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Saturday, June 21, 2003

Washington Blade Does Reprise of Culture and Family Institute Hitpiece on Yours Truly

I'm working on a response....... So far this is what I've gotten.....

Dear Washington Blade:

You recently
an article that suggested with the headline "Log Cabin Leader Linked to
Anti-Christian Website". The subhead says: " said to
advocate murder of conservatives".

Since I am the subject of the article, this suggests that I advocate the
murder of conservatives. This is outrageous and is expected from the
Culture and Family Institute which has a vested interest in attacking the
Log Cabin Republicans. I expected a higher standard of reporting from the
Washington Blade - especially since I spent around half an hour giving
background to your reporter.

The article that got published was a repeat of an article published by the
Culture and Family Institute and anti-gay organization.

I encourage your readers to check out this forum for themselves. There are
a variety of people that participate on that group, including James Nimmo
of Oklahoma Stonewall Democrats. The Culture and Family Institute decided
to emphasize me because I'm involved with Log Cabin Republicans, and the
C&F agenda is to keep gays out of the Republican party. They don't care
about the Democrats.

First of all, I have never had anything to do with the website That website is owned by B Allan Ross.

Secondly, I am on many Web forums and e-groups. This doesn't mean I agree with others on the forums. Before the US Queers controversy erupted, I remember debating with Allan Ross on the Queerpolitics list, and I thought
he was totally looney left. On the Queerpolitics list, I condemned the sentiments expressed on the Web page quoted in the Washington Blade article. I was especially critical of the use of former President Ronald Reagan's name on this page. Former President Reagan was never a gay hater. In 1978, Reagan publicly opposed Proposition 6 which would have banned gay
teachers in the California Schools.

I just disagreed that the UsQueers site should be forced to be taken down. I've always been strongly in favor of freedom of speech, and have always disliked hate-speech codes and that sort of thing. I also have always been a vocal opponent of hate-crimes legislation. If you review the contents of my Weblog, this should be obvious.

Also look at the end of the Allyson Smith piece on the C&F website:

"Take action"

"Pray for Eva Young, Bruce Allan Ross, Rusty Morris, Patrick Guerrierro, and everyone associated with and Log Cabin Republicans to be delivered from homosexuality. Do what you can to inform Republican Party
officials about Log Cabin Republicans' radical 'gay' activist affiliations."

The piece then gives the e-mails and phone numbers of the president of the U.S., the Republican National Committee and Log Cabin Republicans.

This pretty much sums up the Culture and Family Institute agenda: to try to get gay people who are perfectly comfortable with their sexuality to change to being straight. I still do not understand why it is the Culture and Family Institute's business to decide who I fall in love with. It seems to me an issue that is my business and between me and a partner . It is also my business if I chose to remain single, or whether to get romantically involved with a woman.

And let's see guess who was the source of most of this: Kirk Zimpfer of Muncie Indiana - a guy who believes sodomy ought to be punished by the death penalty, and also a guy who posted really crude sexual messages to other gay men on both the UsQueers list (the one I was criticized for participating in) and Sodomlist. If you want to see some of those messages for yourself, simply go to Sodomlist messages and search on "homosareperverse" which is Kirk Zimpfer's pen name on that list.

Kirk claims credit for this article on the e-group rushroom by posting the CWFA story with this title line: "You're famous Eva and I'm the one that started it all."

He also claims credit for the article on sodomlist:

"Well, well, well, Sodom List's fearless leader makes national news."

"I'm taking full credit for this one, Eva. I sent out several e-mails to conservative groups and to Allyson Smith [C&F Stringer] noting your involvement with UsQueers. Let's just hope that the LCR has enough common sense to remove a radical like yourself."

A number of Republican Party of Minnesota district chairs participated in the Southwest Minnesota Politics list run by Ben Thompson. Ben Thompson has been convicted of molesting two teen-age girls. Ben Thompson also had a leadership role in one of Rep. Mark Kennedy's (R Minnesota) campaigns? Does that mean the Republican Party of Minnesota or Rep. Mark Kennedy support that criminal act? Of course it doesn't. This is the logic that the C&F Report and your report uses in this article. I
expected more out of the Washington Blade.

