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Saturday, August 06, 2005

More Juhnke Mail - Stonewall DFL Chair to DFL Legislators: Don't Communicate with Eva Young

Clarification: This came from Al Juhnke. He put his sarcastic comments at the header, then attached Paul Skrbec's message that was sent to the entire democratic delegation in the legislature.

Eva Young Wrote:

"I know the Stonewall DFL people are very unhappy with you . I've yet to
find someone in Stonewall DFL who has good things to say about you. I have
contacts and good relationships with a number of Stonewall DFLers. Notable
exception being Megan Thomas."

This will be my final letter to you Eva as you are a dangerous person when it comes to human rights. Below is the response from the Stonewall group regarding your efforts (obviously you are wrong again). As you can see. our DFLers are onto your act and hopefully everyone (including Scott Dibble) will be very careful when speaking with you:


Dear DFL leaders,

I normally do not respond to elected leaders in bulk, however in this instance I feel that is warranted and justified in my role as Chair of Stonewall DFL. I received a communication from Eva Young (R) by way of a non-partisan GLBT political issues user group which I host. This user group is open to all political backgrounds in an effort to forward the causes of the GLBT community. There are times however, when individuals are not able to see beyond politics and use the forum as a means of pushing a partisan agenda. This is not acceptable to me as the host of a political forum and it is certainly not acceptable to me as a life long DFLer to watch and say nothing as the opposition prepares to attack members of my party.

As stated below by Al Juhnke, Ms. Young's intentions should not be trusted at face value. If you choose to engage in communications with her via e-mail, you should know with great certainty that your words will appear in her blog and will are likely to be used against you by your political opposition. While we will not go so far as to request that you ignore her, we will strongly encourage you to make no statements to her.

While Eva states that she is a leader in the GLBT community, we must be clear in pointing out that she is a REPULBLICAN leader and as such, part of the DFL opposition. As a caucus, we are committed to defeating republicans in the next election, helping our DFL leaders remain in their current seats and win back control in the MN House of Representatives.

Our 2006 action plan is currently being developed and the screening of candidates by our party will be held in January – March of 2006 (in many cases, before precinct caucuses). Please visit our web site ( in December for more information about the 2006 Stonewall endorsement/screening process. In the meantime, I remain at your disposal for questions and any help that our caucus can provide. Thank you for supporting equality and inclusion in our government.

Peace & GLBT Pride,

Paul R. Skrbec
Chair, Stonewall DFL
Inver Grove Heights, MN

I wonder if DFL Chair, Brian Melendez is also of this opinion?

For the record, I do not state I am a leader of the gay community. I only represent myself. Paul Skrbec and Stonewall DFL certainly don't represent my views on a number of issues. I have been President of Log Cabin Republicans. Dennis Sanders is the current President of Log Cabin Republicans.

UPDATE: Paul Skrbec responds.