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Sunday, December 26, 2004

Leviticus Crowd Goes Ambulance Chasing for "Christmas" Lawsuits

WaPO's Dana Milbank explains here:

The Rutherford Institute, declaring "Christmas Under Siege," cites a "growing tendency among public schools and government officials to ban references to Christmas or Christianity." The Alliance Defense Fund, which has been battling gay unions, sent letters to more than 6,700 schools as part of its "Christmas Project." It has 700 "allied attorneys" looking for cases where local authorities have sought to secularize the holiday, and it has found three dozen instances of bans on candy canes, prohibitions on Christmas colors, and cancellation of holiday celebrations that had Christian components.

President Bush has even irritated this crowd.... Again from Milbank:

Even President Bush, who joined with religious conservatives in efforts to ban same-sex marriage, has become a target of those fearing the secularization of Christmas. The Web site WorldNetDaily complained this week of an absence of Jesus and other Christian references on the White House Web site or in the White House Christmas decorations or the Bush Christmas card. "What's virtually missing from the White House commemoration of Christmas this year?" the Web site asked. "Jesus."

Milbank was referring to this from Wingnut Daily.

Ofcourse it's always about the money. Milbank again:

Those on the other side of these battles say the Christian groups are wildly exaggerating the threats from a phantom enemy for the purpose of mobilizing evangelicals to contribute funds (some groups are explicitly using the Christmas issue to raise money) or to become politically active.

Bachmann pushing the Hate Amendment Again

From the Strib:

In Minnesota, state Sen. Michele Bachmann, R-Stillwater, plans to reintroduce a proposed ballot question that would prohibit same-sex marriage or its equivalent through a constitutional amendment. The Senate's DFL leadership blocked her measure earlier this year.

Even though the question won't be on the ballot until the next statewide election, in 2006, "I think we might as well go sooner, rather than later," Bachmann said. "But we've got two sessions to pass it."

Bachmann said the DFLers "are at their own peril, casting a blind eye to what the people of Minnesota want. Minnesota will be no different from the 11 states that voted this year -- it'll pull 70 percent."

Gay-rights advocates were heartened by the fact that the Senate leadership remains opposed to any ban and Republican losses in the House eliminated a dozen ban supporters, said Ann DeGroot, executive director of OutFront Minnesota, a gay and lesbian advocacy group.

"November 2 does give them some momentum, but it's a little too soon to say what will happen next year," she said. "I think we're in at least as strong a position as last session. If they're back, we'll be there in big numbers."

Actually a number of the big amendment supporters in the House lost their reelection bids. The ONLY Democrat to lose reelection was amendment supporter Rebecca Otto. Ann DeGroot of OutFront Minnesota is fully aware of this point, and it's interesting that she does not make this point. In the house there were a significant number of Democrats who supported this amendment.

Monday, December 20, 2004

Email of the Day

Wow!!!!! I find it astounding that Natalie could have not read the column, from over a month ago, naming her as a supporter of any controversial issue -- and she's up for re-election and faces a tough race!!!!!!!

So she didn't really say what her position is, right???


Natalie Johnson Lee and the Bachmann Amendment

I called Natalie Johnson Lee's Office, and got the council member. She did not answer my question about whether she supported or opposed the Bachmann amendment - even after I explained what that amendment was.

At first she said she didn't know who Bob Battle was - but that was because she thought I was referring to a reporter. She also said that she had not talked to anyone about this issue before - so it sounds like the 5th District Green Party Chair, and Johnson Lee have a different story here.

I've emailed Battle for clarification.

Don Jorovsky noted that he posted a question on this topic on November 20 and that neither Natalie Johnson Lee nor her office responded. Johnson Lee told me that she does not read nor respond to the Minneapolis Issues list.

Terrell Brown responded to Jorovsky's post.

David Strand, Chair of Minnesota Lavender Greens also responded to Jorovsky's post.

Still Developing. . .

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Minneapolis Issues Responses Regarding Natalie Johnson Lee

Mark Snyder sez:

Let's see.

You have Natalie Johnson Lee's own words and you have Bob Battle's claims.

I don't know what Bob Battle's deal is and I really don't care, but it seems pretty straightforward to me that Natalie Johnson Lee would believe in what she actually said...

My response to the list:

Many politicians are notorious for saying different things to different audiences. I'd like to hear something from Natalie Johnson Lee on this topic. I have emailed her requesting clarification.

Bob Battle was profiled in the Strib recently and quoted saying this:

"This society has to make a course correction. ... We've lost our moral dignity, lost our sense of family and morality, and we're about to go down the same path as the Roman Empire."

My question stands on NJL. Battle's column was written a month ago. NJL's speech was 3 years ago.

Darrell Gerber from the Green Party responds:

Natalie Johnson Lee has indicated to Green Party members that the claims
made by Bob Battle are not true. She has explicitly stated that she does not support Bachman's proposal to amend the constitution.

My guess is that this is an attempt to show to a relatively uninformed audience that there is widespread support for Bachmann's proposal in the African-American community. As we all know, the truth is often a victim in political struggles. It does not matter, in this case, whether or not there is support by a Minneapolis Councilperson because they will not be voting on it. It also, apparently, does not matter to those advocating legalizing another form of hatred whether or not their claim is true....only the impression counts.

Battle does have an out in that he only says that Natalie supports biblical marriage. It does not explicitly claim support for Bachmann's proposal nor does it even explicitly state the negative argument that she does NOT support other forms of marriage. The statements may be factually correct but the intended inferences left to the reader are not. This is a pretty underhanded ploy by Battle.

I'd be interested in hearing if the other people mentioned by Battle, Spike Moss and Rev. John Thomas, have the position on the Bachmann proposal Battle attributes to them.

Darrell Gerber
5th Congressional District Green Party chair

This leaves more questions:

Is Darrell saying that after the Battle article was published, Green Party members asked NJL about this? She represents me - and I really want her to make a public clarification on this. Did she write to the Pioneer Press requesting a clarification?

Does Minneapolis 5th Ward Councilwoman, Natalie Johnson Lee Support the Bachmann Amendment

Originally posted to Minneapolis Issues:

Former DFL Activist, now Republican, Bob Battle wrote a column defending Michele Bachmann in the Pioneer Press last month:

Battle claims:

"Leaders such as Minneapolis 5th Ward Council Member Natalie Johnson Lee, community activist Spike Moss and the Rev. John Thomas have added their voices of support for biblical marriage."

I'm curious whether Natalie Johnson Lee really made this statement. Does she support the Bachmann amendment to support "biblical marriage". When I googled Natalie Johnson Lee gay marriage, I retrieved items relating to her Green Party response to Bush's state of the union.

Martin Luther King, who Battle quotes, had a Leutenant - Bayard Rustkin who was openly gay. Rustkin was the brains behind the 1963 March on Washington. Coretta Scott King, King's widow has come out in opposition to these efforts to write anti-gay discrimination into state and federal constitutions.

From Natalie Johnson Lee's response to Bush's State of the Union:

"We support the civil rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered people in housing, jobs, civil marriage and benefits, child custody and in all areas of life, the right to be treated equally with all other people."

Does Bob Battle correctly speak on Natalie Johnson Lee's behalf in this oped? Or is he bearing false witness?

Does Battle mean that Natalie Johnson Lee has signed on in support of the Bachmann amendment?

Developing. . .

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Catholic League's Bill Donahue says Hollywood Secular Jews Hate Christmas and Like Anal Sex

This outburst was in response to a question about the Passion of the Christ. Full Transcript here.

This is the gospel according to the Catholic League's Bill Donahue. (Yup, the same guy who attacked the student who was a victim of Bush Campaign "Catholic Outreach Adviser" Deal Hudson's sexual harrassment as some "drunk woman he met at a bar.")


Hollywood Jews Hate Jesus, Like Anal Sex
And finally, I'm going to have to start watching cable news again if this is the sort of thing I'm missing:

PAT BUCHANAN: Bill Donahue, what do you think about "The Passion of the Christ"? And as a practical matter, even if Hollywood hated the film, it seems to me as an artistic work of art, a smashing triumph, a film of great controversy and interest, it ought to at least be nominated for best picture. It pulled in more money than any other picture all year.

WILLIAM DONAHUE, PRESIDENT OF THE CATHOLIC LEAGUE: I spoke to Mel a couple of weeks ago about this. And I don't think it really matters a whole lot to him. It certainly doesn't matter to me. We‘ve already won.

Who really cares what Hollywood thinks? All these hacks come out there. Hollywood is controlled by secular Jews who hate Christianity in general and Catholicism in particular. It's not a secret, OK? And I'm not afraid to say it. That's why they hate this movie. It's about Jesus Christ, and it's about truth. It's about the messiah.

Hollywood likes anal sex. They like to see the public square without nativity scenes. I like families. I like children. They like abortions. I believe in traditional values and restraint. They believe in libertinism. We have nothing in common. But you know what? The culture war has been ongoing for a long time. Their side has lost.

You have got secular Jews. You have got embittered ex-Catholics, including a lot of ex-Catholic priests who hate the Catholic Church, wacko Protestants in the same group, and these people are in the margins. Frankly, Michael Moore represents a cult movie. Mel Gibson represents the mainstream of America.

Seems like he did so well here, that he was invited onto the show the following week. Pharyngula summarizes this show.

Monday, December 13, 2004

Good Debate Over Judicial Activism Over at GayPatriot


GayPatriotWest still hasn't clearly answered whether he thinks Brown vs Board of Education was an activist decision.

