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Saturday, July 05, 2003

Art Erickson, President of CNIA responds to Eva Young's questions....

Though he still doesn't answer the questions..... was Wizard's account of the CNIA annual meeting a Wizstory?

From: "Art Erickson"
To: "'Eva Young'" ,
Cc: , "'Nathae Richardson'" ,
"'Tiffany Green'" ,
"'V.J. Smith'" , "'Elena Gaarder'" ,
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Subject: RE: Art - It seems like you mislead people at CNIA annual meeting.
Date: Wed, 2 Jul 2003 18:41:13 -0500
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Thank you for your inquiry into CNIA and our annual meeting. It is
important to get accurate information and that can be obtained from two

The entire annual meeting was videotaped and will be shown on Channel 6
periodically. It will show that I made no public statements about CNIA
at the annual meeting.

The important thing is well we shared with the community through the
Community Word which was sent out to the community through the combined
Operation CleanSweep which was cosponsored by Weed and Seed and CNIA.
Teams went out and dropped welcome packages including our newsletter
that made the following statements:

This year CNIA has made major accomplishments. Here are some of its
activities and outcomes:

  • Facilitated the building of five new houses in Central
  • Contracted with NRP for 75 jobs for kids this summer.
  • Supported Sabathani Center in securing a $75,000 grant from the Empowerment Zone for Sabathani programming.
  • Passed a recommendation on the 35W Access Project, with special recommendations for Lake Street, 35th /36th Streets and 38th Street.
  • Assigned representatives to work on the Lake Street Repaving Project.
  • Contracted with the Wilder Foundation to supervise our election process; elected a representative and a talented Board of Directors; the annual meeting was a huge success.
  • Reviewed, catalogued, retrieved and archived important information for 30 years of records; this was no small task and required working many weekends.
  • Retired all our debts and paid all our bills.
  • Completed the audit for 2001 and filed Form 990; audit for 2002 is nearly completed.
  • Made an application to receive the Citizen Participation Organization for Year 29 award.

This has not been an easy year for Central Neighborhood, nor has it been easy for CNIA--and we still have a lot of hard work to do, but the CNIA Board of Directors is organized and stabilized, and is producing important outcomes for our strategic areas of Youth and Family, Housing, Community Building and Business Development. We all need to work
cooperatively together to build a safe, livable, sustainable community.

This year we have had a public accounting firm, a Stirtz, Bernards, Boyden, Surdel & Larter,P.A. give us pro bono work on our audit, 990 Form, and reporting to the office of the Secretary of State and the office of the Attorney General. Again, this represents approximately $4000 of donated service. They did the best job they could do with the
records that it been passed on to us. That was for the year 2000 .

They have completed the work for 2001 and all the necessary filings have been completed.

We are presently working to complete the audit and necessary forms for the year 2002 which will be completed September 30, 2003 which is the year according the MCDA and NRP years.

If there are any questions please call directly. Form 990's and audit reports for any of the years are available from the CNIA office and are a matter of public record.

The videotape of the annual meeting is interesting and historic and enjoyable. We have an interesting history and a terrific future.

I enclosed the two newsletters (the last two Community Words) which can be opened by Acrobat 5.


Art Erickson

by Wizard Marks of Wizstories fame.


On this past Tuesday night, Central Neighborhood Improvement Assn. held it's annual meeting. It began with an information fair and traditional dinner supplied by Jakeeno's and Kitchen of Opportunity. Very tasty. The Sabathonites strutted and drummed their stuff. This is a drum and twirler group who were Central High graduates in the early sixties. The
theme was announced as 'Central Neighborhood: The History & the Future.'