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

from Inclusion Wins - the Log Cabin Republicans Weekly E-Newsletter
June 18, 2003

GOP leadership changes bode well for LCR and all Republicans

Changes at the top of the Republican National Committee and at the Bush-Cheney re-elect committee are good news for the Republican Party and supporters of inclusion within our party. Governor Marc Racicot, one of the most successful RNC chairs in history (judged by dollars raised, Republican electoral victories accomplished) will now be the chairman of the Bush Cheney re-elect efforts

Articulate GOP strategist Ed Gillespie will take over as RNC Chairman and Maria Cino, (past recipient of the Log Cabin Republicans 'Spirit of Lincoln' award) will become Deputy Chairman of the RNC.
"The numbers don't lie, Marc Racicot has been one of the most successful chairmen in the history of the Republican National Committee. The election results under his watch demonstrate that the GOP has made great strides under Governor Racicot's tenure," said Log Cabin Republican Executive Director Patrick Guerriero.

"Governor Racicot and President George Bush understand that when the GOP is committed to tolerance, inclusion and a big tent for our party, we win. And win big. We look forward to working with them both to assure the Republican Party stays the majority party in America," continued Guerriero.

Racicot continued to stress his commitment to inclusion in his remarks to all members of the RNC in a conference call announcing the appointments.

"Due to the inclusive message of President Bush, the hard work of the RNC and the dedication of millions of Republicans nationwide, I am confident our party looks forward to another period of growth and electoral success," said Racicot

Predictably far right pressure groups attacked Racicot even as President Bush praised his leadership.

"Marc Racicot is so out-of-touch with George W. Bush's most loyal and commited voters that his qualifications to serve as chairman of the President's re-elections campaign must be seriously questioned," Family Research Council president Ken Conner wrote in a May 15 e-mail. President Bush obviously does not agree with Conner. (Conner, who seems to never miss a chance to attack the Bush administration, also called the White House political operations "cynical" on CNN recently).

Here is what President Bush said about Racicot.

"I'm grateful that Marc has agreed to serve as chairman of my campaign," Bush said in a Monday statement. "A close friend, Marc will help communicate our optimistic agenda and record of accomplishments."

Log Cabin Republicans are also pleased with the selection of Ed Gillespie as the new RNC chairman and Maria Cino as deputy chairman.

"Both Ed and Maria understand that you build a party by addition not subtraction. They are smart and effective political strategists. Their leadership of the Republican National Committee bodes well for all Republicans," said Mark Mead, political director of Log Cabin Republicans and former deputy regional political director for the Republican National Committee.

EY: Wonder how the Leviticus Crowd will respond to this one?

I'm not quite sure what the difference between Bennett and Phelps is......

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Contact SBM Media Relations (203) 926-6960

Bennett Condemns Fred Phelps' Message to "Gays" and Lesbians in Provincetown, MA

HUNTINGTON, CT - Stephen Bennett, a former homosexual, condemns the message of hate being preached by Pastor Fred Phelps to "gays" and lesbians.

EY: Why the quotes around "gays" but not around lesbians?

Bennett, 39 years old, is the founder of Stephen Bennett Ministries - a pro-family organization which actively reaches out to the "gay" and lesbian community nationwide with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

EY: But the gospel doesn't work unless a gay person tries to go straight.

Bennett, a national recording artist and Christian evangelist, firmly believes no one is born "gay" and proclaims homosexuals can completely change.

"Highly publicized studies purporting to show a genetic link to homosexuality have been either refuted or not replicated, and no credible evidence whatsoever exists to indicate one's same-sex attractions are in-born or unchangeable. In fact, I am living proof - just one of thousands of men and women - who prove the contrary," said Bennett.

Stephen is happily married to his wife of 10 years and the father of their two little children. Bennett's calling is now to share the truth about homosexuality.

EY: Well Bennett's definition of "truth" is rather like Clinton's definition of "is".

The evangelist unabashedly compares homosexuality to conditions such as drug addiction and alcoholism. He believes people should be encouraged to change their destructive behavior - not encouraged to remain in it. Bennett is also a public figure in the national media who takes a vocal stand against the promotion and acceptance of homosexuality.

