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Friday, November 05, 2004

Did Gay Marriage Cause Kerry's Defeat?

Thoughtful post by Gryphmon on the subject.

Dick Meyer fisks the poll that fostered the huge press attention to "moral values".

Andrew Sullivan reports:

OUR BILL: Say this about Clinton: he always understood how to triangulate. The president who doubled the number of gay discharges form the military, signed the ban on HIV-positive immigrants, and jumped energetically on the Defense of Marriage Act, told Kerry to back marriage and civil union bans for gays in the campaign. Kerry, to his enormous credit, didn't go there. But then Kerry never presided over the execution of a retarded man for his own political purposes either.

GayPatriot jumps right on this which generated some thoughtful discussion among the GP commenters.

Andrew Sullivan also posts a thoughtful email which crunches the numbers for those states with ballot initiatives on marriage.