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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Blogger Berg Responds

Or would it be his evil twin?

Yesterday I posted the results of a quick email interview with Monica Meyer at OutFront Minnesota. As an aside I pointed out:

I responded with some follow up questions. (Blogger Berg should take note).

That's got Mitch Berg (or someone impersonating him) coming over to say "I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house in".


Because goodness knows in 13 years of working as a reporter and producer I've never interviewed anyone, or done a followup question. (Speaking of which - I'd love to hear you try to do an interview with a hostile subject sometime).

Hey, "Blogger" Young: Has it occurred to you that it is, and always was, in my best interest for MDE's identity to stay secret?
globber berg | 09.22.05 - 12:26 pm | #

This is rather curious. This comment looks like Mitch Berg's writing style. However blog buddies of Mitch - the Kool Aid Report people especially - are known for impersonating others in comments. If this really is Mitch Berg posting as "globber berg" over here, it raises an interesting question. Why is it in Mitch Berg's best interest that Minnesota Democrat Exposer's identity remain secret? Does this mean that Mitch Berg is participating in MDE's little web of deceit? I can look this up in the IPs to make a comparison, but it might be worth while to stop over at Whine in the Dark and ask Berg whether this was him - and whether Globber Berg is his new preferred moniker.

Berg had a total melt down about me and my other blog, Dump Bachmann last week.

Speaking of MDE, I believe that Michael Brodkorb, the person running the group Citizens for St Paul's future is Minnesota Democrats Exposer (MDE). I also suspect Michael Brodkorb was behind this political subterfuge.

UPDATE: I looked at the IPs. The IP of the "Globber Berg" comment isn't the typical ip that Mitch Berg has used to comment here. Well Mitch, I thought you didn't read this blog, but if you are reading this, please clear this up. Was that you posting the comment?