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Thursday, September 04, 2003

Coleman on the Federal Marriage Amendment..... and it's not clear what he says....

Interesting that he is responding by computer (good for him) - but this
really didn't answer my questions.

Eva Young

Subject: Responding to your message
Date: Wed, 3 Sep 2003 17:16:52 -0400

September 3, 2003

Ms. Eva Young

Dear Ms. Young:

Thank you for contacting me regarding the "Federal Marriage Amendment" (H.J. Res. 56).

The "Federal Marriage Amendment" was introduced in the United States House of Representatives on May 21, 2003 by Congresswomen Marilyn Musgrave (CO-4). The bill has since been referred to the House Judiciary Committee for further consideration.

This legislation states that only marriages between men and women will be recognized as legal marriages in the United States. In addition, this bill seeks to prohibit any state or federal laws that establish marital status to unmarried couples or groups.

It is important to note when considering legislation pertaining to marriage that the United States Supreme Court's recent decision overturning the Texas sodomy law (Lawrence v. Texas), does not upset current laws related to marriage.

The "Defense of Marriage Act," which was signed into law by President Clinton on September 21, 1996, provides the Federal definition of marriage which stands as the current law of the land. Under Federal law, only a union between one man and one woman is recognized by the legal status of marriage. This bill overwhelmingly passed the Senate 85-14, and had I been serving in Congress, I would have strongly supported this bill.

While no Senate companion bill has been introduced to date, please know that, upon your request, I will take a close look at this bill should it be considered by the Senate.

Thank you once again for taking the time to contact me. Please do not hesitate to contact me in the future if I can be of further assistance to you.

Norm Coleman

United States Senator

So are Gays to Blame for this one?

Family Values Platform Comes Back To Haunt Governor
by Newscenter Staff

Posted: September 4, 2003 12:02 a.m. ET

(Denver, Colorado) Colorado governor Bill Owens is in a family values meltdown. Owens, a conservative Republican, has made family values one of the main elements of his political platform.

Owens has continually spoken out about the importance of traditional families. In 2000 he pushed through the state's Defense of Marriage Act, which bans gay marriage.

When President Bush came to Colorado in August 2001 to raise money for Owens' re-election, the focus of his speech was family values and Bush praised Owens for his support of traditional families.

Today, Owens own traditional family is in shambles. He has separated from his wife, and is shying from public appearances.

The governor was scheduled to be the keynote speaker at a Focus on the Family Conference next month, and was also booked to address the Pennsylvania Family Institute. Both appearances have been cancelled.

The two groups have long fought fought gay rights initiatives. The Colorado Springs based FOC was instrumental in the passage of the state's DOMA.

"No Christian is perfect, and no marriage is perfect," said Paul Hetrick, spokesperson for FOC.

EY: This story is from Dobson from Focus on the Family will be on Larry King tonight - might be a good time to call in.

Date: Wed, 3 Sep 2003 13:42:51 -0600
From: Focus on the Family
Subject: Special Prayer Request for Dr. James Dobson

Dr. Dobson has been invited to be a guest on CNN's "Larry King Live" for the full hour of the program on Friday,
Sept. 5. Please be in prayer for Dr. Dobson as he goes before Larry King's international audience to discuss the Ten Commandments controversy and judicial tyranny, among other subjects.

"Larry King Live" airs on CNN at 9:00 p.m. Eastern. The show then re-airs at midnight Eastern. In addition, many
Westwood One/Infinity radio stations will air the interview.

Dr. Dobson would also appreciate continued prayer for the critical cultural issues that seem to be coming to a head,
all related to the fact that American society, largely prompted by our judiciary, appears to be relegating God
and faith to a place of no importance in our society. The Ten Commandments debate, the persistent attempts to
redefine marriage, and the many advances homosexual activists continue to make cry out for committed Christians to become involved and make their voices heard.

As Dr. Dobson takes a leading role as spokesman for these causes, ask the Lord to provide him with abundant wisdom and grace.

Commentary from the Theocrats on Terrorist Paul Hill

The Army of God website's devotes a rant page to Hill.

One of the participants write's Governor Jeb Bush and receives a response.

Mr. Hill,
Here is the email I sent Jeb, and the reply from his office. We'll never
forget you.

Drew Heiss and family

Dear Governor Bush,

You have recently signed a death warrant for Paul Hill who is to be executed
on September 3rd at 6:00 PM. I do not request that you commute his death
sentence to a life term in prison. Instead, I ask that you give him what he
deserves: complete pardon and a parade in his honor.

