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Saturday, July 12, 2003

Another good blog

Check out: The Right Christians

There is interesting speculation for the reasons for Ken Connor quitting the FRC.

Catholic Parents Online promotes Protests about the "Sodomic Destruction of the Family"...

Dear Friends of CPO,

Because of the death of Archbishop John Roach yesterday, and out of deep respect, the Suspend Abortion Compact group has made a change in the time for FAMILY DEFENSE VIGIL AND PRAYER to begin. They have asked me to inform you that they will resume their plans on THURSDAY, JULY 17TH AT 7:00AM. We are all keeping Archbishop Roach in our prayers.

In the Hearts of Jesus and Mary,
Colleen Perfect, CPO President

P.S. Below is a repeat of the Suspend Abortion Compact letter... following that is their FAMILY DEFENSE VIGIL AND PRAYER schedule.

The following letter is from SUSPEND ABORTION COMPACT:


July 7, 2003

Your Excellency,

We ask you to immediately remove Kathy Itzin from her position as Director of Elementary Religious Education at St. Joan of Arc Church.

As you are fully aware, the deadly sodomic attack at the very foundation of the Christian family and the Holy Catholic Church is intensifying and reaching a crescendo. The disgrace continues unabated, the outrage metastases. And that is precisely the desired outcome of the sodomic, artfully crafted "infiltrate, associate and destroy" strategy. They don't even hide it. We have earlier mailed you their "Kentucky Manifesto" that, in 14 points, instructs, directs, and operationalizes their passionately anti-Christian objectives. The persistent and orchestrated diabolical campaign aimed to destroy our Holy Church in this Archdiocese from within is being executed openly and brazenly, as our Truth and our Church have been exposed to another scandal and subjected to more ridicule.

On Sunday, June 29th, in the "Gay Pride" parade, the banner, "St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church" was proudly and widely displayed. The Church was presented as if association with, and accompaniment by, assorted deviants and perverts is an appropriate setting for the Holy Catholic Church. The only message on their whole float was taking a stand for Kathy Itzin-"Kathy Itzin is perfect as she is," and numerous signs reading "Kathy Itzin deserves the award." So she is the standard-bearer for St. Joan's identity and represents what their position is. And this was corroborated in the company of "Minnesota Atheists," sado-masochist exhibitionists with leather thongs and exposed posteriors, Gay 90's and Margarita Bella's strippers in fishnet stockings and not much more, and other moral filth.

What kind of role model is this woman, who proudly enunciates and proclaims her racist, sexist, and anti-Catholic moral "choices"? What kind of life and values does she represent for Catholics? Not only does she openly live the sin of a lesbian lifestyle, and admits to unrepentant scorn for God's ways of procreation in having used artificial insemination to produce a child made to her specifications, but her selection criteria for manufacturing her pseudo-family was exclusively segregationist. Her argument that her black child would have better compatibility with another black designer-child is the same argument used by suburban racists to resist integration of their communities. Catholicism and racism are mutually exclusive. Being a minority racist, rather than a majority one, does not exonerate this hideous injustice.

Using the charade of this parade, they have taken the obstinate position that what Kathy Itzin symbolizes is correct. In their insolence, they have gone to the streets of Minneapolis to demonstrate they are right and the Archbishop is wrong, strategically positioning her as the poster-girl of GLBT intentions and agenda. They have not accepted the denial, based on an outrageous and provocative nomination, of the award, but rather have chosen to escalate the confrontation with Catholic education standards and doctrine. They are claiming that within the Church their false moral doctrine and practice is equal, and outside they are immersing the Church in profanity and scandal, debasing the Church as a deliberate strategy. That is precisely why Kathy Itzin must be immediately removed. She has become the embodiment of the "new church" they are striving to create in their own gravely disordered image.

What is the message of this grotesque parade? An in-your-face statement that this is what the Catholic Church is. They don't intend to stop, so they must be stopped. Because our families are at stake. Advocating, condoning and conceding to sodomy at least in equal measure weakens the family and the doctrine of the Church. We are not here addressing the weakening of social norms, but weakening of the Church as the last line of defense. What is Catholic identity? It is us, or it is them. Does the Church rest on traditional sacramental marriage or not? If not, let's hear it from the bishops of Minnesota. In an organized fashion these people are systematically striking at the foundation, the traditional, sacramental, monogamous marriage upon which the family is structured. This is precisely the point of contention. We know that when the family is destroyed, the Church is destroyed, although the hierarchy cannot seem to see that simple truth. So we are forced to defe!
nd the family so the Church can survive, and defend the Church so the family can survive. That's why we must take this stand now without delay or hesitation, because we owe it to Our Lord, to our offspring, and to our Holy Father. So we ask that Kathy Itzin be immediately dismissed and removed from educating and poisoning the souls of Catholic children, as a minimum gesture of response by our Archbishop, and then we can begin addressing other points of infiltration, and there are many.