Next up and a real treat: Sounds of Blackness ripped off a couple of tunes, one parent holding his month old daughter Morgan throughout (beautiful baby, but aren't they all when they're so new). Many, if not most of the members of the Sounds of Blackness are from Central. Sharon Sayles Belton was there to be honored, a Central person, as was Judge Pam Alexander, Harry Davis, Mr. Jakeeno's (who's name is hiding in the bushes from me tonight). Then the future was introduced, young men and women who are working and dedicated to the neighborhood, including Neva Walker. It was great seeing Mr. Elmer Childress, he's 83, a WWII vet who fought in the Pacific. He and his Lady Love got married this past year. That was such a charming announcement I was tickled. James Walker, whom I so often see in his role as CEO of Affinity House was there with his daughter and his two granddaughters. He looked like a happy man. He does good work. You know
things are returning to sanity when James brings his family--or even shows up. Mrs. Clarrisa Walker, known as "the Mother of Sabathani" was there with her daughter the State Representative. I like Miz Walker. She's kewl. It felt really family for the first time in years. People were gracious. The election went off without a hitch and some new and some old members were elected.

The piece de resistance, though, was the announcement by Art Erickson, President of the Board, that CNIA had satisfied the state auditor, the books are in proper order for both the auditor and the NRP and whoever else does the checking. It was great. Emcee was, of course, VJ the DJ who was in heaven, having a merry time, and doing it well. We had 130+ voting attendees. I feel like we Centralites are coming back from the pain at last. I left
that gym, having been hugged and kissed and made much of by the family with good news and a positive experience. Hallelujah! Weather was perfect as well. Does it get much nicer than this? Kinda doubt it.

WizardMarks, Central

Peter LaBarbara's Summer Vacation

Peter is busy cruising the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade......

from the article:

Representing Log Cabin Republicans, a homosexual group, was San Diego District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis, elected last November as the United States’ first openly “gay” D.A. Dumanis rode in a convertible with her sex partner, Denise Nelesen, who writes a regular column for The San Diego Union-Tribune.

EY: Good for SD DA Bonnie Dumanis...... Does LaBarbara refer to married spouses as "sex partners?"

The rest of the article focuses on the most in your face spectacles...... and suggests that President Bush spend his time coming to the SF Gay Pride Parade.

Lots of ‘diversity,’ no shame

If Mr. Bush and other Republican leaders had taken a detour on Sunday to Market Street in this "gay" mecca, they might have gotten a glimpse of what lies ahead if their party (or America) fully embraces homosexuality. A float from the anti-Catholic group Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence took political crassness to a new level. The “Sisters”— men in drag who dress like nuns, with some sporting perverted names — paraded with their float titled “Weapons of [A--] Destruction [mocking 'Mass Destruction'].” It contained a rocket with a phallic tip and the name “Cheney” painted on the side, pointing at the bulging rear end of a bent-over figure. A man sat astride the rocket simulating sex acts.

EY: And so it goes...... Does the money going to the C&F Institute pay for Peter and Allyson's jaunts to the different gay pride parades. As Mike T commented on mn-logcabin:

Isn't it interesting that the Alan Quists, Mike Cavanaughs, Darrell
McKigneys, Tom Prichards and the Peter LaBarbaras of the world are always
there taking notes, pictures, doing research. And I always find it amusing
that they feel the need to translate for the pure of heart. Loved the
translation in this article "a large pink "dildo" (fake penis)"

The Bible quote I always like to trot out for the hypocrites is from Titus
1:15 "To the pure all things are pure". These guys see evil everywhere they
look because they go looking for it. They are addicted to all things gay.
I can know that a fish is rotting from the head without having to get my
nose right up there to take a sniff. But Al, Mike, Darrell, Tom and Peter's
noses were probably working overtime.

Makes me wonder what the draw is. They are always on a search for something
just a little more perverse than was seen at last year's Pride Parade.

I was in SF a number of years ago and I too had my eyes opened a time or
two. In fact I knew I wasn't in Minnesota anymore. But the difference was
I didn't feel the need to cast aspersions on everyone in attendance. Nor
did I feel the need to go back the next year and the next, each time
reporting on how revolted I was.

Mike Triggs

EY: Indeed..... If Peter is so revolted by these events, why go to them?

Wednesday, July 02, 2003

The Greens continue arguing.....

And so it begins . . . Once again, somebody is telling me that I should vote for a candidate who does not represent me so that the lesser of two evils stands a chance. That the Green Party should stay out of the way so the democrats, Who brought us Don't Ask Don't Tell, NAFTA, Welfare Reform, etc. can do WHAT for us?

