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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Over on Michael Brodkorb's Blog

Now that Michael Brodkorb the Minnesota Democrat Exposer has been exposed here and elsewhere, there's been a character frequenting his blog posting messages as "I hate MDE." "I hate MDE" is posting Michael Brodkorb's address on the blog, and then Michael/MDE is removing the posts. Republican Minnesota has challenged me to condemn "I hate MDE".

Ok - here's my response posted over in RM's comments:

This is the first I've seen of this post. I haven't seen the "I hate MDE" posts since they are deleted. From the sounds of them, they sound immature. If the posts were making threats, I'd encourage Michael Brodkorb raise that issue with the authorities. Ofcourse the other possibility, is these comments were written by someone who is supportive of MDE to generate sympathy for MDE/Brodkorb.

Don't assume that because I haven't specifically condemned someone else's comments, that I support those comments.

Andy from Residual Forces is annoyed.

Republican Minnesota is rather upset that I missed a day posting on Lloydletta.