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Monday, November 28, 2005

Chuck Darrell Responds to Westover in Pioneer Press

Chuck Darrell from Minnesota for Marriage responds to Craig Westover's column suggesting that conservatives should support same sex marriage.

Craig Westover's Nov. 16 column, "Same-sex marriage should be a conservative objective," is beset with moral incoherence, ignores the social revolution in Canada and disregards the fundamental rights of children.

While marriage is both a civil and religious institution, we find it troubling that the author refused to acknowledge the biblical foundations of marriage while proselytizing a vague spiritual individualism. Perhaps by accident, the column posits its own hierarchy of beliefs by asserting that "fear begets abandonment of spirituality in favor of dogma."

"We don't defend marriage in a spirit of fear, but in loving obedience," says Pastor Gordon Larson of Grace Baptist Church in Austin.

Westover's spiritual individualism colors his logic. He argues that same-sex couples should be considered "allies" of marriage because not all same-sex couples wish to destroy marriage. Perhaps. However the experience of our neighbors to the north exposes the devastating effect of such alliances. Speaking at the Pastors' Summit, Catholic Bishop Frederick Henry of Calgary, Alberta, told how Canada legalized same-sex marriages "without the benefit of social science research, without adequate democratic deliberation." Consequently, "People who disagree with same-sex marriage risk charges of hate speech," he added.

Darrell is mixing up Canada's law about same sex marriage with a law banning hate speech. A hate speech law would be unconstitutional in the US because it would violate the first amendment.

Craig responds to Chuck's points on his blog.