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Thursday, September 22, 2005

PZ Myers Speaking at Minnesota Athiests

From Pharyngula:

On Saturday, 24 September, I'm going to be speaking to the Minnesota Atheists, 1:30-2:30, at the Roseville Public Library (2180 Hamline Ave. N., Roseville, MN). The announced title is "Unintelligent Design", but we came up with that a while back, when I was still a bit vague on what I was going to talk about. A better title now would be "Biology as a superior historical narrative"—I'm planning to tell some stories from evolutionary genetics, in the context of whether religion and science conflict (short answer: yes. And science is right.)

PZ laments that he will have to miss a Creationist event in Morris. Commenter Dave Puskala suggests that he stop by the KKMS Creationist festival this weekend:

Dave Puskala — 09/22 at 08:35 AM
Not to worry PZ. There are plenty of creationists to go around. The local ChristianTalkRadio® station is sponsoring an official D. James Kennedy Creation Weekend.

You would need a ticket to go to the Saturday morning session, but it sure would get you juices going for you early afternoon presentation. I am doing safety/support for a whitewater canoeing trip this weekend or I would be there for entertainment.

The presenter has been featured on the afternoon show all week. Yesterday, he fumbled questions on the evolution of sexual reproduction and the development of air breathing by the first land animals. He kept wanting to talk about whales. Email me if you are interested in adding a little color to your creationist weekend. I'll arrange a ticket for you.

#41237: Samuel Crane — 09/22 at 08:54 AM
Well, so long as you don't mind driving to catch all the crazy fundi action, then it looks like there is no shortage of creationism there in MN:

I'd especially hate to miss Behe when he speaks at UM-East Bank.

Dang.... I have something else I wanted to do September 30. This looks much more entertaining.