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Saturday, March 06, 2004

Pandering to Bigots

Bush's support for the anti-gay Musgrave Amendment is solidifying his support from voters such as this:

"gay couples" that title or phrase just makes me want to puke! gays are warped, abnormal, devient, perverted, disgusting and biologically backward and they deserve nothing but what is coming to them. especially the activist scumbags. (tolarence is a word for those without moral conviction)

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Lindner doesn't seem to be an author on anti-gay Marriage amendment

Wonder why? Also there's no senate file for this one.

Anti-gay Constitutional Amendment introduced in the Minnesota House

OutFront Minnesota maintains a list of bill authors with hyperlinks to get hold of them.

Seems like the Senate companion bill hasn't been introduced yet.

Many of the same people are authoring a bill to stop all University funding because the University is doing some privately funded stem cell research.

Steven Bennett on Geraldo Tonight

I sent Geraldo the quote from Bennett..... Hope that gets asked about.


Stephen Bennett, Executive Director of SBM, will appear on "At Large with Geraldo Rivera" on the FOX News Channel tonight, Saturday Mar. 6, at 10:00 pm EST. Stephen's segment may air anytime during the hour show.

Bennett, a former homosexual and national speaker, will debate the Mayor of Nyack, New York, John Shields. Shields is an open homosexual and plans on issuing "gay" marriage licenses in NY. He and his homosexual partner will be one of the first to "tie the knot."

Please keep Stephen in your prayers and tune in tonight. Thank you and Lord bless you!

EY: Seems like the show isn't going to be live - so my guess is it won't come up.

Sexual Abuse in ExGay Ministries

Money quote is in bold here. Interesting that Bennett removed this page from his website.

by Steven Bennett

Official Position - "Ex-Gay" Groups

The need and time has arisen to address the issue of our ministry's official position on "Ex-Gay" Groups.

There are many wonderful, godly ex-gay Christian ministries around the country whose main purpose is to help the homosexual man or woman "come out" of their unwanted homosexual lifestyle and behavior. This can be done through biblical counseling and coming to an understanding of why a person has chosen the homosexual path. In most all cases, the homosexual lifestyle and behavior is an outward expression of deeper, underlying root causes, which when dealt with biblically, can lead a person away from their sinful behavior and into a healthy, heterosexual lifestyle. Exodus International is the most well known "ex-gay" organization - an "umbrella" referral ministry, which has many Christian "ex-gay" Exodus approved
ministries listed on their website.

We encourage anyone looking to become part of an "ex-gay" group to do so with care and to obtain referrals about the group. If you choose the counseling route, especially if the counselor themselves has come out of
the homosexual lifestyle, make sure their spouse is present whenever counseling (a married couple is preferred and recommended). For everyone's integrity involved, we believe "couple" counseling is the best.
Tragically, there have been numerous reported first hand incidents to our ministry from around the country of sexual abuse which has occurred between so called 'Christian Counselors' and the one being counseled during one-on-one sessions, as well as 'Christian leaders' of ex-gay groups. There also are many 'counselors' in this field who unfortunately are in it for 'the money.' Many people have been 'soaked dry' trying to deal with this issue. Please, be wise, and beware. . Obtain references - again, there are many excellent biblical counselors out there who truly have your goals and ideals in mind.

If you choose to join in a "group" setting of people looking to come out of homosexuality, do so with caution and seriously pray about this decision. Many people who are weak and struggling, all coming together in a group setting, can possibly cause each other temptation and may lead you to "fall" with another man or woman, struggling with the same issue. If you are struggling with homosexuality, it is best not to share your sexual struggles with others who are struggling, nor is it encouraged for you to listen to their struggles. Problems have arisen because of this. There may be many others in the group, who may not be as committed or devout to seeking change as you are - and if they "fall", they may bring you down with them as well. Joining a group setting should ONLY be done with much prayer, counseling with your pastor, and with high referrals and recommendations about the group you are seeking to join. Again, there are many excellent groups out there - be sure to research your options fully.

We would encourage you to stay away from groups which claim that you can never be completed "healed" or "set free" from your homosexual thoughts, desires or actions. These groups teach what is know as the "Little h theory" - that one's homosexuality will NEVER go away, just become a little "h" in their life, controllable, easier to deal with. God DOES offer complete change, and this IS His will, desire and purpose for your life. COMPLETE CHANGE IS COMPLETELY POSSIBLE!