He does support the Loving vs Virginia decision (which overturned the interracial marriage ban in Virginia).

Thursday, December 09, 2004

FRC gets Called Out by SLDN

The Service Members Defense League has gotten lots of publicity over their suit to overturn the DADT policy in federal court. Bay Windows has more.

The SLDN has called out the FRC. This is good.... This is exactly the debate we want to have. From the FRC Daily Bleating:

To: Friends of Family Research Council
From: Tony Perkins, President
December 9, 2004 - Thursday

Sexual Chaos in the Military

This week's news illustrates a perfect storm of sexual chaos that has descended upon virtually all institutions in American society--including the armed forces. First, a group of former service members sued to overturn the military's ban on homosexual conduct--a cause they believe was aided by an Army court decision overturning the criminal conviction of a soldier who engaged in a heterosexual sex act "in a military barracks." Meanwhile, the judge advocate general of the Air Force may lose his job for "fraternization" with various women, and sexual harassment and assaults are reported to be rampant at the Air Force Academy. All these stories suggest that Congress acted wisely when it codified the military ban on homosexual conduct on the grounds that putting people with sexual attractions to one another in conditions of "forced intimacy with little or no privacy" had the potential to undermine "morale, good order and discipline." The last thing the military needs right now is to inject yet more sexual tension into the ranks. The current crisis is a good illustration of what happens when you loosen the bonds which once limited legitimate sexual relations to the marriage of one man and one woman. (FRC Daily Bleating)

There's good reasons to prohibit fraternization in the military because that does undermine unit cohesiveness. However the FRC is not able to make their case that Gays shouldn't be allowed to serve. This policy actually puts military women at higher risk of sexual harrassment, because Lesbian baiting can be used as a means of sexual blackmail.

Allowing gays to serve openly in the military doesn't do anything to change the military rules about sexual harrassment.

I predict we will see more nonsense like this from the FRC Bleaters.... I've gotten Tom Prichard of the Minnesota Family Council on record saying that he believes there ought to be an oral sex exemption in the Minnesota Sodomy Law for married couples. I wonder if Prichard thinks there should be a similar exception in the sodomy provision of the UCMJ.


Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Michigan Democratic Governor Punts on defending State Contracts

Kind of the way the Democrats in Minnesota did two years ago. Log Cabin Republicans of Michigan comments.

Gov. Granholm’s action in agreeing to the terms of the resolution prior to any vote by the legislature is also nothing more than political tactics in its worst form. Open debate would have demonstrated the resolutions as yet another mean-spirited attack on GLBT families, but by quietly submitting to the demands of Rep. Bradstreet and his extremist allies, Gov. Granholm has shown that she lacks the vision, integrity, and courage to lead Michigan for another term. Gov. Granholm and Rep. Bradstreet have both shown that they’re bad for Michigan. The result of all of this political pandering will be a loss to the citizens of Michigan, both in terms of lost productivity of state employees, but also the millions of dollars the state could shell out in legal fees defending this action, especially if the case is lost at trial. We at LCRM had hoped for better, and the people of Michigan deserve better value from their political leaders.

The Log Cabin Republicans of Michigan have issued this statement both to condemn Rep. Bradstreet for his betrayal of Republican principles and for Gov. Granholm’s eleventh-hour pandering to the forces of bigotry. We also call upon all of the fair-minded legislators in the Republican Party to rise in opposition to these punitive and discriminatory resolutions.

Great press release.....

Britain's ExGay Ministry Renounces Goal of Converting Gays to Being Straight

They explain here. Hat Tip: Andrew Sullivan.

Monday, December 06, 2004

FRC on the Defensive about UCC Ads

Their Daily Bleating weighed in today:

Pro-Gay Ads Bumped for Being Slanderous, Not "Controversial"

Pro-homosexual activists and the United Church of Christ are now howling about the decision of the NBC and CBS television networks not to air a new ad for the liberal denomination. The ad shows two muscular bouncers working a rope line outside a church, denying entry to two men holding hands. They also turn back black, Hispanic, and disabled worshippers. An on-screen message then declares, "Jesus didn't turn people away. Neither do we." Ads shouldn't be rejected by TV networks merely because they address "controversial" issues--our freedoms of speech and of the press require the airing of all kinds of viewpoints. However, this ad is offensive because it falsely implies that conservative churches would exclude homosexuals from their worship services. Indeed, most churches would welcome them--where better to hear a gospel message offering the promise of forgiveness and eternal life to all who repent of their sins? And it is also false to equate disapproval of homosexual behavior with racism. It's because they defame conservative Christians, not because they are "controversial," that these ads have no place on TV.

Additional Resources
The Bible, The Church, and Homosexuality

Under this definition, CBS and NBC shouldn't be taking ads from FRC that promote the Federal Marriage Amendment on the grounds that the ads defame gays.

In other words, we can't have Churches ministering to gays who decide not to repent, and make fruitless efforts to change from gay to straight.

The more these ads get the discussion going, the better. This is a very important debate for Churches to have. Too many gays turn away from Christianity because the Church all too often turns on gays.

So-called "Pro-Family" Activist Calls on RNC to Fire Gays

From the Agape Press....

...A pro-family activist from Virginia says voters who put Republicans in office should demand that politicians not employ key personnel who don't hold the conservative views that the party promotes. That activist says the Capitol Hill office of Virginia Senator George Allen is a good example. Senator Allen is head of the Republican Senatorial Committee and was a key figure in the GOP's big victories in November. But Joe Glover, president of the Virginia-based Family Policy Network, says something is very wrong. Glover says homosexual publications have outed at least six members of the senator's office as homosexuals. He says one homosexual activist even went so far as to say Allen had the "gayest office on Capitol Hill." Pro-family conservatives, he says, need to make sure Senator Allen hears their voices. "If someone is going to run the day-to-day operations for the Republican apparatus to elect U.S. senators across the country, then dog-gone-it, it better not be somebody who practices a lifestyle that is diametrically opposed to the evangelical Christian base that delivered George W. Bush and the Republicans in the Senate the victory they saw in November," he says. Glover says Allen's executive director recently resigned because he was outed as a homosexual.

John Aravosis comments:

I had to laugh when I read the religious right bitching that Senator George Allen's staff is too gay. Allen is being replaced as the head of the National Republican Senatorial Committee by Elizabeth Dole, and the reports I've been hearing say her staff is as gay as Allen's. And Dole herself even reportedly had a meeting with her staff to let them know she wouldn't fire any of them for being gay. That sounds like she's already staked out a position opposite of what the religious right is now demanding.

To this one, I commented:

Good for Liddy Dole for doing that.... I can't imagine Dole's opponent for this job, Norm Coleman doing the same.

Do you really want Republicans to fire gay staff? Is that what you are advocating?

I remember a while back the Quistanistas in Minnesota (so named because they followed the anti-gay Republican, Alan Quist), were up in arms because former Senator Rod Grams had a gay staff member. They wanted this guy fired. Grams to his credit, paid no attention to this nonsense. Log Cabin Republicans of Minnesota had offered to do a press release praising Grams for his courage, but for some reason, the Grams campaign wanted none of that.

Aravosis has claimed to me, that he sees the need for a bipartisan strategy for gay rights activists. However posts like this suggest otherwise.

Good Legal Blog


Sunday, December 05, 2004

Does Masturbation Cause Pregnancy?

Henry Waxman's report on the Abstinence Only programs has gotten alot of attention. This report exposes how the curriculum in these programs lies on many points. Among the lies: AIDS is spread through sweat and tears and that pregnancy can be caused by mutual masturbation. James Carville rips this one on Crossfire here.

CARVILLE: One of the things that they teach is, is that you can get pregnant through masturbation. I don't know how to say this, but it's something I have some familiarity with.


CARVILLE: And I have never gotten pregnant.


CARVILLE: I have never known anybody to get pregnant through masturbation.


GENEVIEVE WOOD, FAMILY RESEARCH COUNCIL: Well, James, I frankly think it's a waste of time to spend time on this show trying to debate mis -- half-truths, misleading information, which is exactly what the Waxman report is. Let's be clear.


CARVILLE: But you can't get pregnant through masturbation, can you?

WOOD: Well, hold on. Well, hold on.

Look, everything in that report that Waxman put out there is taken out of context.


WOOD: I have spoken to people who have talked to all the individuals who do those programs in the schools. They say it's -- they are lying about some of the things they say and much of it are mistruths. Waxman has an agenda. Come on. Waxman...

CARVILLE: Can we agree that masturbation does not cause pregnancy, just -- it's simple enough. Yes or no?

WOOD: I'm not going to debate that thing -- no, I'm not talking going to talk -- that's not what this is about.

CARVILLE: Well, can you...

WOOD: That's not what this is about. What this is about is a political agenda.

(CROSSTALK) CARVILLE: Why are you going tell kids that they can get -- why do you lie to kids?

WOOD: Why is it, for 30 years, the -- quote, unquote -- "comprehensive sex-ed movement," those who want to pass out condoms in schools, for 30 years, have gotten all the federal dollars? They have had 30 years in the classrooms having their way with our kids. What's happened from that? Sexually transmitted diseases among teenagers have skyrocketed.



CARVILLE: Teenage pregnancies are down. Teenage pregnancies are down. Actually, it's working. I don't know how to tell you this, but it's working.

WOOD: Pregnancies are down.


WOOD: But STDs have skyrocketed, which shows you, yes, condoms may help...

