would say about this one.

Now Tom Prichard from the Minnesota Family Council says that there should be an exemption in the Minnesota Sodomy Law to allow married couples to engage in oral sex. Prichard said this in an interview with Karl Bremer - a regular MN Politics contributor, and then also in a debate on the Nick Coleman show with me. This was when Coleman had a two hour Sunday show on KSTP AM.


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Wow! Pretty hard hitting analysis from David Horowitz. I think he's hit the nail on the head with this one.

This shows again that it's important to distinguish the true conservatives from the Leviticus Crowd.

Must be this type of thing that's getting the Culture and Family Institute nutcases to write two more hit pieces on me.