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Saturday, September 18, 2004

Log Cabin to Bachmann: No Thanks

Oped in the Strib by yours truly...

Friday, September 17, 2004

Stacy on the issue of marriage between man and box turtle

She's responded... Go check it out....

I think anyone having sex with a turtle is gross and I think two women or two men who are having sex with one another is gross and not normal.

Stewart is the one who interpreted the congressman's quote and took it out of context, which is all I quoted.

But to answer your question, of course not, I do not think a gay couple's sex life is equivalent to a person who chooses to have sex with a turtle or any other animal. But having sex with someone of the same gender is not how we were designed and I consider it deviant behavior, just like I think sex with animals is deviant.

Cornyn is a Senator, not a congressman. And by the way, I've never heard of people having sex with turtles before I read Cornyn's prepared remarks. His staff seems to have rather vivid imaginations..... Perhaps they are regulars on

Another commenter on the thread has asked:

So do straight parents make their kids watch them have sex or do the "defenders of marriage" think that only gays do?

American Family Association gets a Blog

Stopped by the American Family Association website. They have a blog now. One of the entries recommended Stacy Harp's blog.... So I stopped by there. Stacy was promoting something called "Marriage Protection Sunday".... So I commented with a link to the Daily Show clip of the Senate Debate on the issue....

einvolved said...
LOL...I've seen that clip before and really the very end is true. Two straight parents are better than one straight parent, which is definitely better than two gay parents which is equal to a guy screwing a turtle! Homosexuality is not normal, and kids shouldnt' be raised in it.

lloydletta said...
So Stacy, you really think that two gay parents are equivalent to a man screwing a turtle?

Yup fact is stranger than fiction..... Developing.

UPDATE: Stacy's already stopped by (she reads her comments).... And she commented here:

Make sure you post things in context...remember context... you posted the link on my page to the Jon Stewart show to make a point - I merely commented on your point.

Ok, Stacy.... I've linked to Jon Stewart's monolog on this - which is truly wonderful.... Some exerpts - "Leading the charge is Senator Rick Santorum - looking resplendant in a bicolored business suit and impeccable windsor knot - there's no telling that girl how to dress. Senator, Senator, What will happen ugggh - what will happen if gays are allowed to marry?" But go listen to the tape.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Instapundit picks up Indiana Democratic Party Gay Baiting Story


The horror! Then again: "Perhaps Daniels and Bush are continuing the tradition of the Grand Old Party... as Mayor Bloomberg said at the Big Tent Party, Abraham Lincoln was the original Log Cabin Republican!" Well, only Nixon could go to China. Only a Republican could come out in favor of gay marriage. Kerry certainly hasn't.

Both Kerry and Bush have flip flopped on this issue. Bush is pushing the Federal Marriage Amendment, and Kerry is opposing it. There are still many more examples of Republican Gay Baiting than Democratic examples. The Bush campaign has a history of gay baiting. During the 2000 campaign, the Bush campaign was pushing the issue of McCain being the "fag candidate" in South Carolina... Unfortunately that tactic was successful.

Ultimately it is up to the gay community to make the case for gay marriage in the court of public opinion. Gays also need to be politically active and out in both political parties.

Mitch Daniels deserves credit for reaching out to gays. This issue is getting some discussion on the Indiana Star Message boards.

Nooz at Outlet Radio

I've been posting alot at the Outlet Radio blog.

So stop by and check it out - and comment.


Sunday, September 12, 2004

Bachmann Inspires Anti-Gay Marriage "Truth Truck"

During last week's Garage Logic, Dave Thompson as guest host discussed the "Truth Truck", which displays a sign showing two gay men kissing, with the slogan - Want Gay Marriage Vote Democratic. Jeffrey Davis, the sponsor of the truck, called into the show, and claimed Senator Michele Bachmann had inspired the truck. I called Jeffrey Davis to follow up. I asked him whether Bachmann or the Minnesota Family Council had helped him with the website content or design, and he denied that. He also said he was legally independent of the Republican Party of Minnesota - and that coordination would have been illegal (true). He also mentioned that some Republicans had told him he was making the party look bad. He wouldn't name the people who said that. He said there are about 200 donors to his organization, and that he has personally put around $25,000 into this effort. He said the rest of the donors were in his report - but said a few donors had contributed most of the funding.

Davis said his major concern was that gay marriage would lead to church ministers being put in jail for quoting bible verses (such as Leviticus 18:20). He points a bill (C-250) in Canada that he claims would make sections of the bible "hate literature." I read the text of the bill, and am not sure where they get this. Amnesty International wrote a brief in favor of this bill. Christianity Today covers the internal divide among Canadian Christians over this.

I've always been opposed to "hate speech" codes, and certainly oppose hate speech laws. I feel the best answer to hate speech is more speech. It's worth noting that many of usual suspects in the Leviticus Crowd who have been strong opponents of hate crimes laws and hate speech laws (Falwell, Dobson et al), also were successful in getting the USQueers website shut down for "hate speech."