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Saturday, June 05, 2004

Bush Campaigns Effort to mobilize Bush-Friendly Churches may threaten Church Tax Exemptions

David Kirkpatrick from the New York Times explains.

Links to other news articles on this are available at Americans United for Separation of Church and State's Official weblog.

Stephen Miller of the Independent Gay Forum also comments:

Of course, to be fair, liberals never object to "peace" or civil rights political activism in churches, or when Jesse Jackson and others African-American politicians pass the hat for their political campaigns at Sunday services in black churches. Whether on the left or the right, if religious organizations want to behave like political action committees, they should not retain their tax-exempt status.

Andrew Sullivan comments:

"HARD LEFT": Here's a revealing sentence from National Review's profile of Roger Simon, ex-lefty blogger: "[When] it comes to social policy, he continues to lean hard to the left. 'I'm very liberal on social issues: pro-gay marriage, pro-choice, separation of church and state,' he says. 'I think racism and sexism are the greatest evils in the world.'" So allowing women to choose to seek an abortion is now a "hard left" position? And encouraging gay couples to have stable relationships is "hard left"? And being deeply concerned about racism and sexism is "hard left"? I won't even touch "separation of church and state." But I will notice that this assertion comes at a time when Karl Rove is deliberately trying to involve church congregations directly in Bush's re-election effort. Disturbing.