I am concerned about the presidential race too. However I also have some serious concerns about Howard Dean and don't consider him anything resembling a green candidate. Here is a link to an article that touches on some of the areas I am concerned about.

Andy says, "We need someone that will support us, not hinder us, not attack us, not destroy everything we have worked SO hard to build."

My concern about this is that no democrat is ever going to support us either. Maybe I'm being overly skeptical, but I think any support between Greens and Democrats is going to be one way. I am willing to be surprised, please let me know as soon as any democrat says 'I'll stay out of the way in this local seat if the Greens stay out of the way nationally.'

Bill Kingsbury
Minneapolis, MN
Proud and Very Active Green

The Greens are arguing over whether to run a Presidential Candidate

Andy Szekeres of Lavender Greens, Illinois sent out the following mass email to Greens.....

To my fellow greens,

I think it is time to bring up a topic that is critical to the fate of this nation. The 2004 elections are going to define the political landscape for this country. As a green, I have worked very hard to spread the green ideal and its ways of life. I am looking to start the debate that I hope finally brings some change to the party and to the political landscape of this country. I hope you all read this and keep an open mind.

Watching Howard Dean’s announcement for the white house, there was an ever constant battle for sign coverage above his head. It was a battle between a Ralph Nader sign and many more Howard Dean signs. It got me thinking about the on going battle for the far left voters. Looking at the current democrats running and where they all stand in the polls, I start to shake my head. There are a total of 3 that align themselves with some of the green ideals, They are Dennis Kucinich, Wes Clark and Howard Dean. I also take a look at the campaigns, Dennis and Wes are soon to be out of money and are really just crowding the ever growing lists of the democrats running. Then I come to Howard Dean of Vermont. I have been doing a lot of speaking with Dean supporters, Democrat, Greens, Left republicans and libertarians a like. I have become quite fond of Mr. Dean and many of his stances.

Yes I know he is not the most liberal of the democrats running. Yet he is truly showing us as the green party that liberals can really turn heads in the eyes of the country. Dean is gaining his support from many political fronts that greens hold very dear. He was the only democrat to call on Bush to stop the war (prior, during and after). I gained so much respect for Mr. Dean, and what he stands for when it comes to war on Iraq. He is using his left leaning ideals to boost him in the polls and start pointing out liberals have a voice in the political landscape of this great nation.

Well after that nice long ramble I will get to my point. As someone that is a proud and very active green in Illinois, I am calling on every green. We need to look at not running a green against the democrats in the white house race. We are getting assaulted on so many fronts now the republicans are in full control. We need to back the liberals that will help swing the house, senate and white house back the liberal way. We need to swing the balance of power back in our favor. The Greens should help the democrats in anyway we can when it comes to beating Bush. We do not want to inadvertently put Bush back in power, I shiver at the idea of that man back in control.

So, this is my idea on the subject at hand. I know that Nader is looking at a running, just as many are. I am a huge supporter of saying NO to a green running against bush. Lets work on building the party base at a more local level. Instead of running against a giant we all know we cannot beat yet, save the much needed money. Turn it towards more of the local level political seats. Like senate, house, state posts and city level officers. If we build from the ground up, we can beat the Democrats, Republicans and whatever else stands in our way. I am really support not to run a presidential candidate in 2004.

I think the best choice and chance for our ideals and our chances is Howard Dean. He seems to be our guy. (This is my idea on the matter). I happened to meet Mr. Dean at a rally for him on June 22nd in Chicago. He is a wonderful speaker, he demands the attention of the room. Gearing up for the election, keep your eyes on him. I am sure you will see more of him… a lot more.

We need to turn ourselves into a party moving from the ground up, not from the sky down. The greens need to go after the smaller seats to gain the peoples trust and respect. As the members of the green party, I implore you to say no to running a presidential candidate.

We must stand together against Bush, anyway we can. Bush is the worst thing for the country and for the left of this country. We need to spread the word among the country, WE DEMAND CHANGE. We need someone that will support us, not hinder us, not attack us, not destroy everything we have worked SO hard to build.