In conclusion, we feel the best possible scenario recommended by our ministry for the person looking for help with 'coming out' of homosexuality, should be found within their local bible believing, preaching church. Biblical counseling should be done with either the Pastor and his wife, or a loving, solid husband and wife team within the church. The problem of course lies with many churches not knowing how to 'deal' with this issue in a biblical, loving, compassionate way. Talk with your pastor about the issue and see if he could help. If your pastor feels he is not properly equipped in this area, together seek a biblical counselor or group, that maybe he or another committed couple would be willing to join you in, to keep you accountable - and to learn about the issues themselves.

Stephen Bennett Ministries is NOT against Christian Counselors or 'ex-gay' groups by any means - we just encourage you to approach this area with extreme caution, prayer, wisdom, referrals, references, and accountability. Unfortunately, there are 'wolves in sheep's clothing'? your complete change and happiness is what WE at Stephen Bennett Ministries desire to see happen in YOUR life!

US Senate Hearing on the Anti-Gay Constitutional Amendment

Chuck Muth's testimony:

Chuck Muth is President of Citizen Outreach, a conservative organization which advocates limited government public policies, editor and publisher of daily “News & Views” e-newsletter with over 25,000 subscribers nationwide and host of, a website dedicated to conservative opposition to the Federal Marriage Amendment.


If the problem is judicial activism, then let’s have a discussion and debate on how to address judicial activism. To address the perceived problem of judicial activism ONLY on this one hot-button issue is akin to putting a band-aid on a compound fracture. To move forward on the Musgrave amendment as written is to invite, deservedly so in my opinion, the criticism that this is solely a punitive, discriminatory anti-gay measure. And as such, it has no place in the greatest governing document mankind has ever seen.

Sadly, though, this is not the first time a constitutional marriage amendment with such ugly undertones has been proposed. In preparing for my testimony here today, I came across a paper titled “Journal of African American Men” ( which describes the objections many had in the early 1900s toward blacks marrying whites. According to this report, Rep. Seaborn Roddenberry, Georgia Democrat, proposed a constitutional amendment banning interracial marriages stating that, “Intermarriage between whites and blacks is repulsive and averse to every sentiment of pure American spirit. It is abhorrent and repugnant. It is subversive to social peace.”

This is not unlike much of the rhetoric you hear from supporters to today’s federal marriage amendment.

Of course, supporters of the current Federal Marriage Amendment will say, “That was way back then. You can’t equate two gay guys getting married to the notion of a black man getting married to a white woman.” However, taking into consideration the passions and context of the times, it’s not much of a stretch to believe that people such as Rep. Roddenberry found the idea of interracial marriage just as unnatural and abhorrent then as many today find the idea of gay marriage.

Today we look at how people such as Rep. Roddenberry felt about interracial marriage a hundred years ago and cannot, in our wildest dreams, imagine such ignorance and bigotry. But if Congress moves forward with this current marriage amendment, I suggest that Americans one hundred years from now will likely look back on this distinguished body with equal amazement, if not disgust.

The complete statement is well worth reading.

Backlash against FMA and State Amendments Continues

Bush appointee resigns over marriage issue
Gays inside administration shaken over Bush support for federal marriage ban

A New York City real estate developer who became one of President Bush’s most visible openly gay appointees resigned in protest last week from his post as vice chair of the U.S. Commission of Fine Arts after the president endorsed a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage.

“In light of the president’s support for the Federal Marriage Amendment, I could no longer continue serving the administration, given the impact of that proposed amendment on me and my family, should it ever become law,” Donald A. Capoccia said.

Other gay republicans who supported Bush in 2000 are publically stating similar sentiments.

Meanwhile the Blade's coverage of Kerry's support of the Massachusetts Constitutional Amendment banning gay marriage talks about Kerry's own troubled marital history.

That Kerry support of the Massachusetts amendment is backfiring because some gay donors are holding back - which is what Kerry deserves for that one.

Now the bipartisan HRC and the left leaning NGLTF are withholding Endorsement for now.

I think Kerry's support of the Massachusetts amendment - along with more than a handful of Republican Senators opposing the FMA shows the necessity of having a bipartisan strategy within the gay community.

