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Friday, May 07, 2004

Senate votes down Bonding bill

Silver lining: Colin Powell Youth Center boondoggle gets voted down with this. Sent the following using the MFC link.

Dear Senator Johnson:

I live in Minneapolis and I'm writing to urge you to take the Colin Powell Youth Center out of the Senate Bonding bill.

One good thing about the house bonding bill - and bad thing about the Senate version - the house took the Colin Powell Youth Center out of the house version - and the Senate version left them in. The Colin Powell Youth Center - run by Urban Ventures (also known as Urban Vultures in the inner city Minneapolis neighborhoods they ''serve'') should not be getting public funding.

Look at the moving photo portrayal of the Central and Phillips neighborhood

by Urban Ventures on their site in the section:

Photos of the Hood.

Some of the pictures are of kids playing in the neighborhood but others just show a very negative view of the area. Included in these photos are a photo of a House that had recently burned.

This type of portrayal of these Neighborhoods is not accurate - and focuses on the problems without focusing on successes. There are many areas in Central where people have invested heavily in improving the housing stock. Urban Ventures undermines the efforts of people in the Central neighborhood who are working hard to improve the neighborhood. Art Erickson of Urban Ventures is a poverty pimp. The legislature should not encourage him.

The following resolution passed at my Republican Precinct Caucus - and was passed onto the 58th district Republican convention - where it also passed.

Whereas Pawlenty's Budget has recommended funding for the Colin Powell Youth Center - a project of Urban Ventures

Whereas Urban Ventures misleads parents who send their kids to their programs - As Liz Greenbaum from Minneapolis reports:

When parents are signing their children up for classes - soccer, swimming, art classes, dance, music lessons - no one should have to ''check out'' an organization to see if they have a hidden agenda. They are exactly what is expected - soccer, swimming, art etc. and nothing more. If Urban Ventures were on the up and up about this, they wouldn't have taken the kids to the far corner of the field away from parents' ears to do this. They intentionally hid what they were doing, and believe me, had no intension of cluing the adults into their subversive agenda. If you want to know how it went I can get you in touch with the parent who experienced this - they tried to stop her from going over to see what her daughter was talking about. Personally, I find this extremely disturbing that a parent would be blamed for not checking it out thoroughly enough.

Whereas the Republican Party has always opposed government support of organizations that undermine parents.

Whereas a better use of state bonding funds in Minneapolis would be to fund the Planetarium.

Therefore be it resolved that the Republican Party go on record in opposition to State Government Funding of the Colin Powell Youth Center.


Eva Young

Thursday, May 06, 2004

Rebecca Otto and the Minnesota Hate Amendment

Today's Wall St Journal covers the situation in Minnesota. This article explains more about Rebecca Otto's support for the Minnesota Hate Amendment.

One of those 13 Democrats was Rebecca Otto, a first-term legislator facing a tough re-election fight. Her affluent suburban district overlaps with that of Sen. Bachmann, the amendment sponsor. The next day, six of Ms. Otto's constituents crammed into her office to confront her over the 'yes' vote. Some had met Ms. Otto at a recent rally held in her district by OutFront Minnesota, a gay-rights organization.

"I can't believe you came to our fund-raiser and said, 'I'm on your side,' " chided Nadean Bishop, a lesbian and retired Baptist pastor, who carried with her a framed photograph of her wedding-like "Holy Union" celebration. At one point in the half-hour session, Ms. Otto teared up and asked for a tissue. "My vote would not have changed yesterday's results," Ms. Otto said, her eyes darting among her guests. "I need you to understand that."

During the meeting, Ms. Otto suggested her vote didn't necessarily mean she opposed gay marriage. All she wanted was a statewide debate on the matter, she told the group. Asked after the meeting how she would vote if the issue was included on the ballot, Ms. Otto wouldn't answer. "When I am in the voting booth, I am a private citizen and my vote is between me and the founding fathers," she said.

Otto made a mistake on this one.

Sunday, May 02, 2004

Bachmann Follows Up

Bachmann sent this followup the next day:

** Please note**

The Defense of Marriage Pledge attached to yesterday's email is intended for State Legislators to sign and state their support as a 'Defender of Marriage.' Please ask your State Legislators if they have yet signed this pledge. It is not necessary for the general public to sign this pledge.

Thank you.

Speaks volumes for the intelligence level of Bachmann's cult following.

Senate Rules Committee adjournes rather than acting on the Minnesota Hate Amendment

Senator Bachmann is having a cow.

"URGENT!!!! URGENT!!!!" screams the flyer sent to her legislative email list:


Senator Michele Bachmann - [picture of Bachmann with Hilary Clinton hair]

The Senate Rules Committee voted to adjourn their committee yesterday, rather than discuss the Constitutional Amendment that allows you the people to vote on the definition of marriage. Imagine! They abruptly ended the important work of this powerful committee in order to gag the people’s right to be heard on this defining issue of marriage.

Time is quickly running out!

Action Steps:

  • Call your Senator (call 651-296-0504 for your Senator’s phone number) and ask them to vote for SF 2715/HF2798 unamended.
  • Help organize a town hall meeting in your area. Call me (651-296-4351) and I’ll give you a hand in setting up a local town hall meeting with your Senator. It is simple to do and requires very little effort, but you must start the wheels turning today. I have a roster of speakers willing to come to your area next week.
  • Ask your Senator to sign the Minnesota for Marriage pledge. It can be found at: The Governor and all Minnesota Legislators are being asked to sign this pledge affirming one man, one woman marriage.
  • Email your Senator with the same message (visit for contact information.
  • Write a brief letter to your senator and put it in the mail today. (Find their address at
  • Call three other like-minded people and ask them to do the same.


Here’s a story telling us why we must act now:

On the morning of December 7, 1941, local St. Paulite Orville Ethier was aboard the USS Ward, a boat manned by 82 Navy reservists from St. Paul, when a small Japanese sub appeared near the entrance to Pearl Harbor. The Ward fired two shots, one of which struck and sank the sub, which constituted the first American shots of World War II. The commander of the Ward relayed a message about the incident back to military headquarters in Honolulu. The message stated “We have attacked, fired upon and dropped depth charges upon submarine operating in defensive sea area.” The message, sent more than an hour before the 8 a.m. attack on Pearl Harbor, went unheeded.

You are a type of Orville Ethier – a patriot looking to secure American freedoms. The question is, will the Senators of Minnesota act like the Honolulu military headquarters and ignore your message? Today we face perhaps the greatest attack on the family in our lifetime. Now is OUR time to stand up and send a message to avert an equally impending disaster. Please visit to read my recent column on the threat that legalized gay marriage poses to our civil and religious liberties and, to tax exempt organizations in particular.

The sky is falling! The sky is falling!