I ask you, please send off to other members of the party for discussion. Please also e-mail me with your thoughts and ideas. Webmasters, I ask that you post this letter on your site. This is really a urgent matter for all greens.

Andy Szekeres

IGP Member

Lavender Green of Illinois

P.S. I am sorry to the Mass mailing of this letter, I am just trying to reach out to everyone one I can.

This is by no means a reflection of the ideals of the Lavender Greens of Illinois or Green Party of Illinois. They are my views, I hope soon to be yours also.

EY: When some greens and Andrew Sullivan say nice things about Howard Dean, it means he is gaining some traction. At Pride, David Strand, Chair of Minnesota Lavender Greens was telling Green folks that Dean was too "fiscally conservative". Dean was the only active presidential campaign presence I saw.

Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Andrew Sullivan analyzes Anti-gay Zealot motivations

That's why, of course, they will now shift to marriage rights. The critical point here is that public debate is in flux on this. We've seen considerable change in public attitudes toward homosexuality in the last couple of decades - change that is now percolating upwards to SCOTUS and elsewhere. On themarriage question alone, support for equalmarriage rights keeps growing - and is now at 39 percent in the latest CNN/USA Today poll (up from 27 percent in 1996). The social right has therefore one option: to shut down the debate now - before the numbers move even more swiftly against them. They want to designate gays as a class of people constitutionally denied equality for ever. They want the term gay relationship to be anathema to what it means to be an American - before the public dialogue shifts any further. So they will soon launch their nuke against gay men and women trying to form stable relationships: a constitutional amendment to keep gays permanently outside the possibility of equal citizenship.

EY: It was clear from the beginning that the FRC and other anti-gay organizations wanted to focus on gay marriage - an argument they think they can win, rather than sodomy laws, an argument that they will lose, because many libertarian social conservatives oppose it.

The Traditional Values Coalition's Criticism of the decision focuses on the public health issues with homosexual sodomy.

Summary: On June 26, 2003, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that a Texas law against homosexual sodomy was unconstitutional. The 6-3 decision claims that laws against sodomy "demean" homosexuals and that homosexuals are entitled to "respect for their private lives" according to Justice Kennedy.

The U.S. Supreme Court has overturned a Texas law criminalizing homosexual sodomy. The 6-3 ruling will undoubtedly impact 12 other states with similar laws as Texas.

TVC issued a press release on June 26 to express its outrage over this dangerous decision. We are reprinting this release below:

Supreme Court Texas Sodomy Decision
Is A Defeat For Public Morality And America's Families

Washington, DC - "Today's Supreme Court decision overturning a Texas law against homosexual sodomy is a defeat for public morality and America's families," said Traditional Values Coalition Chairman Rev. Louis P. Sheldon today. "This ill-conceived decision will have serious repercussions upon public health and welfare in Texas and other states that still criminalize sodomy."

Rev. Sheldon is responding to today's 6-3 decision in Lawrence v. The State of Texas. "The Court has ignored compelling evidence that shows that homosexual sodomy is a behavior that has serious health consequences not only to those engaging in this act, but to society as a whole. Millions of dollars are spent each year to deal with AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases contracted through homosexual sodomy. Yet the Court has elevated anal sex over the right of a state to protect its citizens from a serious public health crisis."

In his dissent, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia noted: "The Court has largely signed on to the so-called homosexual agenda….The Court has taken sides in the culture war." Rev. Sheldon said: "I couldn't agree more with Justice Scalia. The Court has decided that anal sex trumps the duty of a state to protect the public morality and health of its citizens. Our culture will pay for this Court's dangerous decision."

The Traditional Values Coalition has published numerous reports on the dangers that homosexuality poses to the health, welfare, and children of our nation. The Homosexual Urban Legends series on TVC's web site details these dangers and myths surrounding sodomy.

TVC signed a Friend of the Court brief on Lawrence v. The State of Texas with the United States Justice Foundation.

EY: The TVC seems as obscessed as Tom Prichard at the Minnesota Family Council is about "torn rectal linings". The TVC also doesn't seem to acknowledge that heterosexuals engage in anal intercourse - and at a significant percentage.