It is the last moment to change the current strategy of "all tail and no teeth," vacillation, accommodation and concession, this unilateral "sweet surrender" to forces of abominable and terminal evil. Exposure and subjection of our faith and Church to scandal, ridicule, and mockery by Kathy Itzin and St. Joan's sodomite storm troopers must be stopped without delay.

A member of our organization who is personally very alarmed by the insufficient response of the Minnesota Church to the looming and almost palpable disaster, will be continually present in front of the Chancery, praying the rosary and the novena to St. Joseph, protector of the Church and the family, and fasting on nothing but water, until this matter is satisfactorily resolved. We shall all be praying that you will act promptly.

Defending Church, life, and family,
Resisting corruption, abortion, and sodomy,

We remain respectfully yours,

Arthur Herkenhoff

Colleen Clobes
Suspend Abortion Compact

For Our Archbishop to Stop the Sodomite Subterfuge that is Destroying Church and Family

Beginning July 17th, Thursday:
Daily Prayers at Chancery, 226 Summit Av., St. Paul
7am Holy Rosary 20 decades
11am Novena to St. Joseph, and Fatima Prayers
3pm Divine Mercy Hour
7pm Holy Rosary 20 decades

3pm Every Friday: Catholic Family Prayer Summit with chanted Divine Mercy Chaplet

One of our courageous members will be maintaining a constant presence outside the Chancery and fasting on nothing but water and the Eucharist until this matter is satisfactorily resolved. Please come and show your solidarity by joining your presence and prayers and fasting (at whatever level and manner you are called). If you cannot come daily to join the prayers that our Archbishop will have the courage to discern right from wrong, at least be there on Fridays at 3pm.

Andrew Sullivan on Theocrat Backlash over the SCOTUS Decision on Sodomy

WHAT BACKLASH? Predictions of a huge public backlash against Lawrence vs Texas do not seem to me to have been borne out. That may change if Massachusetts' Supreme Judicial Court rules in favor of marriage equality next week. But meantime, the far right seems a little divided and a little disoriented. It seemed an odd time for the head of the Family Research Council, Kenneth Connor, to resign - but last week, resign he did. Was it because he was lukewarm about the far right's new gambit - writing an anti-gay marriage plank into the federal Constitution? Who knows?


Gay Marriage a Conservative Victory?

Gay Marriage a Conservative Victory?

"Conservatives want to preserve traditional marriage as the foundation of our society. Homosexuals want the legal recognition, rights and duties that go with matrimony. They can't both get their way, can they?

"Actually, they can - which is why the rabid opposition has always been a bit puzzling. This is a case where one group can be accommodated without any sacrifice from the other. Letting gays marry doesn't damage what heterosexuals have, any more than giving blacks the vote meant taking it away from whites.

"...If the women on 'Sex and the City' marched to the altar, traditionalists would rejoice at their decision to abandon casual affairs in favor of permanent commitments. But when gays want to embrace old-fashioned monogamy, traditionalists are horrified. They shouldn't be. Gay marriage would encourage gays to accept a more - what's the word? - conservative lifestyle.

"...Gay marriage isn't a repudiation of the values conservatives prize. It's an affirmation."

- Chicago Tribune columnist Steve Chapman quoted from Chuck Muth's News and Views

New Column up at Lavender.....

Will the Supreme Court Decision be a Pyrric Victory for the Gay Community?

I've gotten a clarification from a reader:


In response to your editorial in LAVENDER, I just wanted to clarify that the following statement isn't accurate:

"Democrat Colin Peterson is the only politician in the Minnesota Congressional Delegation who is sponsoring this bigoted legislation."

Rep. Mark Kennedy (Republican from MN 6th District) signed up as a co-sponsor of H.J. 56, the anti-marriage constitutional amendment on June 26, 2003.

Check out:

I just wanted to make sure it is clarified.


