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Sunday, August 24, 2003

Simon drops out, McClintock stays......

McClintock, however, said he would accept Schwarzenegger's endorsement in the Oct. 7 election.

``If the most qualified candidate must defer every time a celebrity or a millionaire casts a longing eye on public office, well then we've lost something very important in our democracy, and it's called merit,'' McClintock told CNN.

EY: On this point, I agree. I'm sure I would agree with what McClintock stands for - as I understand he's quite anti-gay, and an idiolog, still on this point he is correct.

Chuck Muth on Judge Moore

from Chuck Muth's News and Views..... (formerly "GOP News and Views")

Bullheaded Judge Suspended

"Chief Justice Roy Moore was suspended by a judicial ethics panel yesterday for his refusal to obey (U.S. District Judge Myron Thompson's) federal court order to remove his Ten Commandments monument from the Alabama Judicial Building rotunda.

"...Judge Thompson ruled last year that the (5,300 pound granite) monument, installed by Justice Moore in a highly visible public spot in the state building, violates the Constitution's ban on government promotion of a religious doctrine. When Justice Moore refused to move it, eight associate justices overruled him and ordered it out of the rotunda. The monument could be moved to a private place in the building, Judge Thompson ruled."

- Associated Press, 8/23/03

What's the Big Fuss?

OK, I know I'm going to regret this, but I really want to understand exactly how Judge Moore's constitutional rights are being violated here. I just don't see how failure to allow a government official to unilaterally erect a 2.5 TON granite religious monument in the rotunda of a public courthouse is denying him his freedom to exercise his religion.

No one is telling Judge Moore he can't practice his religion and observe the Ten Commandments in his personal life. He can go to whatever church he wants, whenever he wants. And he can put his monument on his own front porch or in his own kitchen if he wants.

So please explain how telling a guy he can't put a 2.5 TON granite religious monument in the rotunda of a public courthouse is denying him the right to practice his religion. What religion requires that adherents erect 2.5 TON granite monuments in the rotundas of public courthouses? I don't get it.