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Saturday, July 03, 2004

District 37 Race-Gerlach faces Apple Valley Mayor Mary Hamann-Roland

The pictures taken by Twin Cities Indy Media of the Anti-Gay Rally are now available as a slide show.

Rep. Chris Gerlach spoke at this rally and is making this issue a center piece of his campaign for State Senate.

Gerlach really needs to answer the question:

Does he agree with the "Death Penalty for Homosexuals" and some of the other signs displayed at this rally? If so, is he interested in carrying such a bill in the legislature?

Apple Valley mayor, Mary Hamann-Roland is running as an Independence Party candidate for this race.

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Fox Porn Channel

See the ad here:

You can send a complaint to the FCC....

A friend of mine sent the following complaint:

Dear FCC:

I am totally outraged and offended. Fox TV network on June 29, 2004, aired a promo ad during the shows "On The Record with Greta van Sustern" and "Your World with Neil Cavuto" that depicted sexual penetration. Curiously, FOX used this as a teaser for a news story on pornography. You can see this ad at:

I demand that the FCC levy harsh fines on FOX TV for this display of pornography on the public airwaves. This is FAR worse than anything Howard Stern ever did and the fines should exceed those levied on Stern for alleged mere VERBAL obscenity.

Please inform me of the action taken against FOX TV for this incident.

Focus on the Family Gives out Michael Moore's Address

This letter was posted yesterday on USAQueers, and also mentioned by several blogs: atrios, crookedtimber, NonProphet

Here's the letter:

From: citizenlink@FAMILY.ORG
Subject: Daily Update - June 29, 2004
Date: June 29, 2004 4:32:30 PM MDT

June 29, 2004

========================= EDITOR'S NOTE:
Write Michael Moore -- at Home -- with Your Opinions of
"Fahrenheit 9/11"

Filmmaker Michael Moore, writer/director of the new
Bush-bashing documentary "Fahrenheit 9/11," has made quite
a career out of marketing himself as a man of the people,
a populist everyman who fights passionately for the little

That's why we wanted to make sure "little guys" could let
Moore know exactly what they think about his new movie.

So, if you have an opinion about the film -- in which
Moore plays fast and loose with the facts to build a case
that President Bush is an idiot and the war in Iraq is all
about oil profits -- we suggest you send it to the
following address:

Michael Moore
New York, NY 10024

That's his home -- a condominium this man of the people,
so critical of capitalism, spent $4.5 million on seven
years ago. And please don't worry that it's wrong to use
this address; it's public record, obtained through New
York State mortgage records and Federal Election
Commission filings.

Besides, Moore himself endorses the publication of this
kind of information: In "Fahrenheit 9/11," in fact, he
projects on screen the private office number of a
congressman whose views he opposes -- and urges viewers to
call it.


The email continued with the usual anti-gay links that are typical for Focus citizen activist emails.

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Americablog picks up Focus on the Family Promoting Son of Sam Story


Ralph Reed, Family Values and Gambling

from the Nation:

When Ralph Reed was the boyish director of the Christian Coalition, he made opposition to gambling a major plank in his "family values" agenda, calling gambling "a cancer on the American body politic" that was "stealing food from the mouths of children." But now, a broad federal investigation into lobbying abuses connected to gambling on Indian reservations has unearthed evidence that Reed has been surreptitiously working for an Indian tribe with a large casino it sought to protect--and that Reed was paid with funds laundered through two firms to try to keep his lucrative involvement secret. Reed has always operated behind the scenes, and apparently he didn't want to risk becoming a humbled hypocrite like his right-wing cohorts William Bennett and Rush Limbaugh.

Hope this story gets more legs.

Roselyn O'Connell, a Pro-choice Moderate Republican Woman running against Leviticus Crowd Incumbent

O'Connell is past president of the National Women's Political Caucus and has an impressive resume.

According to Roselyn O’Connell, there are three choices in political life: lead, follow or get out of the way. As an active member in the Arizona Republican party and other community organizations for more than 20 years, her purpose is clear; she is a leader.

O'Connell has extensive experience in coalition building on both sides of the aisle, and an innate ability to grasp complex issues and develop actionable solutions. These abilities were recognized last fall when O'Connell was appointed to chair the Arizona Governor’s Commission on the Health Care of Women.

As President of the National Women’s Political Caucus (NWPC) since 1999, Roselyn has traveled throughout the country talking to men and women about the importance of individual participation in the American political process. She believes in shoring up the competitive opportunities for Arizona’s children through strong public education dedicated to the process of learning and consistent accessible healthcare, which significantly contributes to an economically viable future. The backbone of O’Connell’s message is undeniable--get involved and participate in the process of creating solutions for the issues affecting Arizona and America. Roselyn’s message of political participation has been featured in articles in The New York Times, USA Today, Washington Post and The Arizona Republic.

Contribute here.

From Phoenix New Times on her opponent, JD Hayworth:

Magna Cum Loud
Arizona's J.D. Hayworth is the dumbest member of Congress. So says Washingtonian magazine, which in its July "Best & Worst of Congress" survey picked Hayworth first in the "No Rocket Scientist Category."

Told of the designation, Hayworth reportedly replied, "Of course I'm not a rocket scientist. I used ta be a TV sportscaster, though, which means you gotta dress nice from the waist up. . . ."

Washingtonian, which came up with its rankings after surveying 1,200 Congressional staffers, also gave Hayworth the runner-up trophy for its "Biggest Windbag" category.

In September 1995, during his first term, Progressive magazine named Hayworth one of the "Ten Dimmest Bulbs in Congress."

The Phoenix area in Arizona deserves better than a dim bulb. Contribute to Roselyn O'Connell. I gave her campaign $100.00 yesterday.

Where is Minneapolis Mayor, RT Rybak's Leadership?

from the FRC Daily Bleating:

Mayor's Conference Shelves Anti-FMA Resolution

The U.S. Conference of Mayors shelved a resolution yesterday which, if
approved, would have condemned the efforts to pass an amendment to the U.S. Constitution protecting marriage. The resolution, offered by San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom and Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, was put on hold after a majority of the mayors - who know their communities support traditional marriage - voiced their opposition. Of course, while support for marriage is important at the local level, it is vital that the same message be sent to Capitol Hill.

EY: Where is RT and Minneapolis? Why is this Daley and Newsom - and not RT?

Ned Luddington finds RT's MT Promise on this one from the Wayback Machine Archive of RT Rybak's campaign site:

6. Are you opposed to measures like the Minnesota Defense of Marriage Act?

Yes. As Mayor I will continue to be an active Democrat who is aggressively involved in helping to lessen the effect of issues like these, which I believe are intended to be political wedges.

MT promises....

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Focus on the Family Promoting Serial Murderer Son of Sam

The interview here.

Rep Arlon Lindner running as an Independent in the Primary


The last time he won with 62% of the vote. He didn't get GOP endorsement because he became a liability to the party.