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Friday, November 25, 2005

PRT and the 2005 Election - Down the Minnesota Media Memory Hole

At the beginning of his campaign Dean Zimmermann stated that he wanted to make "changing the transportation system" his campaign theme.

During Zimmermann's term as 6th Ward Councilman. Dean was a tireless promoter of PRT. He had given many PowerPoint presentations for PRT in Minneapolis and elsewhere. He even designed his own PRT system for Minneapolis.

Zimmermann's PRT promotion resulted in several favorable articles being written about his PRT "vision" for Minneapolis. This article in the Southwest Journal is typical of the "Gee whiz" coverage Zimmermann and PRT got in the Twin Cities media.

Early in the campaign, Barbara Lickness sent a letter that asked the Southwest Journal to investigate Zimmermann's PRT claims. I also asked the SWJ and several publications to do an investigative article on PRT so that voters would have facts to determine where the candidates stood on transportation.

Nothing happened.

Most of the articles about the 6th Ward stressed how similar the candidates were. Even when Zimmermann spoke in favor of PRT and Lilligren rejected PRT in the debates, there was no coverage of the issue. When Zimmermann's house was raided by the FBI, he received a boost from well-meaning lefties who felt he was being persecuted. The election was decided by 64 votes.

Even after the election, there was no mention in the media of Zimmermann's promotion of PRT.

As we look forward to the 2006 elections, will PRT again disappear down the MInneapolis Media Memory Hole? Will the Strib forget that Senator Michele Bachmann and Representative Mark Olson also promoted the bogus PRT boondoggle?

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