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Friday, January 02, 2004

Traditional Values Coalition on Fred Phelps

'Pastor' Fred Phelps Aids The Homosexual Agenda

Summary: The hate-filled Pastor Fred Phelps is in the news again. He's asked the city of Casper, Wyoming, for permission to erect an anti-homosexual monument about Matthew Shepard.

One of the best friends of the homosexual agenda is Pastor Fred Phelps, whose hate-filled anti-homosexual statements provide homosexual activists
with a convenient target to smear all Christians.

Phelps is at it again. This time, he's asked the city council in Casper,
Wyoming, for permission to erect a monument in the city park. The proposed monument would state: "Matthew Shepard, Entered Hell, October 12, 1998, in Defiance of God's Warning: 'Thou shalt not lie with mankind as with womankind; it is abomination.'"

Phelps' latest antics should be condemned by all Christians. He provides
homosexuals with an alleged "Christian" spokesman who is used to attack all
Christians as hate-filled bigots. If Phelps did not exist, homosexuals
would have to invent him. His efforts only aid the homosexual movement.

EY: I'll agree that the more publicity the Rev Fred Phelps gets the better.... But I don't really see much difference in Phelps' rhetoric and the rhetoric to others in the Leviticus Crowd......

Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Ann Coulter Action Figure

No this isn't a joke.

"I think it's terrific!" Ann says, "This action figure can talk, wear different outfits and hairstyles."

But that's not all. Ann adds, "It also kills terrorist leaders and converts their followers to Christianity."

(thanks Ken Avidor for the tip)

New Spin on the AFA Poll

Now that the anti-gay American Family Association has egg on their faces because they conducted an internet poll on gay marriage - hoping to present it to congress - and the poll results backfired on them, they've come up with new spin on the matter.

I got this item from the Steven Bennett Ministries. Steven Bennett is the latest in a round of Professional ExGays.

1 - SBM Reaches 250,000 "Gay" Activists/Sympathizers
Last week SBM partnered with the American Family Association (AFA) to reach over 250,000 "gay" activists and sympathizers with the gospel of Jesus Christ and the truth about homosexuality.

AFA is conducting a poll on "gay" marriage. Always thinking of a way to
reach the lost with the gospel, AFA contacted SBM to send a Christmas
greeting to many who responded to the poll.

A link in the e-mail led people to a web page which allowed the recipient to
listen to Stephen Bennett's testimony online, as well as the ENTIRE CD which
was passed out by SBM in Provincetown, MA this year - "You Are Truly
Precious in God's Eyes." The 10 minute + CD is evangelistic to reach the
homosexual with the truth about homosexuality, and more importantly, gives the listener an opportunity to pray and receive Jesus Christ!

While the "hate mail" and calls flooded in to AFA and SBM, tens of thousands
of homosexuals heard the gospel! Keep them ALL in prayer -- for countless
seeds were planted -- and God's Word NEVER returns void!

SBM sincerely thanks AFA for their heart's desire to reach the homosexual
with the gospel of Jesus Christ. (*To listen to the above audio resources,
please go here )