A picture says it all on the Sodomy Case

Monday, June 30, 2003

Andrew Sullivan on Bill Frist's comments

FRIST AND SECULARISM: Of course it was dismaying to hear Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist casually declare he favors writing permanent discrimination against gays and lesbians into the U.S. Constitution. Tampering with the Constitution as a way to prevent states deciding, as they always have, what constitutes a legal marriage would be an assault on federalism, an assault on gay citizens, and the equation of the meaning of the United States with active discrimination against minorities. But what was remarkable was Frist's reasoning:
I very much feel that marriage is a sacrament, and that sacrament should extend and can extend to that legal entity of a union between - what is traditionally in our Western values has been defined - as between a man and a woman. So I would support the amendment.
That, of course, is a non-sequitur. You could believe all those things and still think that individual states should decide for themselves on legal civil marriage and that this issue should be dealt with slowly and with democratic deliberation, rather than in one single, polarizing campaign for an amendment. But leave that aside for a moment. I think Frist is also implying that only churches grant true marriage and that the state subsequently merely ratifies or acknowledges that sacred institution. Huh? Cannot atheists have civil marriage and view it as a simple human contract and a mark of citizenship - with no religious connotations whatsoever? Does Frist even acknowledge the full civic rights of non-believers at all, I wonder? The fact that the good doctor cannot apparently see a deep distinction between a religious marriage and a civil one shows, I guess, how close to theocracy today's Republicans have become.

Andrew Sullivan on Judicial Temprement

JUDICIAL TEMPERAMENT: It's odd, isn't it, that in Supreme Court debates, we always hear an enormous amount about various judges' "philosophy," their paper-trail, their alleged politics, and so on. Much of this is helpful enough and sometimes relevant. But surely something else matters as well, and that is the correct temperament to be a judge. It should match the temperament of an umpire - not a pitcher or catcher or any other role. What troubles me about Antonin Scalia is not so much the substance of his views (although I share very few of them) but the angry, sarcastic, bitter tone of his judgments. David Broder had a similar take last week. Part of what it takes to be a judge, in my mind, is a certain indifference to passionate advocacy, a sense of moderation, and prudence. If someone cares as passionately as Scalia does about the moral issues in what he has called the "culture war," and if he isn't even interested in moderating these passions in his judicial rulings, then it strikes me that he is not acting as a justice should act: with dignity, care, distance, and respect for alternative arguments. It's the tone that's off. It can be amusing, bracing, shocking, interesting; but it certainly isn't a judicial tone. Ditto the arguments about the far right nominee, Bill Pryor, a man whose political language about abortion is so inflamed he has had to say to the Senate that he will simply lay it all aside if he is called to rule on the matter. No one can believe in this kind of psychological compartmentalization; and no one should trust anyone who promises it. The truth is: anyone whose views are that inflamed shouldn't be anywhere near a federal bench. A talk-show host or blogger, maybe. A politician surely. But not a judge.

Gary Schiff's Partner explains the sign

At 08:32 AM 6/30/2003 -0700, you wrote:
Hello All,

Yesterday was the MOST fun I've had in a Pride parade. My partner Gary Schiff, council member for the Ninth
Ward, and I rode in a Mini Cooper. Gary waved, and I held and waved a sign.

As folks have pointed out on the list, the sign had a "tasteful" side and a less tasteful side. The tasteful side said "Thank You Supreme Court." When the crowd saw that side they cheered. The less tasteful side
said, "Goodbye Strom Thurmond." When the crowd saw that side, they screamed loudly and cheered wildly!

So, what exactly was it that Terrel Brown disliked, the sign or the audience reaction?

By the way, you can see a photo of the tasteful side in the Pioneer Press on page b3 (not available online that I could find).

The STRIB should hang its head for not running a photo of the parade or a story on the local festival. All they ran today was an AP story on festivals around the country. They ran gay stories all week, but apparently took Sunday off.

Jim Berg
Corcoran Neighborhood

EY: Jim, you don't get it...... This type of sign - and the publicity it can get elsewhere can end up hurting Democrats.