I must proclaim that you and the State of Florida are making a great mistake
in executing a righteous man. I would be remiss in my duty as a Christian
if I did not warn you of this error.

One day, history will honor Paul Hill as a great man. He is a man of
courage and a man of sacrifice. Someday abortion will come to an end, no
thanks to you and your abortion loving brother in the White House. The thanks
will belong to honorable men like Paul Hill.

Shame on you and Florida for executing a man for doing good, and shame on
America for allowing the evil of abortion to continue. Paul Hill can be
killed, but his message will never die.

For God's honor,

Drew G. Heiss
Isaiah 58:1
Governor Jeb Bush
Reply-To: Governor Jeb Bush
Subject: RE: Paul Hill execution
To: "'Drew G. Heiss'"

Dear Mr. Heiss:

Thank you for writing Governor Bush regarding Paul Hill's sentence.

The Governor thoroughly reviewed Mr. Hill's case prior to signing the death
warrant on July 9, 2003. At that time, he determined there was no reason to
alter the court imposed sentence in Mr. Hill's case.
J Bauer
Office of Citizens' Services

A rather typical Account of from one of Judge Moore's crazed following.

Hello My Friends,
I have returned to my home in Panama City, Florida from Montgomery, temporarily. The cowardly Bolsheviks never once tried to face the people who are angry at their Unconstitutional behavior. I blocked several doors, ready to be arrested, never once did they try. As they falsely accused Judge Moore of, they snuck equipment in during the dead of night, smaller equipment that could fit in a regular vehicle and escape notice. We were not blocking the regular sized carports.
The Bolsheviks believe that their cowardice and sneak-thievery has won them the day, but they are much mistaken. The demonstrations continue in Montgomery. On Friday the 29th, there were a couple thousand at the nightly rally, same as always.
The Spirit of God has moved mightily in Montgomery. I felt that Spirit many times. The awesome power of God cannot be denied. The Alabama Supreme Court is now Holy Ground. What the pimp Morris Dees sought to avoid has happened.
I hope to be back in Montgomery in time for a march on Thursday morning in which the Reverend Mahoney, who has led our efforts, shall present a copy of the Ten Commandments to be placed in the Alabama Statehouse, just a few blocks away from the Rotunda. The Governor of Mississippi and a County Seat in North Carolina have both offered to take the Ten Commandments into their government buildings. I advise everyone, wherever they may be, to place it in your town's, county's or state's government building. We have a corrupt Judicial Oligarchy made up of judges like the one in Luke 18, who cared nothing for the laws of God nor man. These Liberals care only for their Left Wing ideology and their misbegotten dream of some Socialist Utopia and nothing for the law of God or for the Constitution of these United States, as it was truly written. They will twist the words of the Constitution to impose Bolshevism on us. They have already been successful at imposing the doctrine of freedom of religion to be persecution of religion. What's next? Will they be having us drawn and quartered while invoking the law against cruel and unusual punishment? Invoke the Fifth Amendment as they force us to sign false witness against ourselves? Where does it end?
I am telling you people, safe at home in your living rooms, these people will not stop until they have set up the society they desire- one in which you obey them in every particular. We have to take this country back while we still can. Our Legislators are supposed to be a check against the excesses of the Judiciary, but they are not doing the people's will, which is their job. Thus it falls to we the people who must take back our right of religious freedom from the Pimp lawyers like Morris Dees and the ACLU. Dees and the ACLU hate God and they hate our US Constitution. What pity can we expect from rogues like this, if we are ever under their charge? As much as we could expect from Stalin or Hitler in the same place.
The people are on our side, overwhelmingly. The Alabama people elected Judge Roy Moore in a landslide to his job, knowing full well he'd place the Monument in the Alabama Supreme Court. Alabama's State Constitution acknowledges the existence of God, as do 22 other state Constitutions. Roy Moore has violated no law of God or our Constitution. Myron Thompson and the others of the 11th Circuit have done both. They are not fit to sit in judgement over a flea-bitten mutt, much less any human being. And they have subverted the will of the people. It's funny how Liberals make such a big noise about how they are "for the people." Maybe they should listen to the people once in awhile instead of trying to impose their elitist, Bolshevik views upon them.
Fight back in your locales. Put God back in your local public square, where He belongs, and where a majority of Americans want Him, and where the Constitution does not in any way deny Him from being. I hate hip-hop, but the is one line to one song I love. THEY CAN'T ARREST US ALL!!!!

EY: Ofcourse this character (let's call him Cato Sans Honor) would screech and whine if there was a budhist monument placed in a government building.