Chris Dolan

Ken Avidor from Stride sends letter to the editor at SW Journal

I find it very ironic that Paula Gilbertson, the manager of the Linden Hills Co-op and appointed chair of the Lake Street Public Advisory Committee that you profiled in the June 12-25th issue is a supporter of the 35W Access Project and the widening of Lake Street.

The Co-op movement seeks a more healthy, more environmental and socially responsible approach to the production and distribution of food.

The 35W AccessProject seeks to induce automobile traffic in our area, increasing air pollutants that cause lung disease and cancer. The Access

Project will encourage automobile use and discourage walking, biking and transit use leading to greater obesity, heart disease, diabetes and other "lifestyle" illnesses. The autocentric 35W Access Project will increase our region's dependence on foreign oil.

The 35W Access Project will bulldoze and pave over homes, businesses and a tot lot for low-income children.

It is an even greater irony that Paula Gilbertson can't see that the success of the businesses like the co-op in Linden Hills where she works has nothing to do with freeway access for cars.

Pedestrian, bike and transit friendly Linden Hills is an example we should use for determining the future of Lake Street. Linden Hills had the good sense to turn a gas station into a restaurant. Linden Hills has the further distinction of being the only place in Minneapolis with a trolley, something we should seriously consider for Lake Street.

At the Lake Street "Visioning" Session June 9th, Hennepin Commissioner Gail Dorfman encouraged the Lake Street PAC members to "take ownership" of the project. It seems more to me that the Lake Street PAC is a rubberstamp for a Smith Parker-brokered deal that includes all the Access Project plans for Lake Street. If Hennepin County truly wished the PAC to "own" the project, they would allow the PAC to increase its level of democracy and citizen participation. The current chairperson seems more concerned with guiding the process swiftly toward predetermined goals.

A truly democratic and fair citizen participation organization should have an elected chairperson that allows enough time for all options to be explored and encourages the free expression of opinions.

Ken Avidor
10th Ward Lake Street PAC member

Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Smith-Parker Bullying

from the Minneapolis Rumours list......

Over the past year, I've been contacted off-line by several list members who have described overly aggressive bullying and borderline harrassment by Smith Parker staff when they have aired negative sentiments about the Access/Excess Project.

I recently mentioned this to some STRIDE members, and learned that most STRIDE members have experienced the same treatment. As a result, STRIDE has decided to collect examples of these messages.

List members and others are encouraged to forward emails received from Smith Parker staff to the following email address:

If you prefer to have your name removed from the emails, please indicate your desire and STRIDE will accommodate your request.

Thank you, and keep on fighting the Excess!

David Piehl

The Family Research Council says Savage Firing was the right thing to do......

Savage Bigotry

MSNBC was right to fire controversial talk show host Michael Savage. The shock jock's bigoted remarks about homosexuals - among other things telling a caller to "get AIDS and die" - were despicable and intolerable. Mr. Savage has become notorious for saying outrageous things on his nationally syndicated radio show "Savage Nation." I don't have any problem with strong opinions forcefully stated. But Mr. Savage's remarks were hateful. To be sure, the issues surrounding the homosexual political agenda deserve to be debated publicly and vigorously. But such debate should be conducted with dignity and respect for all people. Activist organizations such as the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation will seize upon hateful statements like Mr. Savage's fulminations to demonize all who disagree with their political agenda. These activists seek to silence debate on important public policy issues pertaining to the homosexual agenda, the defense of marriage, gay adoption, sexual promiscuity, the linkage between homosexuality and pedophilia, so-called "hate crimes" legislation, and other related matters. FRC will continue to address such issues and aggressively defend marriage and family, stating our case without apology. But we believe that all people be treated with the respect due them as human beings made in the image of God.

EY: As if saying there is a linkage between homosexuality and pedophilia isn't bigoted.......

Monday, July 07, 2003

TVC's Lou Sheldon engages in Water Sports

Orange County’s first annual gay and lesbian pride festival began in spectacular fashion 14 years ago at Santa Ana’s Centennial Park. Angry Christian conservatives showed up carrying urine-filled balloons, taunted attendees with chants of "Go back to your closet," and hired an airplane to fly over the event carrying a banner reading, "Sodomites out of Santa Ana! No AIDS in OC!" While most gay festivals struggled for media attention, OC’s was featured on nationwide television thanks to a fistfight that ended in riot police, six arrests and a tickled Reverend Lou Sheldon declaring, "We just want to show these people their sins and lead them down the right path."

EY: This is a bit of history I've never heard. I wonder what Peter LaBarbara would say about this.