CARVILLE: Well, can you catch an STD through masturbation?

WOOD: In some cases, yes. Hold on, James.

CARVILLE: Would you like to teach people not to masturbate? Is that -- what is that, the agenda? You want to teach them that with creationism and all that other nutty stuff you got?

WOOD: I think we ought to be giving our kids the full truth. And for 30 years, the establishment in this country has not been doing that. You've been passing out condoms, saying you're going to be safe.


CARVILLE: So we should lie to them.

WOOD: You've been lying for 30 years.

CARVILLE: We should tell them that condoms can't work and that they can get pregnant through masturbation and all that other goofy stuff?

WOOD: James, well, maybe you don't care about this because you are a man.

CARVILLE: I don't care if they masturbate. They're going to do it anyway, whether I tell them to or not.

WOOD: Maybe you don't care about this because you are a man, but the HPV virus, which is the leading cause of cervical cancer in this country, you are not protected from that by a condom. That hurts a lot of women in this country. And when you tell teenage girls that, using a condom, being with a boyfriend who uses a condom is going to keep them safe, that's a lie. And you guys have to own up to that.

CARVILLE: I'm all for telling people the truth.

FALWELL: Patricia, let me tell you why I believe we ought to teach abstinence in the schools.

I believe that, first of all, what James said earlier is right. Godly parents ought to practice abstinence outside the marriage bond, ought to teach it to their children. They ought to also hear it from the pastor and the Sunday school teacher at the church. They ought to also hear it at the school from the schoolteacher and the counselor. They ought to also hear a little of it on television and from Hollywood, that the only way to guarantee no teen pregnancy, no pregnancy -- here, I'm agreeing with James -- is no sex outside of marriage.

And whether it's premarital or extramarital, God's plan is still the best plan. Why is it such a silly thing that George Bush wants to teach the millions of boys and girls of this country in the school, augmented at home in the church and in the community, that all sex outside marriage is wrong, wrong, wrong?

IRELAND: Well, the Bush administration...


IRELAND: There's nothing wrong with wanting to teach abstinence in the schools. It's wrong to teach abstinence only, just as it was wrong for the Bush administration to take down accurate information from the government Web sites that showed, for instance, that abortion is not tied to a higher rate of breast cancer, that effective sex education programs include not only abstinence, but also comprehensive...

FALWELL: Well, let me shock you and tell you that I would not be opposed to comprehensive sex education in the public schools at the proper age level and the proper age presentation, if a value system is presented alongside that. Anatomy, sexual activity, the process of reproduction, that's all -- for me, that's fine. I have no problem with sex education if we teach them that...

IRELAND: Is there a question here?


FALWELL: Yes. The question is -- I'm going to ask you in a moment if you disagree. I realize that you disagree, because you once were president of NOW, and that is their main thing. But I want to ask you, what is wrong, what is wrong with teaching young people the facts with also a value system alongside saying, don't do it?

IRELAND: Well, I think that's fine. And, as I say, I don't oppose abstinence programs, but only abstinence-only. And why? Because the kids who take a virginity pledge, for instance, 88 percent of them end up having premarital sex.


IRELAND: You can't put your -- 88 percent of the kids who take premarital virginity...


IRELAND: I want to finish. And I'm going to tell you...

FALWELL: And I'm going to tell you, we do our polls, and that is not true.

IRELAND: Yes, well, you don't keep after them until they're married. And I will tell you that 88 percent of them break their vow.

FALWELL: I do...


FALWELL: I've been pastoring them for 49 years. And I say that from 49 years.


IRELAND: Wait a minute. I'm just telling you that -- and I am going to tell you also that the...


CARVILLE: Who was abstinent for 49 years?

FALWELL: And I've been chancellor 34 years at Liberty University.



CARVILLE: Let me ask you, in all honesty, do you really believe that your student body is abstinent out there?

FALWELL: No, but I'll tell you what. They're far more abstinent than they would be if I didn't teach it properly and our teachers and our...


WOOD: And the fact is, look, if you guys were really -- if you are so sure that your side is right on this, why don't you want to have a level playing field? The fact is nonabstinence teaching programs, those that pass out condoms...

CARVILLE: They don't teach people facts.


WOOD: ... government funding. They get a majority of it.

CARVILLE: You don't lie. Genevieve, Genevieve, you don't lie to kids. You don't get kids by lying to them.

WOOD: Who is lying?

CARVILLE: Of course you lie.

WOOD: Who is lying?

CARVILLE: And when you are tell them that they can get pregnant by masturbation, when you tell them that half the homosexual males under 18 are HIV positive -- you are lying when you tell them that condoms fail 50 percent of the time.


WOOD: But, James, you are not looking at these studies.

CARVILLE: You know what? I'm telling a young person, you can not get pregnant if you don't have intercourse. I promise you that. If you...



WOOD: If you really care, why don't you ask for a real government study on this?

CARVILLE: Because we are for the truth. You all want to lie to people, like you all want to lie to them about Iraq, you all want to lie to them about sex.


CARVILLE: You are not going to get young people to -- you are not going to get young people to believe them by telling them they will get pregnant from masturbation.

It seems that Senator Bill Frist agrees. He is now calling for a review of the Abstinence Only - Condoms Don't Work sex ed programs.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

The Bauer-Musgrave-Santorum Pandora's Box

From Chuck Muth's DC Confidential:


"Amid the Cabinet reshuffling, little attention has been paid to the appointment of Bush campaign manager Ken Mehlman as Republican National Committee chairman," writes political pundit Michael Barone. "But Mehlman's appointment could turn out to be as significant for our politics as Condoleezza Rice's is likely to be for foreign policy."

This is a great "insider" piece for those of you who like to keep up with what’s going on at the RNC. And since Mehlman will be the guy we’ll likely being dealing with beginning in January, it might be a good idea to get some background on the man with the plan. Catch Barone’s column here:

On the other hand, a blogger named Michael Rogers has been on a jihad to "out" gay Republicans in his anger over the Federal Marriage Amendment...and he now has Mehlman in his sights. In addition, the Washington Blade, a gay newspaper in the nation’s capital, is raising questions about Mehlman’s orientation.

Frankly, I couldn’t care less if Ken’s gay or not...and I doubt if most other people do, either. The guy knows how to organize precincts, recruit volunteers and win elections. That’s all I care about. His sex life is HIS business. But how will the religious right take it if it turns out the next Chairman of the Republican National Committee doesn’t like girls?

This is the Pandora’s box Rep. Marilyn Musgrave and Gary Bauer opened up for us all with the FMA. Gee, thanks folks.

That's my question too..... The Leviticus Crowd is already unhappy about Mary Cheney.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Where do the Gay Groups Go from Here?

Great article in the Washington Blade covers HRC, Log Cabin Republicans and the Republican Unity Coalition.

Will Mary Cheney Rejoin the Republican Unity Coalition Board?

Francis said he would welcome Vice President Dick Cheney’s lesbian daughter Mary Cheney back to the board, should she choose to rejoin. He added that Cheney handled herself with “amazing dignity” during the presidential election.

“Lesser people would not have been able to withstand that kind of pressure,” Francis said.

Former U.S. Senator Alan Simpson (R-Wyo.) said he plans to continue to be active with RUC.

Simpson told the Blade that he came to Washington for the election night celebration. He said he spent time with Dick and Lynne Cheney, along with Mary Cheney and her partner, Heather Poe.

“Mary and Heather were very visible,” he said, in discussing the president’s victory speech the day after the election. “I was with the Cheneys.”

When asked about Mary Chaney’s role in pushing for gay rights, Simpson said, “She does as much as she can do. That’s my view. I admire her and her sister very much.”

“Slowly but surely, we’ll get there,” he said.

I hope Mary Cheney does rejoin the Republican Unity Coalition's board of directors.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Iowa Common Sense Prevails

The same crowd that tries to get Harry Potter books removed from schools because they encourage devil worship is at it again. This time they were unsuccessful and the complaint about the use of gay themed books in a Solon, Iowa middle school has ended with the school board refusing to remove them.

Seven parents in last month demanded that two books teacher Sue Protheroe had put on a booklist be taken off and that Protheroe be ordered not to use gay themed books in the future. Only one of the parents had a child in the class.

The two books in question "Am I Blue?" and "In the Time I Get" are highly acclaimed and recommended by the publishers for children 14 or over. Protheroe teaches grade 8.

"Am I Blue?" features a gay fairy godfather, who helps a boy overcome homophobia at school. The other short story, "In the Time I Get," is about a man who befriends a young man dying of AIDS.

PZ Meyers at Pharyngula comments further.

In this case the local school district decided in favor of keeping the gay themed books in the curriculum - along with policies that notified parents of materials that will be used in the class. The Professional Anti-gay activists will be appealing this to the Iowa State Board of Education. We will see what happens there.

"Family Values" Leader Disses Cheney Family

From Agape Press (American Family Association) Hat Tip: Americablog and Christian Grantham.

