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Saturday, October 02, 2004

Secretary of State Mary Kiffmeyer at Gay Pride?

This was the first I heard about this. Mary Kiffmeyer claims she was at Twin Cities Gay Pride Events.

Mark Brunswick's article about Kiffmeyer last week was quite interesting:

Staff members distributed literature at Gay Pride events in Minneapolis this year despite being harassed by people who didn't think her office should be there, she said. Critics concerned about separation of church and state raised eyebrows when her office was listed as an official sponsor of the recent Luis Palau evangelistic festival at the State Capitol.

Kiffmeyer was unapologetic.

"I don't have any squeamishness whatsoever about reaching out to all voters, one side or the other. Luis Palau, oh, my goodness sakes! Where's the Star Tribune when I'm working at Gay Pride and my staff has to take flak for being there? Most of the time we've been treated with respect and welcomed. We've done Buddhists to Luis Palau. I've been with Muslims.

"I've been to First Avenue [a Minneapolis nightclub] a couple of times. Talk about culture shock. I am a small-town girl, so going to First Avenue, I wore my black leather jacket. Yes, I have one. Of course, I got it on clearance."

This is interesting, because it's the first time I've heard that Kiffmeyer had been out at Gay Pride. Now it would be perfectly appropriate for the SOS to have a voter registration booth at Pride - but I don't recall such a booth.

Does anyone else know more about this?

It seems like Kiffmeyer could show she is serious about encouraging gay voters to vote, by advertising in Lavender Magazine. She might also wish to work with OutFront Minnesota - which is doing voter registration activities targeted at the gay community.

Tim Bonham from the Minneapolis Issues List responded:

I, too, have to question the presence of the Secretary of State's office at Gay Pride. I don't remember seeing them there.

They aren't listed as a vendor in the Pride Guide, nor as a unit in the Pride Parade. And Pride rules prohibit people who are not vendors from just showing up at the event and distributing literature, signing up people, etc. Did her office just ignore these rules?

There were many groups at the Pride Festival who DID pay to rent a booth, and were doing voter registration at their booths. And I know people from the DFL booth walked the Parade route with voter registration cards.

Typical of her partisan bias that she uses tax money to be an "official sponsor" of a right-wing fundamentalist christian event, but skips out of paying for a booth at a GLBT event.

Tim Bonham, Ward 12, Standish-Ericsson

Now I recall a Stonewall DFL booth, but not a DFL booth at Pride.

Chicago Protest Against Ex-Gay Steven Bennett

Original post here.

From Lloydletta Comments:

I took great pleasure in participating in that protest. I have to admit that the "many protestors with megaphones" was a bit much. We only had one. I just also happen to have the chant sheet in front of me, and, none of our chants stated that Bennett hates gays. His actions scream that fact already.
He is, however, a huge liar. People like him forget that they have to go in judgement before God as well.
Was the "P.S." yours or part of the letter?

Steven Bennett a liar? Stop the presses! Say it isn't so!

The PS was BS from Bennett.

Thursday, September 30, 2004

Hate Amendment Vote Today

Results here.

Democrats in Minnesota did very poorly. Peterson voted for it, Oberstar didn't vote. McCollum and Sabo voted no. All Republicans voted aye.

Was Party Discipline for the Dems done with this? I doubt it. They just use the blame the Republicans strategy.

Anti-Gay Emily's List Endorsed Stephanie Herseth voted aye.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Leviticus Crowd Conference in Minnesota

Gads, Steven Bennett was in Minneapolis at an Olive Tree Ministries Conference. To get a sense of this group, listen to some of Jan Markell's radio shows - State Senator Michele Bachmann (Minnesota's Marilyn Musgrave) and Steven Bennett are both frequent guests - and the stuff is just wacko...... The shows are archived.

He's a professional "ex-gay".... As his bio states:

Stephen is leading the way on a national level in the battle against "gay marriage" and the "gay agenda." He lived the homosexual lifestyle for many years, but God set him free. He is married with children. His testimony is more evidence that no one is beyond God's saving grace. The "gay marriage/gay agenda" is the issue of the century for America. Stephen is a part of "Concerned Women for America" but has been featured on national media including Fox News, The O'Reilly Factor, CBS This Morning, and more. He has his own ministry and is also a recording artist.

His "personal story" is rather suspect - folks have been looking into his claim - and noone can find anyone who has known him when he lived the "homosexual lifestyle" as he put it. Supposedly he had a partner and also had been with "hundreds of men".....

He's the one who did the exgay outreach at Provincetown.... This charming little email from Steven came yesterday.

