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Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Rybak gets called out on Planetarium

My post on Minneapolis Issues called out the mayor. He posted on the list today:

Eva Young posted about the importance of the Planetarium.
I agree, which is why I've testified twice in the past few weeks about it at the Legislature. I told them, and the Governor, that is Minneapolis' number one bonding proposal, and I was happy to deliver the Governor a letter saying that all Minneapolis Senators and Representatives are now in full support....We also have a wide collection of cosponsors, including many Republicans from around the suburbs and
Greater Minnesota. I also also trying to recruit private contributors to raise the private dollars necessary to make this work.
We have the best chance in years to get this, thanks to many people (esp. Rep. Margaret Anderson Kelliher!)so anything people can to do encourage non Minneapolis legislators would be great....
Remind them of a couple points:
@ 90% of the visits to the Planetarium were from outside of Minneapolis.
@ the Planetarium has a history of inspiring children from around Minnesota to understand space. One example is a young 12 year old from Willmar whose trip to the Minneapolis Planetarium inspired him to learn about out the skies. His name is Pinky Nelson. This history will continue as it is incorporated into a partnership with the six planetariums around the state.
@ building this now can save the state significant resources because it is being incorporated into the Central Library. This means the Planetarium does not have to absorb land costs, constructing building systems (heating/air/elevators/etc), parking costs...All they have to do is build out the shell and do programming. This should not only cut cost of construction but also operating.

A call would be very helpful to legislators from outside of Minneapolis and whoever your Minneapolis rep. is, thank that person because they are all on board.

R.T. Rybak