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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Best GLBT Blogs Weblog Awards

Pam Spaulding is leading in the Best GLBT blog category of the Weblog awards. For Gay Patriot this is about liberal vs conservative.

Meanwhile, the giggling trolls over at BlogActive and Democratic Underground have turned the Best LGBT Weblog Award contest into a GayPatriot vs. BratBoySchool "in-the-family" battle. It seems they are reading a lot into the unintended silence on this site about the contest and mushrooming it into some fantasy battle.

While any self-respecting competitor wants to win a contest he enters, I haven't been able to campaign they way I wanted to this year. Plus, a number of the nominees lined up behind Ethan @ BratBoySchool late last week.

Now that I finally have a 'almost-decent' Internet connection after five days, I’d like to join them and endorse BratBoySchool for Best LGBT Blog!!


The Gay Conservative Bloggers are united to defeat the forces of nuttiness on the Gay Left! Take that, Pam's House Blend!

I wonder if Gay Patriot has ever read Pam's House Blend.

Other conservatives blog contenders have made this about liberal vs conservative, misrepresenting Pam's House Blend in the process.

Gay conservative blogger North Dallas Thirty has a different view.

However, I am doing this in part to protest the sniping that has taken place concerning this award. I'm particularly hurt by some of the attacks on Pam Spaulding of Pam's House Blend, who, despite being someone who is diametrically different from me in every superficial respect, is a dear friend and someone whose opinion I value immensely. To see her called names or to see situations being set up to ensure that she loses cuts me to the core, and I can't be silent about it.

I do encourage each of my readers to read/review the nominated blogs and make your selections. I choose silence because I have my blog to let my feelings be known. I ask each of you to choose who you genuinely feel is the best of the best.

That's a class act from North Dallas Thirty.

Pam has responded to all of this back biting with alot of class.

I enjoy your feedback and ideas -- at least those of the sane ones among you -- and hope that the Blend has provided an outlet for laughter (and occasional critical thinking, of course) about the world we live in.

I'm sure that this is how things started out for most of my fellow nominees. Despite different interests, and certainly different political perspectives, each drew an audience that found a voice they could identify with. Folks clearly enjoy stopping by to engage with the proprietor(s) of each blog.

My only regret about this awards process is that I have seen surprising negativity tossed around about this blog (or about "me" in the abstract, since they really don't know me) by some of my fellow nominees (and their supporters) in the Best LGBT Blog category. That's truly sad, particularly in this community. I've taken the time to surf and visit the other blogs nominated, and, IMHO, they are each quite deserving of consideration -- and their fan bases -- regardless of whether I agree with their worldview.

People should vote for any of the blogs because they enjoy reading the content and the perspective of the blogger(s). At least for me, it's not about "beating" anyone to score points. The "points" that really count in the end are the visitors that find this little coffeehouse a welcoming place they want to return to time and again.

It's the last day of the weblog awards. I urge readers to go check out the nominees and vote for the best LGBT blog.