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Friday, November 25, 2005

Egg on their faces

I love the Republican spin on the District 43 Special Election.
It downplayed it, and acting as though a reduction of Republican members in the MN Senate were nothing, and noted that it was a swing district that went for Kerry in 2004. So? Shouldn't the effort be made to get it back? According to Mark Drake, speaking for the Minnesota Republican party: "this was a very low voter turnout, about 20%. (And it was) in an off year. It's hard to magnify that and say there's a trend going on". He's only right in one sense: it is unscientific to extrapolate from one instance. Wonder what he will say after the 2006 elections.

The truth is that all Special Elections are won or lost regardless of a low voter turnout. In fact, it is said, that the low voter turnout helps Republicans.

Being a Republican I cannot hope for a DFL sweep in 2006; however I can and do, hope for a rational sweep in 2006 regardless of the political label. That is all I ask for. Maybe the pendulum is starting to stop in the middle - where it belongs.