Friday, March 05, 2004

Sen Dayton Opposes FMA

He made a strong statement on this topic on the Senate floor.

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Reich Wing Whack-a-mole

From a post to usaqueers.....

I've been watching the marriage events of the last month or so and I've decided that is was all an elaborate plan. CA, NY, MA, NM, OR all keep randomly popping up.

Wedding ceremonies have occurred in all corners of this country at random and its going to start spreading the Reich Wing's resources pretty thin.

It doesn't hurt the gay groups as much because its the city governments who are footing the legal bills against the Reich Wing lawsuits.

Anyone who has ever been to an arcade knows how to play Whack-a-mole. The faster and more random the mole heads pop up, the more of them you'll miss until eventually they're all sticking up grinning at you.

I have a feeling that there is a well planned strategy behind this.
Call me nutty.

Daily Howler fisks Cal Thomas


This is the second time in a week that the Daily Howler has covered the topic of gay marriage. so far has seemed to avoid the issue so far. We'll see if that continues.

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

More Gay Republicans Angry with Bush

This time it's the Austin 12 - the group of Gay Republicans who met with President Bush during the 2000 campaign.

Money quote:

David Catania has been one of George W. Bush's most loyal supporters. The Washington, D.C., city councilman has raised nearly $80,000 for the president's re-election. He's a Bush delegate to this summer's GOP convention and holds a seat on the platform committee, which shapes the party's official agenda. But last week Catania, like many other gay Republicans, was furious at the president's backing of a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. Now he's dropping his fund-raising efforts and no longer plans to vote for Bush. "You know the concept of buyer's remorse? I've got it," he says. "I want my money back." Now Catania intends to fight the amendment on the platform committee and work against a second Bush term.


But four years later, even Bush's most devoted gay supporters are wavering. "I have always accepted the president's opposition to gay marriage," says Charles Francis, a longtime Bush family friend and a D.C. consultant who organized the Austin meeting. But for the Austin 12—all of whom spoke with NEWSWEEK last week—Bush's endorsement of a constitutional amendment is a step too far. "It writes inequality into the founding document, and we can never support that," Francis says.


New York real-estate developer Donald Capoccia was so disgusted that he quit his Bush-appointed post on the U.S. Commission of Fine Arts. Like Catania, many of the 12 say they won't vote for Bush at all. That could cost him not only the estimated 1 million gay voters—a quarter of the gay vote—who supported him in 2000, but like-minded swing voters too. Still, Bush will likely have many on his side: polls show slowly rising public support for a constitutional ban on gay marriage.

EY: It will be interesting to see whether some others follow suit.

Ex-Gay Stephen Bennett Criticizes Bush, Civil Unions

On Ex-gay watch.

Worth reading.

Misplaced Priorities by Republican Majority Leader Erik Paulsen

The following came in my snail mail from Rep Erik Paulsen on the reasons to go to Republican Caucuses.

Constitutional Amendment prohibiting gay marriage: There soon will be legislation introduced to lete Minnesota voters decide on amending the Minnesota Constitutjion to preserve the sancity of marriage and prohibit gay marriage. While opposed by the DFL-controlled Senate. This measure is certain to have widespread appeal in the House and will likely receive a sizable bipartisan majority of votes.

EY: Just more examples of misplaced priorities by Minnesota Republicans.

Monday, March 01, 2004

On the Massachusetts Anti-Gay Amendment

John Kerry's Campaign has a statement:

On the Mass. Constitutional Amendment that protects civil unions:

John Kerry has a long and deep history of fighting discrimination against gay and lesbian Americans:
He sponsored the first comprehensive gay and lesbian civil rights bill in the U.S. Senate.
He championed the fight against gay discrimination in the military.
He is a strong supporter of anti-discrimination policies in employment and housing.
He is strongly in favor of gay and lesbian couples receiving all the protections afforded to straight couples.
He was one of only 14 Senators to oppose the so-called Defense of Marriage Act because he saw it blatantly unconstitutional gay-bashing attempt by extremists to usurp states’ rights in determining marriage laws.

Kerry opposes amending the U.S. Constitution with a federal definition of marriage. For 200 years, this has been a state issue. Kerry opposes Bush’s election year effort to amend the Constitution in an area that each state can adequately address, and will vote against such an amendment if it comes to the Senate floor.

