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Monday, November 21, 2005

Bill Cooper's TCF Bank Loves LRT (In Denver)

In spite of the overwhelming success of the Hiawatha LRT, a lot of Republicans in Minnesota still oppose LRT and Northstar.

It's ironic that Bill Cooper's TCF Financial is quoted in this article as supporting the growing LRT system in Denver.

The latest financial institution to jump in, according to the article, is Minnesota's TCF Financial Corp., which up till recently "has largely limited its presence in Colorado to the Denver suburbs and Colorado Springs...."That limit doesn't apply anymore ? TCF is opening a new branch "on the busy corner of 16th and California streets. "

"It is about convenience" said Wayne Marty, president of TCF Bank in Colorado. "You place a retail outlet where the people are."

And how are all these people getting there? Apparently, Denver's light rail transit (LRT) system and other public transport are a major factor."

Does this mean that Bill Cooper will split with Minnesota Republican anti-LRT forces like the Taxpayers League and the Center for the American Experiment?