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Saturday, March 20, 2004

Minnesota Family Council Source of Anti-Gay Emails

A while back I posted a letter from a Minneapolis State Legislator about a deluge of emails she received about the anti-gay Bachmann Holberg amendment. Another legislator commented anonymously on Lloydletta's blog that they also had received these emails - and found the tactic "effective".

At the time, I checked the MFC website - and at that time, I did not find a link on the MFC site that sent mass email to the full legislature. Now that has changed. The MFC now hosts a web form that will send email to the entire legislature. This web form allows the visitor to put their own text into the form. From the form:


Use the form below to send your e-mail to ALL Minnesota legislators. Please note, a few legislators do not accept regular e-mail and are not included.

Please fill out all fields on this form, then click the "Compose Email" button below. We urge you to fill out all fields, for purposes of identification and so that your letter will be seen as a legitimate expression of your opinion.

You will then be given a chance to review your final letter before sending it.

Outfront Minnesota mentions these emails to the legislature in a recent action alert.

Part of the flood of opposition contacts are just blanket e-mail blasts going to every member of the entire House at once ? outside of a committee vote, members are much more likely to listen to their own constituents than to those who are not.