A Virginia pro-family advocate says the people who helped re-elect President Bush don't support homosexual relationships -- the administration apparently does. Joe Glover, president of the Family Policy Network, has worked tirelessly for family values, including the fight against legalized homosexual "marriage." He says it was conservative Christians who put the president back in office and who held to the belief that the president shared their views. But Glover says the day after the election, that all seemed to go out the window. "The day after George Bush was elected president again, because of this morals revolution taking place in our country, he allows his vice president to not only put his lesbian daughter on the platform, but to bring her lesbian 'partner' up on the stage with him," Glover says. "It almost seems to be a slap in the face from the get-go against the very conservatives that re-elected the president at a time when he ought to paying them some homage and respect." Glover says the Cheney daughter's open flaunting of her homosexuality is the antithesis of what the administration claims to stand for -- and that the post-election display sends a mixed message to Bush supporters. [Rusty Pugh]

As a Republican, I appreciated seeing that the White House was supporting all Americans - and respecting family values - which means that parents respect and love their children for who they are. Mary Cheney and her partner Heather Poe helped with the campaign, and supported her father. That's family values. Joe Glover doesn't get it. This mean-spirited sentiment isn't conservative or christian and it sure isn't "pro-family".

Chuck Muth comments in his latest "Muth's Truths".

On the other hand, all this fear-and-loathing about "Jesusland" and the rise of the religious right isn’t completely without merit. Unfortunately, ordinary American church-goers are being broad-brushed into the "Crazy Christian" camp of folks such as Joe Glover, president of an organization called the Family Policy Network. You see, Joe’s really steamed at President Bush. Why? I'll let him explain...

"The day after George Bush was elected president again, because of this morals revolution taking place in our country, he allows his vice president to not only put his lesbian daughter on the platform, but to bring her lesbian 'partner' up on the stage with him," Glover laments. "It almost seems to be a slap in the face from the get-go against the very conservatives that re-elected the president at a time when he ought to be paying them some homage and respect."

Yes, the Chicken Little left is running around yelling, "The Christians are coming! The Christians are coming!" But un-Christian, un-American, homo-centric wing-nuts like Joe Glover - who get their knickers in a knot over the gay daughter of the Vice President of the United States joining her father on a victory stage - are giving the rest of us mainstream live-and-let-live Christian conservatives the bad rap.

It's not just the Democrats who need to reassess their "values."

You can email Joe Glover to let him know what you think. His organization, the Family Policy Network is affiliated with the AFA.

Matthew Shepard Revisited

ABC News is going to air an investigative report on the Matthew Shepard murder which debunks the conventional wisdom on the subject. I'm not surprised. I've always been skeptical about whether the Shepherd murder was really a hate crime in the classic sense.

Andrew Sullivan pretty much says it all:

MATTHEW SHEPARD: I never joined in the sanctification of Matthew Shepard. What happened to him was appalling, evil, horrifying. But what gay rights groups made of it was, in my view, exploitative and crude. I gave up counting the number of direct mail requests for money I received using Matthew Shepard's name. I wrote about my misgivings here. My opposition to hate crime laws is laid out here. Harper's Magazine has already sketched the role that crystal meth may have played in the scenario that led to Shepard's murder. Now ABC News has prepared an important, thorough and debunking review of what happened. I was tangentially involved in the documentary, but wasn't privy to its most closely held findings. I have a feeling it will reveal how dangerous it is to rest an entire political argument on one incident, whose details were always murky and subsequently turned into myth.

If you go to that entry you can read Andrew's essays about Shepard and Hate Crimes legislation. I don't support enhanced penalties for crimes against any group - that includes police and politicians. I see the real problem is that in too many places crimes against gay victims aren't prosecuted agressively. The answer isn't hate crimes laws, the answer for that is to change the hearts and minds of the DAs in those areas - so they start believing that gays are human beings - just like everyone else. However - if there is going to be hate crimes legislation - and it includes racial and religious minorities - it should include gays also. People who oppose hate crimes legislation on principle will oppose all hate crimes legislation - not just excluding gays from hate crimes laws. The folks who oppose hate crimes legislation just for gays - but not for anyone else - in my opinion are driven by anti-gay animus.

I also oppose hate speech codes. That being said, folks like Dobson are hypocritical on this issue - they want hate crimes laws and hate speech codes to apply when they are the ones on the receiving end - but don't want to have them apply when it applies to them.

As a gay woman, I want equal treatment under the law - and that includes the ability to marry a woman and the ability to serve openly in the armed forces. I also want to have access to the courts the same way any other citizen has access to the courts.

Friday, November 05, 2004

Did Gay Marriage Cause Kerry's Defeat?

Thoughtful post by Gryphmon on the subject.

Dick Meyer fisks the poll that fostered the huge press attention to "moral values".

Andrew Sullivan reports:

OUR BILL: Say this about Clinton: he always understood how to triangulate. The president who doubled the number of gay discharges form the military, signed the ban on HIV-positive immigrants, and jumped energetically on the Defense of Marriage Act, told Kerry to back marriage and civil union bans for gays in the campaign. Kerry, to his enormous credit, didn't go there. But then Kerry never presided over the execution of a retarded man for his own political purposes either.

GayPatriot jumps right on this which generated some thoughtful discussion among the GP commenters.

Andrew Sullivan also posts a thoughtful email which crunches the numbers for those states with ballot initiatives on marriage.

Friday, October 29, 2004

Friday Cat Blogging

It's in the New York Times. . .

I've had requests to get pictures of Lloyd (my late cat) and Kiddleewink on the blog. Maybe some day.

Mad Mel on Stem Cell Research


On Line 1, It's Mad Mel

The passion of Mel.

Hollywooder Mel Gibson is a phone-talker. No, not that kind of phone-talker, but the movie star is dialing up everyone from Gov. Ahnuld Schwarzenegger to radio-talkstress Laura Ingraham to opine about his "ethical problem" with stem cell research. (This is all in reaction to California Proposition 71, a measure Schwarzenegger just backed that would sell $3 billion in state bonds to finance such research.)

Mel Gibson is working the phones to rally opposition to a California stem cell research measure.

"I called Governor Schwarzenegger last night to talk about this very issue," he vented yesterday on ABC's "Good Morning America." Apparently the Golden State's leader had to run and got off the phone, but said he'd ring Gibson back.

"I'm still waiting for your call," Gibson sneered on ABC.

And it seems he killed the time waiting for the Guv's call by making a surprise call to Ingraham's radio show: "Hey, Laura, I wasn't in a petri dish, but I too was once just a bunch of cells, and so were you."

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

President Bush, Republican Party Platform is wrong about Civil Unions

New York Times....

He added: "I view the definition of marriage different from legal arrangements that enable people to have rights. And I strongly believe that marriage ought to be defined as between a union between a man and a woman. Now, having said that, states ought to be able to have the right to pass laws that enable people to be able to have rights like others."

Mr. Gibson then asked, "So the Republican platform on that point, as far as you're concerned, is wrong?"

"Right," Mr. Bush replied.

Mr. Bush announced in February that he supported an amendment to the Constitution that would ban same-sex marriage, and said at the time that the union of a man and a woman was "the most fundamental institution of civilization." He acted under enormous pressure from his conservative supporters, who had lobbied the White House to have the president speak out in an election year on a matter of vital importance to them.

But Mr. Bush also said at the time that states should be permitted to have same-sex civil unions if they chose.

Mr. Bush has sought to walk a careful line between pleasing conservatives who oppose same-sex marriage and not alienating more moderate voters who might see bigotry in his views. Mr. Bush's support for civil unions and his opposition to his party on the issue is in part an effort to reach out to swing voters, whom he needs to win on Nov. 2.

Freepers respond with the usual Leviticus crowd rantings about sodomites.... Robert Knight from the Culture and Family Institute is furious.

Stonewall Democrats

BoiFromTroy (guest blogging for Christian Grantham)

Andrew Sullivan comments here and here.


Friday, October 22, 2004

Cheap and Tawdry Comparison

Hat Tip Media Matters.

I sent the following to Fox and Friends:

Subject: Comparison of Lesbians to Sluts is Cheap and Tawdry

I am appalled by Kelly Ann Conway saying Kerry mentioning Mary Cheney is a
lesbian as being comparable to saying "your daughter is a slut" on Fox and
Friends. She needs to get her mind out of the gutter and apologise to Gay
and Lesbian americans - many of whom are Republicans.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

James Dobson and Other Levitucus Crowd Types on Mary Cheney

HANNITY: Hey, I want to ask you, before I get back into this issue, I really wanted to get your take on the issue we were talking about in the last segment about what was said by John Kerry about the Cheneys’ daughter.


HANNITY: And the issue of homosexuality.

DOBSON: Right. There was something that Senator Kerry said that bothers me even more than outing Vice President Cheney’s daughter, which I thought was terrible. It wasn’t fair. It was an invasion of her privacy. I don’t even know if she’s outed herself.

But what bothered me more was the assertion, which nobody challenged, that she was born that way. And there is absolutely no scientific evidence for that. There is no evidence. Even gay activists in the scientific community don’t claim that. There is no gay gene.

It comes from early developmental confusion, sexuality identity problems, early on. It’s not chosen, but it is also not genetic. And I wish somebody would make that case. I guess I just did.

John Kerry did not say it was genetic. He said it was not a choice. So Dobson and Kerry agree on this. As far as a gay gene goes, it's unclear whether there is a gay gene or not.

Frequently bad parenting is cited as a reason that people become gay by the Leviticus Crowd - but it's difficult to make this case, when their VP candidate has a daughter who is openly gay.

Other Leviticus Crowd types are furious with President Bush on this. Doug Phillips rants on the topic.

Across America this week the spin-doctors are spinning. The damage control experts are looking for some creative tactic to get Christians to stop thinking about the fact that their born-again Christian president told fifty million Americans, including untold millions of young people, that sodomy should be tolerated, that it is worthy of moral respect, and that homosexuals have every right to practice their perversion.

