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Friday, September 23, 2005

Welcome Kool Aid Report Readers

The gangrenous Learned Foot is angry.


He's rather irritated that I asked whether Michael Brodkorb is Minnesota Democrats Exposed and Michael Nelson.

With all due respect the spite I can muster, Ms. Looser, that's just plain irresponsible. To name someone to be MDE - a person who has been subjected to threats of violence - without any substantive evidence whatsoever is not only irresponsible, it borders on defamation. Off your meds today Eva?

I asked MDE about the "threats of violence" when I interviewed him here a while ago.

MDE: What I said was "I have had threats of violence, lawsuits, and getting my house burned down."

To be more specific, the threats of violence discussed "kicking my ass" and
the person who emailed me about burning my house down never mentioned that
he/she wanted me inside of it.

I also said that I didn't take it seriously. I did not report them to the

Democrats are an emotional group of people.

Concern for personal safety is not the reason MDE remains anonymous.

Hat Tip: Michael Brodkorb.

MDE puts his foot down:

Minnesota Democrat Exposer said...

Someone falsely posted on Minnesota Democrats Exposed under the identity of an actual person. I was contacted by the real person, informed of the post and I removed it.
10:20 AM
lloydletta said...

Swiftee has done this on my blog. The KAR blog is full of this crap on their blog.
10:21 PM
Minnesota Democrat Exposer said...

You are one post away from being the first blogger to be banned from MDE.
10:27 PM

We'll see how long I last over there.

Be careful Learned Foot or you may end up like Rumplestiltskin!