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Sunday, November 27, 2005

DFL Senate Majority Leader Dean Johnson - November 30th

Senator Johnson will be speaking at Bethlehem Lutheran Church at 6:30 pm on Wednesday, November 30th. He's appearing as part of their 'Putting Your Faith Into Action' series. The church is located at 4100 Lyndale Avenue South, Minneapolis.

The subject of his presentation is a preview of the 2006 legislative session and political season, and how Lutherans can make a difference in that process.

I'm a member of Bethlehem, and I'm encouraged that a group that might be defined as the 'religious left of center' has organized themselves, and they're getting educated on political issues. I'm also glad that Senator Johnson is finding these opportunities to speak to other Christans. It is so important that people of faith not be totally represented in the public eye by nut-job Theocrats like Bachman, Reiter, Mark Olson, Severson, et al.

As I'm already in the building on Wednesday night for other activities, I plan to stop in for at least part of Senator Johnson's presentation.