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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Steve Sviggum Flogs Bachmann Amendment at Poorly Attended Fundraiser

Hat tip: Michael Brodkorb.

Sviggum was the keynote speaker Tuesday night at a Beltrami County Republican fund-raiser at Bemidji State University's David Park House, where about 35 people heard stump speeches from six candidates for various offices.
Source: Bemidji Pioneer, November 22, 2005

35 people is a pretty poor turnout for a fundraiser featuring the house speaker. He bashes the urban areas and brings up gay marriage.....

The Bemidji area missed $33 million in bonding projects in 2004 because the Senate didn't pass a bonding bill, while House Republicans faced re-election that fall, he said. And this year, DFLers forced a special session and government shutdown just to embarrass GOP Gov. Tim Pawlenty, he said.
Source: Bemidji Pioneer, November 22, 2005

He can thank Republican Senator Michele Bachmann for that one.

"Bills were deliberately not taken up because of the marriage issue," Bachmann noted in a letter to supporters posted on a local website. "We had lost the battle, but encouraged one another that our God would be victorious in the end."

Source: G.R. Anderson Jr. Michele Bachmann heads an all-star cast of GOP Christian flat-earthers in the Sixth District. Somebody Say Oh Lord! City Pages, February 23, 2005

And they've got a new name for the Bachmann amendment:

Important to Myers is the Marriage and Family Act, "which defines marriage as one man and one woman. If you send me to St. Paul, I will work very hard … to try to bring that before the voters."

Moe will not support the act because state law already bars it, Myers said. "He's not going to come out and say that he's for gay rights, because Frank is a middle-of-the-road kind of guy. But I'm not a middle-of-the-road kind of guy … it was the law of the land in Massachusetts.

New name for the amendment, same old gay baiting. Doesn't state sponsored gambling pose a threat to marriages and families? Where is Minnesotans for Marriage on that one?

From Michael Brodkorb/MDE comments:


StPaul_DFLer said...

35 people were all they could attract? Many years ago, I remember a photo of 60 showing up to protest Norm Coleman. The local GOP ridiculed that 60 for being a very vocal but tiny minority.

So, what does that say for the Speaker of the House when he can only gather 35 people in a 70,000 voter senate district on a university campus of 5000? out of that 35, how many were campaign supporters of the people present?

35 is a joke. He's got more staffers in the caucus than that.
2:10 PM
Sean said...

The Republicans message for all the storm and bluster seems to be failing to draw much of a crowd these days. In the 6th there was a forum with about 55 people (Mike McIntee and a few Democrats were there as well) and that forum included all of the announced candidates who wanted to take Screech's seat, so you've got to figure Michelle Bachman's strangely effete husband and her brood were there as well as other campaign staffers, leaving an actual crowd of oh... 3 or 4.

Sean Broom

I went to that 6th Congressional District Forum and reported on it for Dump Michele Bachmann. There were about 70 people in the room excluding the candidates. I counted.