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Friday, October 22, 2004

Cheap and Tawdry Comparison

Hat Tip Media Matters.

I sent the following to Fox and Friends:

Subject: Comparison of Lesbians to Sluts is Cheap and Tawdry

I am appalled by Kelly Ann Conway saying Kerry mentioning Mary Cheney is a
lesbian as being comparable to saying "your daughter is a slut" on Fox and
Friends. She needs to get her mind out of the gutter and apologise to Gay
and Lesbian americans - many of whom are Republicans.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

James Dobson and Other Levitucus Crowd Types on Mary Cheney

HANNITY: Hey, I want to ask you, before I get back into this issue, I really wanted to get your take on the issue we were talking about in the last segment about what was said by John Kerry about the Cheneys’ daughter.


HANNITY: And the issue of homosexuality.

DOBSON: Right. There was something that Senator Kerry said that bothers me even more than outing Vice President Cheney’s daughter, which I thought was terrible. It wasn’t fair. It was an invasion of her privacy. I don’t even know if she’s outed herself.

But what bothered me more was the assertion, which nobody challenged, that she was born that way. And there is absolutely no scientific evidence for that. There is no evidence. Even gay activists in the scientific community don’t claim that. There is no gay gene.

It comes from early developmental confusion, sexuality identity problems, early on. It’s not chosen, but it is also not genetic. And I wish somebody would make that case. I guess I just did.

John Kerry did not say it was genetic. He said it was not a choice. So Dobson and Kerry agree on this. As far as a gay gene goes, it's unclear whether there is a gay gene or not.

Frequently bad parenting is cited as a reason that people become gay by the Leviticus Crowd - but it's difficult to make this case, when their VP candidate has a daughter who is openly gay.

Other Leviticus Crowd types are furious with President Bush on this. Doug Phillips rants on the topic.

Across America this week the spin-doctors are spinning. The damage control experts are looking for some creative tactic to get Christians to stop thinking about the fact that their born-again Christian president told fifty million Americans, including untold millions of young people, that sodomy should be tolerated, that it is worthy of moral respect, and that homosexuals have every right to practice their perversion.

Yes, President George Bush endorsed and blessed the idea that "consenting adults [sodomites] can live the way they want to live." Though he professes to be a Bible believing Christian, the president told the American people that "I don't know. I just don't know" whether or not homosexuality is a choice.

Now it is not my purpose in this blog to tell you how to vote or to recommend a candidate. Not at issue is whether the president is a nice guy----he is a very pleasant and likeable man. Nor does it matter one lick just how liberal you believe John Kerry to be. The issue today is not John Kerry or even the presidential election. Such issues can be debated on another occasion.

My case is simple: First, on a defining question of this generation (the legalization and cultural acceptance of homosexuality) through his public statements, funding allocations, policy position on civil unions, executive appointments and much more, President George Bush arguably has the worst track record of any president in American history.

Steven Bennett - who seems like the number one professional ex-gay is furious about Kerry's statement, but the Mary Cheney story meant everyone ignores him.

Thursday, October 14, 2004
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"She Was Born That Way"
Kerry Promotes Lie About Homosexuality
During Final Presidential Debate

During last night's Presidential debate, Senator John Kerry - when discussing Mary Cheney (the Vice President's daughter who claims she is a lesbian) made the tragic mistake of becoming "the expert" on homosexuality -- stating ALL homosexuals are "born" that way.

Kerry - only doing what he knows best - how to mislead the public - probably made the most tragic statement of the entire evening. Do I smell a new book by FORMER homosexuals titled "Unfit for Command" and advertisements by the
"Ex-'Gay' Veterans for Truth?"

As a former homosexual -- now wonderfully married almost twelve years to my beautiful wife, as well as the father of our two little children -- it
angers me so when public figures continually and purposely make such inaccurate statements about homosexuality in the media - many censoring and never allowing the other side -- THE TRUTH -- to be heard.

While Kerry was correct in saying (paraphrased) "many would tell you they never chose that" -- he was right. I NEVER chose my same-sex attractions when I grappled with them and the homosexual lifestyle years ago - as most homosexual men and women would state.

However, the Senator inaccurately then assumed one must be born "gay." If a homosexual man or woman would truly open up and discuss the events during their childhood and teen years - one would soon learn why they tragically ended up being bumped down a path they would have NEVER chosen.

Rock star Melissa Etheridge (an open lesbian who says she is "married" to another woman) shared only months ago on CNN with Paula Zahn how she was repeatedly sexually molested by her own sister from ages six to twelve. Can anyone guess why after six years of lesbian molestation this woman is now openly "gay?" (Our prayers are with the singer as she announced she has breast cancer. We sincerely pray for her complete healing and recovery.)

NO ONE is born "gay," in most cases NO ONE chooses to be "gay," but in most cases homosexuality tragically develops during the childhood for a variety of different reasons. No one should be encouraged nor enabled to remain trapped in a falsehood - a lifestyle which in many cases which is destructive, dysfunctional -- and deadly. I know -- I've buried countless boyfriends in the ground who have died from AIDS.

Thank God for people and organizations such as Dr. Joseph Nicolosi of NARTH, Dr. Warren Throckmorton, Alan Chambers of Exodus International, Mike Haley and Melissa Fryrear of Focus on the Family, Bob Knight of Concerned Women for America, Peter LaBarbera of the Illinois Family Institute, Linda Harvey of Mission: America and the thousands of other courageous men and women across America who are willing to "swim against the stream" of "political correctness" and proclaim the truth: that NO ONE is born "gay" and that freedom from homosexuality is completely possible.

One of SBM's entire purposes is to educate America on THE most important issue of our day- homosexuality - one so greatly misunderstood. "Gay" activists and their political misinformation machines have spent millions trying to convince the world of the same Kerry lie: that people are born "gay."

It simply is NOT true.

Well Senator Kerry - I am living proof - as a FORMER homosexual - who would tell you, "Sir, on this issue you are dead wrong."


Monday, October 18, 2004

David Dayhoff gets Attacked by Leviticus Crowd for Gay Outreach

David Dayhoff is running for Minneapolis School Board, and has been endorsed by the Log Cabin Republicans of Minnesota. A few days ago, I posted an invitation to Log Cabin Republicans meet and greet for Dayhoff on the Minneapolis Issues elist.

The Students for Family Values, and anti-gay University of Minnesota student group now have their undies in a bunch.

Are you guys familiar with this Dayhoff guy who is running for Mpls. school board as a Republican?

Apparently he just had a fundraiser sponsered by the Log Cabin Republicans.

I'm beginning to wonder if being queer isn't a virtual prerequsite to run in the GOP (Gay Old Party).

At this rate, we have this to look forward to this.

There are also rumors of an anti-gay flyer put out about Dayhoff also. I have not been able to obtain a copy.

Developing. . .