Yes, President George Bush endorsed and blessed the idea that "consenting adults [sodomites] can live the way they want to live." Though he professes to be a Bible believing Christian, the president told the American people that "I don't know. I just don't know" whether or not homosexuality is a choice.

Now it is not my purpose in this blog to tell you how to vote or to recommend a candidate. Not at issue is whether the president is a nice guy----he is a very pleasant and likeable man. Nor does it matter one lick just how liberal you believe John Kerry to be. The issue today is not John Kerry or even the presidential election. Such issues can be debated on another occasion.

My case is simple: First, on a defining question of this generation (the legalization and cultural acceptance of homosexuality) through his public statements, funding allocations, policy position on civil unions, executive appointments and much more, President George Bush arguably has the worst track record of any president in American history.

Steven Bennett - who seems like the number one professional ex-gay is furious about Kerry's statement, but the Mary Cheney story meant everyone ignores him.

Thursday, October 14, 2004
Contact SBM Media Relations 1-800-832-3623
In CT (203) 926-6960 Cell phone (203) 913-9745

"She Was Born That Way"
Kerry Promotes Lie About Homosexuality
During Final Presidential Debate

During last night's Presidential debate, Senator John Kerry - when discussing Mary Cheney (the Vice President's daughter who claims she is a lesbian) made the tragic mistake of becoming "the expert" on homosexuality -- stating ALL homosexuals are "born" that way.

Kerry - only doing what he knows best - how to mislead the public - probably made the most tragic statement of the entire evening. Do I smell a new book by FORMER homosexuals titled "Unfit for Command" and advertisements by the
"Ex-'Gay' Veterans for Truth?"

As a former homosexual -- now wonderfully married almost twelve years to my beautiful wife, as well as the father of our two little children -- it
angers me so when public figures continually and purposely make such inaccurate statements about homosexuality in the media - many censoring and never allowing the other side -- THE TRUTH -- to be heard.

While Kerry was correct in saying (paraphrased) "many would tell you they never chose that" -- he was right. I NEVER chose my same-sex attractions when I grappled with them and the homosexual lifestyle years ago - as most homosexual men and women would state.

However, the Senator inaccurately then assumed one must be born "gay." If a homosexual man or woman would truly open up and discuss the events during their childhood and teen years - one would soon learn why they tragically ended up being bumped down a path they would have NEVER chosen.

Rock star Melissa Etheridge (an open lesbian who says she is "married" to another woman) shared only months ago on CNN with Paula Zahn how she was repeatedly sexually molested by her own sister from ages six to twelve. Can anyone guess why after six years of lesbian molestation this woman is now openly "gay?" (Our prayers are with the singer as she announced she has breast cancer. We sincerely pray for her complete healing and recovery.)

NO ONE is born "gay," in most cases NO ONE chooses to be "gay," but in most cases homosexuality tragically develops during the childhood for a variety of different reasons. No one should be encouraged nor enabled to remain trapped in a falsehood - a lifestyle which in many cases which is destructive, dysfunctional -- and deadly. I know -- I've buried countless boyfriends in the ground who have died from AIDS.

Thank God for people and organizations such as Dr. Joseph Nicolosi of NARTH, Dr. Warren Throckmorton, Alan Chambers of Exodus International, Mike Haley and Melissa Fryrear of Focus on the Family, Bob Knight of Concerned Women for America, Peter LaBarbera of the Illinois Family Institute, Linda Harvey of Mission: America and the thousands of other courageous men and women across America who are willing to "swim against the stream" of "political correctness" and proclaim the truth: that NO ONE is born "gay" and that freedom from homosexuality is completely possible.

One of SBM's entire purposes is to educate America on THE most important issue of our day- homosexuality - one so greatly misunderstood. "Gay" activists and their political misinformation machines have spent millions trying to convince the world of the same Kerry lie: that people are born "gay."

It simply is NOT true.

Well Senator Kerry - I am living proof - as a FORMER homosexual - who would tell you, "Sir, on this issue you are dead wrong."


Monday, October 18, 2004

David Dayhoff gets Attacked by Leviticus Crowd for Gay Outreach

David Dayhoff is running for Minneapolis School Board, and has been endorsed by the Log Cabin Republicans of Minnesota. A few days ago, I posted an invitation to Log Cabin Republicans meet and greet for Dayhoff on the Minneapolis Issues elist.

The Students for Family Values, and anti-gay University of Minnesota student group now have their undies in a bunch.

Are you guys familiar with this Dayhoff guy who is running for Mpls. school board as a Republican?

Apparently he just had a fundraiser sponsered by the Log Cabin Republicans.

I'm beginning to wonder if being queer isn't a virtual prerequsite to run in the GOP (Gay Old Party).

At this rate, we have this to look forward to this.

There are also rumors of an anti-gay flyer put out about Dayhoff also. I have not been able to obtain a copy.

Developing. . .

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Fisking Lavender Magazine's Mike Krause: He's wrong on Rhodes, Cox and Erhardt

His latest Lavender Collumn is here.

On the constitutional amendment vote in the House, GLBT Minnesotans had universal support among DFLers who dominate the delegations in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Duluth, and the Iron Range.

We had many suburban allies as well, including Connie Bernardy of Fridley, Lynn Carlson of Robbinsdale, Barbara Goodwin of Columbia Heights, Deb Hillstrom of Brooklyn Center, Mike Nelson of Brooklyn Park, Katie Sieben of Newport, Nora Slawik of Maplewood, and Paul Thissen of Richfield.

All these deserve praise. However, it is ironic that Krause left out that Rebecca Otto voted for this anti-gay amendment - and I've heard from sources in the house, that Minority Leader Matt Entenza advised her to vote this way. Since Entenza was a major supporter - and got the DFL house caucus to spend $60,000 on her behalf during the special election, I find this eminently believable. The house DFL caucus notably, did not take an official position on this amendment. Now Otto has capitalized on anti-amendment sentiment when she got the St Paul Pioneer Press endorsement.

Joe Opatz of St. Cloud and Bill Hilty from the Pine County area cast especially courageous votes against the constitutional amendment.

All these political allies deserve to be reelected to their seats.


A handful of Republicans were opposed to the constitutional amendment as well, including Ron Erhardt of Edina, Ray Cox of Northfield, and Jim Rhodes of St. Louis Park. Cox and Rhodes have tough fights for re-election on their hands from David Bly and Steve Simon, respectively.

The issue for GLBT voters in these districts is that a vote for Cox or Rhodes, while rewarding them for supporting GLBT rights, is also a vote for House Speaker Steve Sviggum and other Republican House leaders who have consistently antigay records.

Yes, and voting for Cox or Rhodes opponents is a vote for Matt Entenza, who to gay audiences, will wax eloquent about the need to fight those evil republicans, while privately advising DFLers in swing districts to vote for the anti-gay Bachmann amendment.

Republicans who make the tough votes - against the anti-gay segments of their base, should be rewarded. It's important to have these voices at house caucus meetings. Gays will marginalize themselves politically, if they follow Krause's single party logic.

A suburban race of particular interest, in the New Hope area, features DFLer Sandra Peterson against Republican Lynne Ostermann. Although Ostermann has cultivated a more moderate image among Republican House members, she still voted to put the antigay marriage amendment on the state ballot. Peterson has had support from GLBT elected officials and groups.

Yes, Ostermann did vote for the Bachmann amendment. Log Cabin Republicans of Minnesota endorsed Ostermann in 2000. The Log Cabin Republicans of Minnesota PAC did not endorse Ostermann this time around. Her record in the legislature has been 100% anti-gay. Her rhetoric is different on this issue.

And for the GLBT voters agonizing over races such as the Cox-versus-Bly and Rhodes-versus-Simon contests, remember that the first vote cast by Republicans Cox and Rhodes, if they are reelected, will be for House Speaker.

Even though we had their vote against the constitutional amendment, they absolutely will vote to return Sviggum to the Speaker's chair.

True. Rep Sviggum supported the anti-gay amendment this past session. I'm not clear whether OutFront Minnesota made any attempts to lobby him on this issue this year. But as I said before, Krause is suggesting a recipe to marginalize gays should the Republicans win the house again. I have no problem with voting out anti-gay Republicans. I do have a major problem with voting out pro-gay Republicans - and hardworking legislators like Representative Rhodes. I watched his debate with his opponent - and Rhodes was head and shoulders above his Democratic

That first vote of the session alone should be enough to motivate GLBT voters in all these districts to get out and vote, and tell their friends and allies what it will mean to the GLBT community to have a change in
leadership in St. Paul.

Vote with your brain..... It's stupid to tie our fortunes as a community completely to the Democratic wagon. In order to win politically on our issues, we need to have friends on both sides of the aisle.

Monday, October 11, 2004

Second Source Confirms MCCL Calls on Behalf of Hennepin County District Judge Candidate Steven Baker

Another independent source told me of the MCCL (Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life) calls on behalf of Steven Baker. The calls were made before the primary, and they appear to have been made by volunteers. My source is going to get me a copy some tapes of the calls.

I understand that some of Commissioner Linda Koblick's constituents are unhappy with her endorsement of Baker, and have contacted her.


Homo-Cleansing the Class Room

A "Muth's Truth"......

by Chuck Muth
October 10, 2004

I feel like Michael Corleone in “Godfather III” who famously said, “Just when I thought that I was out they pull me back in.”

I’ve been trying to refrain from commenting on “the gay thing” for the last couple of months, other than to criticize the gay organization Log Cabin Republicans for failing to endorse the Republican nominee for president. And I stayed pretty much mum on the House’s attempt to pass a Federal Marriage Amendment other than to note that, as in the Senate, the effort went down in flames.

