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Monday, September 29, 2003

Gay marriage stirs Bigots again

I corrected the title for this article by changing the word "Conservatives" to the more descriptive term "Bigots". There is nothing conservative about the anti-gay bigotry behind the Federal Marriage Amendment. Let's not forget the role of prominent liberals, such as Walter Fauntroy in pushing this anti-gay amendment. And let's not forget the role of prominent liberal Senators such as the late Paul Wellstone in passing the anti-gay Defense of Marriage Act.

I'd like to challenge these so-called "Family Values" promoters to do
something that will actually reduce the high divorce rate among heterosexuals. Has the heterosexual divorce rate gone down since the federal DOMA bill was passed? Has DOMA done anything to reduce the incidence of Adultery, spousal and child Abandonment and illegitimacy rates among heterosexuals?

This article also omitted the fact that many prominent conservatives are
opposed to this bigoted amendment - including DOMA author Bob Barr.

It is a sign of strength for the institution of marriage that Gays want to
participate in it.

Sunday, September 28, 2003

What do the "Partial Birth Abortion" bans entail?

About 6 months ago, I posted on the mn-politics-national egroup:

I'm curious about this bill. The only person I know who has had a "partial birth abortion" procedure had it after the fetus had died. Is the bill written in a way that would ban the procedure in these instances? Would it be a "partial birth abortion" if the baby was anacephalic - meaning having no brain - just a brain stem? There's a difference between life and existance in my view.

And got a response in my email this morning.

I'm a mother of two beautiful living daughters. However in [date omitted] I was faced with the news that my second pregnancy was a anacephalic child. I was sent to [location omitted], for a level 2 ultra sound, only to find out that I was 5 months pregnant and my child only
had a brain stem; which meant zero chance of survival. I had two weeks to decide what I was going to do. Here was my options. 1: terminate
the pregnancy (which was not even in my mind finding out I was pregnant) and donate the organs to help other babies that have a chance or 2: deliver the child that would never survive upon my delivery date and have my vital organs severly cut and I bleed to death. I chose number 1, in doing so I delivered a fetus that had perfect organs except the brain. I donated the organs and all were helpful in saving the lives of 5 other babies. To add to my story I became pregnant soon after that. My husband and I were very worried that the chances of our trama would happen again. However my last daughter was born on Christmas day [year omited] healthy as can be. I guess I was supposed to help the babies that needed organ donors, because he
gave me a child that has the same birthday as Jesus.

I'm not judging anyone by all means I only wanted to share my story.

Maybe to help me get over the pain;any how at least to help my broken heart mend.

Thank You just for listening,
"Broken hearted mom"

EY: Do those supporting banning "Partial Birth Abortion" care about situations like this one - where the health of the mother can be seriously impacted - and where the baby doesn't have a brain - or a chance at survival.

Or is this an example of another "murdered baby"?