Along with the majority of Americans, Kerry favors treating every citizen with equal dignity and respect. That means granting same-sex couples access to civil unions. He believes that we can honor our traditions and still provide equal treatment where insurance coverage, inheritance rights and tax benefits are concerned.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is considering an amendment to its constitution. Kerry does not believe that the federal government should dictate policy to any state on this issue.

As a citizen of Massachusetts, Kerry will oppose any attempt to politicize the issue of marriage and use it to discriminate against any citizen. If the Massachusetts legislature crafts an appropriate amendment that provides for partnership and civil unions, then he would support that. The exact language is uncertain so Kerry’s support for any particular language is far from certain.

Kerry’s support for state constitutional amendment but opposition to a federal Constitutional amendment is consistent. Kerry strongly believes that the definition of marriage should be left to the states and should not be set by the federal government. States deserve more latitude to define marriage, but neither the federal government nor state government should deny equal rights.

EY: This is consistent? Ok John.

Mesabi Daily News endorses Edwards


Sex in the City

Karl Rove Intern Scandal

Eleanor Clift on Bush, Kerry and Gay Marriage

Money quote:

Changing his position according to the political winds is Kerry's chief weakness. He voted for the Iraq war, the Patriot Act, the No Child Left Behind education reform bill and NAFTA, the trade agreement with Mexico. As a candidate, he has adopted some radically different poses. But on gay marriage, it is Bush who is now vulnerable. Civil disobedience is the American way. It is how women gained the vote in this country—by picketing the White House and getting hauled off in paddy wagons. It's how the civil-rights movement made advances in the 1960s and how antiwar protesters forced the government to acknowledge failure in Vietnam.

Clearly the Republicans are already pointing this out - and they hope Kerry - not Edwards - will be the nominee.

The Joy of Gay Marriage

Frank Rich scores a touchdown with this column.

Money quote:

The president is so stymied by the very subject of same-sex relationships of any kind that he can't even say the words "gay" or "homosexual" in public. John Kerry, whose stance on gay marriage is no more coherent than his position on the war in Iraq, dodged a reporter's question about Mayor Newsom's weddings this week with the preposterous response, "I haven't really kept up with exactly what he is doing." They both wish gay marriage would just go away.

It won't. And so the vacuum will be enthusiastically filled by Defenders of Marriage eager to foment the bloodiest culture war possible. They are gladly donning the roles played by Lester Maddox and George Wallace in the civil rights era, even at the price of turning women like Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin into the new century's incarnation of Rosa Parks. Though it's easy to laugh at Bill O'Reilly's threat to personally make a citizen's arrest of Mayor Newsom, a scene that would be less redolent of "America's Most Wanted" than "America's Funniest Home Videos," the same cannot be said of the cynical provocations of California's governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, a purported supporter of gay rights. Last Sunday, with no evidence whatsoever, he went on network television to tell Tim Russert that San Francisco may erupt in riots. "The next thing we know there's injured or there's dead people," he added, as if to predict a re-enactment of the assassinations of a gay city supervisor, Harvey Milk, and the mayor of San Francisco, George Moscone, in 1978.

Chuck Muth will be a guest on Michelangelo's show tomorrow. The show airs at 1-5PM Central Time. Chuck is a card carrying member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy - and opposes the Federal Marriage Amendment. The Lawfully Wedded website is Chuck's project to galvanize conservative opposition to the FMA.

Dear Log Cabin Republicans of Minnesota members and supporters:

I encourage all of you to attend the Republican Precinct Caucuses this March 2. Go to the Republican Party of Minnesota to find your caucus location.

Please bring forward the following resolutions:

Let's see how many precincts can pass these resolutions. If you get elected delegate, please call me at: 612-327-7325 to let me know.

I have appended several items to this email:

1. The Resolutions

Thank you for your time and attention.

We will have a Log Cabin Republicans organizational meeting on March 3 at Dunn Brothers Coffee at 6:00 PM. Dunn Brothers Coffee is located on 3rd Av and 2nd St S in Minneapolis. This is near the downtown post office. Please RSVP to me at: 612-327-7325 if you are coming to the meeting.

Please forward this email to Republican Friends of yours. People do not need to be GLBT to join Log Cabin Republicans. People just need to support the principles of Log Cabin Republicans - which is pushing for an Inclusive and Fair Minded Republican Party.

