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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Apply for Peter LaBarbara's Job at the Concerned Women for America

This is an application for being an Intern at the CWFA - I'd suggest filling it out - and mention you want to work doing what Peter LaBarbara did - you know going to Gay Days at Disney and San Francisco Gay Pride - research ya know.

They don't call it the Stupid Party for Nothing

Hat Tip: Andrew Sullivan

The New Mexico Republican Central Committee has voted to censure the Sandoval County clerk, who issued marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

The resolution says Republican Victoria Dunlap has brought disgrace to the party.

"Other than assassination, all we can do is censure her," said committee chairman Richard Gibbs.

As AS commented: Other than assassination?

The lone Republican who voted against censure, Barry Bitzer, said he worried that people would view the vote as an attempt to exclude people from the Republican Party.

"I'm afraid this will be played as a gay issue and not a good government issue," he told the committee.

Good for Barry Bitzer. How can people take it as anything but anti-gay bigotry when the party chair is giving a quote like that?

But others said the committee needed to act now.

"We need to make clear we don't support her actions, we don't support her now and we will never support her in the future," said former Rio Rancho City Councilor Lonnie Clayton. "The perception is that our silence is consent."

The censure only elicited a laugh from Dunlap who has already announced she is not seeking reelection.

People should write to Dunlap and thank her. I'll have to look for her email address.

Boycott Stillwater Site Up

There's a Boycott Stillwater website up.....

Prichard is Persona Non Grata

From Checks and Balances:

4/20/2004 -- MINNESOTA

Tom Pritchard or representatives of the Minnesota Family Council should never bother darkening the door of Sen. Jim Vickerman's (DFL-22, Tracy) office ever again. We understand the Family Council ran ads on the radio stations in Vickerman's district last week discussing his support for gay marriage. This occurred when Vickerman was home to bury his son.

Not only were the ads in bad taste they were not accurate. Vickerman had not yet taken a vote on the issue and the ads suggested he was in support. This heavy-handed tactic may work with some, but it backfired in this instance with Vickerman.

It is surprising that the Family Council would seek to single Vickerman out on this issue since he is pro-life and opposed to expansion of gambling, which are two issues he and the Family Council share. Oh, wait a minute, that is right he is a DFLer and the Family Council only attacks Republican opponents with whom they disagree.

EY: The MFC lately has been urging a contact DFL Senators only strategy on the subject of the Hate Amendment. Perhaps because some of the bilge from the Leviticus Crowd going to Republican Senators will persuade them to vote against them.

There's also some speculation about Expanded Gambling.....

Monday, April 19, 2004

Leviticus Crowd Theocrat Invited Lloydletta to Join FMA Support on Purpose

I got quite a bit of comment from my post about an invitation to the FMA Support yahoogroup.

As Jay Lee Houseley - the group owner - commented in response to my blog entry:

EY: Ironic that I get this email

Jay: Actually it isn’t. I believe in aggressively spreading the message. I have sent invites out to many people who support the gay agenda (which by the way the overwhelming majority of Americans oppose) to put them and everyone else on notice that we will not allow you to hijack our government and override the will of the people any longer. There is not one single state where the majority of the people support gay “marriage”. Not one. You need to know that we are fed up, and that we are doing something about it. Be warned..

EY: Now what does this "we are doing something about it. Be warned.." mean?

JH quoting me: Of course it's a lie that the Musgrave amendment would allow for states to offer civil unions. The wording of the amendment clearly prohibits this - and the author of the wording said he intended this to prohibit civil unions as well as gay marriage.

Then he comments: There *YOU* go lying again! The Federal Marriage Amendment states, (and I quote) “Marriage in the United States shall consist only of the union of a man and a woman. Neither this constitution or the constitution of any state, nor state or federal law, shall be construed to require that marital status or the legal incidents thereof be conferred upon unmarried couples or groups “It says NOTHING about civil unions. All it does it reaffirm the centuries old definition of marriage. You should be ashamed for trying to pass this off as anything else. And by the Marilyn Musgrave is a SHE, and SHE said no such thing.

EY: Yup - Musgrave is a she - though she looks a bit like a drag queen. The amendment wording - "legal instances thereof" refers to civil unions - and the lawyer who authored the FMA wording told the Washington Post that the intent of the amendment was to ban gay marriage AND civil unions. Amendment supporters in the Alliance for Marriage lie on this point.