Phelps - The Messenger of Hate

Fred Phelps is pastor of Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas. He travels around the country with his "followers" and pickets at a variety of "gay" and lesbian events with hate-filled signs such as "God Hates Fags."

Phelps gained notoriety years back by picketing at the funeral of Matthew Shepard, a young "gay" man who was murdered. Among the signs displayed by Phelps' group at the funeral were "Matthew Shepard is burning in hell."

Fred Phelps and his "hate group" set off to raise "hell" this weekend in Provincetown, MA, one of the New England's largest "gay" and lesbian communities.

According to today's issue of the Cape Cod Times, Phelps faxed hate-filled messages warning of his arrival and protest this weekend to a variety of "gay-friendly" churches in Provincetown.

The town is very concerned. So is Stephen Bennett.

Stephen Bennett Ministries is scheduled to hold its national evangelistic outreach to the "gay" and lesbian community this August in Provincetown, MA.

EY: I believe I forwarded the press release for that here. I was curious about what the guidelines for appropriate behavior was at this event

Christians from around New England will be bused in to pass out Gospel tracts, free Bibles, CDs and more to the "gay" community. A plane will fly over Provincetown during the ministry's outreach towing a banner "Jesus Christ:"

Bennett, a one time resident of Provincetown, chose the outreach location because of the summer's "gay" population. Provincetown has a year round residency of 4,000 people, which swells to over 60,000 in the summer months.

Bennett is concerned about his organization and outreach being linked to the message and methodology of Phelps' entourage.

"Fred Phelps preaches hate. We preach a message of hope and love. Phelps hates homosexuals. We love them - and so does the Lord. These are men and women who need to be reached with the truth, " said Bennett. "As a former homosexual, it was a Christian with a message of love who reached me years ago with the truth. This is the same message of love today that I preach to the "gay" and lesbian community."

Stephen added, "I've lived in a glass house, so I've learned not to throw stones."

Stephen Bennett Ministries is one of the nation's largest Christian organizations geared specifically to actively seek and reach the homosexual man and woman with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

EY: lolol.... The US Queers egroup has a bit of an expose of the weaknesses in Bennett's story.

Monday, June 16, 2003

Small Learning Communities or Career Tracking?

Mr Ed Co is rather a nutty organization run by Julie Quist - wife of failed governor candidate Alan Quist. Perusing their site and searching on "gay" will quickly tell you part of their concern is doing whatever they can to stop any violence prevention program in schools that does anything to recognise or prevent anti-gay violence or bullying.

They've been pretty persistant with going after Small Learning Communities in the Minneapolis Public Schools - and say that these SLCs are really vocational ed career tracks.

Jim Grathwol - MPS lobbyist wrote in response to this:

I have spoken with Senator Michelle Bachman about misprepresenting the Minneapolis High School Choice system and our Small Learning Communities reform intitiatives in a pamphlet produced by the Senator. I have also spoken with Dr. Karen Efrem about similar misrepresentations made in public comments before a legislative committee by Dr. Karen Efrem.

I have offered to met with Senator Bachman throughout the legislative session but met with no success. I have invited Dr. Efrem to visit and experience high schools in Minneapolis but have not had any response to that invitation.

I am copying this message to Julie Quist at the Maple River Education Coalition, the source of the comments you are asking me to respond to and request that Ms. Quist and her organization stop misrepresenting the initiatives underway in Minneapolis to boost achievement and graduation rates.

I am also copying this communication to Alan Giles, MPS General Counsel.

In closing, we are not career tracking children at Minneapolis Public Schools. Our focus is on getting more students to a higher standard of achievement and getting more students to graduate. Small Learning Communities organized around rigorous standards are a valuable tool to accomplish both goals.

Please let me know if there is any other information I can provide. Thanks for bringing this matter to my attention.

In response to this one - posted on the MPD list: I posted:

It is also interesting that Grathwol from the Minneapolis Public Schools requested to meet with Senator Bachmann who regularly makes many claims about the Minneapolis Public Schools in the legislature - and that Bachmann refused to meet with him.

Eva Young

This post called Julie Quist of Mr Ed out.

Eva, I need to clarify about Mr. Grathwol's account of a meeting to discuss SLCs.

