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Saturday, March 05, 2005

USA Next continues to backpeddle on how they illegally used photo for anti-gay, anti-AARP ad

Editor and Publisher here.

CNN digs into this and finds contradicting statements. Video at Crooks and Liars.

From the CNN Transcript:

Now we want to bring you an update on another story right here -- actually on this ad. This is an ad by USA Next against the AARP, and in particular, this photo right here. The two people in this photo have been saying that USA Next has been illegally using this photo for their ad campaign.

SCHECHNER: OK. Now, this gets a little complicated, Abbi. So you guys are going to have to try and follow me on this one.

On Monday, this whole controversy broke over the use of the photo. So CNN called USA Next to find out if they had the rights to the photograph. USA Next, through a spokesperson, told us that they paid the "Portland Tribune," who took the photograph, $850 for the use of the photo.

It turns out that's not to true. We went over to today, and just moments ago found out about this article in the "Portland Tribune" saying that they did not sell this photo.

The quote here is, "The paper did not give, sell or contribute its use in any way, and no request for its use was received before the photo appeared in the ad." This was according to the "Portland Tribune" photo director. "Such a request, if submitted, would have been rejected anyway," he says, "because the paper won't sell photos for commercial use without the permission of the people shown in the photo."

So CNN calls back over to USA Next, and the spokesperson says they didn't, in fact, buy the photo but they thought that their Web consultant had. So we spoke to the Web consultant says -- and this is a quote just moments ago -- "We screwed up. We made a mistake."

TATTON: Got to love that quote.

SCHECHNER: So that's what's going on.

Judy, back to you.

WOODRUFF: OK. We are following that one from start to finish. But we'll see if that is, indeed, the finish.

Blogs do give mainstream media stories to follow up on. The people who say blogs are going to replace mainstream media are full of it.

UPDATED: Added CNN story info.