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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Swiftee Drags up Old Stuff

Since Swiftee is bringing up the USQueers story again, I'll respond again. I recently found an email, I sent to Rep Trovillion (who was one of the people listed on the page that was wishing death on "christohet supremacists").

I've been criticized for being involved with the US Queers website. I never was involved with the USQueers website. I wrote the email appended in November of 2001 - after I'd read about the controversial page wishing for the deaths of "Christohet Supremacists". I did sign up for the usqueers elist after reading about the site.

Here's the article attacking me on this: (It's the first thing that pops up when you search on "Eva Young Log Cabin Republicans"). Worldnet Daily later picked up this story, without independently calling me to fact check. I wrote a letter to Worldnet Daily in response, which notably, they never published.

Peter LaBarbera had interviewed me for this "story" - and I told him that I'd condemned the sentiments expressed on this site at the time on the queerpolitics list - and he asked me the archives were still available so he could check for this. The archives are not. Recently I did locate an email I sent at the time to Rep Trovillion in Florida, who was listed on the USA Queers site. I include the entire text of the email below.

From: Eva Young
To: Rep. Trovillion
Date: Wed Nov 28, 2001 12:47 pm
Subject: Fw: Homosexual Hit List Targets Leaders For Death (fwd)

Dear Rep. Trovillion:

While I disagree with your position on homosexuality, I am appalled to see that you are listed on the "" website which was brought to my attention by an article in the Conservative News Service.

See the text appended to this message to see what the page says, and how you are listed on the page.

I have signed on to a letter which is appended which asked Ross to take down this hateful site.

Eva Young
Minneapolis, MN
Log Cabin Republicans Member

1. Text from site, and your listing on the site.
2. Text of open letter by many gay activists condemning the violent sentiments expressed on this site as well as asking the site owner, B.
Allan Ross to take the site down.

1. Het Supremacists Who Have Earned A Horrible Death (Soon) Really, They Deserve It does not authorize, ratify, or directly or indirectly threaten or encourage acts of violence toward the people or organizations on this list. Our sincere wishes -- that these viciously anti-Queer crusaders die soon -- stop at wishes. Wishes have no power.

For those visiting this list who don't "get it," follow the link below to More Info and read. From that page, you can visit The Nuremberg Files for yourself.

Still stumped? Read the entire three pages that list the people killed since Matthew Shepherd (Murdered Queers), whose names you've never heard. Read the whole list, and look at the faces of our murdered family members. You still don't get it? Or you get it but are still more outraged at this one page full of bad wishes toward certain powerful, very public people than you are at three pages full of murderous reality? Can't help you.

Following the example of The Nuremberg Files, if a person on the following list dies (preferably a horrible death), a line will be drawn through their name (and they will probably be added to our Good Riddance! list.)

If a person on this list is merely wounded or debilitated in some way, we will change the color of their name to brown.

NOTE (this section inspired by this page's "How You Can Help"): The type of information we might be listing here (if it comes in -- none has since this page went online in March 2001) includes Home Address, Home Phone, Office Address, Office Phone, Studio Address, Church Address, Girlfriend's Address, Boyfriend's Address, Favorite Hangouts (restaurants, etc.), Family Members, details about automobiles, just about anything which could be useful in spotting these dangerous christohet supremacists when they are wandering around loose.

Allen Trovillion, 74
Florida State Representative (R- Winter Park)
Capitol Office: Room 210 House Office Building
402 S. Monroe St, Tallahassee FL 32399-1300
District Office: *********deleted************
Email: ********deleted***********

Serves as the chair of the Florida State Tourism
Committee. He verbally attacked a group of Queer high school students during a previously announced "Lobby Day." This scum publically humiliated them and instilled within them a fear of their own representatives to the U.S. government.

2. Text of letter condemning the site. I have signed onto this letter.

We the undersigned cannot remain silent in the knowledge that a call for violence against certain opponents of civil rights for gay people has been issued. We find it abhorrent that a page on a web-site hosted by B. Allen Ross, is a thinly veiled attempt to motivate queer people, frustrated at the slow movement towards full equality in this society, to the commission of violent acts against those perceived as "enemies" of our community.

We as individuals and organizations represent many diverse and sometimes opposing views as to what path of action is most effective toward the goal of full equality for queer people. While we may have our disagreements and political differences, we all agree on one principle; there is no room in this civil rights struggle for hatred and violence. We urge all queer people not to lower themselves to the level of our most extremist foes who preach and practice violence against us. To resort to violent acts against those who do not agree with us is not only counter-productive, but is as morally wrong as that violence which all too often is aimed at members of our community.

To Mr. Ross we say please take down that offensive web page before blood is spilled. You are doing the community you claim to want to help a great disservice by displaying that message of hate where it is likely to be seen by someone naive enough or mentally unbalanced enough to act on it.

To those individuals who are targeted on the web site we apologize. While we may strongly disagree with your ideas and viewpoints, we most emphatically wish you and your loved ones no harm.