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Saturday, August 23, 2003

Progressive Pot Calls the Kettle Black......

from Paula M's column in Lavender......

For example, you undoubtedly know that Howard Dean signed Vermont's historic civil unions bill. But you probably don't know that he supports gun rights and the death penalty, issues of great concern to many progressives.

EY: And gun rights are something that are of concern to many more libertarian leaning gays. I'm opposed to the death penalty, and in the middle on gun rights. (I thought the concealed carry legislation passed this past session was poorly done). Still what's interesting is Martinac argues that progressive gays should ignore a candidates stands on gay issues, while looking at their stands on other "progressive" issues. When gays on the right do the same, they get called sellouts.

Don't these people have lives?

Peter Labarbera and the other Worried Women folks are writing another hit piece on me - probably to appear this week.

I talked with Peter L and I guess he's moving on from the CWFA to the Illinois Family Institute (I'm sure the Chicago LCR folks will be soo glad to see him..... NOT).

Again, the general gist of the article is to take one post from sodomlist (a list I run) and then suggest that I support something another list member wrote. Whatever.....