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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Will Stonewall DFL Endorse in the Plymouth Seat?

I asked Stonewall DFL Chair Paul Skrbec this question. Here's his response:

Since this is for a special election, then yes. We will screen candidates that are members of the DFL party if they request a screening.

Our constitution restricts us to performing candidate screenings only for the current year's election cycle. Therefore, if the election is to be held in 2005, we are allowed to screen for that race.

Please feel free to use my updated comment for the record. I did not understand that you were talking about a race that would be in 2005. We have gotten several requests for the 2006 cycle and I have had to defer all of those inquiries until January.

Paul R. Skrbec
Chair, Stonewall DFL
Inver Grove Heights, MN

Paul won't comment on the 6th congressional district race where there is a DFL candidate running who supports the Federal Bachmann Amendment, Elwyn Tinklenberg. He said he cannot comment on that race "until January."

I asked him to comment on the St Paul Mayor's Race. Here was his comment:

Regarding our endorsed candidate Chris Coleman in St. Paul; our caucus
was very pleased with the outcome of the primary results on Tuesday night. When Chris first won the DFL endorsement, he credited the many contributions that members of the GLBT community made in volunteer efforts and contributions. We are pleased that his campaign has continued to look toward members of our community for support in his campaign and advice on community issues. We look forward to working with him and his administration.

I didn't ask for Paul's comment on the Minneapolis Mayor's Race. In that race, Stonewall endorsed Peter McLaughlin didn't do so well against RT Rybak. After tussling with Stonewall, Rybak came out with an acceptable rating.