And then along comes Rep. Jim DeMint, who is now running for the U.S. Senate in South Carolina, to pull me back in.

DeMint is an staunch conservative. As a congressman, he has a Lifetime ACU Rating of 97. He is, by far, the superior candidate in the senate race for those of us who long for a strictly limited federal government.

But at a recent debate with his opponent, DeMint joined the ranks of the “homo-cons” by offering up the following: “If a person wants to be publicly gay, they should not be teaching in the public schools.” Good grief. Is this supposed to be the CONSERVATIVE point of view?

Now before some of you rush off to send me the now-requisite hate email (send it to for daring to pen yet another of my patented “fag lover” commentaries, let me put this in perspective.

Back in 1978, a California state legislator named John Briggs put forth a ballot initiative to ban gay teachers. This was at a time in history when most gays were pretty much still “in the closet,” and WAY before “Will & Grace” and “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.”

In a fundraising letter at the time, Briggs compared gay teachers to mass murderers by tying his anti-gay initiative to another initiative strengthening the death penalty: “You can act right now to help protect your family from vicious killers and defend your children from homosexual teachers,” he wrote. Subtle, huh?

The Briggs Amendment, which apparently Jim DeMint would vote for today, over 25 years later, was leading in the polls by as much as 61 percent to 31 percent. And then. . .

Former California Gov. Ronald Reagan came out against it.

On election day, the Briggs amendment was soundly defeated.

Now, those of you from the Leviticus Wing of the GOP can heap hosannas on Jimmy DeMint ‘til the cows come home, but don’t DARE say his position on banning gay teachers is the CONSERVATIVE position. Let me tell you something. I knew Ronald Reagan. OK, not personally. But as my President. Ronald Reagan was a TRUE conservative. And Jim DeMint, you’re no Ronald Reagan.

Wanna talk about teaching or advocating homosexuality (or heterosexuality, for that matter) in the classroom...fine. The subject is open for debate. But banning a teacher simply because of their sexual preference? Uh-uh.

One of the best teachers I had in 12 years of schooling was rumored to be light in the loafers. I couldn’t care less. Not then; not now. He was a FANTASTIC teacher. In fact, he probably sparked my love for writing at an early age - a love which persists to this day - in addition to teaching me how to play Cat Stevens songs on the guitar.

OK, in retrospect that one doesn’t appear to have been such a shining moment. But in fairness, this was long before Cat became a terrorist symp.

In any event, Jim DeMint would have denied me and my classmates the opportunity to learn from this truly gifted individual...simply because he was gay.

You know what? If you don’t want to "risk" having your kids taught by a gay teacher, then pull them out of the public schools. Send ‘em to a private school. Or better yet, home-school them. But don’t try telling the rest of us TRUE conservatives that a teacher should be judged not on their ability to teach and inspire a desire for a lifetime of learning in children, but on their sexual preference.

You know, between President Bush’s big-government "compassionate" conservatism and Jim DeMint’s homo-centric conservatism, I’m starting to think it is indeed time for TRUE limited-government conservatives to tear up their GOP membership cards and sign a Declaration of Conservative Independence. In fact, I think I’ll start writing one right now.

# # #

Chuck Muth is president of Citizen Outreach, a non-profit public policy advocacy organization in Washington, D.C. The views expressed are his own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Citizen Outreach. He may be reached at

Saturday, October 09, 2004

MCCL doing calls for Henn Judge Candidate Stephen Baker

Adapted from posts to Minneapolis Issues here and here.

I've heard that Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life (MCCL) has been calling their members in support of Stephen Baker for Hennepin County Judge. Did anyone reading this blog get this call?

Do they want Baker because he will routinely deny young women who want a judicial bypass from the both parent notification requirement on abortion?

Now I've heard Baker talked up among Republican Party activists - but I wanted to find out if he was a judge candidate in the tradition of Kathleen Blatz or in the
tradition of Greg Wersal. I've still got that question.

Here's his list of supporters:

  • Hennepin County Sheriff Patrick D. McGowan
  • Hennepin County Commissioner Penny Steele
  • Hennepin County Commissioner Mark Stenglein
  • Hennepin County Commissioner Linda Koblick
  • Hennepin County Commissioner Randy Johnson (also supports opponent Burke)
  • Former Minneapolis Councilman Walter Dziedzic
  • Former Dept. of Public Safety Commissioner Charlie Weaver
  • State Senator Gen Olson
  • Lyall Schwartzkopf
  • State Auditor Patricia Anderson
  • Brian Sullivan
  • Thomas Seiben
  • Tom Kelly
  • Judith Samson
  • Brain K. Flakne
  • Howard Bass
  • Jeffrey Sheridan
  • Vance B. Grannis
  • Loren A. Magsam
  • Paul Rogosheske
  • Charles F. Gegen
  • Mark A. McDonough
  • Jeffrey D. Cahill
  • Joy Bartscher
  • Barry L. Wittenkeller
  • Tom Bauer
  • Jason Bauer
  • Richard M. Erdall

I wonder if all of his supporters know about the MCCL calls.

Commissioner Linda Koblick is listed as a supporter of Baker's.... I'm wondering if she knew about the MCCL calls when she gave her name to his campaign. It seems that some other Republican moderates are supporting Burke.

It's rather odd that Hennepin County Commissioner Randy Johnson is listed as supporting both Burke and Baker.

Here are Burke's supporters.

  • Former Vice-President of the United States Walter F. Mondale
  • Former Minnesota Governor Arne H. Carlson
  • Former Minnesota Attorney General Warren Spannus
  • Anoka County Attorney Robert M.A. Johnson
  • Dakota County Attorney James C. Backstrom
  • 2004 Hennepin County Judicial Candidates
    • Thomas Sheran (3rd place in Primaries)
    • Jay Quam (4th place in Primaries)

  • Chairman, Hennepin County Board of Commissioners Randy Johnson
  • Former U.S. Attorney & Former Hennepin County Judge Andrew W. Danielson
  • Former MN Supreme Court Justice Edward C. Stringer
  • Former Assistant Majority Leader of the MN Senate Ember Reichgott Junge
  • Former Hennepin County Chief Judges
    • Patrick W. Fitzgerald
    • Roberta K. Levy

    MN State Senators
    • Richard J. Cohen
    • Jane R. Ranum
    • Scott D. Dibble

  • Former Hennepin County Assistant Chief Judge John Stanoch
  • Former Hennepin County Attorney Thomas L. Johnson
  • The Last Seven Presidents of the Hennepin County Bar Association
    • John M. Dornik
    • Jean F. Holloway
    • Brian Melendez
    • Aaron F. Biber
    • Susan M. Holden
    • Jeffrey Eng
    • Bradley C. Throsen

  • Chairman of Key Investments, Inc. Dwight W. Opperman
    MN State Representative Paul Thissen
  • Former Minneapolis Mayor Sharon Sayles Belton
  • Tom Heffelfinger


Sunday, October 03, 2004

Stonewall vs Log Cabin

That debate is occuring over on the mn-politics-discuss list again.

Imagine a political party...where they want to work with further your individual rights.

If this is the case, there is NO need for a Stonewall DFL. I don't think that's true unfortunately. There are candidates like Rebecca Otto - who benefited from a lot of help from the gay community in Stillwater, only to have her turn around and vote for the Bachmann amendment. I'm not sure what her political calculation was - did she really think the anti-gay voters in that district were going to turn around and support her?

What's really pathetic with Otto is she has the nerve to send her supporters emails where she will rant about her opponent being obsessed with the gay marriage issue. Well if that's the case, why didn't she vote against the bill.

And yes, I've seen Eric Mitchell at Stonewall's booth at Pride.... That's good that the DFL send people to that booth - it's still not the same as a DFL booth.

Interestingly enough there WAS a county DFL booth at Rochester Pride - and they were promoting the local legislative candidate - while Stonewall was promoting Kerry. I also remember being struck by the fact that neither the Stonewall nor HRC booth promoted candidates Teresa Daly or Patty Wetterling. According to Mike Krause's recent "Gay Agenda" Lavender column, HRC didn't mention Daly or Wetterling at their dinner. I often don't think too much of Krause's column, but this one hit the nail on the head: you'd think that since Minnesota is a swing state, HRC would have had a high profile political speaker, and would have done more than making endless appeals for money for HRC.

I did appreciate it when HRC and OutFront co-sponsored an event to organize opposition to the Bachmann amendment. I'm glad I went to that event, and I'm just as glad I passed on this dinner - which sounds like a collosal waste of time.

Krause's collumn is here.

I highly recommend picking up this issue of Lavender.

From the column:

This year, HRC has set a target of registering 500,000 GLBT Americans
to turn out and vote, especially in important swing states. That at least will blunt the four million Christian evangelicals the Bush Campaign hopes to mobilize by Election Day.

To get the job done in Minnesota, HRC plans to rely heavily on OutFront Minnesota, the state's GLBT advocacy organization.

Yet, after many years at the Capitol in St. Paul, OutFront has failed to build an effective grassroots organization that truly can challenge legislators with more than appeals to their conscience.

When antigay elements threaten, OutFront has shown it can organize a large rally at the Capitol, but the total number of dues-paying members in the entire state would be less than the numbers assembled for the HRC Dinner.

