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Thursday, September 22, 2005

John Jordan claims to have talked with Dan McElroy

This is following up on the rumor swirling around the capitol about Pawlenty pushing out Dan McElroy reported on Lloydletta's Nooz earlier this week...

Over at Minnesota Democrats exposed here.

John said...

I spoke with Dan later in the same day this happened. Unless he was lying to me - which I doubt very much - he wasn't "pushed out" and it didn't happen the way that other web site claims. I think Dan was just burned out from the 80 hour weeks and it literally was a mutual decision.
7:51 AM
the party opposite said...

You don't think McElroy would lie to protect Pawlenty? Are you familiar with this thing called politics?
8:46 AM
John said...

Do your friends lie to you?
11:31 AM

I don't know Dan McElroy enough to call him and get the real scoop on this. I also don't know John Jordan. He has been carrying some water with Pawlenty bashing the Taxpayer's League for opposing Pawlenty's plan to increase Hennepin County sales taxes to build a twins stadium.


John said...

I stumbled across your blog. Interesting post.

I didn't just "claim" to talk to Dan, I did. In 2002, I sat directly behind him in the MN House of Representatives. Is it so far fetched to think I might actually have a few friends from my legislative experience?

As to carrying water for Pawlenty, I don't carry water for anyone, especially him. I agree with many positions the Taxpayers League takes. On some key issues, however, I have some major disagreements. I support the Northstar Commuter Rail and a Twins Stadium - both issues they oppose. Stating my positions on those issues is hardly carrying the water for Pawlenty or anyone.

Let me suggest that you maybe ask a few more questions before jumping off the cliff with wild accusations or assumptions on things you demonstrate you know absolutely nothing about.