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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Race to the Right Bombthrower, Tony Garcia Lights Into Secretary of State Mary Kiffmeyer


It seems that the only way the Secretary of State's office will do something is NOT for service, but from requirement. Remember the childish tantrum that the Secretary's office threw when Jesse cut funding to the executive & legislative branches? They cut their hours of operation. That meant that for businesses needing to conduct business with the state of Minnesota's Secretary of State they had to do so within a very narrow time frame. (My memory is failing me as to what the reduced hours were...I think something like 9AM to 1PM.)

So, what I have learned over the years with this Secretary of State is that there is not the ability to conduct business efficiently and that there is not a drive in the office to SERVE Minnesotans but to provide only the "services" as required. The bare minimum...

...and the hell with the rest of the state.

Kiffmeyer lost the support of my wife a while ago (and she lobbies against Kiffmeyer strongly). Today Kiffmeyer permanently lost my support regardless of her office. I will vote for whomever runs against her in the primaries and likely her main opponent in the generals too. This piles on top of her no-showing for two confirmed interviews on our show.

Inefficiency, unprofessionalism and unreliability is all that comes to mind when I think of Mary Kiffmeyer's office.

Sorry, party people.

The comments thread is quite amusing.