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Saturday, March 20, 2004

Andrew Sullivan: Bush Administration Lied to him

The Bush administration, for its part, has now come out of its own closet. It's in the forefront of attacks on gays, with Karl Rove leading the brigades, urging activists to keep up the pressure on writing anti-gay discrimination into the constitution itself. During the internal debate on the constitutional amendment, gay Republicans were shut out completely. The administration is also busily reneging on its promise not to roll back federal protections for gay government employees. No one can spin this attack on gay employees as a response to "judicial activism." It's pure animus, directed and supported by the fundamentalist right. I have to say that I have been culpably naive about this administration on this issue. They led me to believe they weren't hostile to gay people, that they would not use anti-gay sentiment to gain votes, that they would not roll back very basic protections for gay federal employees. I was lied to. We were all lied to. But now we know.

EY: The article Sullivan references about Karl Rove describes a meeting Rove had with a "small group of conservative activists." From the article:

He also said the gay marriage issue is beginning to help Bush, because polls are starting to shift in Bush's direction, with more people opposed to same-sex unions. But Rove implored the activists to add their voices to Bush's call for a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage to ensure that Bush is not perceived as standing alone on the issue.

I find this rather interesting. If this was indeed helping Bush - as Rove claimed, then why the plea to make sure Bush doesn't look like he is standing alone on this issue. The article continues:

And he expressed irritation that some disgruntled Republicans in Congress and elsewhere have increasingly chosen to go to the news media to air their complaints, rather than bringing them directly to the White House.

That's obvious - the only way to make this Whitehouse pay attention is to communicate through the media.