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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Wizard Marks on "Mau-Mauing"

There's a post on the Minneapolis Issues List titled "[Mpls] mau-mauing was >>Ken Avidor on Krause" that takes issue with this Lloydletta post.

The author, Wizard Mark's use of the term "mau-mauing" is a little strange since Kenya's Mau-Mau Uprising is viewed today by historians as a struggle for independence against a British colonial rule... like the American Revolution.. anyways, in her post, Wizard Marks says the following:

"There has been a long stream of accusations and innuendo flung at Smith Parker (now Smith Partners) by Ms. Young, Mr. Avidor, and other STRIDE members and fellow travelers, implying that there is something nefarious in Smith Partners' relationship to Hennepin County, the 35W Access Project, the Lake Street Repaving Project, and other adventures in transit and road building. Conflict of interest is one of the accusations, though nothing like proof has been proffered."

I'm not sure what sort of proof Wizard Marks requires, but the STRIDE website has a list of 5 conflicts of interest for the law firm formerly known as Smith Parker.

I suspect that Wizard Marks was really ticked off by the fact that so many supporters of the Excess Project and the Lake Street demi-freeway were defeated at the polls this year... Scott Persons, Marie Hauser, Paula Gilbertson, Peter McLaughlin and even the "ambivalent" Dean Zimmermann.

I don't think that the election was a referendum on the Excess Project. Instead, I think the voters rejected a bunch of unpleasant, unattractive candidates who hitched their political careers to a bunch of discredited notions, one being that highway expansion brings "economic development" to "depressed" urban areas.

Wizard Marks needs to read some Jane Jacobs:.

"Well, you notice how the roads and streets look the same everywhere? Well, they are done to regulations in some cases and recommendations in more cases of traffic engineers. And presumably most of us assume when we hear of some professional, like traffic engineers, that they know what they are doing from real life experience. I used to suppose that too. But its not so."