Sen. Bachmann didn't refuse to meet with him or anyone else. According to Dr. Effrem, who was also there at the time and also invited to be part of it, Grathwol offered to set a meeting up, and it was Grathwol who didn't follow up. Being at the very end of the session, that can happen. However, Dr. Effrem and others have been looking forward to the opportunity to meet with him. I hope that it still can. It's not a good beginning, though, for him to use a hoped for meeting as a stone throwing

Senator Bachmann can be reached at any time through her Senate office. Her LA told me she has never refused to meet with anyone.

Julie Quist
Maple River Education Coalition
(aka, EdWatch)

EY: Very different stories.

The problems with Pryor as an Appeals Court Justice by Eva Young

I posted the LCR and HRC press releases opposing Pryor for Supreme Court Justice. This got the goat of Phillip Ziermann, one of the more doctinaire right wing idiotlongs on that list. There are other lefty idiotlogs that hang out there also.

Aaron Laffin posted a strong rebuttal to Zierman. I'm responding to both of these posts.

At 08:43 AM 6/12/2003 -0500, Aaron Laffin wrote:
Sorry, I'm not biting. Rather than constructing this post with solid statements of defense and support for Pryor, you go on the attack of those who oppose his confirmation. If Pryor is the strong and fair minded jurist you appear to believe, Pryor can stand on his own without attacks on his opposers. There is no need to belittle by changing the subject line with terms like "left-wing hate groups." They're loaded and offer nothing to the discussion. They serve only to label and
>attack the opposers.

It's called an ad hominem attack. Log Cabin Republicans is hardly a left wing group - and LCR in the past has encouraged the membership to support
the Estrada nomination.

I'm just curious whether Arlen Specter is considered a "far left" Senator?

From the Family Research Council account of the hearing:

some of the most aggressive grilling today came from Republican Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania. Sen. Specter, who is pro-abortion, interrogated
Mr. Pryor on his pro-life views. Sen. Specter cited a statement from Mr. Pryor calling Roe v. Wade an "abomination." Under the cross examination Mr.
Pryor stood by his characterization of Roe. That ruling, he said, "led to the slaughter of millions of innocent unborn children." Mr. Pryor went on:
Roe is not supported by either the text or the structure of the Constitution. This is pretty strong stuff from a nominee to the federal bench. Typically nominees are coached to be noncommittal and inoffensive under Senate interrogation.

EY: Seems like there is some bipartisan skepticism about this nominee. That's what Senate hearings are for.

Who are the "quota-mongers" and what does that mean?

EY: Well Log Cabin Republicans is one of the groups that opposes the Pryor nomination. Please find some proof that LCR supports quotas.

Laffin continues:
Who are the "racial gerry-mander[ers]" and what does that mean?
What is "identity politics"?
Why is Pryor a "perfectly acceptable judicial nominee?"

EY: From my reading of it, the opposition to Pryor is more over his extreme theocratic views rather than his views on race.

Maybe if folks were talking about answers to the last question, rather than attacking others, things would be a little clearer. I know little in specific of Pryor except what I've been reading the last few days. So far, I don't have an opinion either way. Eva's post is compelling to those with interests similar to her's. I see nothing here which offers alternative points of view to those same interests.

EY: Actually most of this wasn't my post - but merely forwarding a Human Rights Campaign press release on the topic. I actually don't agree with every point in that release. I agree in general with the criticisms from LCR Executive Director, Pat Guerriero.

William Pryor is being targeted because he is an articulate spokesperson for federalism and restoring the balance of powers between the States and federal government.

Actually no - in Log Cabin Republicans case, Pryor is being targeted because it seems that he won't be able to treat Gay and Lesbian citizens fairly in court.

Ziermann says:

Republicans fortunately don't owe any such fidelity to any such groups to get elected (although as Eva Young's previous email shows, there are a couple who have tried to align themselves with the GOP in the hopes of undermining it from within).

EY: Give me a break. Whether Zierman likes it or not, there are still moderates in the Republican party - and it is not good political strategy to try to kick out all the moderates.

As far as Andy Driscoll's and Mitch Berg's comments on this whole matter - neither of them seemed to give any reasons for supporting or opposing this particular judge.

Eva Young