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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Sour Grapes from Whiner Berg


A commenter last night prompted me to check; indeed, Steve Konrad has been hired as the program director at KSTP-AM.

I worked with Steve from 1990 through most of 1991 at KDWB; Steve was producer of the "Steve Cochran Show", KDWB's morning juggernaut at the time; I worked a crappy grunt DJ job at K-63, the oldies station. We both interviewed for the job at KSTP (then called "executive producer", so as to not make the occupant feel excessively powerful). In fact, the two of us came down to the final two for the job, in late July of '91.

Whiner Berg holds grudges, that's for sure.

The final interview was with the consultant who was pulling the strings at the time. His theory - they key to talk radio success was irreverence! Humor! Taking nothing too seriously, and poking pointed fun at everything! Political talk, said he, was pretty much a dead issue. To him, Rush Limbaugh was a success not because he was conservative, but because he was irreverent (the old "Abortion Update" bit, with the vaccuum cleaner sounder, made him laugh up a lung).

Naturally, and correctly, he figured that political talk was my main interest - and that Steve was probably better suited to run a station programmed for sarcastic yuks (although I not only pointed out my background with Don Vogel and Geoff Charles, but in fact pointed him to a tape of Vogel - which led to Don's second hitch in the Twin Cities, the following year). The consultant was responsible for the likes of Turi Ryder and Bob Schumacher and Barbara Carlson, as well as Bob Yates' last couple of years at KSTP.

Sour grapes from Blogger Berg. Mitch Berg has always been rather humor impaired.