Eva Young

Resolution to oppose both state and federal anti-family amendments.

WHEREAS: The Republican Party is the Party of Abraham Lincoln
WHEREAS: There are some in the party who wish to pander to the worst in people and scapegoat a community for the challenges the institution of marriage faces.
WHEREAS: The so-called Defense of Marriage signed by the Defender of Marriage Bill Clinton and introduced by three times married Bob Barr has done nothing to reduce the high divorce rate.
WHEREAS: The state and the country have many challenging issues ahead including a war against terrorism, a war in Iraq, a loss of jobs at home and spiralling budget deficits.
WHEREAS: The Ohio Super DOMA recently passed in the Ohio Legislature has already had the effect of discouraging business from relocating to Ohio and put a crimp in Faculty Hiring at Ohio State University.
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: The Republican Party of Minnesota is opposed to writing anti-gay discrimination into the Minnesota and Federal Constitution.
AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: The Republican Party of Minnesota urges the Bush campaign and Minnesota legislators focus on the real priority issues: solving the state budget deficit, keeping taxes in line, and efforts that will help grow the state's economy.

Resolution to allow Gays to serve openly in the military.

Whereas: The US Military currently discriminates against Gay and Lesbian service members.
Whereas: Polling Data shows that the public is strongly behind overturning this policy.
Whereas: Countries such as Israel, the UK, the Netherlands and others allow openly gay and lesbian people to serve with no reduction in unit cohesion or military readiness.
Whereas: Three to four service members lose their jobs every day under the policy. In 2001, the Pentagon
fired a record 1,273 men and women on the basis of sexual orientation.
Whereas: It is the only federal law that mandates firing gay people from their jobs. There are no other state or local laws that do the same.
Whereas: Discharges have increased 72% since the policy was implemented.
Whereas: Women are discharged at twice their presence in the Armed Forces.
Whereas: Anti-gay harassment has reached record levels. In 2001, SLDN documented 1,075 incidents of anti-gay harassment.
Whereas: The cost to tax payers to train replacements for service members discharges under the policy exceeds $30 million each year.

Be it resolved that the Republican Party of Minnesota urges the Republican National Committee to take an official stand supporting a policy that allows Gays and Lesbians to serve openly in the Military.

And Be it Further Resolved that the Republican Party of Minnesota urges the Minnesota Congressional Delegation to introduce legislation in this congress to allow Gays and Lesbians to serve openly in the military.

Feel free to add your own additional whereas clauses to either resolution.

Please forward this message to Republicans you know and encourage them to go to precinct caucuses.

Eva Young

Sunday, February 29, 2004

From the Minnesota GOP Newsline

This is what the Minnesota GOP just sent out about Kerry:


John Kerry has finally figured out how to appeal to all voters: take every conceivable position on every conceivable issue. He's done it on Iraq, the Patriot Act, and No Child Left Behind. And now he's doing it on gay marriage.

Kerry's position on gay marriage is as follows. He voted against the Defense of Marriage Act because it struck him as "gay bashing" but supports amending his state constitution to ban gay marriage provided that the amendment simultaneously offers gay couples all legal rights that married couples receive. However, he would not support an amendment to the U.S. Constitution with identical language.

Our apologies if you got a migraine while trying to detangle Kerry's tortuous logic.

His is an interesting position, considering granting "all legal rights" of married couples to gay couples would include, of course, MARRIAGE. But again, he DOES NOT support gay marriage.

This further demonstrates Kerry's inability to take a position and stand by it. He's for NAFTA, but against free trade. For education reform, but against school accountability. For the resolution authorizing war in Iraq, but against war in Iraq.

At least he's consistently inconsistent.

EY: Ok - now what has Kerry gained politically by taking this position? Two years ago Kerry signed a letter to the Massachusetts legislature saying he opposed a Massachusetts constitutional amendment.

Also - does Kerry thing that the answer to whenever a judge decides something on the basis of constitutionality of a law that is contrary to Kerry's personal opinion - that you amend the constitution?

Bush ofcourse is also inconsistent. But this is another example of Kerry making a stupid POLITICAL decision - and it just gives ammo for Republican attacks.

Whatever idiot in his campaign that advised Kerry to do this should be fired.