I'm just as happy he did this as it gives ammo to LCR...... especially nice on the day that Bill Frist said that idiotic thing.

Gary is an elected official - so signs he carries will get more attention. It's kind of like what happened with Lou Harvin.


Bill Frist, Colin Peterson support Efforts to Hijack the Consitution

Note that Democrat Colin Peterson (D, Minnesota) is a sponsor of this bigoted legislation.

Eva Young

Guerriero Decries Bipartisan Political Effort to Hijack Constitution
June 30, 2003
(WASHINGTON) - The Log Cabin Republicans strongly disagree with Majority Leader Bill Frist's support of a constitutional amendment to the United Sates constitution that would deny recognition of gay and lesbian families and his criticism of last weeks historic Supreme Court decision that de-criminalized private and consensual adult intimacy. Frist's comments were made yesterday during an interview on "Meet the Press".
"We need a defense against terrorism and a defense against tax increases, not a defense against marriage that will unnecessarily divide the American family," said LCR Executive Director Patrick Guerriero. "Following last weeks Supreme Court decision affirming our fundamental privacy rights and calling for basic respect for gay and lesbian Americans, we expected a backlash from the radical right. We expect better from thoughtful elected representatives. They need to get their priorities straight," continued Guerriero.
"Basic recognition and respect for committed gay relationships would come in the form of a civil contract providing tax fairness and family stability, and in no way would impose on religious traditions, religious freedom or religious ceremonies. The real threat to traditional marriage is a 50% divorce rate, not loving, law-abiding, tax-paying gays and lesbians who simply want basic fairness for their families," Guerriero added.
Earlier this month the Federal Marriage Amendment was introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives by a bi-partisan group of co-sponsors. The lead sponsors were Democrats Collin Peterson (MN), Mike McIntyre (NC) and Ralph Hall (TX). Republicans who were lead sponsors are Marilyn Musgrove (CO), Jo Ann Davis (VA) and David Vitter (LA). The amendment would ban gay marriage and permanently alter the Constitution with language marginalizing gays and lesbians. "We need to protect the United States Constitution from this purely political and unfortunately bi-partisan hijacking," concluded Guerriero.
"We have a tremendous amount of work to do with both Republicans and Democrats on the issue of respecting and recognizing our families. Former President Bill Clinton signed the Defense of Marriage Act with the overwhelming support of Democrats and Republicans and even liberal icons like Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA) and Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY) oppose gay marriage", said LCR Director of Public Affairs Mark Mead.
Log Cabin Republicans is the nation's largest gay Republican organization, with state and local chapters nationwide, a full-time Washington office and a federal political action committee.

EY: Call Bill Frist at: 202-224-3344 and Colin Peterson at 202-225-2165. Give them hell.


Gary Schiff's "Tasteless" Sign

Gary Schiff’s “Tasteless” Sign Gets Criticized on the Minneapolis Rumours Forum

Terrell Brown writes on the Minneapolis Rumours Forum:

I've seen a lot of things at parades, but Gary Schiff's sign saying "Good Bye Strom Thurman" was totally without taste or class. I would expect better. The other side of the same sign said "Thank you Supreme Court"

The thank you is appropriate, the good bye to the Senator who isn't even buried yet is uncalled for. Polarization doesn't accomplish anything, our elected officials should not be promoting it.

Tim Bonham, a leader in the Minneapolis DFL responds:

Well, I'm not sure what you see as insulting about saying "Good-Bye".

But don't worry. Where Strom Thurmond is right now, he's suffering from a lot more than insults!

Michael Atherton adds: I think that Councilmember Schiff should consider apologizing, he wouldn't want to be seen as being as coarse as Representative Lindner would he?

Jim Berg, Gary Schiff’s partner defends Schiff: As folks have pointed out on the list, the sign had a "tasteful" side and a less tasteful side. The tasteful side said "Thank You Supreme Court." When the crowd saw that side they cheered. The less tasteful side said, "Goodbye Strom Thurmond." When the crowd saw that side, they screamed loudly and cheered wildly!