I'm not sure whether or not I'm currently a "dues paying member" of OutFront. I do contribute to them, sometimes, but remain disastisfied with the return on investment. My biggest concern is I see little evidence that they make sincere efforts to meet with and lobby Republicans.

Cheryl Jacques, HRC's new President, gave the only address that could
be called the keynote (during the 90 minutes from the time salads were served to the time entrées showed up at the table).

Jacques, however, was not well briefed on Minnesota politics. She missed an opportunity both to inspire and to show some sophistication on HRC's part.

Despite HRC's focus on federal-level legislation, and its presence on Capitol Hill, Jacques did not even mention Teresa Daly or Patty Wetterling, two Democratic women who are within striking distance of knocking off two antigay Republican Congressmen: John Kline and Mark Kennedy.

As I said before, HRC and Stonewall were not promoting these candidates at Pride either. It's an opportunity lost.

Jacques compounded the error by recognizing nearly every out GLBT
politician in the state, including the three gay men on the Minneapolis City Council, but did not mention the straight political allies who were in attendance.

The oversight was particularly noticeable for House Minority Leader Matt Entenza and House Minority Whip Margaret Anderson Kelliher, who organized the passionate and principled debate in the Minnesota House against a state constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.

I disagree that Entenza did that much.... If the house DFL were serious on this, they could have made opposition to the bill the official position - notably they did not.

Ideally, Jacques and HRC would have invited the 15 to 20 candidates
for the Legislature who could give back control to the DFL, and end the Republican witch-hunt against gay and lesbian Minnesotans, to stand with her onstage, and be recognized by the crowd.

Jacques should have invited the house members who voted against this bill to be recognised. There were 3 Republicans who deserve some praise for their votes opposing this amendment: Ray Cox, Jim Rhodes, and Ron Erhardt.

At the beginning of her remarks, Jacques argued powerfully that the
GLBT community should accept only full marriage rights, and that civil unions are not enough. She's right.

But in her advocacy for Kerry, Jacques failed to level with her audience about the fact that he does not support gay marriage, but only civil unions.

Jacques talked proudly, and rightly so, about HRC's impressive 50-48 victory in the U.S. Senate on a federal marriage amendment, without mentioning that the two votes not cast in that debate were from Kerry and John Edwards.

Kerry and Edwards didn't show - and this was AFTER they received HRC endorsement. This was a slap in the face to HRC.

There is no doubt about which major party presidential team will
advance the cause of gay civil rights. Kerry has an outstanding voting record on GLBT issues, and he will oppose a federal constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.

But he supports state constitutional amendments - making those harder to defeat.

But it was hypocritical for Jacques to stake out her ground so firmly
for full marriage rights, and then give Kerry a pass.

Instead, Jacques should have told us all to march into the voting booth, hold our noses if we must, and vote for Kerry, because he will be so much better than George Bush for our community.

That would have been honest, and it would have been received better by those political activists gathered for the HRC Dinner.

Unfortunately, Jacques's speech was not the end of a disappointing night with no small amount of condescension toward the audience.

Yup, gay people aren't stupid. Kerry's campaign loves to make this issue about gays having trouble with Kerry over his gay marriage position - and that isn't it - it's the flip flopping over this. Kerry clearly tells different audiences different things on this issue. Bush does too rather ironically.

Vanessa Kerry, the candidate's daughter, gave a speech that was essentially: "Vote for my father, because I have had a rainbow ribbon on my backpack for over a year."

EY: Oh gag me.... I'm really glad I didn't go.

Throw in a quick song from Carole King, and a brief appearance by one of the actors from Queer as Folk, among the almost constant appeals for money, and you get the idea of how the night went down.

Perhaps it is asking too much for HRC to have a more strategically significant (and much shorter) event in the weeks just before the election.

The purpose of the dinner, after all, is to raise money for political campaigns mostly out of the state, and to give major corporations a chance to parade their diversity policies in front of the GLBT community.

Perhaps it is asking too much to have a well-known political speaker at one of the largest HRC events in the nation, in one of the more important swing states in the election.

I am a member of HRC, and I will continue to be a member of HRC. Whether I go to the dinner again will remain to be seen.

But I certainly think our GLBT community in Minnesota needs to wake up, and get serious about what it will take to be a more respected political force within our own state, as well as in Washington, D.C.

Hear hear...

Dan Dobson: Eva Quit Your Whining

He didn't like what I said about the poor performance of Minnesota Democrats on this vote.


This it was the Democrats, who Eva is blasting, who blocked the Amendment, not the Republicans she works so tirelessly for. According to my calculations, 87% of the Republicans voted for the Constitutional Amendment, 81% of the Democrats voted against the Amendment, yet Eva criticizes the Democrats.

I'm NOT blasting all the Democrats - I'm blasting the Democrats who supported this nonsense. In Minnesota, when the Bachmann amendment came up, Minority Leader Entenza was in public opposing this amendment and talking about what a distraction it was - in private, as I understand it, he advised first termer Rebecca Otto to vote in
FAVOR of the amendment. What a pal Entenza is. Certainly it's on the record that the house dfl caucus took no official position on the amendment, and I recall at the rally Karen Clark spoke of being angry with house democrats she had considered friends voting for this amendment. I doubt she was referring to Otembra....

I just don't get it. Eva and the Log Cabin Republicans give time, energy and support to these Republicans, who would take their rights away, then she complains how the Democrats don't do enough to protect her and other gays from the Republicans she supports.

Give me a break Dan... Log Cabin Republicans in Minnesota urged LCR on the national level to withhold endorsement from Bush. We did that before Pride in June. Log Cabin Republicans on the national level withheld endorsement from Bush last month. I've had an oped in the star tribune publically criticizing the efforts by the Bush administration and some in the Republican party to push this amendment. For that, I've gotten grief in Republican circles....

You know what. I support Gay Marriage for those Gays who vote Democratic, but for those gays who are stupid enough to vote Republican, I say you deserve what you get.

Eva and the Log Cabin Republicans stop your whining! You're getting exactly what you deserve for supporting Republicans.

Ofcourse, I responded on the list too....

What's funny is Dan and I get along perfectly well in person. You wouldn't know it from this email exchange.

Open Letter to Maria Cino, Vice Chair Republican National Committee

October 02, 2004

I've been meaning to write the RNC to let them know how I feel about the bible ban flyer. Here's a copy of the letter.

From: "Eva Young"
Date: Sat, 2 Oct 2004 08:40:41 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Please Apoligise for the RNC Mailer that Insults People of Faith and Gays

Maria Cino
Vice Chair
Republican National Committee

Ron Eibensteiner, Chair
Republican Party of Minnesota

Dear Maria:

I am very disappointed to read the Republican
National Committee is behind the attrocious flyer
claimed that "liberals" would ban the bible and allow gay marriage. Does this flyer mean that conservatives will replace the constitution with the bible?

Minnesota Republican Party Chair, Ron Eibensteiner, RNC Committee Members Jack Meek and Evie Axdahl, have the obligation to publically commit to deep sixing this mailing in Minnesota (if it hasn't already gone out). If it has, they should apologise for insulting the intelligence of Minnesota voters - especially conservative christians. This mailing suggests that the Republican Party thinks people of faith are ignorant bigots.

When I met you at the Log Cabin Republicans Washington Flyin in May of 2000, I had thought you were genuinely committed to inclusion within the Republican Party. I am very disappointed that the voices of inclusion within the Republican National Committee failed to stop this mailer.

I also would like to call on President Bush and Vice President Cheney to explicitly repudiate this mailer. In 2000 the NAACP did a horrendous ad claiming that Bush was responsible for the horrendous murder of James Byrd because Bush opposed hate crimes legislation. That ad was demogoguery of the worst sort - but it was put out by the NAACP - NOT the Democratic National Committee. This ad was put out by the Republican National Committee. Now the RNC has the obligation to condemn this ad and to fire the
staffers responsible for putting it out.

The question is: is the Republican Party the party of the people that graced the podium in New York: Rudy Giuliani, Arnold Schwarzenegger and John McCain, or the party of Jerry "gays caused America to be attacked on 911" Falwell, Senator Rick "man on dog sex" Santorum, Alan "gays are selfish hedonists" Keyes. Pandering to bigotry is a double edged sword. I encourage you to take the high road in this campaign.

Eva Young
Log Cabin Republicans of Minnesota

I posted this letter on, and I've already been banned from posting on that list.

Byrd Blasts RNC "Bible Ban" Flyer

From Fox News

Sen. Robert Byrd (search), D-W.Va., delivered a statement on the Senate floor Thursday criticizing a Republican National Committee flyer sent en masse to West Virginians, which he said suggests that Democratic officials want to ban the Bible.

Byrd sees the flyer as the "latest in a pattern of distortions from the RNC and the Republican leadership" and points to the situation in Iraq as evidence.

The RNC is "spreading this tripe to smear Democrats, and the president ought to demand that the Republican National Committee apologize to the people of West Virginia," Byrd said. "The political hacks behind that blasphemous flyer should be required to re-read the Book of Exodus. There is no free pass from the commandments in an election year."

Republicans "must think that spreading nonsense about banning the Bible is a sure-fire way to get votes in an election year. But the people of West Virginia are smarter than that."

Byrd said truth is "tailored to fit the occasion" this election year, and "nowhere is this more evident than on the subject of Iraq. Whether it be weapons of mass destruction or an imminent threat or mushroom clouds, the reason for the war changes faster than the weather. Talk about flip-flops!"

Yup, this flyer shows that the Republican National Committee thinks the people of West Virginia and Arkinsas are stupid bigots.