Update: A better view of these comments is posted here.

Senator Michele Bachmann's Misplaced Priorities

Michele Bachmann's photo album shows her focus and priorities - these are the captions from the top two photos.

Michele with Shirley Dobson, Chairman of the National Day of Prayer in Washington DC.

Michele and Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Family discussed the book Harmful to Minors and other family issues in Washington DC.

Focus on the Family is the major impetus behind the anti-gay Federal Marriage Amendment.

Bachmann seems to care more about hobnobbing with anti-gay activists than business in Stillwater. From a recent Star Tribune article about the Stillwater Boycott:

The Brunswick Inn, a bed and breakfast, has received several e-mails about the boycott and hasn't hosted any same-sex couples for about one month.

"I definitely do think it is affecting our business," said Joele Eiklenborg-Hiers, one of the inn's owners.

"I don't believe their boycott of my business is harming Senator Bachmann, but I think it is harming me," she said.

Welcome Stillwater Gazette Readers

Lloydletta's Nooz got mentioned in a column in the Stillwater Gazette about the Stillwater Boycott.

Welcome to the blog - and please feel free to comment on what you find here.

Bachmann on the Radio

980 AM - Nooz from the Biblical Perspective.... Bachmann talks about the efforts to pass the Minnesota Hate Amendment.

More material for those who wish to write Stillwater Businesses to let them know why Bachmann is bad for business in Stillwater.

Sunday, April 18, 2004

Senate DFLers offer their own version of anti-gay constitutional amendment

S.F No. 3003, as introduced: 83rd Legislative Session (2003-2004) Posted on Mar 24, 2004

1.1 A bill for an act
1.2 proposing an amendment to the Minnesota Constitution
1.3 by adding a section to article VI; restricting the
1.4 power of the judicial branch to define marriage or its
1.5 equivalent.
1.8 An amendment to the Minnesota Constitution is proposed to
1.9 the people. If the amendment is adopted, a section shall be
1.10 added to article VI, to read:
1.11 Sec. 14. The judicial branch does not have the power to
1.12 direct or require the legislature to define marriage or a legal
1.13 equivalent to marriage such as a civil union between parties.
1.14 The legislature has the sole power to define marriage and
1.15 equivalent civil unions.
1.16 Sec. 2. [QUESTION.]
1.17 The proposed amendment shall be submitted to the people at
1.18 the 2004 general election. The question submitted shall be:
1.19 "Shall the Minnesota Constitution be amended to provide
1.20 that the judicial branch must not direct or require the
1.21 legislature to define marriage or civil unions and that only the
1.22 legislature has this power?
1.23 Yes .......
1.24 No ........"

EY: People need to write their Senators to oppose Senate File 3003. I'm still not sure who voted for this turkey. 4 Dems and 1 Republican in the Judiciary Committee voted for this bill. The Bachmann bill failed in committee on a 5-4 vote.

Here are the authors on this one as of March 24:

Chief Author: Betzold
Author: Johnson, D.E.
Author: Cohen
Author: Rest
Author: Skoglund

I heard that Stonewall DFL and the DFL Feminist Caucus will not endorse candidates who support anti-gay amendments to the constitution. Does that include this bill which states that gays shouldn't have access to the courts?

If the concern is Judicial Activism, why not a broad amendment that addresses Judicial Activism in general. This amendment is targeted at gay plaintiffs rather than going after judicial activism in general.

Outfront Minnesota's recent action alert mentioned by bill number the Bachmann bill - but only alluded to - without giving a bill number - for this bill.

House Republicans not hot on Stadii Boondoggles

Rep Erik Paulsen and Sen Ann Rest were the guests on Face to Face this week. Rep Erik Paulsen on Face to Face said that it was not a priority of the house caucus to pass stadium bills. Sen Ann Rest said the Dems were not planning on doing anything with Stadium legislation until the house passed something.

They also talked about the various versions of constitutional amendments to ban gay marriage. Ann Rest was very uncomfortable trying to promote the amendment she had signed on to - that would ban judicial review of cases dealing with gay marriage or civil unions - which in effect would keep gay couples from having access to the courts.