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Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Will decisions on SNHS money go to CNIA?


Thanks for the responses from everyone including our councilmember Robert and Walt. I am relieved to hear that funds allocated to the Central neighborhood are still intact. It sounds like Northside will be taking over the position that Southside had. My question is who in the neighborhood will be the body to either make decisions for the use of those funds and also to inform the neighbors that the funds are available. I worry that CNIA will be in that position. There track record of late of notifying the neighborhood has not been very efficient. Please advise as to our alternatives.

Karen Forbes

EY: Not to mention that Art Erickson, President of CNIA mislead the public about the audit status of CNIA at the most recent CNIA annual meeting.

More on SSNHS and Northside Economic Development Corporation

Steve Brandt from the Star Tribune asks Bob Miller to clarify:

Dear Bob:

I was concerned after reading your July 17 memo to the Policy Board regarding Northside Economic Development Corproation that it might be interpreted in a way that you told me today that you did not intend.

You begin by referencing the Star Tribune's July 15 report that the city was pursuing legal action against NEDC. The memo then references the 2001 request by NRP and Grants and Special Projects for legal action to recover money from NEDC.

The memo then states that "no formal charges or suit were filed." You clarified today that this was a reference to the complaint drafted historically by the City Attorney's office, and not a reference to the Star Tribune report of current legal action. You indicated that you do not dispute the veracity of the Star Tribune report that legal action against NEDC has begun, although you personally have not been provided with a copy of the complaint. As you know, the story stated that the complaint was served on the defendants, which initiates a legal action in state court, rather than that it was filed with the court clerk, which is an additional step.

If we are in accord on these points, I would ask you to e-mail this letter to Policy Board members to clarify the record.


Steve Brandt
Star Tribune

Karen Forbes responds:


Thanks for bringing this up to the list. I read your story the other day and can't believe that I didn't think it could be a bit "difficult" to do with business with an organization that is having their practices put in question. Then to think of the relationship with Robert Woods and CNIA I am back to feeling discouraged.

I hope that the dialogue can continue on this forum. These issues I believe are of utmost importance to Central residents.

Karen Forbes

What happens to the SSNH Services Money?

Karen Forbes posted the following on Central Chat:

With the unfortunate closing of Southside Neighborhood Services I have a concern that I hope someone may have an answer.

Having been involved in various aspects of the NRP process in Central Neighborhood I was aware of at least one chunk of money that had not been allocated. Those funds were a part of the low interest loans that could be used for rehab, etc. Last time I touched base with Earl Rodgers he stated that there was a significant amount of funding that had not been used for its original purpose.

There had been a couple of meeting hosted by Southside to discuss the use of these funds if they were left over. The consensus was that any left over funds would go into a project that had community wide impact such as pedestrian lighting.

I wonder if anyone knows about this funding or any other funds that may have been dedicated to our neighborhood. I fear that with Southside's dissolution our funds dissolved as well.

If anyone has information about this please post to the list.


Karen Forbes
34th & Columbus

Several responded:

Walt Gutzmer - SSNH Board Member responds:

Hello Karen

As Secretary to the South Side Board, I can tell you that the NRP funds are safe. The board of directors is in the process of working through the details of returning NRP funds to Bob Miller at the NRP. Though we have let go all the staff, the board is required to remain intact until the company is fully dissolved and legal matters taken care of. This is the type of business we are now dealing with, as we hold funds for Central Neighborhood and others.

There was indeed a large amount of loan funding still left at the time we closed our doors. I don't have any South Side documents here with me at work, so I won't say how much. The grant program ran through its funding very quickly, but our loan program at 6% was not popular. The current board at CNIA approved a contract amendment to lower the interest rate a bit, but we were still unable to attract borrowers to the program. As far as reusing the funds, I believe that the current official NRP eighborhood organization would have to make a proposal for new uses of the funds, and get the proposed uses approved by the community in a public meeting, as was done before.

Walt Gutzmer

Bob Miller, NRP Director responds:

Although Southside Neighborhood Housing Services will be closing, the funds the neighborhoods, including Central, had on deposit with SNHS have been secured. Ensuring
the security of the remaining funds at Southside was our first priority after the vote
to dissolve SNHS was taken. The dollars in those accounts will continue to be available
in the future for their original purpose. Northside Neighborhood Housing Services has
agreed to expand its service territory into south Minneapolis to service the existing
loans and help administer the existing programs. There will be a period of adjustment
while the final numbers on the deficits from SNHS are being developed and resolved.

There are Central funds that have not yet been loaned out in the SNHS accounts. Before
considering any potential reallocation of these funds, however, I want to be sure that all of the residents who were supposed to be served by the program Central had developed have had an opportunity to participate.

As the dissolution process continues we will try to keep residents, especially those with already executed loans, informed, as allowed by the participating attorneys and consultants, on the status of the change. I hope this helps address your concerns.


EY: As is typical with Bob Miller - CYA

Yahoo stays mum.....

I sent in a complaint about USQueers getting deleted.....

Group Name: us_queers

Are you a... Owner/Moderator

Subject: Other

Type your feedback here:
Why is us_queers deleted? Do you delete groups without notifying group moderators?

Also, was usqueers_archives also deleted? Is there a way to recover
these groups?

Eva Young

And got the following response....


Thank you for writing to Yahoo! Groups.

Yahoo!'s Terms of Service states: "It is Yahoo!'s policy to take reasonable measures to respect that privacy of Yahoo!'s users." Yahoo! may, in appropriate circumstances and in its sole discretion, terminate the accounts of users who appear to have violated our Terms and Conditions.

Any action we choose to take is confidential. We will not release this information unless required to do so by law or under other similar circumstances. We are not able to make exceptions to this rule.

Thank you again for contacting Yahoo! Customer Care.


Yahoo! Customer Care


EY: So they are hiding behind this confidentiality.

Monday, July 21, 2003

Aravosis beats the Big Gay Again.....

There's Big Labor - but among Gay Equal Rights Organizations there is also "Big Gay" - the HRC and GLAAD come to mind.

About a week ago, John Aravosis, an internet gay activist who created the website, started a website ( to oppose the constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.

Now HRC has sent out an alert for a site that does similar work.


Do you and your friends support the right of every American to get married, including gay and lesbian couples? If the answer is yes, please go to and sign our petition! You'll become one of a million Americans who support all efforts to make civil marriage for gay couples a reality in our country.

That's right - we are trying to reach a MILLION Americans! Once you've signed the petition, please send it on to your friends, family and colleagues who can help build a movement for marriage equality in our country. (If everyone receiving this e-mail signs the petition and gets 2 friends to sign it, we are half way there!). Click here to tell others about the petition!

This is it, friends. This is our fight. It is ours to win or lose.

Please, sign the petition.

EY: It's good that HRC has taken on this method, and they caught on much quicker than GLAAD did on the Dr Laura issue.