Log Cabin Repulicans of Minnesota Starts PAC

Log Cabin Republicans of Minnesota
Contact, Dennis Sanders, Vice President-Public
(612)605-5630 or (612)325-8066 (cell)

For Immediate Release, October 2, 2004

Log Cabin Republicans of Minnesota Introduces new Political Action Committee

MINNEAPOLIS- Log Cabin Republicans of Minnesota are excited to announce the creation of Log Cabin Republicans of Minnesota Political Action Committee, a
new organization aimed at supporting and encouraging gay and gay-friendly Republicans to run for public office.

"The best way to make the GOP in Minnesota a party of inclusion is to support and attract tolerant Republicans to not only run for office, but to get involved in the party process, such as working on the platform committee," chapter President Eva Young said.

"There is an old saw that goes, 'Politics is about who shows up.' Well, the religious right has been showing up and supporting candidates for office that want to
treat the GLBT community as second-class citizens," Young said. "Now is the time for fair-minded Republicans to show up and support friendly candidates who will work for gay GLBT equality."

The Executive Committee chose Mark Hanson of Minneapolis to be the Chair of Log Cabin Minnesota PAC. Hanson looks forward to his new job. "We want to let socially tolerant Republicans to know that we will support them in any way we can."

Log Cabin Minnesota PAC is already involved in the campaign of David Dayhoff, a candidate for the Minneapolis School Board. Dayhoff supports Out 4 Good, a program promoting a safe learning environment for GLBT students, families and teachers, as well as comprehensive sex education as opposed to "abstinence-only ­ condoms don’t work" education.

"We are excited to be helping David and we hope to see him on the school board come November," said Hanson.

Mark Hanson of Minneapolis is a Minnesota native and works as an accountant for a major nonprofit. He is active in Lutheran church and music activities, enjoys
the friends and allies he meets in his political activities, and can be seen pedaling his bike around the local lakes and rivers. After many years of
watching 'Almanac' and actually caring about what people said, Mark is excited about his new role with the LCRMN PAC.

Log Cabin Republicans is a nationwide grassroots organization working for inclusion of GLBT persons in the Party of Lincoln and supporting gay-friendly Republican candidates for public office.

Prepared and Paid for by Log Cabin Republicans of Minnesota PAC. Jim Galvin, Treasurer

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Secretary of State Mary Kiffmeyer at Gay Pride?

This was the first I heard about this. Mary Kiffmeyer claims she was at Twin Cities Gay Pride Events.

Mark Brunswick's article about Kiffmeyer last week was quite interesting:

Staff members distributed literature at Gay Pride events in Minneapolis this year despite being harassed by people who didn't think her office should be there, she said. Critics concerned about separation of church and state raised eyebrows when her office was listed as an official sponsor of the recent Luis Palau evangelistic festival at the State Capitol.

Kiffmeyer was unapologetic.

"I don't have any squeamishness whatsoever about reaching out to all voters, one side or the other. Luis Palau, oh, my goodness sakes! Where's the Star Tribune when I'm working at Gay Pride and my staff has to take flak for being there? Most of the time we've been treated with respect and welcomed. We've done Buddhists to Luis Palau. I've been with Muslims.

"I've been to First Avenue [a Minneapolis nightclub] a couple of times. Talk about culture shock. I am a small-town girl, so going to First Avenue, I wore my black leather jacket. Yes, I have one. Of course, I got it on clearance."

This is interesting, because it's the first time I've heard that Kiffmeyer had been out at Gay Pride. Now it would be perfectly appropriate for the SOS to have a voter registration booth at Pride - but I don't recall such a booth.

Does anyone else know more about this?

It seems like Kiffmeyer could show she is serious about encouraging gay voters to vote, by advertising in Lavender Magazine. She might also wish to work with OutFront Minnesota - which is doing voter registration activities targeted at the gay community.

Tim Bonham from the Minneapolis Issues List responded:

I, too, have to question the presence of the Secretary of State's office at Gay Pride. I don't remember seeing them there.

They aren't listed as a vendor in the Pride Guide, nor as a unit in the Pride Parade. And Pride rules prohibit people who are not vendors from just showing up at the event and distributing literature, signing up people, etc. Did her office just ignore these rules?

There were many groups at the Pride Festival who DID pay to rent a booth, and were doing voter registration at their booths. And I know people from the DFL booth walked the Parade route with voter registration cards.

Typical of her partisan bias that she uses tax money to be an "official sponsor" of a right-wing fundamentalist christian event, but skips out of paying for a booth at a GLBT event.

Tim Bonham, Ward 12, Standish-Ericsson

Now I recall a Stonewall DFL booth, but not a DFL booth at Pride.

Chicago Protest Against Ex-Gay Steven Bennett

Original post here.

From Lloydletta Comments:

I took great pleasure in participating in that protest. I have to admit that the "many protestors with megaphones" was a bit much. We only had one. I just also happen to have the chant sheet in front of me, and, none of our chants stated that Bennett hates gays. His actions scream that fact already.
He is, however, a huge liar. People like him forget that they have to go in judgement before God as well.
Was the "P.S." yours or part of the letter?

Steven Bennett a liar? Stop the presses! Say it isn't so!

The PS was BS from Bennett.

Thursday, September 30, 2004

Hate Amendment Vote Today

Results here.

Democrats in Minnesota did very poorly. Peterson voted for it, Oberstar didn't vote. McCollum and Sabo voted no. All Republicans voted aye.

Was Party Discipline for the Dems done with this? I doubt it. They just use the blame the Republicans strategy.

Anti-Gay Emily's List Endorsed Stephanie Herseth voted aye.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Leviticus Crowd Conference in Minnesota

Gads, Steven Bennett was in Minneapolis at an Olive Tree Ministries Conference. To get a sense of this group, listen to some of Jan Markell's radio shows - State Senator Michele Bachmann (Minnesota's Marilyn Musgrave) and Steven Bennett are both frequent guests - and the stuff is just wacko...... The shows are archived.

He's a professional "ex-gay".... As his bio states:

Stephen is leading the way on a national level in the battle against "gay marriage" and the "gay agenda." He lived the homosexual lifestyle for many years, but God set him free. He is married with children. His testimony is more evidence that no one is beyond God's saving grace. The "gay marriage/gay agenda" is the issue of the century for America. Stephen is a part of "Concerned Women for America" but has been featured on national media including Fox News, The O'Reilly Factor, CBS This Morning, and more. He has his own ministry and is also a recording artist.

His "personal story" is rather suspect - folks have been looking into his claim - and noone can find anyone who has known him when he lived the "homosexual lifestyle" as he put it. Supposedly he had a partner and also had been with "hundreds of men".....

He's the one who did the exgay outreach at Provincetown.... This charming little email from Steven came yesterday.

From: "Stephen J. Bennett"
Date: Mon, 27 Sep 2004 12:11:39 -0400
X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook Express 6.00.2800.1437
X-Mailman-Approved-At: Mon, 27 Sep 2004 14:08:14 -0400
Subject: SBM in Minneapolis, St. Paul & Chicago Update

--- SBM, Inc. ---
Stephen Bennett Ministries, Inc.
P.O. Box 2095
Huntington, CT 06484-1095
Nationwide Toll-Free 1-800-832-3623
A Pro-Family Organization Advocating for
The Traditional Family, The Protection of Children
and Proclaiming the Truth About Homosexuality
Special Media Note: Monday, Sept. 27, 2004

From Monday, Sept. 27, 2004's Chicago Tribune:

Church's stance on gays is hit
An Oak Park congregation's services against same-sex marriage draw 2 sets of protests [Steven included full text of article in his email]

*PS - Three camera trucks with satellite dishes, many protestors with megaphones screaming "Bennett hates gays!" Stephen Bennett lies!" and CBS, ABC and another local affiliate broadcast the interviews with Stephen and Irene as well as parts of the service. Two of the stations lied saying Stephen stated he compared homosexuality with "mental illness."

EY: Oh really.... Stephen Bennett has said the most viscious things about gays. Bennett isn't known for telling the truth on this issue.

God's truth and life transforming word got out, yet it breaks our hearts that many in the gay agenda and pro-gay media can only get their message out through the use of one thing -- lies. Secondly, at the end of the article, Stephen never said homophobic means "I hate homosexuals" -- he said homophobic means "fear of homosexuals." But again, we all know the many in the secular media never can get their stories "straight."

Watching all the local news casts in Chicago last night were disheartening -- yet the Lord was no doubt glorified!

They probably exposed the bigotry for what it was. The Leviticus Crowd was unhappy that the St Paul Pioneer Press mentioned the "Death Penalty for Homosexuals" sign at the so-called "Rally for Marriage" in St Paul.

The "Understanding the Times" Conference in Minneapolis, St. Paul, MN
this past Friday and Saturday went fantastic. Featured speakers on Friday and Saturday were Stephen Bennett, Dave Hunt and Bill Koenig. Jan Markell of Olive Tree Ministries organized a fantastic event and it drew well over 1,000 we believe each day. Keep the Bennetts in your prayers as Stephen ministers in music at a benefit concert tonight in Arlington Heights, IL for the Illinois Family Institute.

I suppose this will help finance more "research" for Executive Director Peter LaBarbara - like the "research" he did attending International Mr Leather.

Would you like Stephen Bennett to minister at your church, conference or special event nationally? We are now booking Stephen Bennett's 2005/2006 Calendar. See Stephen Bennett's updated National Itinerary.

I think I'll pass....