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Monday, July 04, 2005

Blogs on Kiffmeyer's Pride Booth that Never Was

Lloydletta's Nooz posted Kiffmeyer's office response to why they were listed on the Pride Map, but didn't show.

The City pages blotter picked this story up here.

In fact, says Pride spokesman Bill Nienaber, the SOS's office did pay for and operate a booth last year. (He could not say, however, whether Kiffmeyer herself appeared at the festival).

Different story this year. According to Nienaber, Kiffmeyer's office plunked down a $125 deposit for a booth at Pride '05 only to call a week before the festival to cancel.

Kent Kaiser, Kiffmeyer's spokesman, says the cancellation was the result of a "resource" shortage. Last year, he explains, the SOS hired student workers to man the booth using money from the Help America Vote Act. Those HAVA funds were not available this year, Kaiser adds, so Kiffmeyer is restricting voter registration efforts to mega-events such as the State Fair and Taste of Minnesota.
# -- Posted by Mike Mosedale: 7/1/05; 10:33:14 AM

There was a fair amount of discussion here about this last year on the Minneapolis issues list. Kaiser contacted me around noon on 7/1 - shortly after this item on the blotter was posted.

It's good that CP contacted both the SOS office and the Pride committee to follow up on this one.

Andy from Eleventh Avenue South comments on this story.