From: "Stephen J. Bennett"
Date: Mon, 27 Sep 2004 12:11:39 -0400
X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook Express 6.00.2800.1437
X-Mailman-Approved-At: Mon, 27 Sep 2004 14:08:14 -0400
Subject: SBM in Minneapolis, St. Paul & Chicago Update

--- SBM, Inc. ---
Stephen Bennett Ministries, Inc.
P.O. Box 2095
Huntington, CT 06484-1095
Nationwide Toll-Free 1-800-832-3623
A Pro-Family Organization Advocating for
The Traditional Family, The Protection of Children
and Proclaiming the Truth About Homosexuality
Special Media Note: Monday, Sept. 27, 2004

From Monday, Sept. 27, 2004's Chicago Tribune:

Church's stance on gays is hit
An Oak Park congregation's services against same-sex marriage draw 2 sets of protests [Steven included full text of article in his email]

*PS - Three camera trucks with satellite dishes, many protestors with megaphones screaming "Bennett hates gays!" Stephen Bennett lies!" and CBS, ABC and another local affiliate broadcast the interviews with Stephen and Irene as well as parts of the service. Two of the stations lied saying Stephen stated he compared homosexuality with "mental illness."

EY: Oh really.... Stephen Bennett has said the most viscious things about gays. Bennett isn't known for telling the truth on this issue.

God's truth and life transforming word got out, yet it breaks our hearts that many in the gay agenda and pro-gay media can only get their message out through the use of one thing -- lies. Secondly, at the end of the article, Stephen never said homophobic means "I hate homosexuals" -- he said homophobic means "fear of homosexuals." But again, we all know the many in the secular media never can get their stories "straight."

Watching all the local news casts in Chicago last night were disheartening -- yet the Lord was no doubt glorified!

They probably exposed the bigotry for what it was. The Leviticus Crowd was unhappy that the St Paul Pioneer Press mentioned the "Death Penalty for Homosexuals" sign at the so-called "Rally for Marriage" in St Paul.

The "Understanding the Times" Conference in Minneapolis, St. Paul, MN
this past Friday and Saturday went fantastic. Featured speakers on Friday and Saturday were Stephen Bennett, Dave Hunt and Bill Koenig. Jan Markell of Olive Tree Ministries organized a fantastic event and it drew well over 1,000 we believe each day. Keep the Bennetts in your prayers as Stephen ministers in music at a benefit concert tonight in Arlington Heights, IL for the Illinois Family Institute.

I suppose this will help finance more "research" for Executive Director Peter LaBarbara - like the "research" he did attending International Mr Leather.

Would you like Stephen Bennett to minister at your church, conference or special event nationally? We are now booking Stephen Bennett's 2005/2006 Calendar. See Stephen Bennett's updated National Itinerary.

I think I'll pass....

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

RNC Team Leader Call

Message From Ed Gillespie

Please join us THIS Wednesday for a National Conference Call with Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael Steele. Lt. Gov. Steele will discuss his personal experience at this year's convention and how to get more involved in the upcoming election. Team Leaders are guaranteed a spot, so there is no need to RSVP to participate in this call. Lt. Gov. Steele will answer as many questions as time permits.

DIAL-IN NUMBERS: 877-675-5901
CALL DATE: SEP-29-2004 (Wednesday)

Joining the call is easy! Simply dial the call-in number above and use the pass code "Team Leader". Hope you can join us and thank you for your continued support. Please encourage your friends and family to join the call!!

Ed Gillespie
Republican National Committee

This might be a good opportunity to ask about the bible ban flyer.

Comments that make you go hmmmmm

This appeared in my comments a couple posts back....

I notice that a lot of people think that only Christian-gay bashers are against same sex marriages. How about us that believe in evolution. Have you ever seen a male elephant humping another male elephant? How about a male kangaroo humping another male kangaroo? OK, I'll admit that you may have seen a male dog attempting to hump another male dog, but even they realize that it just isn't right. You don't need to thump any bible to make the point that it's just not right.
The other thing that pisses me off is queers calling me "homophobic". Trust me when I say I fear no man, queer or straight! I don't fear you, I simply do not agree with your thought process that says it is right.

Let's take this apart:

1. I don't use the term "homophobic". I use the term "anti-gay" or "bigot" to describe anti-gay hostility.

2. I've never observed a male elephant humping either a male or female elephant. Ditto on the kangaroo.

3. I've seen male dogs attempt to hump practically anything - including human legs. There are some very perverted dogs out there - though I've often thought that dog behavior reflects on the owners.

4. Being gay is natural for gay people. Being straight is natural for straight people. There are examples of homosexuality among animals. There's a gay penguin couple at the National Zoo in Washington for example.

5. Evolution works on populations, not just the individuals within a species.